Chinedu Nwadike - God of Vengeance (part 1 of 3)

Prince Chinedu Nwadike

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Длительность: 9:58
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Автор chuxo111 (5 лет)
I love this song. Praise the Lord.

Автор chyemma1 (5 лет)

Автор eddybest11 (3 года)
psalm 55 v 15 let death take my enemies by surprise, let them go down alive
to the grave forevil finds lodging among them. so this prayers is for those
that said they will never live to me make it in life my brother chinedu u
are too much!! i thank god for ur life!!! eddybest from mallorca spain

Автор bridessa (3 года)
am ghanain but i love nigerian gospel music

Автор Allen Anya Agwu (7 лет)
chinedu, your my star, our star,Igbos are proud of you.we will always be
there for you, any day, any time.Happy Times.....ALLEN ANYA AGWU Rotterdam.

Автор moneir06 (4 года)
oh ok so youre saying the first impression you had of him was that he
appeared gay...that's understandable. btw i wasnt asking for an apology and
you by no means owe me one anyway. you are free to think what you
want...but gay or not God's name shall be magnified and lifted high above
all. He alone can judge w/ righteousness b/c we only know so much about
each other.

Автор Madiebo (7 лет)
Bro codewit..I cant seem to understand the last section of the song It
sound like Kpaghariba kona m oh....please could tell me what he is saying?

Автор leezee25 (3 года)
He already said it in Nahum chpt 1 vs 2, and i know he will do what he says.

Автор explosive0 (6 лет)

Автор P1nausabi (6 лет)
I don't see anything wrong with the joyous ways that bro. Chinedu Nwadike
is praising God through his voice and dance. All of you should careful with
the ways you place judgement on God's people. Perhaps the chorus of the
song should be an eye opener. "God of vengeance, judge them all" Brother
Chinedu, abeg sing for me O!!!!

Автор amaraejobi (7 лет)
This is awesome that we finally have a place to see how Nigeria music is
doing back in niger

Автор Allen Anya Agwu (7 лет)
chinedu, your my star, our star,Igbos are proud of you.we will always be
there for you, any day, any time.Happy Times.....ALLEN ANYA AGWU Rotterdam.

Автор zhonni (4 года)
We don't do gay in Nigeria. Even though some are trying to bring that
nonsense over there. There is no place for it. When u see men from the
south-south or south-east dance u may be tempted to say they are gay but it
is how we dance.U see somebody actually dancing and u say he is gay. U
should go learn how to dance with all of ur body as opposed to doing
2-steps and the robot.

Автор chikeboston (6 лет)
ha! HE is indeed the God of vengeance...agu n'eche mba...mgbaji aka!

Автор fogab (3 года)
@TheDavidedmond you this boy na now i know say you don kolo.i hope say you
know wetin you dey talk so?when judgement hit ya head, i no dey ooo.end of
story.abeg carry ya wahala dey go ya village oo.anything wey the person you
talk say make him fuck , wan do you, na between you and him.bye bye oo.but
incase you see judgement dey pursue you, abeg quickly beg am oooooooo.go
church and stop doing internet church

Автор ikechuchukwu (5 лет)
Chinedu Nwadike the man of God, i pray that God will show you more hidden
treasures for your future growth and more songs to praise the name of the
lord our God, may God bless you.

Автор emecca123 (4 года)
It's amazing how people open their mouth and ignorance comes gushing
out....His words are certainly pertinent. "....JUDGE ALL MY ENEMIES".

Автор emecca123 (4 года)

Автор CJAM16 (4 года)
nice song

Автор fogab (3 года)
@TheDavidedmond he will flee with the word.now, how many devils have you
been able to make flee with the word you know? i think you need to dig
deeper into the scriptures.tell me the number you caused to flee and how it
happend and i will share with you over a hundred testimony both with the
fire and the word.casting out devils is a daily ocurance with me.cheers!

Автор locutoriophiladelphi (6 лет)
There is NO GAY in Africa, all the bad things comes from white men's land
so please leave this good talented singer alone, every mouth that rises
against this singer in judgement shall be condemned in Jesus might name,
good work brother, keep up the good work.

Автор Ifeanyiable (5 лет)
my prayer every day for those that said they will never live to see me make
it in life, i pray toGod to keep them alive so that they will see the glory
of God in my live and they will understand when God says yes no one can say
yes. i love this track so much. brother keep it up. ifeanyi from bangkok

Автор lechery713 (7 лет)
God of Vengence, Jugde all my enemies! Great song! Amen oh!

Автор crystallani (7 лет)
Amen ooooooooooooooo!

Автор codewit (7 лет)
lol. thanks. i really don't have enemies.

Автор Samuel Williams (6 лет)
Nwa nne,Chuwku gozie gi na Aha Jesus.I always told my friends that in
Africa there is nothing like Gay and we will never give rooms for
that,Africa we are known for our poorverty and all the rest,but we still
fear God and we believe that there is God,but as for this people they do
not believe that there is God,This music is cool

Автор Obiwisdom (3 года)
My Brother, l Pray that the Joy of the LORD will always be ur Strength,
because this Subject brings big inspiration to we that understand.., Surely
they will not go Free.., Holy Gosht Fire!!!!! Judge Them.. ObiWisdom From

Автор nathyokoro (4 года)
Dont mind the sons of darkness. Igbo people both men and women are special
creatures made by GOD. They are handsome , witty, hardworking, original and
to some extent well endured by their creator Chi ukwu. So please if you
wanna enjoy the song just do so; but for heavens sake you be damned if you
indulge in foolishness.

Автор princekevo (7 лет)
My best track, May God judge all my Enemies plus including urs, codewit, in
Jesus Name.

Автор jpflavor (5 лет)
My brother Chinedu. You are definitely living your name (God is leading
me). What a song! You actually ministered to me today in this song as I
join you in asking the God of vengeance to make the hand that is holding
our blessings to wither. The word of God says "suffer not the witch to
live". Remain blessed and may His glory upon you continue to shine. Amen!
Jay P

Автор onyeobe1 (3 года)
judge them God,let them be found gulit,silence them until the second coming
of chirst who is to judge them with every lasting fire.

Автор Tim Koia (5 лет)
we are already blessed by the sound just listening to the rythm it
connects, its beautiful thank you from nz

Автор kalpriss1 (3 года)
Keep it up Chi.... Your music has been a good inspiration for me.

Автор misspetitpousin (4 года)
GOD OF VENGEANCE,george all my enemies

Автор Allen Anya Agwu (7 лет)
chinedu, your my star, our star,Igbos are proud of you.we will always be
there for you, any day, any time.Happy Times.....ALLEN ANYA AGWU Rotterdam

Автор Sir Tall (7 лет)
You are great. Very original, keep it up.

Автор abcdefghijklmnopq35 (5 лет)
bros heeee u are too much.GOD of vengence will surely judge our enemies in
Jesus name amen.beautiful voice with a nice smile.you are blessed.

Автор misspetitpousin (4 года)
GOD OF VENGEANCE,george all my enemies

Автор eybialot (6 лет)
They shall surely gather, against you... I want you to know that because
that gathering is not of God, they shall surely fall for your sake. You are
blessed for life. Ebot

Автор mimi mia (6 лет)

Автор duckofjustice (7 лет)
Chinedu, You are GREAT!!!!!!!! I love your mucsic I have all your record.
Whenever you come out with a new music my mother sends them to me here in
Canada. I pray for your progress.

Автор explosive0 (6 лет)
No, that's you retard

Автор Chiny5ives (4 года)
Pls. forget abt him being gay because I assure u he is not gay. Simply
meditate on the music and stop being a judge over nonesence.

Автор mimi mia (6 лет)
Really ? Wonderful.Greet him for me.His music is in the Anointed Area.

Автор realone599 (3 года)
good christian music my brother

Автор princekevo (7 лет)
well codewit, the devil is our number1 enemy so it time for God to judge
him in our lives.Amen

Автор rachel richard (6 лет)
so wat people just listen to the song and leave him people plsssssssss he
might be readin all this comment .pls people try and encourage this guy...

Автор lilywz (6 лет)
i love this song it is meaningful

Автор jpflavor (5 лет)
Edu, please I plead on behalf of those that do not understand our mother
tongue to please subtitle this glorious song in English and upload again.
They need to be blessed by it. Jay P

Автор Madiebo (7 лет)
Thanks!!! Just as I suspected

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