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Автор TeAmoHattaz (6 лет)
okay. those curls just sucked!! if you want curls, go buy a curling iron!!
duh!!! omg!!! i mean, her curls were only at the bottom!!.........

Автор AsSoOLaCoOoL (4 года)
حماس والله مرا يجنن عسسولهـ~{

Автор Kayla Baum (2 года)
Why not just use a curling iron... ._.

Автор Marissa Medrano (5 лет)
this totally works! but if you have healthy hair like me you have to put in
moose or something before you curl your hair

Автор chells319 (4 года)
@SteelersGirl1985 you can hold it...it just depends on the iron you have

Автор esemenesene2 (5 лет)
looks so easy

Автор Robyn Hewitt (5 лет)
she isnt doing it wrong? She is doing it a diffrent way. But Charginasaur,
i do it the way your trying to explain, its better :D !

Автор nicole trish (4 года)
RELAX dumbasses she's obviously wearing something! u could just see her top
shes wearing !!

Автор Rana AL AYDI (2 года)
it's already curly !!!!!

Автор Blooberry95 (5 лет)
..Is that lady naked?

Автор Kerstinnnnn (4 года)
I like the creases that this stupid "technique" makes

Автор sophie evans (4 года)
why the fuck is she naked?

Автор meg3671 (4 года)
@esashadygirl13 true dat

Автор H4IRB4LL (6 лет)
her curls suck dudeeee herstyler is the best

Автор alyssssalyn (6 лет)
yea. i dont wrap my hair around the plate... i just put it in and twist as
i work my way down. that works much better.

Автор WuhdaLoseR (6 лет)
Maybe she was wearing a strapless dress.

Автор Charginasaur (6 лет)
you should do it, as many people have trouble with these curling their hair.

Автор angela fuentes (1 год)
I just wasted 1 minute 44 seconds of my life

Автор clauwie1 (6 лет)
please put some clothes on...

Автор redsoxgirly17 (5 лет)
she does it the hard way there are so many easier ways! haha sucker!

Автор bbyd0ll1 (6 лет)
This just curls the tip of the hair. bulllllllshit

Автор Jackie Mullins (4 года)
@judtie she is wearing a strapless top

Автор Summer45671 (3 года)
Fail at :45 XD

Автор nicolitamargerita (6 лет)
I have tried this and it doesn't work. It may be easier to do it on someone
else but it's near impossible for me to do it on my own hair. What I do is
I clap the hair between the straightener about an 1-2 inches from the root
and just twirl it slowly as I go down the section of hair. It works
everytime and you don't have to worry about burning yourself.

Автор بسايم العنزي (2 года)
Thank you

Автор bobzandabz (6 лет)
that is rubbish it doesnt work i tryed that and i had burns all over my
thumbs and fingers!!

Автор LyraMeldy (5 лет)
first you have to have a perfect hair quality

Автор cutipie201 (4 года)
i know right why r u going to make a vid with no clothes and there si an
easier way

Автор ShinyBubblez (6 лет)
This look doesnt suit her, no offence.

Автор katy gray (2 года)
its not just u coz thats what i thought aswell xx

Автор Alyssa Sonksen (5 лет)
@SteelersGirl1985 i do it all the time, you're a dumbass.

Автор ikram wood (2 года)
her hair is already straightened and curly! i want this technique with a
messy hair so we'll see if she can do that. anyway good video ;)

Автор mredi92 (4 года)
shum mir

Автор Summer45671 (4 года)
At 0:47 the hair actually fell out!!! and she just tried to cover it up!!
and it's funny how her hair was previously curled:)

Автор Raquel Uriostegui (5 лет)
Shess not nakedd!? Ehh i still didnt likee the curlss!

Автор Surbhi Bhardwaj (4 года)
@SteelersGirl1985 some straighteners have a cool tip at the end. Mine does

Автор RainbowRaea (4 года)
.. It is so much easier than the way they're doing it. Wow.

Автор WhenAngelLovesBeauty (5 лет)
She was so careful

Автор ImagineTrio (3 года)
I see a pink shirt on?

Автор Charginasaur (6 лет)
shes doing it wrong. theres other ways to do it with a flat iron that make
MUCH better curls, where you dont wrap it around and just put the hair in
like normal and twist the flat iron halfway (or turn it further for fatter
curls) and run it to the end(run it slower and the curl will be tighter).
the correct way makes much fuller, longer curls.

Автор evette1919 (3 года)
@justinbieberrfan120 at 1:30 you can see part of her dress its just a

Автор Reeedddd (3 года)
I just like how smooth her armpits look

Автор ThatChick Kimbo (2 года)
Do u have a shirt on

Автор Christine Phan (4 года)
@redsoxgirly17 I agree. I hate "professional" hair tutorials.

Автор MadB1oom (5 лет)
@TheKrystal123456789 hey, i have this really nice straightener that
actually has temperature control on it so you can turn is down to a lower
setting and it's not too hot to hold at the tip. That might work if you
wanted to try this technique!

Автор emme6678 (4 года)
No...just no

Автор nerdsinpajamas (3 года)
there's a much easier way to do this. "natural dent" wtf?

Автор breesawsum00 (6 лет)
to lovestrucckk, yes babyliss does work amazing. i have the babyliss
straightner and my hair always comes out perfect.

Автор LouiseAndMeDotTv (6 лет)
Aha, Your Ginger.

Автор babybum23 (2 года)
Im 11 years old and even i can do better than that. ._.

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