Weird, Funny & Cool Japanese Commercials #2

Sit back, relax and watch 10 minutes of the best Japanese Commercials ~

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9:42 si compro un carro bitch

se imaginan anime disney... solo censura¡

Автор Rymael Xynn ( назад)
Graphite all the things! The last part though, do they say "btw graphite is
sharp." or was it something else?
Furby is still a thing?! The one where people were stuck in the wall was
really funny, helps that I have no idea what the ad was for lol

Also... Only in Japan: "Everyone be quiet!... The commercials are on."

Автор luna ( назад)
9;40 is that kpp?

Автор JennyDelf Rodriguez ( назад)
5:39 Is It Just Me Or Is That Commercial Weird Yet Cute.

Автор JennyDelf Rodriguez ( назад)
5:20 I Would Like To Feature In That Commercial With All The Bubbles That's

Автор JennyDelf Rodriguez ( назад)
8:09 You Can Even See The Person On The Sign Dancing Too

Автор JennyDelf Rodriguez ( назад)
5:51 Is Some Creepy Japanese Commercial

Автор LeA LakHal ( назад)
Allahim yaaa

Автор Ceren Sönmez ( назад)
08:38 koca karı diyor sanki türkler gösterin gücümüzü

Автор Wickedthtz ( назад)
Bruce Willis did a Japanese commercial?

Автор れいみ中村 ( назад)

Автор mi chan ( назад)
I feel my time is wasted but i still watching it

Автор princesslovelc ( назад)
What is the song at 6:05?

Автор Joshua Lopez ( назад)
okay, the Pocky commercial sounded like MC hammer lol

Автор Joshua Lopez ( назад)
oh the nostalgia these things have is nuts. also watching some of these is
like taking an acid trip.

Автор peter csonka (King) ( назад)
help my

Автор Hari Krishnan ( назад)
buffed up Mario made my day

Автор InkSans xboxyGamerK ( назад)
Mario tho look brave and cool XD

Автор Tolera Jayson ( назад)
nozomi nozomi nozomi nozomi nozomi nozomi nozomi nozomi

Автор Quisim Bryant ( назад)
At this point, I'm certain that Disney possesses an 'Overload Your
Emotions' button.

Автор CosplayCore ( назад)
Okay my favorites were "Grand Theft Mario" in which Mario appears to steal
a car and then advertise it before trying to look cool and getting killed
by a Goomba and then my all-time favorite... That anime Disney Parks

Like can we please lengthen that into a slice of life series where we see
her grow up on various trips to Disneyland???? PLEAAAAAAASSSSSE DISNEY LET

Автор CosplayCore ( назад)


Автор Gentleman Bastard ( назад)
if youtube ads were like this no one would skip ad

Автор Andrea Jones ( назад)
Those chips must be....
out of this world? Eh? lol

Автор BvsMAcosh ( назад)
nippon kommersharu daisuki masu

Автор tEmMie Da TeM ( назад)
I want ramen so hard right now

Автор Alexis Morales ( назад)
0:59 this girl's singing made me somehow hypnotize or like being drained

Автор Rick Ghastly ( назад)
That disney land ad is my favourite of all of them. Beautifully crafted.

Автор Riley Morris ( назад)
6:20 Brought to you by Shocker!

Автор Carlos Cortes ( назад)
yep, its weird alright. a black guy speaking japanese

Автор TNTGrace Forever TNT (TNTGrace) ( назад)
my phone has a Mario bro. coin notification... and just as the end of the
Mario car commercial it went off! 😂

Автор Holy Bima ( назад)

Автор Shadow StonexXx ( назад)
and potatoe chips

Автор Shadow StonexXx ( назад)
the dog is saying from what im understanding considering i dont speak
japanese (in the beinning) come with me, come with me where i can show you
things get on my plane and we will fly away when you realize you've been
caught you will try to escape and you will never see your family again

Автор Just Hana ( назад)
The disney land commercial is cute ☺️🌟

Автор A girl who lives inside a container ( назад)
that disney one reminds my mom

Автор Ra Lord ( назад)
Japan: They know how to get your attention

Автор NDNG- Alibahri ( назад)
Ben turkum cok guzel video hat

Автор DetectiveSnail ( назад)
1:08 reminds me of poppy

Автор Castillo ( назад)
When I first saw these commercials I'm like cringing throughout the whole
thing. And I noticed that our commercials here in the US are going down
that road. At first I was like, "Oh, my gosh, please no." But, then, seeing
how political and social-issue they've become I'm all for these
commercials. At least they're advertising it in the right way and not going
like, "Believe in equality, then, buy this make-up set to show your
support." Like really?

Автор sativa hatesmathxd ( назад)
I like the first one

Автор Dilma Rousseff ( назад)
alguns são engraçados .like

Автор Krystal Ortiz ( назад)
We need stuff like this in America.

Автор Bts Girl 19 ( назад)
While eked knowtised at 1:27 she said sex

Автор Ox Baker ( назад)
Holy Early Pokemon commercial, Batman!

Автор Raka istina ( назад)
why commercial in japan its fun to watch 😥

Автор Mieru ! (Pinkie-Apple) ( назад)

Автор J. D. hurtado rodriguez ( назад)
soy la unica loca que ve este tpo de videos en mexico

Автор Lily Usagi ( назад)
Perfume! kya ! ゝ(≧∀≦)ノやったぁ♪

Автор Faravahar r ( назад)
Banana coming out from his butt no thank you 😊

Автор CRINGAY COLLABZ ( назад)
1:8 I could of swear I heard the word "sex"

Автор cool cat 36 ( назад)

Автор Dougal McGuire ( назад)
a million wows.

Автор REDSHIFT ( назад)
Japans a helluva drug

Автор Migue Wörd ( назад)

Автор V-Bot Gamer ( назад)
the Disney commercial made me so happy I started to cry.

Автор Max Pleb ( назад)
Chinese are out of their mind but with funny commercials Alpha 3 Chinese
guy especially cuz of anime

Автор Cestarian Inhabitant ( назад)
1:42 is that Bruce Willis?


Автор PRIS3 Conspiracies ( назад)
doctor who?

Автор Rhianna Harvey ( назад)
0:25 That dog is Satan

Автор Natsumi Usaka ( назад)
wtf did I just watch

Автор Tymber Holt ( назад)
7:48 my fav one I love pocky

Автор Emily Caballero ( назад)
O.o these just get stranger and stranger

Автор Amy Bobo DJ Starr Junkie ( назад)
The commercial @ 0:57 fli]pp[ed my dog out

Автор Lead1121 ( назад)
So I was watching porn....how did I get here?

Автор Adorkablybrieski ( назад)
Bruce Willis did a Japanese commercial....he just got cooler O-O

Автор Josh Swaims ( назад)

Автор Animeche of Heavens ( назад)
Actually the Disney's Resort commercial was just perfect <3

Автор Dayann Molina McDonough ( назад)

Автор UMESH KUMAR Pandey ( назад)
the Meiji one that was freaking awesome 😂😂😂

Автор aoirie♡ ( назад)
1:45 is that bruce willis

Автор The Darksorcer55 ( назад)
How come the alien was white? Are white people strange to Japanese people?

Автор HAPPY CATBUG ( назад)
:'( that disneyland one

Автор Aki Helmsman ( назад)
this video is totally ad ..


Автор Blazey Kat ( назад)

Автор Fiona Rahl ( назад)
one of the reasons I love japan xDDD

Автор JALO LIONEL ( назад)
They all voted for trump

Автор Meeeeeeeeep101 ( назад)
WAY better than american commercials! 7:04 see what I mean?

Автор Meeeeeeeeep101 ( назад)
2:04 wtf moments :3

Автор miku hatsune83749 ( назад)
she said sex 'a at 1:03

Автор miku hatsune83749 ( назад)
that song at 1:00

Автор miku hatsune83749 ( назад)
a dog in space at 0:49

Автор İVkM 8! ( назад)
and wierd

Автор İVkM 8! ( назад)
well the 1rst one is funny

Автор WARSMAN ( назад)
man, im hungry for some skeleton wrestler ramen

Автор Andy Key ( назад)
3:10 was good :)

Автор Temmie ( назад)
Fuck america. Japan is the best country

Автор alexandra fragoso ( назад)
anyone know where i can watch jaapnese shows and movies and haha this was
hilarious xD

Автор Skeptical Frog ( назад)
omg im so glad i found these XD

Автор 88mim mi ( назад)
I will never look at bananas the same way again

Автор Asriel Dreemurr ( назад)
kyary pamyu pamyu is in the picture so i have to click it.

Автор Ghiorghi Lockapishvili ( назад)
I liked one in which women was carrying the fridge with her 😂

Автор hand banana ( назад)
all of my what!

Автор Gwen Fox ( назад)
wtf XD

Автор Gabriel Guerra ( назад)
3:09 The best commercial ;,v

Автор SkylerTheFurry ( назад)

Автор BTS*Jimin* Trash ( назад)
*5:54* So bootiful.

Автор Vanessa Poole ( назад)
the disney one hit me hard

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