Rush in Boston, MA 2010: Alex's "Still No Guitar" Rant/"La Villa Strangiato"

Alex's guitar cut out at the end of "Far Cry" and kept having issues in the klezmer beginning of "La Villa Strangiato." Lerxst, being the good sport he is (with death glares to spare), decided to do an old-fashioned rant about it like he did on the Vapor Trails/R30 tours! However, I'd've been pooing my pants a lil' if I were his guitar tech. . .

Watch for Geddy and Neil going along with it and the audience eating it up! Sorry for the shaky camera work; my arms seized up about a minute in!

Also, on the new Rush: Time Machine DVD, you can see me (Kelly D) singing "STILL NO GUITAR" during "La Villa Strangiato"!!!

Rush at TD Garden in Boston, MA on September 14th, 2010

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Автор France Pelletier ( назад)
Pour ceux à qui ça intéresse regardez cette vidéo des ces merveilleux
musiciens de DEEP PURPLE & LED ZEPPLIN & ERIC CLAPTON tremaiden 1992 nous
sommes tous très choyés (es) sur nos cellulaires maintenant Profitez de ces
moments inoubliables :-) ♡♡♡♡♡ ☆☆☆☆☆

Автор France Pelletier ( назад)
Pour ceux à qui ça intéresse regardez cette vidéo des ces merveilleux
musiciens de DEEP PURPLE & LED ZEPPLIN & ERIC CLAPTON tremaiden 1992 nous
sommes tous très choyés (es) sur nos cellulaires maintenant Profitez de ces
moments inoubliables :-) ♡♡♡♡♡ ☆☆☆☆☆

Автор erikk77 ( назад)
"Houston we have had a problem."

Автор VulcherHead ( назад)
It's good but I like "Won't get fooled again" bettr.. wish they had played

Автор Jay Yarbrough Music ( назад)
That's what you get when using Bubbles as your guitar tech.

Автор TacomaPaul ( назад)
Have you tried using the Stabilization feature in YouTube ?
Sure, a lot of times it can make it look worse... but you can preview it in
a split screen before you decide to Save or not.

Автор glp046 ( назад)
NOT a rant. You should take 'rant' out of the title. Like many words in
today's society, rant is used incorrectly and causes a negative impact.
Alex did by no means "...speak or declaim extravagantly or violently; talk
in a wild or vehement way; rave". Saying he ranted in the title gives a
real negative connotation to Alex's demeanor and person, which is so
opposite of who he is.. There was nothing negative, violent, wild, angry,
or harsh in Alex's brief speech.

Автор coffeemachtspass ( назад)
Alex plays an unhappy solo.

On the upside, Neil sounds great back there!

Автор Lyndze Barakat ( назад)
Is there any way you can link "Far Cry"? I've searched and can't find it.

Автор Tom Kelley ( назад)
Nice Kelly! I was there too on Geds side for that show. I managed to record
that entire show so if you want a copy let me know.

Автор RC Collins ( назад)
Alex is the Steve Martin of ROCK.

Автор Richard Atwood ( назад)
I was there. Amazing show, Amazing night.

Автор Jon Lyndon ( назад)
I wish the camwork was steady, lol. I was at this Boston-Rush gig...
Phenomenal!!! Show #25.

Автор Brad Whitcomb ( назад)
Hmmm...too many effects...too many amps...too much stuff...

Автор firefighterpaulie ( назад)
It looks like his wireless systems were screwed up. Watch how he is
constantly getting closer to his ampline. That tells me he can't hear
himself. Ive been there before. Its not an easy feeling when you cant
hear yourself...

Автор 17SPIKE17 ( назад)

Автор MechanicalMartialArtist ( назад)
I love how he just rolls with it...LOL...if he is pissed, I can't
tell...but I'm drinking....LOL

Автор Fretless99 ( назад)
You can see Alex say, 'Come on!', as he looks off to the right. I like to
think that he was trying to make his guitar tech feel better, because of
the VERY long technical issue. I know that, were I in that guy's shoes, I
would have felt about 2 inches tall :)...but shit happens!

Автор John Grieco ( назад)
Making the best of a bad situation.
I think the problem emboldened Alex, as the "Lerxst in wonderland" section
of La Villa is particularly awesome. 3:23

Автор carterpeartford ( назад)
that ES335 shook the entire building when it came back online

Автор Don But ( назад)
Great show I was there! Alex kicks ass!

Автор diane swible ( назад)
I was there.

Автор Sean Rock ( назад)
Ya wonder why lerxst stopped using his tc gforces and them Hughes n kettner
amps....I had an opportunity to check out a triamp and a switchblade a few
years back and I honestly can say I was quite disappointed with their
sound.....I spent more time fucking with the damned eq more than playing
and I know if I'm doing that it's not a good amp imo

Автор 2002crewbus ( назад)
I went to see Rush the first time in 1976, I was 16 then, I'm still a huge

Автор suzsatrn ( назад)
AND wish I could see his death stares clearly

Автор suzsatrn ( назад)
I would LOVE LOVE LOVE the transcript of everything Alex said.

Автор ZekeJr ( назад)
ahhh yes a GREAT memory of that show indeed in my backyard!!....then in
April 2011 I traveled to NYC to see em at Madison Square Garden..."The
Camera Eye" in the Big Apple.....a once in a lifetime experience!!!

Автор Ron Lockhart ( назад)
This stuff is priceless!

Автор KenneWilleJ1102 ( назад)
my first was XD 

Автор Daslaer ( назад)
i had to go back and look at the dvd after seeing your video description
and sure enough there you are dancing and singing lol, i've always been
wondering what you were singing 

Автор Daslaer ( назад)
i went to Time Machine in New Orleans, then Clockwork angels in St. Louis
and Nashville, only three concerts ive ever been too

Автор Daslaer ( назад)
and this is why they are the greatest, most bands would have quit playing
to repair shit, Rush just keeps going and improvs the whole time

Автор Blackavar ( назад)
HELL YES DREAM THEATER. I have yet to go to a Dream Theater concert...
Before I die... *bucketlist*

Автор HughJanus ( назад)
My first rock concert was Dream Theater back in 2011. I mean, it's not
rush, but Dream Theater...I'll take that anyday over Green Day or shit like

Автор Kelly D ( назад)
I'm 24. My first rock concert wasn't Rush, unfortunately.

Автор rk6314 ( назад)
About how old are you? Not trying to bag on you, but I just think it's so
damn cool that there are whole generations now whose first rock show is
Rush. My first big rock concert was Rush on the Signals tour in 1983. I was
15. :-) 

Автор Joetime90 ( назад)
Shit happens, and Rush knows how to deal with it.

Автор SuperMegaUberGenius ( назад)
get our heads together cheech and chong

Автор snapascrew ( назад)
kinda lame how alex walks over to his tech and yells "COME ON!" like
clearly there's a major issue Alex!

Автор static1994 ( назад)
I can barely make out what he is saying, its driving me nuts!

Автор static1994 ( назад)
@Kelly D:I went to see them recently during the Clockwork Angels Tour a few
days ago, Its an experience i will never forget as long as i live! They
were amazing! no guitar cut outs, and the rant happened during Tom Sawyer
this time! well, not so much a rant as a general clowning around. :D

Автор ShowgunSam ( назад)
I couldn't help but laugh when I saw you singing "Still No Guitar" on the
DVD. I wonder how many people actually caught that. 

Автор Rogger Diego ( назад)
hahahaha that was funny!

Автор jcfbell3001 ( назад)
chris mathews plays good guitar

Автор sedmikrasky1 ( назад)
electric sound

Автор Jeffrey Hechler ( назад)
What is it with Alex's guitar rig and Far Cry? /watch?v=N_Uz-JsRFtY

Автор Joey Williamson ( назад)
I love how he's doing that little oompa thing on the bass pedals. I love
this band.

Автор Nightwalker225 ( назад)
the high E string was simply off the nut at the top, it most likely slipped
off during the chaos. you can tell when it moves back into place as Alex
starts banging away.

Автор planetrob555 ( назад)
Give me an R.....I'm not fucking giving you no R.

Автор kennyplay ( назад)
more dumbness GREAT

Автор SonOfYoungwood ( назад)
What am I, in Primus?

Keezles... Keezles... hmmmmm... Keezles.... geez that sounds familair :)

Автор MrBasilGanglia ( назад)
Primus was a very good band. Nothing like RUSH, but damned good.

Автор Uzek009 ( назад)
Oh! no no! its not a technical error... is an intro for his new song "still
not guitar" with a similar rhythm as La Villa Strangiato, don't worry, its
part of show.

Автор snapascrew ( назад)
i think when that weird guitar starts playing all of the sudden (very high
pitch) the front of house guy somehow must have the individual piezo
outputs coming at him as midi signals and as a joke he put up an instrument
plug in on pro tools or something that was reading the midi but only
playing one note hahah

Автор Varg ( назад)
I was there!! 

Автор Marcus Wanner ( назад)
I hate rush. They are so boring. They play that stupid song for like 20
minutes. What? am I in Primus? Still no guitar. Still no guitar. RUSH IS

Автор Carl Bullaro ( назад)
from wtf to working inside 2 minutes not bad alex prolly kissed em 

Автор James Tokarz ( назад)
James Brown would have fired somebody!!! :)))

Автор Rowdyrecords55 ( назад)
Alex's equipment got scared b/c it knew that La Villa Strangiato was about
to be played through it. 

Автор Halleyscomet55 ( назад)
Wow, was that Neil Pert on drums?! Sounded awesome.

Автор Mozart1220 ( назад)
Axl Rose would have thrown a hissy fit and left. Rush are professionals, . 

Автор Obi Wan Roman ( назад)
It's cool that he stayed calm instead of getting real frustrated like other

Автор Jaysun ( назад)
oh. . .wait a minute. . ..I think you knew that.

Автор Jaysun ( назад)
I'm also the guy that was signed into you tube under another's account. .

Автор Jaysun ( назад)
5:52 . . . I'm the guy in the front row with the bandanna and side burns.

Автор GamerBaron ( назад)
5:52 . . . I'm the guy in the front row with the bandanna and side burns 

Автор stevedrums ( назад)
@jemmani22 I'll bet you he does!

Автор xJohnx228x ( назад)
Is the "Still No Guitar" Song gonna be on Clockwork Angels?!!!

Автор stevedrums ( назад)
The Alex brush-off at 2:10 clearly shows his anger at the techs. That must
have been a long bus ride after.

Автор May Guh ( назад)
still no guitar needs to be the 1st song on their next album..

Автор marypal64 ( назад)
I feel so bad, he looks so pissed off through the whole song, he is usually
smiling, but not this time. He is still #1 in my book!!!!

Автор akadylan ( назад)
is his guitar a bit out of tune cause when he plays thatt riff at 2:15 he
has that face thats like oh my god!! then he goes over to his guitar tech
and is like cooomoon!

Автор sketchyfolk ( назад)
@deadbeatdad how the heck do you know all that? crazy

Автор lifeson46 ( назад)
the guitar isnt working but Alex is still hitting the bass pedals

Автор AldenNH ( назад)
loved the show. it was soo epic when the guitar suddenly came to life.

Автор santy belloso ( назад)
R U S H are a proffesionals..... hahahah Alex is a gracious man.

Автор deadbeatdad ( назад)
Alex's tech is a super pro and what happened here is that a power
conditioner failed and sent current to ground shutting down the rack.
Basically the whole thing went down and the only way to get it running was
to bypass the rack temporarily. They got it going the next day. This band
is BIG TIME into redundancy and they have two of everything, so that was
why he was able to get it up and running so quickly. Stuff happens!

Автор lastdaysguitar ( назад)
Man it is REALLY obvious watching this what a HUGE contribution the overall
sound Alex brings to the party. 

Автор Alan Dunsmore ( назад)
Flew over from Scotland to catch the gig superb as always Lo)

Автор Dan T. ( назад)
Awesome show! If anyone recorded the entire audio, I want a copy! I'll
trade for twice the blanks. Please reply! Thanks! Rush Rocks!!!

Автор Tery Steelman ( назад)
@execatty There are only a few bands I'd go so far afield to see. We had a
drive half your length to the venue they played in WA but it's never a long
road to see and hear great music. :)

Автор Marc DiPinto ( назад)
"Primus! " l love rush with all my heart !

Автор Tery Steelman ( назад)
THIS is why I love Lerxst so much! Crazy tech troubles and he makes it into
a funny and fun moment, never-to-be-forgotten by those that were there.
Back in the 80s, on the GUP tour, I had the great good luck to sit directly
(and I do mean directly as in up next to the stage) in front of and a few
feet under Alex for the entire show. He had a similar problem at one point
and literally threw the guitar at his poor tech who caught it deftly and
then handed Alex another VERY quickly. Wow!

Автор Paul Mularz ( назад)
I fell asleep at this concert...sooo boring.... NOT! It rocked. Saw them in
Vegas and Milwaukee (same show). Awesome... but his guitar didn't break ...
I liked the rant here....... wish he still did it in the middle of La Villa
like in past tours. 

Автор rush4ever1 ( назад)
THIS WAS LIKE MY SEAT!! I was THERE!!!! i was at mohegan sun as well this
year. THIS SHOW WAS SOOO WORTH $150! Alex's side first section 3rd row set
1. WHat i did love was how pissed alex was at the crew. and the song about
no guitar! Rush= FREAKING AMAZING, i dont know any band better than these
guys. i love them all so much, Amazing music, Amazing lyrics. Freaking
amazing Drums and Bass lines. and Freaking amazing guitar riffs, cords,
etc.. Rush Forever!

Автор zigzaghookie ( назад)
This is a moment that will go down in Rush history. And I lived it! whoo!!
"Stil no guitar" gentlemen, "Still no guitar".

Автор Bryan Flynn ( назад)
I hate Rush too. Wait, no I don't! I love them! 

Автор Robin Walton ( назад)
Poor Alex, but leave it to him to turn a trainwreck into entertainment...

Автор Bryan Flynn ( назад)
Ya Ya yikes! Poor Lerxst.

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