Real or fake Rolex? How you Can Tell

Don't buy a fake ! Here is tips on how to make sure you don't get robbed of your hard earned cash. Please not this only applies to models from 2002 forward the older Submariner's do not have laser etching.

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Автор dnhug (7 дней)
rolex the best

Автор Redragonfieldofgreen green (1 месяц)
Going to be my next Rolex

Автор Callum Gardiner (1 месяц)
Why pay 8000 when you can pay 185???

Автор mestrada19 (1 месяц)
Oh god I thought you were going to scratch it when you pulled out the key.
One day I'll have a Rolex :)

Автор sheffieldmvp (4 месяца)
All this anger from people who can't afford a Rolex. Rolexes are actually a
good investment if you do your homework, models like the submariner have
gone up in value as time has gone by.

Автор MingGang Wang (19 дней)
The real way to tell is to look at the possessor of the piece. If you see a
solid gold submariner or a 50th anniversary ice blue dial Daytona on the
wrist of a hooligan or a man with a misfitting suit, it's likely fake. With
cheaper models such as steel submariners and vintage datejusts, it's
obviously harder to tell if the pice is genuine, but does it really matter
if the watch is only a couple thousand anyways?

Автор Jan Nissen (23 дня)
wow thats awesome? haha, ill try this on my friends submariner, he says its
real, but I doubt him affording it.

Автор Patrick Kendall (4 месяца)
can you use the led light on an iphone?

Автор Rob Koogler (4 месяца)
Here's all I have to say to those who wear any fake watch. You might be
able to fool everyone else, but you can't fool yourself.

Автор WatchMeNow (16 дней)
The new replicas have a laser edged rolex crown also. Not to see in normal
daylight. They have the same bracelet, the ceramic bezel...the number.
You must look at the caliber inside to see of it's real. Boxes and papers
you can buy also... :( 

Автор Mike Rotch (1 месяц)
You wear a Rolex, but you drive a Ford?

Автор Chris Freeman (19 дней)

Автор FUreplygirl (3 месяца)
Brag about all your expensive stuff much? Fucking rich people... I kept
waiting for him to casually mention how he scuffed his Giannis while
getting out of his SLR

Автор kaarthuis (4 месяца)
you replica people love lying to yourself. saying there are fakes with
genuine parts for 1k.... just one rolex bezel costs about 2k. 1 pearl
replacement is about $500. you guys need to shut the fuck up. lookup what 1
rolex bracelet costs. its also over 1k. yes you can have a real eta in
them but rolex doesnt even use those standard movements. fucking retards

Автор Warren Vazquez (3 месяца)
original or fake - quite ugly....

Автор Chris Duffy (19 дней)
I'm not sure if anybody's mentioned this before, but this guy is correct in
almost every way except 1 very important mistake, the new Ceramic Version
does not have the serial number on the side of the case as he suggests
(this was the case for the old style 16610 (non ceramic) - it should have
the model reference on one side and the grade of stainless steel on the
other, - the model number is in the Rehaut, another good tip is to get a UV
light and pass it over the Warranty Card, there should be a Rolex Logo
apparent that is not visible to the naked eye.

Автор Viktors Pogosjans (1 месяц)
your video is shit

Автор catbearlol (4 месяца)
ffs cant u hold the camera still and press the led buttonn without letting
it go. you suck at making videos.

Автор redhawk429 (1 месяц)
If you want know the time buy a Casio if you want people to think you are a
prat with a fake Rolex buy a Rolex, genuine or not most people will think
it is a fake because there are so many out there.

Автор T Babb (1 месяц)
My cousin sells both replica watches and Homages, the quality you get is
dependent on what the buyer is willing to pay. You can often find a
particular brand in model in varying quality levels from many sources. If
you want and can afford the original, by all means, buy the real thing, but
if you want 95% of the real watch, for 50% or less than the cost of the
real one, get a replica. If it were me, I would only look at AA and AAA
quality replicas, as the quality is much better, and you will get a much
higher quality movement. Saying things like "Fake watches are for fake
people" is just propaganda designed for the big names to protect their
brand, which is understandable. Your buying perceived value in my view. If
you want to compare the real thing with a A or less quality replica, the
differences will stand out like a sore thumb, but your talking about a
replica that is probably $100, but when you move up to AA or AAA, in the
$300-$1000 range, the quality level jumps up greatly. 

Автор Johnny Lim (3 месяца)
Rolex is passe. The in thing now is AP.

Автор sandydogy (3 месяца)
I would be scared of been robbd for my watch lol

Автор Brian Manning (1 месяц)
Easiest way to spot a fake at first glance is the "smooth" second hand
sweep, not a tick tick. 

Автор antrikshkumar1987 (1 месяц)
hi swiss made, thanks for the tips.....and I really don't care if you own
ford or benz.....it your money and your choice to spend it the way you like
it........good tip are always welcome.

Автор Double Red_Rolex (4 месяца)
And yes a real rolex is a good investment as long as you don't pay full
retail. If you buy a submariner today for $5000, you will be able to sell
it for what you paid for it or more in 10 years guaranteed. I have bought
and sold many over the last 15+ years. 

Автор Tuan Nguyen (3 месяца)
Hi friend your Rolex was the fake one. 

Автор harlandraka1 (3 месяца)
you have a rolex and iphone 4s (probably a 5s right now) ... then sell out
that ford and bring a porsche, lambo, bentley, rolls, merc, audi or bmw
key... even an jaguar will fit.. but pointing the rolex crown with a ford
key is look like opening a petrus wine by pushing the cork with the bottom
of a fork.. :)

Автор Double Red_Rolex (4 месяца)
I would not buy a rolex based on the information in this video. Times have
changed. The only way to buy a preowned rolex is to take it to an AD for
authentication to make sure ALL the parts are real rolex. High end replicas
reaching upwards of $1000+ do exist and contain genuine crystals, crowns
and bracelets and even refurbished genuine movements. They will fool any
jeweller in a regular store. Trust no one. 

Автор Nedzy333 (3 месяца)
Another way to tell is that the fine movements of the watch should tickle
your anal nerve endings in pleasant ways while you sip away on your red
whine through your semen-stained lips whilst your servant cleans your
mansion and wipes your snotty nose...

Автор StellarBlue1 (5 месяцев)
For 99% of the public, there is no NEED for a Rolex watch. However, for
those persons that need the "Superlative" timekeeping of a Rollie
Chronometer, thankfully it is there for you. Of course you will need some
serious cash, as well. 

Автор Perry Farewell (3 месяца)
All time is subjective anyway

Автор seanosomething (3 месяца)
WOW !!!!! is that the "why fukn bother" model????
Couldn't you afford an expensive one bro????
Pffffft.... its like buying the smart-car and bragging about your MERC...
Or jingling your fucken Lambo keyring when u drive a KIA..
Who cares... fuck off......

Автор Kanifuker (19 дней)
After watching that shite it's no wonder this dickhead disabled the

Автор EtronicsJack (4 месяца)
Mens Rolex Two Tone 18k Yellow Gold SS Datejust Date Watch Gold Diamond DIAL

Автор JA vZ (9 месяцев)

Автор CWMax (6 месяцев)
You are going to fool yourself. Submariner replicas from the Cartel
factories are often built 1:1 with the genuine. You'lll get fooled because
the 1:1 genuine specification lets the owner buy a genuine crown and tube,
gen bezel insert, and a gen crystal. They all fit the fake perfectly and
are sold at most of the well-known Rolex Boards by members. For the base
watch + gen parts and watchmaker install, they have a fake for about $1K
,and you just told your viewers to buy it as real. Nice.

Автор Jan Čapek (6 месяцев)
Gosh, this could be a 1 minute long video !

Автор Sahadi420 (6 месяцев)
It shouldn't take long.....show me a video of your "several" watches. But I
really, really want to see the etching on your fake rolex. Show me the
vid.....and I'll apologize. I'm not expecting to see one!!!!! I think
you're full of shit..........(have I already said that???)

Автор Angelo(DOES) (9 месяцев)
The best way to tell a fake rolex from an authentic one is looking at the
seconds hand thats it , real rolex dont have that tic tic tic slight jump
forward of the seconds hand , instead the hand looks like it glides with
little effort on top of the dial , that to me defines a quality watch from
a chinese movement .

Автор magnusmoty (6 месяцев)
How the hell did you got it for $3000??

Автор shawtwin (9 месяцев)
haha... You did the same as me!

Автор DailyLifeNY (6 месяцев)
only if the person who made the fake is selling it to stupid people, or is
not trying to get sued by rolex for using their name. if he give it the
name "Rolax" they can sell it anywhere legally

Автор damienhazo (6 месяцев)
Nice to hear you got tipped a Rolex. How much sperm did you have to gargle?
Rolex actually DID get famous for the bling you brain surgeon. They've been
lucky enough to cash in on the elegant sport watch craze of the last decade
or two. I wear the Rolex when I'm with my horses or collecting their shit
from the paddock. I wear my Ebel Chronograph when I go out, that just
happens to have an El Primero 400 movement, the same as the 2nd gen Rolex
Daytonas. iPhone sounds right. Pay for the name baby..

Автор Designby12Test (9 месяцев)

Автор Mozart1087 (9 месяцев)
Easy If The Bezel Falls Off, IT's Fake!!!!!!

Автор George Jetson (7 месяцев)
He's lucky he disabled the ratings.

Автор Andrea L. (10 месяцев)
comparing Seiko to Rolex is just ridiculous! It's just like comparing a
Lexus with a Bentley :S :S Not saying Seiko is bad, I know some watches
from Seiko are accurate. But if you know the history of Rolex, you won't
say thousands of dollar is expensive for Rolex. It's about luxury, and
everyone has his/her own preference for luxury. If you own Rolex, 20 years
from now probably it can be a vintage and the price will be doubled, but if
you buy a Seiko, in 20 years it doesn't have any value!

Автор Louie Basilio (8 месяцев)
not all Rolex have crown on six o'clock

Автор Thematthewrox123 (9 месяцев)
3:56 butter

Автор Lloyd Jordan (7 месяцев)
Yeah I noticed at a early age when I was working in ear a poor council
estate where mainly people from African decent lived. They used to spend
all there money on there cars and clothes trying to look rich when they
were all pretty much broke. You find a lot of poor people are quite flash
if they get a little bit of cash.

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