Weird, Funny & Cool Japanese Commercials #2

Sit back, relax and watch 10 minutes of the best Japanese Commercials ~

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Автор Noel Case ( назад)
What the heck Bruce Willis?

Автор Travi Geometry dash ( назад)
1 like =stop penguin abuse

Автор Travi Geometry dash ( назад)
she only has a stupid psyduck and I have a charizard who will win?

Автор Chromeno ! ( назад)
The "Paché" one sounds catchy.

Автор Michelle ( назад)
this commercials are so extra omg

Автор Alexa chimtaekook Marin ( назад)
Omo! Disney😄😀😄

Автор creepergirl 17 ( назад)

Автор attack125 ( назад)
08:59  i thought you weren't supposed to take candy from strangers.

Автор Phelipe Oliveira ( назад)
So that's what happens when you nuke a country twice...

Автор Brynisia James ( назад)
The Disney one should be played worldwide!

Автор Daniel Hernandez ( назад)
like si vienes por api

Автор ѕρєcιαl ѕησωƒlαкє ( назад)
The Disney one was pretty good, but the rest makes me feel genuinely concerned for Japan.

Автор озхить ллооо ( назад)
is banned

Автор Porn Tart ( назад)
Why don't we have Japanese people in the comments? I really need answers

Автор Bebê Leproso ( назад)
o Japão deve ser incrível

Автор Travos k ( назад)
I think i finally learned my lesson!!
Get married at Disney Land

Автор Argovar Argo ( назад)
bruce willis killed me xD omg haha

Автор AshleyxD ( назад)
WTF did i just wacth

Автор As2mine ( назад)

Автор SweetieCakeChan ( назад)
2:55 I thinkd that could be something cute...

Автор Regina George ( назад)
00:00 to 00:27 i was in that dog suit... I told i was in Japanese commercials!

Автор Xander Whovian ( назад)
right, I guess the cat one proved that everyone in Japan is a giant :D

Автор Blake Childers ( назад)
top 3
1. the dog one
2. AKB48
3. Perfume (because I love Perfume)

Автор super sayian swagger 12 ( назад)
weabos everwhere

Автор FRIED CAT ( назад)

Автор Apony Danzilker ( назад)
I don't even care that I can't understand them, this is still amazing

Автор CheySenpie ( назад)
2:54 idk why, but this commercial made me laugh xD soo cute

Автор Varnoxium ( назад)
4:09 wrong tone bitch

Автор アリヤ ( назад)

Автор MrArbeter ( назад)
Leave them alone they where nuked twice okay?

Автор Atuş Göl ( назад)
çok komik. ama çoooooooook. saçma

Автор Nerdybunny 461 ( назад)
Is it weird that I think that most Japanese commercials in my opinion are more humorous than U.S commercials?

Автор DR. SQUIGGLES ( назад)
the dole one is japanese sportacus.

Автор jc denton ( назад)
All these weebs saying "omg the disney commercial was so beautiful!" have no lives. The Japanese hate people like you. Trust me. I've actually been to Japan. Get a sense of taste and at least like something about Japan WORTH LIKING. Watch an Akira Kurosawa film. Study sengoku period Japan. Do SOMETHING besides watching horrid anime and thinking you know about Japanese culture. You're all fucking embarrassing to America and Japan both.

Автор かわいいねこちゃん ( назад)
2:05 Can someone explain me NANDA KORE????

Автор Savannah Cobiskey ( назад)
how was the Disney one weird?

Автор angelus paul ( назад)
08:35 was adorable

Автор Zemumu ( назад)
WTH :?

Автор the combation ( назад)

Автор The non Gamer ( назад)
WTF 0:004

Автор Awesome Sam RBLX ( назад)
1:00 Is my fav!

Автор Joserobertoee ( назад)
0:38 Ewww a nigger in Japan?

Автор Bütün Erkek İsimleri Bendedir. KılıçKaya ( назад)
0:40 dolunay üssüne ilk girdiğimde ben

Автор Oskar Larsen ( назад)
holy fuck i want to live in japan.
But i don't want to fuck up their superior gene pool

Автор Inês Gama ( назад)
3:15 Thats cutes 💜

Автор Inês Gama ( назад)
1:05 WTF

Автор Riley Silbaugh ( назад)
i wish my friend Travis was here so he could translate his home land weird commercials(i wish i lived around him XD)

Автор spoon slayer ( назад)
did anyone else notice the casual racism at 5:46?

Автор Eruda Elric ( назад)
Nino bebé, no vuelvas a hacer esos comerciales xd......

9:42 si compro un carro bitch

se imaginan anime disney... solo censura¡

Автор Rymael Xynn ( назад)
Graphite all the things! The last part though, do they say "btw graphite is sharp." or was it something else?
Furby is still a thing?! The one where people were stuck in the wall was really funny, helps that I have no idea what the ad was for lol

Also... Only in Japan: "Everyone be quiet!... The commercials are on."

Автор luna the crybaby ( назад)
9;40 is that kpp?

Автор JennyDelf Rodriguez ( назад)
5:39 Is It Just Me Or Is That Commercial Weird Yet Cute.

Автор JennyDelf Rodriguez ( назад)
5:20 I Would Like To Feature In That Commercial With All The Bubbles That's Cool.

Автор JennyDelf Rodriguez ( назад)
8:09 You Can Even See The Person On The Sign Dancing Too

Автор JennyDelf Rodriguez ( назад)
5:51 Is Some Creepy Japanese Commercial

Автор LeA LakHal ( назад)
Allahim yaaa

Автор Ceren Sönmez ( назад)
08:38 koca karı diyor sanki türkler gösterin gücümüzü

Автор Wickedthtz ( назад)
Bruce Willis did a Japanese commercial?

Автор 中村みおん ( назад)

Автор mi chan ( назад)
I feel my time is wasted but i still watching it

Автор princesslovelc ( назад)
What is the song at 6:05?

Автор Joshua Lopez ( назад)
okay, the Pocky commercial sounded like MC hammer lol

Автор Joshua Lopez ( назад)
oh the nostalgia these things have is nuts. also watching some of these is like taking an acid trip.

Автор peter csonka ( назад)
help my

Автор Hari Krishnan ( назад)
buffed up Mario made my day

Автор Mikayla MadisonGamerk ( назад)
Mario tho look brave and cool XD

Автор Tolera Jayson ( назад)
nozomi nozomi nozomi nozomi nozomi nozomi nozomi nozomi

Автор Quisim Bryant ( назад)
At this point, I'm certain that Disney possesses an 'Overload Your Emotions' button.

Автор CosplayCore ( назад)
Okay my favorites were "Grand Theft Mario" in which Mario appears to steal a car and then advertise it before trying to look cool and getting killed by a Goomba and then my all-time favorite... That anime Disney Parks commercial.

Like can we please lengthen that into a slice of life series where we see her grow up on various trips to Disneyland???? PLEAAAAAAASSSSSE DISNEY LET US HAAAAAVE IIIIIT.

Автор CosplayCore ( назад)


Автор Luis Cabrera ( назад)
if youtube ads were like this no one would skip ad

Автор Andrea Jones ( назад)
Those chips must be....
out of this world? Eh? lol

Автор BvsMAcosh ( назад)
nippon kommersharu daisuki masu

Автор tEmMie Da TeM ( назад)
I want ramen so hard right now

Автор Alexis Morales ( назад)
0:59 this girl's singing made me somehow hypnotize or like being drained out

Автор Rick Ghastly ( назад)
That disney land ad is my favourite of all of them. Beautifully crafted.

Автор Riley Morris ( назад)
6:20 Brought to you by Shocker!

Автор Carlos Cortes ( назад)
yep, its weird alright. a black guy speaking japanese

Автор Pri mart ( назад)
my phone has a Mario bro. coin notification... and just as the end of the Mario car commercial it went off! 😂

Автор Holy Bima ( назад)

Автор Shadow StonexXx ( назад)
and potatoe chips

Автор Shadow StonexXx ( назад)
the dog is saying from what im understanding considering i dont speak japanese (in the beinning) come with me, come with me where i can show you things get on my plane and we will fly away when you realize you've been caught you will try to escape and you will never see your family again

Автор Just Hana ( назад)
The disney land commercial is cute ☺️🌟

Автор A girl who lives inside a container ( назад)
that disney one reminds my mom

Автор Ra Lord ( назад)
Japan: They know how to get your attention

Автор NDNG- Alibahri ( назад)
Ben turkum cok guzel video hat

Автор DetectiveSnail ( назад)
1:08 reminds me of poppy

Автор Castillo ( назад)
When I first saw these commercials I'm like cringing throughout the whole thing. And I noticed that our commercials here in the US are going down that road. At first I was like, "Oh, my gosh, please no." But, then, seeing how political and social-issue they've become I'm all for these commercials. At least they're advertising it in the right way and not going like, "Believe in equality, then, buy this make-up set to show your support." Like really?

Автор Xxtiva_ hatesmathxdxX ( назад)
I like the first one

Автор Dilma Rousseff ( назад)
alguns são engraçados .like

Автор Krystal Ortiz ( назад)
We need stuff like this in America.

Автор Neon Puppy_27 ( назад)
While eked knowtised at 1:27 she said sex

Автор Ox Baker ( назад)
Holy Early Pokemon commercial, Batman!

Автор Raka istina ( назад)
why commercial in japan its fun to watch 😥

Автор Mieru ! ( назад)

Автор J. D. hurtado rodriguez ( назад)
soy la unica loca que ve este tpo de videos en mexico

Автор Lily Usagi ( назад)
Perfume! kya ! ゝ(≧∀≦)ノやったぁ♪

Автор Atash Azadi ( назад)
Banana coming out from his butt no thank you 😊

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