1910's "Titanic" Inspired Up-Do

Hair is one of the first things we notice about each other, and one of the biggest roles played in a man's attraction to a woman! Anyway, what I am basically saying is, "this is a good romantic hairstyle for Valentine's Day" and will drive the men crazy! :)

What you'll need:
Curling-Iron (I am using a "Conair")
Hair Accessory
(Optional) Hairspray

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Автор Hi Hi ( назад)
I wish I could do this on myself but my hair is too thick and the bun keeps
falling apart . What should I do ?

Автор Andrea Patane ( назад)
You look Victorian.

Автор Alexandre De Araújo ( назад)
i like so much :-)

Автор Jenna Irvin ( назад)
Beautiful! Thanks

Автор StillzStawr ( назад)
Success!!! Thank you! Turned out great!

Автор Vian Nguyen ( назад)
Do u think we can do this with straight hair?

Автор Susan Daniel ( назад)
This is so pretty!

Автор angela downing ( назад)
I'm gonna do this for prom

Автор TheDodgerReid ( назад)
My hair is long (chest length) and pretty thick, do you have any tips on
how to create a hairstyle like this? Also, my bangs are as long as the rest
of my hair, do I just pin them back with the rest of the front section?

Автор Ghadir Shahin ( назад)
u r so cute ...... i love it !!

Автор PiecesOfUs ( назад)
If you have long hair make the pony tail higher and your hair will be more

Автор asherly124 ( назад)
I never have perfect curls like that! I am SOOOOO jealous!

Автор mimi blanca ( назад)
What do you call this hairstyle? :D

Автор Melanie M ( назад)
AHHHHHH! OMG! Thank you, thank you! I've been LOOKING for this hair
tutorial! Also, side note, I really love your top. :) Thanks again! :)

Автор BeOrianna ( назад)
OMG :D Yay! Somebody who has the same hair length as me ! FINALLY!

Автор GinnyE25Mikah96 ( назад)
I love your necklace and shirt.

Автор GinnyE25Mikah96 ( назад)
1912 and I am a huge Titanic fan. Great hair tutorial

Автор jackandrose97 ( назад)
its easier for me because I have naturally curly hair :d

Автор Jamie Tran ( назад)
Would it be too much to ask for a version without music? I love your
hairstyle, but it becomes almost unbearable to listen to the music after

Автор saliri20 ( назад)
and once again my hair is just too long for this. sigh

Автор RedCat15JB ( назад)
Aw man lucky!!!!!!

Автор Rosie Victoria ( назад)
nice..thank you.

Автор Accordion98 ( назад)
omgg i would deff do this, but i have bad luck with hair... :$

Автор Accordion98 ( назад)
i love itt!!

Автор Murg Trollen ( назад)
whats the song playing?

Автор That Lady in Green ( назад)
You are so pretty! And the hairstyle is gorgeous!

Автор Detective RanNichi ( назад)

Автор kiera colemans ( назад)
love the look elegant but not over done. Way cute <3

Автор kiera colemans ( назад)
yes I keep thinking that were going back to the 80's it just is going to
keep turning back

Автор TitanicGirl334 ( назад)
Anyone else think that one day, maybe not in this century or maybe in this
century, we'll start having hairstyles like this and wearing the dresses
they wore?

Автор TitanicGirl334 ( назад)
Just a tip, maybe next time as this is Titanic related, maybe you could try
some Titanic Music? Nice video though x

Автор GiggleGirl102102 ( назад)
simple yet elegant. I think I know what hairstyle I want to do for prom...

Автор ShizukaNatasha ( назад)
Wow really pretty! :D

Автор pinkyslippers ( назад)
But it did sink in the 1910's (the decade; 1910-1919) so its still a 1910's
inspired hair-do.

Автор AwesomeTinyHobbit ( назад)
I have that same curling iron... It's great. I love it!

Автор TheEPMurphy ( назад)
No affence but the titanic sank in 1912. They were still building it and
getting ready for passengers in 1910. Great look though!

Автор MsNerdine ( назад)
Hey, I'm from Germany and I did this Up-Do for my prom yesterday! I'm not
really good at doing hairstyles, but thanks to you it worked out very well!
Thought I should let you know :p Thank you!!!

Автор lauren boltons ( назад)
I really like your tutorial but i agree with lovemusicandtvseries- you
should do a 1864 katherine pierce one! i love her hair in 1864 (and now,
but 1864 more)!

Автор Tressa Smith ( назад)
When she says "1910's" she is talking about the era (1910-1919)

Автор Stephanie Beaudoin ( назад)
luv the tutorial but the titanic sunk in 1912 lool :D

Автор 99kkats ( назад)
This looks GORGEOUS. Will try this one today after the "Notebook" inspired
one came out so well yesterday...However, if I don't have Hairspray or any
gel left at home, what do you suggest for keeping it still?

Автор Ferchi Malfoy ( назад)

Автор Sophie Francis ( назад)
Titanic up-do

Автор Jacklynn H ( назад)
love it! And your blouse. :)

Автор Ebtehal Al-znidy ( назад)
I like it .. Its so cute thanx

Автор Robin Seward ( назад)
This is a very elegant and beautiful hair style :) Wonderful job! And I
also love your shirt so much <3

Автор Jasmin Morales ( назад)
Luv the video but u should have put the titanic music.

Автор hecate141 ( назад)
do i have to curl my hair if its naturally curly?

Автор Nicole Butch ( назад)
♥ I love it! ♥

Автор Crazygal5000 ( назад)
Pretty :)

Автор noughtyXOh ( назад)
@kiranproductions99 you can make one yourself. They sell skeleton keys at
Home Depot

Автор Warren Perry ( назад)
I found this LAST MINUTE for my aunt's wedding! THANKS SO SUCH! YOU SAVED

Автор pidigrimerde ( назад)
i love your dress soo much.. fits with your milky skin :) you are beautiful
! classic beauty!

Автор XxBannanaMONKEYxX ( назад)
i searched forever for somthing like this!

Автор Naty Roses ( назад)
wich song is this? btw i love your t shirt

Автор Bob Saget ( назад)
Curls look so good on you.

Автор MauraPL ( назад)
It's the best video of Rose hairstyle!

Автор RandomIsRandomocity ( назад)
So you can do this without having to put your hair back in a pony tail?

Автор xLilaBlumex ( назад)
WOW das ist echt toll !!

Автор PruSparkes ( назад)
It's really nice but the music started to annoy me after a while x

Автор Jamie Grimes ( назад)
I've always loved this hairstyle! I will have to try it when my boyfriend
visits me for our anniversary. Thank you!

Автор AnabellespCostello ( назад)
I love this hairstyle! I had to adjust it for longer hair but it worked out
the same way! You were right by the way, my boyfriend LOVED it!

Автор TheMerrow3 ( назад)
After watching this, I feel this is the first time I have ever been at all
curious behind the reasoning of even a single "dislike", yes? Seriously,
this is wonderful. Unfortunately, I have Bettie Page style bangs, so I
can't really conjure the "full effect" of this look. . . I'll work on still
trying to create a more matured femininity. But I'd love some suggestions.
Thanks for the video!

Автор 08babymonster ( назад)
@rainbowmedley con - air 1/2 inches :)

Автор Carlo Kotoneva (971 год назад)
oh what a lovely music, that´s what I like!! Oh yeah!

Автор Daja Mędrzycka ( назад)
yay! I think in 0:12 is lulaby from ,,Rosemary''?

Автор Tara Ali ( назад)
do a katherine pierce vampire diaries one

Автор Tara Ali ( назад)
this has helped me remember how to do a katherine pierce hairstyle

Автор sara134100 ( назад)
Pretty hairstyle, but im sad that it takes so many pins....cuz that means
your hair can get undone easily

Автор xochitl ( назад)
what is the name of this song?

Автор Diana Nguyen ( назад)
Gorgeous and you work the look SO well ! Great tutorial ! (:

Автор Adam Peredo ( назад)
you have good taste

Автор Nina Mosall ( назад)
I love this tutorial it is so helpful! Thank you <3 Also I am wondering
what is the name of this song?

Автор emileemadison1230 ( назад)
this is amazing! ^____^

Автор xXForeverRoseXx ( назад)
@StrawberryKoiVintage - I was just wondering, how long do you curly your
hair? If that makes any sense, what I mean is.. like, how long do you hold
the piece of hair your curling for?

Автор xcnickcb ( назад)
@KiraRoxMySox thats why she says 10's... 12 would be in the 10's.

Автор Jenni Orni ( назад)
For the Bun. Its way easier and faster if you just curl the ends. Very
Pretty :D

Автор Jenni Orni ( назад)
Whats the name of the song????

Автор iloveyouuukidd ( назад)
iwas like wtf?! at first but then u left me speechless!

Автор Piratechamp2 ( назад)
WHY didn't i find you sooner X333 this is so much easier to understand than
the just picutre instructions ^^ this is so pretty can't wait to try it for
prom!! thank you!!

Автор PureLightHealer ( назад)
Gorgeous hairstyle. I also really like your key necklace =3

Автор PalasAthenea ( назад)
Damn girl... I just LOVED IT!!!!!!!!! exactly like! By the way, topic
apart... great biceps lady!! nice muscle definition ;)

Автор Allison Winslett ( назад)
Absolutley gorgeous! I love, love, love this! ^_^

Автор Lifeismycanvass ( назад)
I love the messy style of it! Great tutorial I will try this, thanks! :)

Автор Marhaba1973 ( назад)
Very pretty!

Автор lexares ( назад)
What a lovely hair do!

Автор Julia Wahlgren ( назад)
@bamagirl493 Please. I also know all that. You do not play that you are
someone. There are many who know just as much as you, so you do not say
anything. Because I'm tired of people like you, ok? @2qewI4u So you can not
say. Everyone knows not? Apparently not many people here still good
manners, so I can not care about you. And sure, most people know it, but
not all, suckers.

Автор SoThatsAaliyah ( назад)
@alexlynk keep talking gets you hit :)

Автор Julia Wahlgren ( назад)
@DeborahIsreal Oh, okay. Was a bit inattentive, may apologize.

Автор Julia Wahlgren ( назад)
It was very good! Just on thing... Titanic sink year 1912, not year 1910.
I'm Titanic specialist, i know.

Автор Julia Wahlgren ( назад)
It was very good! Just on thing... Titanic sink year 1912, not year 1910.
I'm Titanic specialist, i know.

Автор bob b ( назад)
i love your tutorials!!! do you happen to know that glittery thing kate
winslet puts through her hair in titanic?

Автор Poutchyka ( назад)
I love how you made everything so simple, from the choice of music to no
pro make-up. It looks so easy to do and I'm obviously gonna try it :D I
also like how you're not using expensive products going "take this 20$
hairspray and I got this curling iron on sale for 200$" lol

Автор iloveyounixon ( назад)
you are so freaking cute.

Автор Connie Narlock ( назад)
thank you so much for posting this... i have no clue how to do hair an you
help me ... like a sister I never had

Автор Connie Narlock ( назад)
I love this thank you for showing.. I dont know how to do my hair... But
your helping me thankyou so so much.. your a sister I never had

Автор df1phantom ( назад)
@StrawberryKoiVintage lol i get bored and watch random videos,lol don't
ask....but you should already know people pay attention to the smallest
irrelevant thing that has nothing to do with the video(music reference in a
hair tutorial)lol in one of my vids a person mentioned my finger nails in a
silhouette vid.lmao another one was my facial hair,i was like oh my fault i
didn't realize i had a hair/facial hair cut channel...which i don't

Автор Jonas Lihaug Fredriksen ( назад)
Hothothothothothothot... No pun intended. :-)

Автор gracedomination ( назад)
Thank you! I watched Titanic today and loved her hair on deck wearing the
yellow dress. This was exactly what I wanted!!

Автор soccer69heit ( назад)
I think the music is beautiful and soothing.... Forget those fools who
disagree. (:

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