Siamese cat talking - very cute

Our siamese cat, Jimmy, talking to us. He is very cute!

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Автор Random Zelda ( назад)
oh the big baby♡

Автор Stefan Dembowski ( назад)
Wow, that brings me back....

Автор Metthinda De silva ( назад)
Such depression this cat is having :(

Автор Richard R ( назад)
I like his meow. How old is he? Mine don't sound like that

Автор Luka Kim ( назад)
omg, my siamese cat, Oreo, never talks

Автор Sara Carter ( назад)
What a cutie Jimmy is.

Автор LadyKraken ( назад)
Sounds more like a sheep xD

Автор MasterSeijin ( назад)
Jimmy sounds like a chain smoker.

Автор Ali Sinclair ( назад)
I had two Siamese brothers and the big one would miaow just like your
beautiful one. I still miss them, they sure do leave big pawprints in your

Автор IAMdevilwomen ( назад)
please don't take this the wrong way but is something wrong with the cat?
or is this what siamese cats sound like when they meow? last time I heard a
cat meow like this, my cat was sick, beautiful cat!! I have never been
around this breed of cat, I've had cats my whole life just not this kind, I
am honestly wondering, am not in any way trying to be rude, I really want
to know

Автор Larry Seus ( назад)
he sounds like bert the muppet :D

Автор Karyl Miller ( назад)
He sounds like a grumpy old grandpa! And that's just fine!

Автор rockys201 ( назад)
"What have you got to say?" "WOW, what a nice room".

Автор Joe Hallam ( назад)
Maybe your boyfriend is allergic to cats! ha ha ha!

Автор Moss loder ( назад)

Автор Incog Neato ( назад)
My cat sings too! Check out my video :)

Автор ragemanchoo82 ( назад)
Wow, very deep meow.

Автор Lorenz Hackenholt ( назад)
I take it your fridge is stocked with the thickest longest cucumbers

Автор Bastette24 ( назад)
My half-Siamese kitty is named Yimmie and he talks ALL the time. Even to

Автор Krystal Garcia ( назад)
reminds me of gary from spongebob

Автор John Smith ( назад)
No need to worry, most Siamese vocalise in that pitch when they 're just
"talking" to people. One of my Siamese has the same voice and he talks like
that to me everyday. Whe we first got him as a kitten, we thought he had a
cold and a sore throat! lol

Автор hairbandchick1976 ( назад)
Sounds like he's not feeling good. :-(

Автор Alise Parker ( назад)

Автор Relena Dark ( назад)
Sounds like he keep saying "Wow" hehe

Автор Marisa Hines ( назад)
lol he sounds so manly for a cat

Автор valerhian ( назад)
my cat talks to me like that all day, but he is not a siamese, he is just a
regular orange shorthair.

Автор Shamilton91 ( назад)
I was so thinking the same thing. Just like humans, how we all have
different pitches in our voices. So do the kitties. I find it fascinating. 

Автор Karyl Miller ( назад)
He's saying "Mommy, pick me up and worship me!!!"

Автор Lexy Lunae ( назад)
The siamese cat of one of my friends used to do the same things. I don't
think it's talking, more yawling...

Автор Earl Agee ( назад)
What a handsome cat! :)

Автор saladien28 ( назад)
wow very nice looking cat :)

Автор 78tr11 ( назад)
A cross of my old cat topaz (died 2010) and my new cat jedi (i named

Автор hensca ( назад)
Gorgeous cat! :-)

Автор Jewellab0113 ( назад)
we are Siamese if you please ;3

Автор MsRandomnotes1 ( назад)
love his little cross eyed face:)

Автор m fpeu ( назад)
wow is that a cat?

Автор Ananasbrause ( назад)
It's funny how different cats can sound! For example, the meow of my cat is
much higher and and sounds more like "meee" or "maaeee", while your cat
says "maaaooo" ;D

Автор Sara Carter ( назад)
Jimmy has such a adorable face :D.

Автор 83miru (1639 лет назад)
This cat is clearly a baritone...or somethings wrong :/

Автор CynderMetaKnight ( назад)

Автор DailyBrian ( назад)
so sweet!

Автор Reegareth (236 лет назад)
When my cat makes that sound hes usually upset about something be it me
poking him to many times or just when he feels like I'm not giving him
enough attention..

Автор elize246 (159 лет назад)
the cat's meow reminds me of donald duck's voice XD

Автор RonSpice ( назад)
That looks exactly like my cat. Creepy. #coolstorybro

Автор JackofSpades ( назад)
Sounds like it's going to die :/ 

Автор Alexis Jackson ( назад)
pretty cat :)

Автор TheMetallicaMonster ( назад)
Wow I've owned and lived around Siamese and I have never heard a meow like
that lol.

Автор Holly S ( назад)
@lolcats439 me too

Автор Kevin Silva ( назад)
6 people are dog persons

Автор 33tjohnson ( назад)
I have a siamese named daisy and every time i say her name it mews

Автор humdidoadi ( назад)
sooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!

Автор kbrigsby61 ( назад)
@lolcats439 -- Me too! It's frigg'n addicting!!

Автор Rachel Rabbitt ( назад)
@lolcats439 same lmfao

Автор opewfmWPO ( назад)
I don't know what's so cute about this voice

Автор TheRealMushmallow ( назад)
A beautiful, beautiful breed of cat.

Автор Christie B ( назад)
I have cats that are part Siamese but I want a full-blooded one so
much...and this just makes me want one more! 

Автор ฟู ฟ่อง ( назад)
he has cross eyes

Автор petelebu ( назад)
@petelebu wow! wow! wow..wow!

Автор petelebu ( назад)
thats a very amazed cat lol

Автор crunchymix ( назад)
siamcat understand only thai lanuged plz say thai cat will understand

Автор menslady125 ( назад)
Aww, that was so cute when Jimmy put his nose up to the camera!

Автор mono nokke ( назад)
siamese cats are the best :)

Автор Airowyn Fox ( назад)
LOL sounds like its say "Wow Wow" xD

Автор 00SynchronFan00 ( назад)
sounds like donald duck!XD very cute!^^

Автор Edwin ( назад)
his meow is hilarious

Автор Elise Etriendautre ( назад)
omg, very very loud meow

Автор Elizabeth Gudgeon ( назад)
Awe haha 

Автор Nikita Bello ( назад)
@linoy71 He's saying WOW!!! xD

Автор Mike Adkins (newt2010) ( назад)
Not only does his meow not sound healthy, but he looks pretty unhealthy.
Was he sick then?

Автор vinsocks ( назад)
Old blue eyes singing, New York New York

Автор OddMike ( назад)
Our cat's name is Jimmy, too. She was talking to the video.

Автор Ash ( назад)
cat says: When i grows up i wants ta be lion king! rwawr!

Автор Andreas ( назад)
such an ugly cat wuaa! 

Автор Michaela Naylor (1816 лет назад)
such a deep meow!

Автор Oscar Orth ( назад)
hehe my cat talks to me too.

Автор Genevieve Derham ( назад)
he's a very handsome cat

Автор mcstraviganza ( назад)
I want Jimmy to give us a tour of your home... looks cool! :)

Автор Julez Bear ( назад)
smoker cat xD

Автор oMuStIiA ( назад)
I love Meeses lol. I've had three in my life, and I wanna get more :D

Автор Cindy Warnick ( назад)
Finally a meow that sounds like my Durin did! Mgooooouuuuwwwwww

Автор vinsocks ( назад)
Im busting to go outside

Автор Blooky Bot ( назад)
my nan has a siamese witch sounds just like that! :D

Автор Samantha & ( назад)
is he the ones that have the crossed eyes?

Автор Karyl Miller ( назад)
He sounds like a grumpy old man! LOL! I love him.

Автор bdenisep ( назад)
Siamese have the best voices...don't they 

Автор cursedlemon ( назад)

Автор Fly Phil (1760 лет назад)
lol even the cat has a brit accent. "myahh mate"

Автор Ginger Clark ( назад)
He seems to be squatting a bit. If he's older, he could have arthritis in
his hips, knees, or upper tail which could be making moving around painful.
:( My manx acted similarly so we took him to the vet and he was diagnosed
with arthritis (in his hips). Not trying to be a bleeding heart, just
trying to be helpful. :)

Автор zalzankavol2 ( назад)
he is saying..."Duuuuuude..that was good catnip......"

Автор Coby ( назад)
@AquaticLD50 cheers buddy :)

Автор hexpinteas ( назад)
Tim: I pissed you cut off my balls last month! DX

Автор amberola1b ( назад)
Siamese cats is the most beautiful kitties in the whole world!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор boboyer69 ( назад)
I love Siamese cats, omg.

Автор ExOAte ( назад)

Автор TheKupoQueen ( назад)
He reminds me of my cat Merlin. So whiny and old sounding hehe.

Автор Barbie Glaze ( назад)
Meow not roar your a cat not a lion

Автор Coby ( назад)
i Have 4cats,1dog,1hamster and 1 fish, they all get along. but one of my
cats is going to go soon and i am thinking of getting a siamese cat. do you
think my dog will go well with him/her?

Автор rubystar46 ( назад)
He looks petrified.

Автор kevineken ( назад)

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