Wakan Tanka (For Indians)

I like to Indian philosophy.

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Автор Vænh Kren Vãnh ( назад)
Like a rap. This is cool! kkkk

Автор Mehrdad Davoudzadehfaraji ( назад)

Автор Ascended Sleeper ( назад)
What's the first song?

Автор Rune Knutsen ( назад)
this song is so beautiful

Автор xenopusbullfrog ( назад)
Wakan Tanka The Great Spirit, o El gran espiritu

Автор Jarrett Twaddle ( назад)
Totally digging how you just dropped Enigma in the smack dab middle- even
though it's not an 'actual' Indian chant, but it doesn't matter. Thank you
for the mix.

Автор Diego StonerRocker ( назад)
Of course all of those people were all natives of the new continent...

Автор Tobias Wheeler ( назад)
It I a nation.

Автор Stephanie Ramos ( назад)
There's no Sioux tribe...

Автор jerom native ( назад)
columbus called them indians he thought wow i am in india but no it was
america native americans those people where native americans and not

Автор Tobias Wheeler ( назад)
This song is so beautiful my friend. :-)

Автор braulio salas mayta ( назад)
muy buena musica

Автор eshikawa ( назад)
So this music, I take it, wouldn't be for the Chippewa tribe, since they
used to be enemies of the Sioux right? Just curious.

Автор Patricia Lanternier ( назад)
Cette nuit j'ai fais un rêve trop marrant : Je te voyais nu, poils rasés,
le baudrier autour de la taille Tu portais ma polaire rouge ouverte
remontée au dessus de la tête avec mon petit sac à dos vert (25 ans de vie
et loyaux services) Tout en écoutant ma musique tu as finis par éjaculer
sur la chienne que je t'ais offerte... Comme quoi tout peut servir...

Автор Patricia Lanternier ( назад)
Vivre en harmonie avec mère nature ? pfuu... Tu devrais déjà apprendre à
vivre en harmonie avec toi même...

Автор Wolfbane_41 ( назад)
name of the song 2:06 - 6:16??

Автор Adisson Myrick ( назад)
I cant stand when people call us "Indians" Yes Columbus beleived he was in
India at the time, however we are descendants of the Japanese. Please just
call us Natives.

Автор brilleglas100 ( назад)
I wil believe in goods.

Автор Mike Hering ( назад)
I am American, But I got Native American Indian In my blood, I wish, As I
WISH that White men don't come to american to destroy the Indian's lands..
But it seem like it too late to bring it back. And it still make me angry
that Government still do dirty deal with American Indian.. If I am 100%
American Indian.. I will be their night mare warriors

Автор Shanna Johnson ( назад)
@MatrixReality2011 Wonderfully said.

Автор Chalo On Da Track ( назад)

Автор crazycorona1 ( назад)
@MatrixReality2011 no that dosnt make scense then that would mean mexicaind
black native asain white are all the same but were not we all have diffrent

Автор mi5tyfy ( назад)
My 8 yearold daughter goes to sleep with this music. We love it :D

Автор Iranianoilbourse ( назад)
We will take their revenge from the barbarians and occupiers at last.

Автор pachon481 ( назад)
I´m American I love the Indians is my live my histori

Автор Innkaris ( назад)
The Wakan Tanka is specific for the Sioux tribe only. My nation doesn't
even have a "great Spirit"

Автор msstarlet23 ( назад)
home of the Anderson Indian,Anderson, Indiana*i love and respect so deeply
how the Native American culture is on one accord w/themselves and other

Автор SytheClaw ( назад)
any1 know the names of the first and last song?

Автор AnandaLunaBlue ( назад)
@remedii30 ok. good!

Автор QueenKelleyz ( назад)
I like her jewelry 1:11

Автор AnandaLunaBlue ( назад)
@Lenora3251 good lenora!

Автор AnandaLunaBlue ( назад)
@ljgriner thanks. your words have completed my thougth.

Автор AnandaLunaBlue ( назад)
@remedii30 i believe in you, and i respect you. as well i know, it was not
only white men did 'barbaries' trough the time. that's why i say to all and
i'll repeat for ever '' forgive me brothers and sisters!'' because only one
thing makes me feel worst.: ' i don't know what i may have done... no
matter 'to' who it was' ............ i hope you all can understand my
words. my english is not so good. ananda NAMASTE to every one!

Автор Joseph Kennedy ( назад)
That sounds so racist wanka tanka for indians//// Bwa hahaha indians? what
happened to the native americans? You know i don't think wanka tanka was
just for native people's they said it with the pride and spirit of wanka
tanka. Wanka tanka is for everyone. Don't forget this loop of life we call
civilization. the further you are away from the loop the more chaos and
disorgonization. When we are togther we speak the same language. In heart
and spirit. All life bleeds the same even those on 4 legs.

Автор AnandaLunaBlue ( назад)
@wikedjackal I was born as white eyes and light hair, at this present time!
and my honorable ancestors are native american and africans! I love,
respect, and try to the most - to forgive all people in this world, do you
know what 'white men' did to the african people? I believe in
re-encarnation! and so, 'who did what to whom?' who knows? or, do you know
- who we both used to be in the past? in what side of history were we? so,
forgive me my brother/sister! anandaBrasil sorry for my english

Автор AnandaLunaBlue ( назад)
@uncleruckus714 hi, we all may forgive Columbus! even, at that time,
"América'' was not América, yet! do you know the name of this part of the
world before Columbus? do you know how our ancestors named this land? I
believe we (they!) didnot use to give a name to our land, at the time
before 'white men' coming... I think they just used to say Mother Earth, or
Mother Land, perhaps! I don't know. hugs and forgive me too! my english is
not so good! anandaBrasil

Автор josephp333 ( назад)
love and respect for all people,life becomes what you look for.

Автор xosexyshorty15ox ( назад)
I remember growing up playing cowboys && indians... I was always the
Indian! <3

Автор jennhrt22 ( назад)
I am an American but have the spirit of These wonderful Native America
people who live in harmony with mother earth and Wankan Tanka May their
culture live on forever more.

Автор Billy Topless ( назад)
these people were respecting birth,nature,earth,sky elements...they were
respecting even death.they were respecting LIFE,the exact meaning of that
word!that's why i admire and respect every single one of them even unborn
children cause these people remind me that the human specie can live as one
in total harmony with nature ignoring money!their existance gives me hope!
Sorry for my english,greetings from Greece!

Автор soccerrox94 ( назад)
lakota pride(:

Автор Denis Fujimoto ( назад)
it remind me that elves actually exist, its native americans ... they could
be granted from goverments to have their own autonomies, where the rest of
the world could see their rich cultural knowledge.

Автор DelicateMelodies ( назад)
@uncleruckus714 or "First Americans" what many prefer to be referred to
over "Native Americans" these days.

Автор amstaffmaster ( назад)
feel free to live your freedom :) Namaste

Автор Christian Bolding ( назад)
in lieu of an actual word for whatever, indian suits fine. my family are
lakota, but we speak english. kind of a non emergency issue. from an indian
about indian, worry about real things. this crap vid for example

Автор Christian Bolding ( назад)
in lieu of an actual word for whatever, indian suits fine. my family are
lakota, but we speak english. kind of a non emergency issue. from an indian
about indian, worry about real things.

Автор standauffish ( назад)
@soncamtex yep great idea start a petition to congress

Автор TromboneTheory101 ( назад)
@uncleruckus714 Damn Columbus for the American genocide!

Автор Sandra H. ( назад)
I'm not American, but I think the Indian way and believe it has almost
always right ... And I think if we used our common sense and displace the
problem of the legislature, and showed them exactly what is going on in the
world, then it teaches Native American philosophy ... I think the world
would be a better place for us all !!

Автор ljgriner ( назад)
@Lenora3251 I agree w/ remembering so we can keep it from happening again.
But if you look too long in the rear-view mirror, you're going to crash
into what's ahead. Your original comment made it sound like ONLY the white
race has blood on it's hands. Check history a little closer-tribes fought
tribes. ALL peoples everywhere have fought someone else at one time. There
are not any sainted peoples on this earth. Every race and every faith has
blood in it's history. It's the history of HUMAN BEING.

Автор WillyWankery ( назад)
@uncleruckus714 the words native american are improper, better words would
be human, brother : P

Автор ljgriner ( назад)
@Lenora3251 I am part "Native American", and quite frankly tired of the
"white" and European bashing. I am also Irish, Welsh, German, and I honor
ALL my ancestors-not just one little group. History is what it is, it can
not be changed. And to continually keep bashing other races for what was
done only serves to keep an anger/resentment going that has no real
purpose. In a word-Racism. When you run down whites, you are running down
my heritage, along with most of the populations! Next time-THINK

Автор Avery Haynes ( назад)
@1924topdog It still isn't the politically correct term. It is that way
because Columbus thought he had reached India, thus why we're occasionally
called "American Indian."

Автор Michael Alexander Neumann Jaks ( назад)
****** "A man must be big enough to admit his mistakes, smart enough to
profit from them, and strong enough to correct them."

Автор sonya campbell ( назад)
Maybe it is time we stop and put up proper signs.

Автор TRBNGR666 ( назад)
It's quite hilarious that all of you claim to have a higher spiritual
enlightenment and such ...meanwhile you use ignorant racist terms like "the
white people". Still you have very small minds and you look back vengefully
on too short of a timeline...western european man predates you in the north
eastern north america

Автор CrAzY DeAleR (1850 лет назад)
@Morningstar547 @frogfb The white man can learn so much from the native
spirits. Ok, there could have been some cruel tribes like the Aztecs. But
just think about all the white mans cruelty he did just for fun. Many
tribes had knowlede the techotized white nation will never reach if they
dont start to change thinking. Let's go back to the roots, to our origins,
to the higher values of existance. It completely opened my mind once I was
invited by some friends to a camp from rediscovery,org

Автор frogrfb ( назад)
WAKAN TANKA TUNKASHILA - "Grandfather Great Spirit" (Lakotah) The Prayer Of

Автор frogrfb ( назад)
All people, White or Native have a human nature that can be selfish and
cruel or noble and godly. Despite the examples I have given below, there
have been many high souls among the Native Americans. 2 especially seem of
Divine origin, Deganawida in N. America & Quetzalcoatl in Mexico. They were
Christ-like beings and both were of virgin birth. They both preached love
and forgiveness and the unity of man. Crazy Horse, too, was a high soul. He
knew he must fight the Whites but refused to hate.

Автор frogrfb ( назад)
Perhaps the worst example of Native peoples being cruel or genocidal to
one another before the Whites came was in the Aztec Empire. The Aztecs
subdued all the surrounding tribes and used them in human sacrifice rituals
to their gods Huitzilopochtli & Tezcatlipoca. In 1 week alone, 40,000
non-Aztecs had their hearts ripped out of their chests while they were
still alive at the dedication of The Great Temple in Tenochtitlan in 1325
AD. Even kids were sacrificed to Tlaloc their rain god.

Автор frogrfb ( назад)
Hundreds of other examples exist of Native peoples being cruel or genocidal
to one another. Until Hiawatha (a non-Iriquois Huron) created the
Confederacy, the 5 Iriquois tribes were at each others throats for
centuries in a blood lust that knew no bounds. 12 year-old Sacajawea's
mother and young brothers were murdered by a Hidatsa war party and she was
sold as a slave to the Mandans. She was a Lemhi Shoshone. She was rescued
by Lewis & Clark. Raids like this had been going on for centuries.

Автор frogrfb ( назад)
Native American ways were by no means fair or ideal before the Whites came!
Genocide, butchery, cruelty, deceit, and domination of the strong over the
weaker were just as prevalent then. Ojibway drove the Lakota out of
Minnesota area & onto the Great Plains in the 1700's. The Lakota later
became mortal enemies of the Crow, even though they shared the same sacred
traditions. If a Sioux hunting party came upon some Crow grandmothers
digging roots they would kill and scalp them with no remorse.

Автор Analie Skywind ( назад)
@uncleruckus714 I've heard they prefer America Indian to Native American.

Автор LittlEpitBuULkidd0 ( назад)
@standauffish yeah, or atleast provide them with better funds. they beg for
donations. its heartbreaking

Автор bonjoviforever100 ( назад)
@liznelypus from 2:18 is Enigma-Return to innocence

Автор Nely Paz ( назад)

Автор Tonu Andrada ( назад)
@kcornsilk is is wrong to say that because people like him I'm proud to say
im romanian ? It has nothing to do with what were talking here, but what he
did is pretty amazing!

Автор Tonu Andrada ( назад)
@standauffish that would be an amazing thing!!!!

Автор Nely Paz ( назад)
Please, what is the first song? the time is 1:11 ... pleeeease. I loveee
this song!!

Автор Romi Elnagar ( назад)
@uncleruckus714 Russell Means says that in Columbus' time, the name for
India was "Hindustan." The name "Indios" came from the Spanish, "In dios,"
meaning "in God," because the names of Hispaniola he met were so peaceful
and seemed so close to God.

Автор Romi Elnagar ( назад)
Russell Means says that in Columbus' time, the name for India was
"Hindustan." The name "Indios" came from the Spanish, "In dios," meaning
"in God," because the names of Hispaniola he met were so peaceful and
seemed so close to God.

Автор Lisa Leos ( назад)
@mogges1 sounds better and makes sense

Автор Lisa Leos ( назад)
@kcornsilk Thanks for the info

Автор kcornsilk ( назад)
Enigma is an electronic musical project founded in Germany by Michael
Cretu, David Fairstein and Frank Peterson in 1990. The Romanian-born Cretu
conceived the Enigma project while working in Germany, but has based his
recording studio A.R.T. Studios in Ibiza, Spain, since the early 1990s
until May 2009, where he has recorded all of Enigma's studio releases to
date. Cretu is both the composer and the producer of the project. His
former wife Sandra often provided vocals on Enigma tracks.

Автор Mehdi Bakkali ( назад)
I think that it's not only for indians .. but for ALL HUMANS !

Автор mogges ( назад)
how about freespirit

Автор girlypine ( назад)
@puchunguito1130 : Just how I am feeling =)

Автор askal79 ( назад)
@uncleruckus714 ii think so too brother.....peace

Автор woxow ( назад)
why it saying for indians, im not native american im a turk but i loves
native american songs. don't be selfish dude

Автор MANELEID ( назад)
what is name the firts song?????

Автор Rosemary Suarez ( назад)
im not neither or the other , but one thing i do know is that i hve always
admired and love your culture.. somehow i feel connected to it , as if i
was already there, i have always felt drawn to it... maybe in the past life
i was part of it , who knows. I really enjoy the chanting and the enigma
songs...it makes me feel relaxed and free. blessings to all of you

Автор energizer501 ( назад)
@Psychoclaw > ohio ain't That Great. Family might be but if adopted, would
you be shunning your relatives? I understand your expression and I want to
be blood, or better yet, spirit brothers. I have no home culture and family
is far. I am willing to go with the Great Spirit and visit and share in the
spirit, and perhaps stay or perhaps go. i have to die somewhere hopefully
with lots of friends. Pray for me all, to find family and love and respect
and serenity and joy with solemn people and hope.

Автор Kirsten Taylor ( назад)

Автор Nahtahani ( назад)
@TheTrancy Wakan =Spirit Tanka=Big

Автор phoenixdvt ( назад)
I'm proud to be Apache.

Автор timpanitimptim ( назад)
@Psychoclaw Oh, dude, the early colonists did that. They left the British
colonies to join the Indian civilizations because they were so much more
universal and dignified. In general, the Indians couldn't conceive of
justice in social class stratification, or that one could bow down to a
person (the monarch) with the dignity of a man. A lot of the ideals and
principles of the US Constitution were inspired by the Haudenosaunee
(Iroqoi) people and their Great Law of Peace.

Автор davidwhitecloud ( назад)
@kongitanka thank you, many blessings to you and your family.....Cloud

Автор davidwhitecloud ( назад)
me best flute player in Lakota tribe. me make em cd you buy. cash,credit
card. no check or beads. me need em cash buy firewater. thank

Автор Stone Circles Music ( назад)
the great spirit is coming back !!

Автор Sebas- Chan ( назад)
i ask for freedom even though my spirit symbol is of the bird i am never
really free until i can be with my family i am a cherokee and my spirit
longs to be free to sore through the sky.

Автор ANYSEK64 ( назад)
nádherná hudba , nádherné obrázky o nádherné době s nádhernou kulturou ....
vše skončilo příchodem nového světa , nové civilizace ...

Автор dukester671 ( назад)
i am native my culture is algonquiin (algonkin) and its just sad to see how
the world is turing in so many ways cause my great grandfather never saw
anything eletical in his life he was native and when they started making
all this stuff he literly cried and he swore on his life he will life his
life like he did before any of this was made and now seeing whats changing
i too think that its the people that will make the world end cause us
natives live without elctricty and we can live with out it.

Автор Uncle Ruckus ( назад)
The word "Indian" is improper, better words are either Native Americans or
Indigenous. Damn You Columbus For Mistaking America for India!!

Автор saleG ( назад)
The real Americans.

Автор Halabackgirl1 ( назад)
@thejohnsons1987 it is our brothers and sisters that help make us who we
are. i am girl with feather in hair,and it makes me proud to read these
comments, and to know that we are still and always will be a powerful
nation :)

Автор symmetry08 ( назад)
There is a great law of universe that is to have an effect and cause. The
wheel of Cause and Effect dictate that thought energy pattern will reign
for all time independent of ignoring it or not. Those who ignore that is
people who steal and rob are blind, and with their blinded mind they will
be led to ditch. They have trampled truth and lied. They will carry this
lie from generation to generations to come in the end hurting themselves.
There is no Hell. Hell is what will be allocated to each...

Автор Babas Bogdan ( назад)
I'm not an Native American i don't have any kind of blood relatives who
wore Native Americans but even so I think that in other life I was the
gratest white friend of Native Americans:)

Автор Marisol Marroquin ( назад)
I believe that Native Americans should be noticed, they would be a great
inspiration as they are for me, i also think we have at least 1% of Native
American blood. Unfortunately neither of my grandparents told me what tribe
they belonged but im so glad that i have more than 1% ruining through my

Автор Shadowdrak5 ( назад)
@lenangreg69 Enigma- Return to Innocence

Автор CatPersy ( назад)
Esta mùsica es muy bonita

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