Curl Hair With Straightener

How to curl your hair with a hair straightener.

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Автор angela fuentes ( назад)
I just wasted 1 minute 44 seconds of my life

Автор Kayla Baum ( назад)
Why not just use a curling iron... ._.

Автор Julia Jones ( назад)
Folica tube always does it wrong

Автор Fencinggrl ( назад)
Those are actually the UGLIEST curls I've ever seen

Автор ‫بسايم العنزي‬‎ ( назад)
Thank you

Автор jj3646 ( назад)
shes wearing a pink tube can't you see?

Автор ThatChick Kimbo ( назад)
Do u have a shirt on

Автор ikram wood ( назад)
her hair is already straightened and curly! i want this technique with a
messy hair so we'll see if she can do that. anyway good video ;)

Автор babybum23 (1505 лет назад)
Im 11 years old and even i can do better than that. ._.

Автор SuperCh0ice ( назад)
nah. shes wearing a pink color dress (i think so) 0:29

Автор Jesse Fessler ( назад)
her hair was curly before she started!

Автор mikulas025 ( назад)
Looking like a drowned harassed rat

Автор katy gray ( назад)
oh yeah i didnt realise that before lol xx

Автор katy gray ( назад)
its not just u coz thats what i thought aswell xx

Автор Rana AL AYDI ( назад)
it's already curly !!!!!

Автор LauraWolfhart ( назад)
I got MUCH better curls using my new Karmin G3 salon pro styling iron and I
have really thick hair. It's got rounded edges and tourmaline ceramic
plates so hair just gets really smooth and shiny :) Highly recommend it!!

Автор evette1919 ( назад)
@justinbieberrfan120 whoops mean at 0:30 my bad xD

Автор evette1919 ( назад)
@justinbieberrfan120 at 1:30 you can see part of her dress its just a

Автор Evithido ( назад)
@justinbieberrfan120 She's not naked, she is wearing a pink top.

Автор Mariah. Simplicio ( назад)
This only curls the ends!._.

Автор beautyevil ( назад)
its ugly

Автор Clare Martin ( назад)
Mmm....Yeah, there are better ways. This only curls the ends of your hair.
But yeah, I do like the video. :)

Автор astrid alarcon ( назад)
Video no good. Ugly curls.

Автор Linn Berglund ( назад)
at 0:34 you can see shes wearing a top ;) 

Автор rockettegirl1 ( назад)
i love the creases in your hair!

Автор Reeedddd ( назад)
I just like how smooth her armpits look 

Автор Summer45671 ( назад)
Fail at :45 XD

Автор Chandra Powell (1423 года назад)
The plates aren't rounded, so it makes a crease. 

Автор Chandra Powell (1554 года назад)
@TiggerGoRawr17 If you do it this way, it makes a crease. But if you wrap
your hair around the flat iron then spin the iron up until the hair is
facing down, it doesn't make a crease. It actually makes a better curl than
doing it the way they showed in the video. I you want to see the results,
you can watch Rosebud143. She's like an expert on hair styling. 

Автор Jessica Martinez ( назад)
Im Not trynning to be mean but, i dont like the way you do your hair. :P

Автор mayche990 ( назад)
And what should I do if my iron plates are too wide?

Автор Cheyenne Meek ( назад)
Why isn't she wearing a shirt?!

Автор Emily Meow ( назад)
I actually think this made my hair look straighter...

Автор asdf ( назад)
its already curled 1:16

Автор asdf ( назад)
it isn't on...

Автор katefitness ( назад)
those werent very good looknig curles 

Автор Jackie Mullins ( назад)
@judtie she is wearing a strapless top

Автор heyits sevi ( назад)
this sucks there is a way better way!! 

Автор Tara F ( назад)
eww i hate it how the curls go in towards her face. it looks like it'll be
cute at the beginning but then ewwww..

Автор Arden Sullivan ( назад)
oh well would u look at that! u got a 1 cm long curl at the ends of yur
hair!!! bravo , bravo........fail

Автор Kelsie Anderson ( назад)
@nemoandbling just a tip, instead of using hairspray, you can try gently
running moose through your hair, on each seperate curl. it usually lasts
longer, and it keeps your hair shiney & wavy. thanks(:

Автор Surbhi Bhardwaj ( назад)
@SteelersGirl1985 some straighteners have a cool tip at the end. Mine does

Автор emme6678 ( назад)
No...just no

Автор sakura3syaoron ( назад)
This is so complicated...

Автор chells319 ( назад)
@SteelersGirl1985 you can hold it...it just depends on the iron you have

Автор natalie k ( назад)
@XnazuraX lol she is at :30

Автор joner106 ( назад)
@FadedLove101 shes not naked she has a strapless top on. u can see the top
of it at the bottom of the screen lol its pink :)

Автор McNinabean ( назад)
Oooooooooor you could just use a curling iron :D

Автор BeeBeeMotz ( назад)
you know shes really curling it because at 1:08 you can see a little puff
of smoke from the flat iron!

Автор hannahxr4 ( назад)
@FadedLove101 she isn't? she has a dress on if u watch;)

Автор Summer45671 ( назад)
At 0:47 the hair actually fell out!!! and she just tried to cover it up!!
and it's funny how her hair was previously curled:) 

Автор Summer45671 ( назад)
At 0:47 the hair actually fell out!!! and she just tried to cover it up!!

Автор Lauren Bee ( назад)
Ok I really don't think that straightener is on. I've never seen someone
hold a hot iron like this and not get burned, and if you pay close
attention you can see that she has curl already in her hair. . . . .

Автор courtney harrigan ( назад)
there are muuuuch easier ways to do this...with a better result. rosebud143
has a good one....and so does beforeandaftertv....just do it with less
spray gel. :)

Автор RawCarrot ( назад)
When i do my hair with a iron i don't smile like :D im more like O_O
because im afraid of burning myself.

Автор MightyMouse1222 ( назад)
theres a better way to do it, to achieve a better, smoother curl, and keep
your length, look up KrazyStylist ... if you can't find him, check my
subscriptions ... don't even bother with this method ... all you'll do is
fry your hair

Автор RainbowRaea ( назад)
.. It is so much easier than the way they're doing it. Wow.

Автор nicole trish ( назад)
RELAX dumbasses she's obviously wearing something! u could just see her top
shes wearing !!

Автор Niki Rayray ( назад)

Автор zeedoubleu ( назад)
XD AHAHA this was terrible!

Автор 123amyandlaurenshow ( назад)
thnx it reallyworked 

Автор sophie evans ( назад)
why the fuck is she naked?

Автор Marleny Garcia ( назад)
@FadedLove101 she is not naked.she has a strapless shirt on

Автор UyNj ( назад)
@FadedLove101 she is not naked...she is wearing a tube dress

Автор vivi is a pony ( назад)
@FadedLove101 she likes to feel a breeze while she does her hair lol

Автор Misery Games ( назад)
@SteelersGirl1985 i do it all the time, you're a dumbass.

Автор Hailey ( назад)
those curls look bad : /

Автор Sherri ( назад)
@FadedLove101 She's not naked. she's wearing a tube top. Haha, pay
attention to details. ;D

Автор Kori Rose ( назад)
@FadedLove101 shes wearing a tube top

Автор Raquel Uriostegui ( назад)
Shess not nakedd!? Ehh i still didnt likee the curlss!

Автор elli anwari ( назад)
ugley curls ;S

Автор LyraMeldy ( назад)
first you have to have a perfect hair quality

Автор megan alyssa ( назад)
uh, it's not fake. straighteners have those things on the top of them where
you can hold it and it's not hot.

Автор Anuki De Silva ( назад)
@SteelersGirl1985 i tried this method and it really works lol

Автор Shawn Afshar ( назад)
Im a guy and i want a straightener for spiking my hair recommend anything?

Автор Anuki De Silva ( назад)
@SteelersGirl1985 actually ive noticed in most of these "how to curl hair
with a straightener" videos they are holding th etip of the straightener.
the straighteners they probably use have cool ends ... :|

Автор pianoprincess8 ( назад)
her nails are pugly.sorry. but her hair is nice if it makes up for it :P

Автор natmit70 ( назад)
these are mom curls.

Автор lush2222 ( назад)
@jasmineroxdaworld NO shes wearing a pink boobtube 0:30

Автор Jasmine Kerk ( назад)
wtf. i swear shes naked :/

Автор AMK Carroll ( назад)
youtube is actually amazing for this type of stuff! i learn everything :)

Автор Blooberry95 ( назад)
Those are really lifeless curls...WHAT HEAT SETTING IS THAT ON??

Автор Blooberry95 ( назад)
..Is that lady naked?

Автор Regina Singh ( назад)
i rlly dnt lyk those type of curls on short hair my kuzin does tht n she
has long hair and i looks awesome

Автор eynaariffin ( назад)
lol she wears a tubedress in my thought, you can see it below at 0:29

Автор jillamber ( назад)
It's mousse

Автор Macka. S Inostroza ( назад)

Автор Robyn Hewitt ( назад)
she isnt doing it wrong? She is doing it a diffrent way. But Charginasaur,
i do it the way your trying to explain, its better :D !

Автор Charginasaur ( назад)
you should do it, as many people have trouble with these curling their

Автор Charginasaur ( назад)
shes doing it wrong. theres other ways to do it with a flat iron that make
MUCH better curls, where you dont wrap it around and just put the hair in
like normal and twist the flat iron halfway (or turn it further for fatter
curls) and run it to the end(run it slower and the curl will be tighter).
the correct way makes much fuller, longer curls. takes a lot less time,

Автор Charginasaur ( назад)
shes doing it wrong. theres other ways to do it with a flat iron that make
MUCH better curls, where you dont wrap it around and just put the hair in
like normal and twist the flat iron halfway (or turn it further for fatter
curls) and run it to the end(run it slower and the curl will be tighter).
the correct way makes much fuller, longer curls.

Автор Sarah U. ( назад)
works perfectly with corioliss straightener

Автор bbyd0ll1 ( назад)
This just curls the tip of the hair. bulllllllshit

Автор Sarah J.'s Sims ( назад)
shes wearing a tube top.

Автор clauwie1 ( назад)
please put some clothes on...

Автор mariiestownx3 ( назад)
her hair just looks like it has a bunch of ugly creeses. there are
definitly better ways of doing it.

Автор Caitlin W ( назад)
I do mine different than this but still the same idea, with a
straightener...in these videos their hair starts out all glossy and
straight so it's easy for them to do anything :P

Автор SuPeRev94 ( назад)
just generalizingg. cuz ur rightt. my brother spends forever gelling his
hair. xD

Автор lilmissnisa (132 года назад)
oh really =D i know a bunch of guys who are more concerned about their
weight than girls xD just saying

Автор ShinyBubblez ( назад)
This look doesnt suit her, no offence.

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