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Автор Richard Burns (3 месяца)
I bet you can't see you penis with the naked eye either 

Автор classic kool (4 месяца)
You can see the laser etched Rolex crown on ALL authentic Rolex crystals
with the correct angle of the watch with the naked eye .. .... easiest in
sunlight ..

Автор vaxbuster (1 месяц)
He drives a Ford? .. sell the watch and buy a decent car!!!

Автор Henrik Holst Madsen (12 дней)
I see no Rolex Crown by LED light test in this video and for real!... My
Rolex " Sub No-date" it's from a real dealer!

Автор Axil Billot (13 дней)
The laser coronet engraved into the crystal wasn't introduced until 2002
and took several years until all Rolex watches had them. The crown is also
very difficult to find on a white dial. As of a few years ago there was
still one model that didn't have it but I can't remember which. Anyone can
buy a genuine Rolex box for 100$ or less. The only important thing are the
papers. Anyone buying a secondhand Rolex should make the deal at an
Authorised Dealer's Boutique after the dealer has authenticated it and that
includes the movement.

Автор Vinnie Vegas (1 месяц)
Great advice.

Just hold some fake ones. Then hold some real ones.

Then wind some fake ones, then wind some real ones.

Look closely at the details. If anything is just a little off (font, detail
alignment, etc, it's fake).

Some replicas are really good. But once you start handling them, detection
of a replica is easier. 

Автор seventhSabra (1 месяц)
One of the easiest ways to authenticate with the naked eye is via the
cyclops; you can see in the video that as the second hand paces through the
cyclops there's a ton of magnification (2.5x to be exact). Fakes have very
little or no magnification (usually around .5x at most). On real Rolex, the
date and second hand as it passes through cyclops really jumps out at you.

Автор JustAnotherIdiot (23 дня)
Fuck a Rolex - Go feed some hungry people.

Автор SomeMiddleAgedGayGuy (4 месяца)
Is everyone just going to hate on the video quality? Its a youtube vid,
we're not giving out oscars here you jerky douche bags. God what a cesspool
of jackassess

Автор James Lyon (2 месяца)
Don't give up your day job,

Автор James Hite (20 дней)
I clicked on this video. I have the same model and the time was 20 seconds
different. Exactly the same time. So weird. 

Автор Brett Walzer (20 дней)
Yea I totally see the crown! It's right there. Wtf. Lol 😵

Автор Manuel Lezcano (4 дня)
i see it blurry

Автор Mitchell Stivers (22 дня)
So you said the crown could be seen in earlier in earlier models my great
grandfather put one my away to give to me with some other stuff that is
very expensive. It's exactly like the real one. Anything else to look for ?

Автор P3XTR (1 месяц)
I hate to rain on your parade, but I have a $150 fake that has the matching
serial numbers as you describe, and the etching that is hard to see with
the naked eye, although it can be seen, as it can on the real thing ( I
have tried it).

Автор Posho Cortes (3 месяца)
Nice, wish you lived nearby. I work at a ritz carlton and a guest never
reclaimed her rolex so after 6months the hotel gave it to me.

Автор josh davies (1 месяц)

Автор cchgn (2 месяца)
So you mean to tell me that NO fake Rolex has the crown etching?

Автор Narek Tsaturyan (6 месяцев)
does this go for the GMT II as well?

Автор adam bisogno (9 месяцев)
What if I just put a Rolex crystal on my fake? Wouldn't that thwart your
preferred authentication method?

Автор Lolan (6 месяцев)
Green Sapphire crystals on the 116400GV Milgauss rolex's Do Not have the
laser etched rolex crown at the 6:00 position. Just adding more information
to this video. 

Автор William Palmer (6 месяцев)
Thanks for the video,just got this rolex but as a fake from a friend that
went to china recently.I payed $30.Everything looks perfect except the
etching isnt there.Fun to compare to the real ones.

Автор Barry McQueary (3 месяца)
i have a replica and it has the crown not visible and with the led
light,,there it is, sooooo thats not a good way to tell either. 

Автор Steve Fontanilla (6 месяцев)
open the watch and see the movement. thats the surest way to find out. or
just bring to RSC

Автор Martin But (8 месяцев)
dirt in size 8000usd$ watch !?

Автор Jack Ferrell (5 месяцев)
Wow! am really impressed your the 1st that knows what your talking about.
Question, I am getting a Sea Dweller in March it looked like you were
showing one how come you had a magnified date and all the others I looked
at did not have it magnified date on it?

Автор Deb B (1 месяц)
Ah, yes, just another pretentious twit that feels the need to tell you
about the expensive things he owns. Rolex, of course. And when he mentions
what he's taking the video with, he makes sure that you know it's not just
any old camcorder, but that he has an iphone 4S.

Автор Lee Reynolds (5 месяцев)
Thank you for making this video. I suspect that at least a few of the
people griping at you either own fake watches and don't want others to be
able to tell, or are somehow in the business of selling fake watches.
Rolexes aren't my thing. I like Vacheron Constantin patrimony rose gold
automatics with date and 2nd hand(the style, not the price). But I still
appreciate when someone takes the time to educate others on how to spot

Автор Sagar Bhatnagar (7 месяцев)
Well, this is genuine Rolex. Good job But should you not upgrade your car
to go with it? Still driving a Ford?

Автор northlander (9 месяцев)
use a samsung instead, i recommened the galaxy s5

Автор TheSwiti (7 месяцев)
i own a gen of this, but i also own a replica of the same model. to each
his own. i also have gen pams, and yet i also bought a replica panerai. i
just love the gen rolex and panerais, but when i go on travels abroad or
go hunting, i wear the replicas. i will hate myself if i ever scratch or
bang my gens. just be knowledgeable of what are you buying, since it is
really not good buying a replica and paying it gen price! only buy gens
from AD, buy your replica in the internet, guangzhou, or bangkok.

Автор Tom (16 дней)
Not called a crown but rather a coronet.Also, don't call it saphire glass.
It is a saphire crystal.And, yes, you can see the laser etch on the
crystal. Held at the proper angle and using a flashlight, it shows up.
That is so a dealer can instantly authenticate the watch. Only reason it
is there.

Автор Kitty Cat (6 месяцев)
Other ways of authenticity are the magnified number, the laser etching
around inside saying Rolex, and the 5 dots on the crown,stand up from the
watch and are not flush flat,they protrude up x

Автор Martin But (8 месяцев)
real !????! the secondhand is very smooth !i think so !

Автор Wong Yi Shen (4 месяца)
"A lot of money to piss in the wind" LOL. awesome

Автор LearningZone (8 месяцев)
Excellent video mate and excellent explanation. Regards,

Автор dnhug (1 год)
rolex the best

Автор WatchReviewHD UK (5 месяцев)
Good video, informative.
I've just reviewed a replica Rolex GMT on my channel and I found it very
difficult to tell whether it was real or fake! Take a look at my latest
video and see if you can give me any tips as to what to look for in a fake!

Автор simestrez (4 месяца)
I'm sorry but this wouldn't help much. I own both a gen and a $200 replica
and I can still find the crown with LED as well as the serial number
matching the one under the band. The reps these days are so good, the only
way I'd say to distinguish reps from gens is the movement. open the back
and see what's running inside.

Автор classicbomb27 (7 месяцев)
Rolex watch. Ford car. Yep

Автор Nick Saunders (9 месяцев)
It's like everyone knows you can copy anything these days!! Only way to be
sure is to buy it from a reputable jewellers or contact Rolex direct it's
S**t because your left wondering?? Or Paying out More.

Автор RodisOne (7 месяцев)
When looking at the crownguard and keeping in mind something i previously
learnt this watch is a fake. So if this is real all telltales vary

Автор Thura Oo (9 месяцев)
Buddy, you dont need an LED light! I have a DSSD and a Submariner. You can
face the watch up against the light and close one eye. Easy as that. LED
light... HAHAHA 

Автор buaya111 (8 месяцев)
nowadays replica quality going up, why buy real, while the fake offer
similar function. except dont use it for swimming 

Автор suxk (9 месяцев)
easy buy from bucherer swiss

Автор mestrada19 (1 год)
Oh god I thought you were going to scratch it when you pulled out the key.
One day I'll have a Rolex :)

Автор ripperx444 (1 год)
Good video. Thanks man that was helpful. Rolex never did anything for me
but as I got into watches more I decided to look into them more. Good
watches, just picked up a ceramic sub as well and really like it. 

Автор Robert Dore (9 месяцев)
The best way to ensure that you're getting a genuine Rolex, is, simply buy
from an authorised dealer.
The reason most people get 'stung by fraudsters' is in trying to save a
buck or two.

Автор Bink Bonk (1 год)
Or you could juxt buy one in a pawn shop!

Автор yang ji (10 месяцев)
very cool

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