Heavenly Naturals Peacock Collection Review

this is a long video...and i do not care. the end.


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Автор missedjam ( назад)
Thanks for reviewing this collection. I was thinking about getting it. The
colors are beautiful. What brand of eyeshadow do you have on for this
video? You are rockin' that yellow eyeshadow somethin' fierce. I love it!

Автор Dana Lajeunesse ( назад)
@myzjellybelly sample jars i believe.

Автор Stephanie H. ( назад)
@danalajeunesse who doesn't love long reviews? In my opinion the longer the
video the more in depth you can get about the products ^.^. Anyway off
topic. Were those full-sized jars? Or sample jars

Автор shrinkpachyderm ( назад)
I can't believe you have 5 children. You are an awesome mum. Baby comes
first and on you go. Brilliant. You were blessed with the patience to be a
good mum. Shes so cuuuuuuuuuuuute.oh im trying to get the duo chrom. im not
sure if it accepted my order but ive emailed them. duo chrome rocks. Can't
wait to get it. Many thanks for all your info and hard work

Автор Dana Lajeunesse ( назад)
@minx31 are you using the primer very very very thinly? a paint pot spread
thin will work too..I do not have oily skin at all so i do not usually
crease badly

Автор SoSo ( назад)
nice yellow eyeshadow!! what is it called?

Автор 313blonde ( назад)
Girl, u look so good...especially for having 5 kids! U must have ur hands
full cuz I know that they're all little.

Автор weekndakn33s ( назад)
Love the -taking the celly out the bra- move...classic :p lol

Автор Hernandez0224Fam ( назад)
@danalajeunesse t.y and i love love love that yellow on you

Автор Dana Lajeunesse ( назад)
@ENVIIANDIIJAILIN there may be an answer on the site , if not there is a
contact section and rene will get back to you quixkly

Автор Hernandez0224Fam ( назад)
would you know if they deliver to fpo/ap addresses?

Автор Chelsey Juarez ( назад)
OMG! she is soooo cute! i love it! that yellow eyeshadow makes your eyes
look uuuber blue! beautiful!

Автор Dollface ( назад)
shes so cute! she just stays put! shes like oh mommy go on with your
review. i wish my daughter did that! beautiful!

Автор Natasha Smith Photo ( назад)
wow im so glad u mentioned hair fall out.. i was worried..bcuz i would have
chunks of hair in my hand when i would go thru my hair! its crazy alot =/
my baby is gonna be 5 months now.. and im relived that its nothing
serious..! i hope it grows back in soon! lol ... thank so much for that
info :)

Автор Dana Lajeunesse ( назад)
@lat1na1 aw cute..its the red lips and dark hair!! sweet

Автор lat1na1 ( назад)
ok so this is out of subject...as i was watching this my little girl came
and said "oh who is that.. shes pretty mommy, she looks like snow white". i
thought it was cute..lol

Автор paula garcia ( назад)
omg thats too funny... i dont care. the end. rotfl. glad i ran into ur
channel. xoxo.

Автор Dana Lajeunesse ( назад)
@agentlemontwist they ship to me in ontario so I do not see why not!

Автор Mylene Freniere ( назад)
I was wondering if they do shipping in Quebec.... I tried to see on their
website but i did not find the information maybe you could know... thanks
Have a nice day :D

Автор MissJLuxe ( назад)
Beautiful colors, I am going to check out the site asap!!! Your baby is
adorable, so funny how interested she is in the makeup, definately a
mommy's girl!

Автор Beauty2Canvas ( назад)
she is too gorgeous! its funny when she hears u, she starts to smile. toooo
cute. the colors are awesome

Автор lisalatrice11 ( назад)
Dana I love ur vids! And ur baby is gawjus! I jus want to say thankyou for
the wonderful dedicated work you have been doing pregnant and all! Ppl have
gotta love ya girl!

Автор Makeuptootzy ( назад)
avalon has this cute look on her face like what are you doing mom haha..I
did order me some samples cant wait to get them!

Автор xxpandafacexx ( назад)
I loved watching your baby's face while you were doing the swatches. Future
little makeup artist on your hands! :D

Автор duckyggf ( назад)
wow your baby has gorgeous eyes who does she get them from?

Автор GermanElfie ( назад)
did you say your hair fell out for all 5 babies??? you got 5 kids!?! Wow!
Good job!

Автор celeste91100 ( назад)
i love long videos! i have no idea why people complain about them....how
else are you supposed to tell us everything you know, love, or hate about a
product. people are weird lol. anyways, awesome review :) and you're baby
is beautiful!

Автор Shavon Harris ( назад)
I love watching your videos! very intertaining :)

Автор Felicity M ( назад)
@teena211 I've only had the one little guy... after I noticed my hair was
so thin.Before i had him i had a lot of hair.

Автор portstarshaza ( назад)
the colours look sooo pretty!! baby Avalon is just such a cutie she
starting to get big now!!!

Автор teena211 ( назад)
OMG I thought I was the only one with the balding after baby gene :P We
need to start a support group..lol Love your videos

Автор Tiffany Keys ( назад)
Mohawk! You could rock it :D You have a beautiful child, the camera loves
her as they say. <3

Автор ShaSha ( назад)
you're great :) really.. *hearts *

Автор PetraAlbazi ( назад)
Great video, I love how Avalon is just staring with her beautiful blues
just trying to figure what the heck mommys doing looool Just too damn cute!
God Bless

Автор PetraAlbazi ( назад)
Great video, I love how Avalon is just staring with her beautiful blues
just trying to figure what the heck mommys doing looool Just too damn cute!
God Bless

Автор Mindy D ( назад)
I'm with you when it comes to Movie Maker. I made my mom a video for
Mother's Day and it took me like 6 hours just to have movie maker die as I
was trying to save it. I had to re do it and it just wasn't the same as the
first one.

Автор shinypinkpaj ( назад)
busybusy video day for you.

Автор SaadiHina ( назад)
u and ur baby are just so so gorgeous - i cant afford these but i just
watch these videos to c u and ur baby~ u guys make me smile make my day
bettr :) bless u

Автор Dana Lajeunesse ( назад)
@TheFloridaButterfly thanks Tara...its definitely not always fun times
being in pain this bad and functioning but i had an ok few hours so got
some things done! hope you are well!!

Автор TheFloridaButterfly ( назад)
Wow, lovely colors. Your lil' one is so cute as always. Dana, you make me
smile cause you are just you, no pretending, don't care what people think.
To me that's being honest and true, which I respect so much. The end, heh.
Hope you had an awesome Mother's Day. I think you could win mom of the
year, it's truly wonderful how you balance it all. You give me hope that
even though I suffer from chronic pain that it's possible I could still be
a good mom someday.

Автор Dana Lajeunesse ( назад)
@Bluefairy0173 <3 u melinda

Автор Dana Lajeunesse ( назад)
@falloutmnky that made me LOL

Автор Melinda Velez ( назад)
Wow they all Look amazing your just so cute I heart you sweet Dana your
gorgeous and a great mommy kiss to Avalon oxox Melinda

Автор Julia Mann ( назад)
@HairBeauty4You I ordered the black glitter liner 2. Have you tried that
one yet? can't wait to try these new colors out! great review...

Автор falloutmnky ( назад)
you are so adorable with your baby, you seem like such a great mom! and
those colors are beautiful. but im broke *sad face*. but when i get money
that is happening all over my face.

Автор Dana Lajeunesse ( назад)
@1prettytoya aww thanks!

Автор Dana Lajeunesse ( назад)
@HairBeauty4You omg...they are sooooo fantastic!!!

Автор Julia Mann ( назад)
damn! I shouldn't have watched the whole video. My mouse went magically to
the link and I had to order this collection. it's worth it though. I am in
love with HN!

Автор Karina Verastegui ( назад)

Автор PrettyToya World ( назад)
What a beautiful baby! And thanks for the review!

Автор Candace Hampton ( назад)
i love heavenly naturals!!! nice haul!!!

Автор Julia Mann ( назад)
hi You again! I have 60 trial sized shadows and I think HN lose shadows are
one of the best I have tried out so far!

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