Real or fake Rolex? How you Can Tell

Don't buy a fake ! Here is tips on how to make sure you don't get robbed of your hard earned cash. Please not this only applies to models from 2002 forward the older Submariner's do not have laser etching.

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Автор Sean Hamre ( назад)
the crown part is only half truth. they didnt start the crown on the glass
and the serial number around the bezel til around 2004 or so

Автор Nigel van Kersen ( назад)
Your fingers are nasty as fuck

Автор hijck lock ( назад)
Thats fake dude Rolex dont click like that.

Автор micky bang-bang ( назад)
high end fakes have the crown etched in

Автор Jawan Of Japan ( назад)
i bought a rolex submariner and a taghuer, the taghuer i am pretty sure is
a good fake, the rolex is what i am in doubt about...

but lucky me, the vendor i bought these from sold me a watch which was made
of 14k gold and then these two, so i sold the 14k watch and got back money
worth all three watches, and 1024 yen profit.....

now i will visit a rolex shop and see if its real , if its not then i will
tell the shop kepper to junk it for me

the taghuer even if fake looks amazing so i am keeping that.

Автор LoneSoldier29 ( назад)
You can see them with the naked eye, but not when you are directly looking
down at it. You kind of need to look at it from an angle and a light can
help you see it. But I can see mine with the naked eye and I paid for it
at a authorized Rolex retailer so I know its not fake.

Автор MiataBRG ( назад)
Maybe work out how to film the video before you actually start.

Автор Jim J ( назад)
hell yeah, fucking hilarious contradicting you ass face fuck , you just
Define pet peeve with your bullshit, your that fuck that discredits every
other word from the improper pronunciation on, making you close minded
,simple and probably should be checked for an extra chromosome, your brain
is showing.if proper grammar bothers you then the dialect alone is all you
can focus on, awesome! if it curves to the right you're stroking yourself.
use the other hand to give yourself a pat on the back

Автор Ricky Peters ( назад)
If that's the only way to tell if the watch is worth thousands or a few
bucks then you people are wasting your money.

Автор BeProPro ( назад)
can not push a buttom. jerk

Автор Todd T ( назад)
I think you have a lot of money to piss away in the wind because you bought
this ugly over priced watch! If I wanted to buy a $4000-$5000 luxury watch
it would be a Breitling. To each is own...

Автор tim choi ( назад)
I got a fake one and I can still see the serial number and crown on the
glass thing LOL.

Автор Rock Grotto ( назад)
What a lot of "erm / umm / hold on a minute" to make a point.

Автор JP JP ( назад)


Автор Godfree San Diego ( назад)

Автор John ( назад)
If you`re buying a Rolex follow this ONE simple rule,and i 100% guarantee
that you won`t get a fake: GO TO AN AUTHORIZED DEALER!
And if you "can`t afford a new Rolex" the AD will help you find a 2nd hand
And if you "can`t afford to buy thru an authorized dealer",well then you
can`t really afford a Rolex and you should wait a while and save up more
money or whatever you need to do.

Автор josorzo11 ( назад)
you can see it when you put a flashlight at the right angle....

Автор TeddyK K ( назад)
I dont get why people bother to make a vid like this. If you are the type
of person that needs to be taught to spot a fake Rolex, or if you dont have
the common sense to buy one pre-owned from a reputable dealer... well then
a Rolex might just not be for you. If you truly appreciate a Rolex for what
it is and are willing to spend your money on it.... well you get what I'm

Автор Michael Cruz ( назад)
I can look at the sun and tell you what time it is. I won't charge you
thousands of dollars for it either.

Автор ANTIDOTE TP ( назад)

Автор wage earner ( назад)
Thank you for this

Автор TalsVids ( назад)
I had a Breitling Super Ocean watch up until recently. When I got it, I did
look at Rolex's but found the Rolex's in my price range (£2000 - £2100)
were very plain looking. I found the bracelet on the Rolex's to look the
same as a £200 - £300 watch, I also found the bracelet to be thin, in
comparison with the Breitling's bracelet, which was built like a tank, so
was the rest of the stainless steel work on the Breitling. But each to
their own.

I really couldn't justify spending upwards of £2000 on a watch that I
didn't think looked anywhere near its asking price. Whereas the Breitling,
I could see where the money had gone.

Another big money maker for these expensive Swiss watch makers, is the
ridiculous price they charge for servicing (something you have got to
remember when getting an expensive Swiss watch). I always got my Breitling
serviced at the service intervals. I got an overhaul service done on my
Breitling 3 years ago, at a cost of £360, which admittedly I didn't think
was too bad considering it only needs done every 6 years. You do however
need to get a maintenance service at 3 years, at a cost of around £135. I
was aware of the service prices and the service schedule before I bought
the Breitling.

I enquired to the cost of the servicing (as my watch is due a service). In
3 years, the price of the overhaul service has jumped up from £360, to £530
(a £170 increase) and also the maintenance service has increased from £135
to £185.

I realise prices go up, and could accept the £50 increase in the
maintenance service. But I was not prepared to put up with a £170 price
increase in 3 years for the overhaul service. I have since sold my
Breitling. With the money I got from the sale of my Breitling, I have since
bought a couple of nice Tissot's and still have a large amount of money
left over.

Автор Ahmed kamel ( назад)
WTF!!! its not that easy to buy an original one.. its very fucking
expensive!!!... So sure i will accept the fake one! and it will be a very
nice one too!

Автор Random Guy ( назад)
iPhone 4s! Wooooo!

Автор DAVEBAWZ ( назад)
Lol paying 5000 for a legit Rolex is not robbing?! Rolex is NOT worth 5000

Автор Harrisonclews1234 ( назад)
Is this just Submariners or is it also on datejust for example

Автор Michael Nicholson ( назад)
how about some preparation (like a tripod) and maybe some editing "and you
can see the crown - there you go" - my arse.Right at the six-oclock which
I'm not going to show you - WTF

Автор Simon Sulsa ( назад)
I know nigga's in Benz 's with replicas lol!!!!! I drive a Benz and have a
replica lol but I got one that is by this guys standard of test would pass.
The only sure way to know now days is unscrew that bitch lol. I understand
money on a car but other people like watches. Point is it don't matter,
looks are always deceiving. But real rich people who are wise with there
money have a cheap ass timex, ask bill gates and the fools running apple,
none of them sport a rolley

Автор ThepDenNgoaiBien ( назад)
Buy an invicta 9937 instead..SAVE $ and no worry..SWISS MADE and on time

Автор honestmcgyver ( назад)
Mm mm, not the best but some useful basics

Автор Joe Donohue ( назад)
wrong , I have one with with the the crown on the cystal, but its still
contefiet. Your right about the serisl numbers behind the band on the case

Автор cordula Vig ( назад)
the watch have a number go on official side type your numbers and see if
its fake

Автор John Wise ( назад)
that little crown has been on fakes for over 8 years so that's not how you
can tell a fake

Автор Seth Greenhill ( назад)
Being the owner of both gen and replica Subs amongst others, the etched
crown @ 6 is far from the only way to tell.
Most Rolex owner couldn't tell you how to tell the difference themselves
but most replica owners could probably point it out.
The SELs (solid end links), LEC, dial markers and surround thickness, hand
stack, sapphire crystal, platinum paint on the bezel insert, crown insignia
@12 on rehault etc......so many ways to tell.
Trust me, a high end replica fools a dealer 99% of the time as they simply
sell watches. They are mostly not true WIS and so have little idea what to
look for anyway.

Автор Jerry G. ( назад)
Many people who have these watches in the family for many years may no
longer have the box and papers that came with the watch.

One way to know if a watch is real is to take the watch to the authorized
service center for the watch and have them properly check the watch and
issue a certificate for it. They will be able to verify the movement and
the case itself.

Автор baden pobjoy ( назад)
l found it very in good in relation to the true identity of a Rolex ~b~

Автор lsbrother ( назад)
So if somebody walked by, or was at the next table at a cafe, or was
shopping in the local market and they appeared maybe to be wearing a Rolex
then - YOU WOULDN'T HAVE A CLUE - RIGHT?! - so what's the point?!!!

Автор Bob Kanning ( назад)
very nice video of the main spring replacement on an elgin. I have an elgin
with a broken main spring also would like to get it fixed but cant get it
open. Quess ill have to send it to a proffetional. thanks for the video oh
do you have a recommendation whare to get my elgin fixed? Bob

Автор Edward S ( назад)
thats not how you tell a fake or real rolex its not that simple you have to
touch it and look at how well its made it takes allot of machining and time
to make a quality watch
they make quality fakes but a specialist can tell the difference right away
by examining the build quality you cdan tell the watch in the video is fake
because you cadn see the build quality you cdan see at the bottom of the 6
oclock marker is not perfectly aligned with the timing marks adn also the
printing on the dial is good but not the correct font for this model

Автор 75lexluther ( назад)
if you can afford this watch you can afford the life style

Автор Ben Do ( назад)
and mine dosent have one

Автор Ben Do ( назад)
so if u can see the crown its real?

Автор Blightyish ( назад)
This is a terrible and confused representation. The LED light is flickering
all the time and going on and off making it impossible for anyone to
understand anything of what this poorly prepared video is trying to say.
The comments are incoherent and simply quite useless.

Автор Damian Ross ( назад)
***TALKING IN GENERAL**** Not about his watch - A Rolex, (the Sub) IF There
is no laser printed crown under the "swiss made" at the 6 O'Clock...The
"ticking" TICKS not SWEEPS. It jumps around. Look at my video of my Blue
Rolex. You can see it VERY clear under light. AND YOU CAN SEE IT WITH YOUR
NAKED EYE if it is before 2000 like he said. You can see mine VERY slightly
under UV light or sunlight like he showed. GOOD VIDEO!

Автор dr FeelGood ( назад)
*that crown does not show up in all rolex models , so do not generalize ,
also if you drive a ford , sell the watch and buy a nice car dude*

Автор Vladimir Chalikof ( назад)
did you get this from solidswiss?

Автор Manuel Lezcano ( назад)
i see it blurry

Автор Tom (248 лет назад)
Not called a crown but rather a coronet.Also, don't call it saphire glass.
It is a saphire crystal.And, yes, you can see the laser etch on the
crystal. Held at the proper angle and using a flashlight, it shows up.
That is so a dealer can instantly authenticate the watch. Only reason it
is there.

Автор James Hite ( назад)
I clicked on this video. I have the same model and the time was 20 seconds
different. Exactly the same time. So weird. 

Автор Brett Walzer ( назад)
Yea I totally see the crown! It's right there. Wtf. Lol 😵

Автор Mitchell Stivers ( назад)
So you said the crown could be seen in earlier in earlier models my great
grandfather put one my away to give to me with some other stuff that is
very expensive. It's exactly like the real one. Anything else to look for ?

Автор JustAnotherIdiot ( назад)
Fuck a Rolex - Go feed some hungry people.

Автор D.E.B. B ( назад)
Ah, yes, just another pretentious twit that feels the need to tell you
about the expensive things he owns. Rolex, of course. And when he mentions
what he's taking the video with, he makes sure that you know it's not just
any old camcorder, but that he has an iphone 4S.

Автор Vinnie Vegas ( назад)
Great advice.

Just hold some fake ones. Then hold some real ones.

Then wind some fake ones, then wind some real ones.

Look closely at the details. If anything is just a little off (font, detail
alignment, etc, it's fake).

Some replicas are really good. But once you start handling them, detection
of a replica is easier. 

Автор seventhSabra ( назад)
One of the easiest ways to authenticate with the naked eye is via the
cyclops; you can see in the video that as the second hand paces through the
cyclops there's a ton of magnification (2.5x to be exact). Fakes have very
little or no magnification (usually around .5x at most). On real Rolex, the
date and second hand as it passes through cyclops really jumps out at you.

Автор josh davies ( назад)

Автор P3XTR ( назад)
I hate to rain on your parade, but I have a $150 fake that has the matching
serial numbers as you describe, and the etching that is hard to see with
the naked eye, although it can be seen, as it can on the real thing ( I
have tried it).

Автор Phillip James ( назад)
Don't give up your day job,

Автор cchgn ( назад)
So you mean to tell me that NO fake Rolex has the crown etching?

Автор Richard Burns ( назад)
I bet you can't see you penis with the naked eye either 

Автор Barry McQueary ( назад)
i have a replica and it has the crown not visible and with the led
light,,there it is, sooooo thats not a good way to tell either. 

Автор Posho Cortes (649 лет назад)
Nice, wish you lived nearby. I work at a ritz carlton and a guest never
reclaimed her rolex so after 6months the hotel gave it to me.

Автор simestrez ( назад)
I'm sorry but this wouldn't help much. I own both a gen and a $200 replica
and I can still find the crown with LED as well as the serial number
matching the one under the band. The reps these days are so good, the only
way I'd say to distinguish reps from gens is the movement. open the back
and see what's running inside.

Автор SomeMiddleAgedGayGuy (1263 года назад)
Is everyone just going to hate on the video quality? Its a youtube vid,
we're not giving out oscars here you jerky douche bags. God what a cesspool
of jackassess

Автор Wong Yi Shen ( назад)
"A lot of money to piss in the wind" LOL. awesome

Автор classic kool ( назад)
You can see the laser etched Rolex crown on ALL authentic Rolex crystals
with the correct angle of the watch with the naked eye .. .... easiest in
sunlight ..

Автор Jack Ferrell ( назад)
Wow! am really impressed your the 1st that knows what your talking about.
Question, I am getting a Sea Dweller in March it looked like you were
showing one how come you had a magnified date and all the others I looked
at did not have it magnified date on it?

Автор Lee Reynolds ( назад)
Thank you for making this video. I suspect that at least a few of the
people griping at you either own fake watches and don't want others to be
able to tell, or are somehow in the business of selling fake watches.
Rolexes aren't my thing. I like Vacheron Constantin patrimony rose gold
automatics with date and 2nd hand(the style, not the price). But I still
appreciate when someone takes the time to educate others on how to spot

Автор WatchReviewHD UK ( назад)
Good video, informative.
I've just reviewed a replica Rolex GMT on my channel and I found it very
difficult to tell whether it was real or fake! Take a look at my latest
video and see if you can give me any tips as to what to look for in a fake!

Автор Lolan ( назад)
Green Sapphire crystals on the 116400GV Milgauss rolex's Do Not have the
laser etched rolex crown at the 6:00 position. Just adding more information
to this video. 

Автор William Palmer ( назад)
Thanks for the video,just got this rolex but as a fake from a friend that
went to china recently.I payed $30.Everything looks perfect except the
etching isnt there.Fun to compare to the real ones.

Автор Steve Fontanilla ( назад)
open the watch and see the movement. thats the surest way to find out. or
just bring to RSC

Автор kittyCat Furbabies ( назад)
Other ways of authenticity are the magnified number, the laser etching
around inside saying Rolex, and the 5 dots on the crown,stand up from the
watch and are not flush flat,they protrude up x

Автор jmmurdy ( назад)
Nice vid.

Автор Narek Tsaturyan ( назад)
does this go for the GMT II as well?

Автор classicbomb27 ( назад)
Rolex watch. Ford car. Yep

Автор RodisOne ( назад)
When looking at the crownguard and keeping in mind something i previously
learnt this watch is a fake. So if this is real all telltales vary

Автор Sagar Bhatnagar ( назад)
Well, this is genuine Rolex. Good job But should you not upgrade your car
to go with it? Still driving a Ford?

Автор TheSwiti ( назад)
i own a gen of this, but i also own a replica of the same model. to each
his own. i also have gen pams, and yet i also bought a replica panerai. i
just love the gen rolex and panerais, but when i go on travels abroad or
go hunting, i wear the replicas. i will hate myself if i ever scratch or
bang my gens. just be knowledgeable of what are you buying, since it is
really not good buying a replica and paying it gen price! only buy gens
from AD, buy your replica in the internet, guangzhou, or bangkok.

Автор LearningZone (213 года назад)
Excellent video mate and excellent explanation. Regards,

Автор buaya111 ( назад)
nowadays replica quality going up, why buy real, while the fake offer
similar function. except dont use it for swimming 

Автор Martin But ( назад)
dirt in size 8000usd$ watch !?

Автор Martin But ( назад)
real !????! the secondhand is very smooth !i think so !

Автор Eric Lam ( назад)
Im weren that same watch right now got it from walmart doe

Автор Chaleco Salvavides ( назад)
Look very closely, this one IS fake!

Автор Nick Saunders ( назад)
It's like everyone knows you can copy anything these days!! Only way to be
sure is to buy it from a reputable jewellers or contact Rolex direct it's
S**t because your left wondering?? Or Paying out More.

Автор Karadic ludjic ( назад)
it's a real instead of crown , remark also the number 50 

Автор adam bisogno ( назад)
What if I just put a Rolex crystal on my fake? Wouldn't that thwart your
preferred authentication method?

Автор Robert Dore ( назад)
The best way to ensure that you're getting a genuine Rolex, is, simply buy
from an authorised dealer.
The reason most people get 'stung by fraudsters' is in trying to save a
buck or two.

Автор suxk ( назад)
easy buy from bucherer swiss

Автор northlander ( назад)
use a samsung instead, i recommened the galaxy s5

Автор Patrick Bateman ( назад)
thats bull about the crown, fake rolexs do have the rolex symbol on them

Автор yang ji ( назад)
very cool

Автор Wohnung mieten Wien ( назад)
Very good video, now i know the difference between the Original & fake

Автор Rookz ( назад)
"I would not ever buy a Rolex. It's not just worth it unless you have a lot
of money to piss away in the wind."


Автор erepsekahs ( назад)
Does that say 'Ford' on his car keys at 2:38+? Just saying.

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