Real or fake Rolex? How you Can Tell

Don't buy a fake ! Here is tips on how to make sure you don't get robbed of your hard earned cash. Please not this only applies to models from 2002 forward the older Submariner's do not have laser etching.

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Автор Corn Fed (2 месяца)
Just like the crap quality counterfeits, this is a crap quality vid. You
should try practicing more before posting. 

Автор TheSwiti (24 дня)
i own a gen of this, but i also own a replica of the same model. to each
his own. i also have gen pams, and yet i also bought a replica panerai. i
just love the gen rolex and panerais, but when i go on travels abroad or
go hunting, i wear the replicas. i will hate myself if i ever scratch or
bang my gens. just be knowledgeable of what are you buying, since it is
really not good buying a replica and paying it gen price! only buy gens
from AD, buy your replica in the internet, guangzhou, or bangkok.

Автор dovic3107 (2 месяца)
it's a real instead of crown , remark also the number 50 

Автор aquafishsoup (4 дня)
I got my Rolex from a happy meal, so is it real?

Автор northlander (2 месяца)
use a samsung instead, i recommened the galaxy s5

Автор RodisOne (4 дня)
When looking at the crownguard and keeping in mind something i previously
learnt this watch is a fake. So if this is real all telltales vary

Автор Sagar Bhatnagar (5 дней)
Well, this is genuine Rolex. Good job But should you not upgrade your car
to go with it? Still driving a Ford?

Автор Claire McHardy (4 месяца)
Oh dear. Ive read allot of hatred from owners of Rolex watches towards
people who cannot afford to buy one. Thats shameful.
" Mike Rotch3 months ago
+FUreplygirl My point is it sucks to wear a shitty watch because it's all
you can afford, but wearing a knockoff adds being a liar to that list. You
can be poor without being dishonest. "
It really depends what personal value, you, attach to a wristwatch. If you
judge a human being by what he or she wears on her wrist then... yeah. I
feel that when people with the real deal see someone who does not have the
real deal, but it looks just as good and attracts the same positive
attention that they also seek by wearing a high quality watch, the person
who dropped 10,000 on a watch gets angry. People that want a genuine rolex
as a master timepiece, or an investment really don't care about who is
walking around with whatever on their wrist.
Lets be better than that.

Now I'm gonna sit back and wait for the hate speech about how i wish i had
a rolex... sigh

Автор LearningZone (1 месяц)
Excellent video mate and excellent explanation. Regards,

Автор But Tranhoang (1 месяц)
real !????! the secondhand is very smooth !i think so !

Автор buaya111 (1 месяц)
nowadays replica quality going up, why buy real, while the fake offer
similar function. except dont use it for swimming 

Автор mestrada19 (7 месяцев)
Oh god I thought you were going to scratch it when you pulled out the key.
One day I'll have a Rolex :)

Автор xx_Legit Lam_xx (1 месяц)
Im weren that same watch right now got it from walmart doe

Автор adam bisogno (2 месяца)
What if I just put a Rolex crystal on my fake? Wouldn't that thwart your
preferred authentication method?

Автор Nick Saunders (2 месяца)
It's like everyone knows you can copy anything these days!! Only way to be
sure is to buy it from a reputable jewellers or contact Rolex direct it's
S**t because your left wondering?? Or Paying out More.

Автор Ralph Indigo (2 месяца)
How did this guy make enough money to buy a Rolex? He sounds like a moron
and is having a great deal of difficulty making a simple video.

Автор Thura Oo (2 месяца)
Buddy, you dont need an LED light! I have a DSSD and a Submariner. You can
face the watch up against the light and close one eye. Easy as that. LED
light... HAHAHA 

Автор Robert Dore (2 месяца)
The best way to ensure that you're getting a genuine Rolex, is, simply buy
from an authorised dealer.
The reason most people get 'stung by fraudsters' is in trying to save a
buck or two.

Автор suxk (2 месяца)
easy buy from bucherer swiss

Автор ripperx444 (5 месяцев)
Good video. Thanks man that was helpful. Rolex never did anything for me
but as I got into watches more I decided to look into them more. Good
watches, just picked up a ceramic sub as well and really like it. 

Автор yang ji (3 месяца)
very cool

Автор hatedd (2 месяца)
thats bull about the crown, fake rolexs do have the rolex symbol on them

Автор Chris Freeman (7 месяцев)

Автор lee johnson (5 месяцев)

Автор Chris Duffy (7 месяцев)
I'm not sure if anybody's mentioned this before, but this guy is correct in
almost every way except 1 very important mistake, the new Ceramic Version
does not have the serial number on the side of the case as he suggests
(this was the case for the old style 16610 (non ceramic) - it should have
the model reference on one side and the grade of stainless steel on the
other, - the model number is in the Rehaut, another good tip is to get a UV
light and pass it over the Warranty Card, there should be a Rolex Logo
apparent that is not visible to the naked eye.

Автор Mike Rotch (7 месяцев)
You wear a Rolex, but you drive a Ford?

Автор Bink Bonk (6 месяцев)
Or you could juxt buy one in a pawn shop!

Автор HoratioNelsification (3 месяца)
Quick note-Vintage Rolex 9 times out of 10 do not have box and papers!
Its fine buying a Rolex without box and papers, just make sure you are
buying from a trustworthy seller! Otherwise you run the chance of buying a
good fake or more likely a stolen watch!! FYI-You can buy fake box and
papers, so its hardly protection saying to have box and papers! People who
do not know these watches like they know the back of their own hand, they
should not buy without protections, so buy from dealers, even used watch
dealers...Also people need to look for Franken Rolex, part genuine and part
There are also clones of Rolex movements now, Also clones of Panerai
movements, you need a loop to tell they are not the real thing, the finish
is just not as good as the real thing when under a loop. There are also
Super Clone reps and the parts interchange with the real thing, sadly CNC
machining and solidworks software, and swiss machinery in China has made it
easier to replicate at a higher level.

Автор Rolex Watch (2 месяца)
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on the market today. Some watches come with the Original Swiss mechanism,
and are 18k goldplated. Replica, that stands for high-class in modern
times. High-quality materials, noble designs and excellent workmanship are
self-evident in the process. The exclusive timepieces offered are neither
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selection of replica Rolex watches. We carry replicas of all the most
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on your bank account. We're also here to show you where to shop and what
features you should expect with your fake Rolex watches. Not every Rolex is
the same, so we're here to help guide you, help you make the best purchase
to suit your needs. We'll tell you which sites you can trust, which sites
have the best deals and when you can find discounts and sales. We're going
to make sure that you get that snazzy look without paying an arm and a leg.
Take our advice and buying fake Rolex watches is going to be a breeze. So,
while you're here, look around and click away. We've got all the
information you're going to need to make up your mind about the fake Rolex
watches that' are right for you.

Автор dnhug (6 месяцев)
rolex the best

Автор matthew sheppard (4 месяца)
Lol that is with the naked eye still. You just shone light on it. I don't
think that if you can make out a glimmer it's fake. Some people's eyes are
sharper than others. Obviously I don't expect it to be easy to see

Автор Rich Hixon (4 месяца)
before I would try to demonstrate anything about a quality watch like this
I would get some half way decent AV equipment.

Автор Chaleco Salvavides (1 месяц)
Look very closely, this one IS fake!

Автор MingGang Wang (7 месяцев)
The real way to tell is to look at the possessor of the piece. If you see a
solid gold submariner or a 50th anniversary ice blue dial Daytona on the
wrist of a hooligan or a man with a misfitting suit, it's likely fake. With
cheaper models such as steel submariners and vintage datejusts, it's
obviously harder to tell if the pice is genuine, but does it really matter
if the watch is only a couple thousand anyways?

Автор Jan Nissen (7 месяцев)
wow thats awesome? haha, ill try this on my friends submariner, he says its
real, but I doubt him affording it.

Автор WatchMeNow (7 месяцев)
The new replicas have a laser edged rolex crown also. Not to see in normal
daylight. They have the same bracelet, the ceramic bezel...the number.
You must look at the caliber inside to see of it's real. Boxes and papers
you can buy also... :( 

Автор MrStoneycool69 (7 месяцев)
Anyone who spends more than a !000k on a watch is fuck stick for
consumerist propaganda.

Автор Rob Koogler (10 месяцев)
Here's all I have to say to those who wear any fake watch. You might be
able to fool everyone else, but you can't fool yourself.

Автор T Babb (7 месяцев)
My cousin sells both replica watches and Homages, the quality you get is
dependent on what the buyer is willing to pay. You can often find a
particular brand in model in varying quality levels from many sources. If
you want and can afford the original, by all means, buy the real thing, but
if you want 95% of the real watch, for 50% or less than the cost of the
real one, get a replica. If it were me, I would only look at AA and AAA
quality replicas, as the quality is much better, and you will get a much
higher quality movement. Saying things like "Fake watches are for fake
people" is just propaganda designed for the big names to protect their
brand, which is understandable. Your buying perceived value in my view. If
you want to compare the real thing with a A or less quality replica, the
differences will stand out like a sore thumb, but your talking about a
replica that is probably $100, but when you move up to AA or AAA, in the
$300-$1000 range, the quality level jumps up greatly. 

Автор Brian Manning (7 месяцев)
Easiest way to spot a fake at first glance is the "smooth" second hand
sweep, not a tick tick. 

Автор Viktors Pogosjans (7 месяцев)
your video is shit

Автор redhawk429 (7 месяцев)
If you want know the time buy a Casio if you want people to think you are a
prat with a fake Rolex buy a Rolex, genuine or not most people will think
it is a fake because there are so many out there.

Автор antrikshkumar1987 (7 месяцев)
hi swiss made, thanks for the tips.....and I really don't care if you own
ford or benz.....it your money and your choice to spend it the way you like
it........good tip are always welcome.

Автор kaarthuis (10 месяцев)
you replica people love lying to yourself. saying there are fakes with
genuine parts for 1k.... just one rolex bezel costs about 2k. 1 pearl
replacement is about $500. you guys need to shut the fuck up. lookup what 1
rolex bracelet costs. its also over 1k. yes you can have a real eta in
them but rolex doesnt even use those standard movements. fucking retards

Автор Rookz (3 месяца)
"I would not ever buy a Rolex. It's not just worth it unless you have a lot
of money to piss away in the wind."


Автор sheffieldmvp (11 месяцев)
All this anger from people who can't afford a Rolex. Rolexes are actually a
good investment if you do your homework, models like the submariner have
gone up in value as time has gone by.

Автор erepsekahs (3 месяца)
Does that say 'Ford' on his car keys at 2:38+? Just saying.

Автор باسم صالح فلاح حسن (4 месяца)
ساعات روعة

Автор Tuan Nguyen (9 месяцев)
Hi friend your Rolex was the fake one. 

Автор sandydogy (10 месяцев)
I would be scared of been robbd for my watch lol

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