"How Could I Ever Know" (Sara Ramirez)

Broadway Takes the Runway, October 4, 2010. New York, NY.

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Длительность: 4:58
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Автор Monique Aguilar ( назад)

Автор Lorena Floyhar (BlackWidow) ( назад)
I so love her on Gray's Anatomy but I never in a million years I did not
know she can sing.This is the first time I'm hearing her sing.And she sings
beautifully :)

Автор Leah Rosenman ( назад)
i seriously get the chills when i hear this. the pain and anguish in her
voice gets me every time.

Автор Leah Rosenman ( назад)
I could listen to her voice all day

Автор Leah Rosenman ( назад)

Автор Leah Rosenman ( назад)
why do i always cry when i watch her like ugh

Автор Ava Wong ( назад)
I love this. I love her. The feelings, how dedicated and in character she
is. She is just amazing and I wish I could marry her

Автор Hanne Marie ( назад)
Incredible voice 💖

Автор Pauline Meltz ( назад)
definatly gonna marry her! she is astonishing !

Автор Krokant ( назад)
Wow, this was just amazing, so beautiful and moving.... Sara is a wonderful

Автор Spiritualee Mama ( назад)
Thank you Sara! 

Автор 03phebe ( назад)
Yep I like her better as Callie i was hoping she was singing something
tough or cool maybe some rock never would have thought this eew

Автор lisa hartsell ( назад)
I really love this rendition but i have to sing it high soprano so it's
totally different

Автор lisa hartsell ( назад)
wow the grey's anatomy star 

Автор McKenna Moore ( назад)
"Guitar needs sound, please." XD I love her so much! She has such an
amazing voice. 

Автор Ava Issocoolcanibeherfriend ( назад)
This makes me unbelievably heart broken:,( at the end wear she whispers " I
love you, Al" I'm sobbing

Автор Clautiny s ( назад)
y las notas altas que hace son tan angelicales amo como canta en pocas la
palabras la amo cada parte de ella es perfecta

Автор Clautiny s ( назад)
lo bueno de ella es que siente las canciones y yo que no se ingles siento
como si supieres que me las upiera es su bello rostro que da confiansa y
seguridad la admiro mucho

Автор Trinity Ashton ( назад)
Sara's beautiful face <3

Автор mimigingerhammy ( назад)
Y were u laughing

Автор Jacqueline Gonzalez ( назад)
I honestly can't stand it when ppl laugh during a performance. Very
disrespectful to the audience and most of all the performer

Автор Charmaine Who ( назад)
If you didn't cry while watching this performance, you are not human. Sara,
dear, I am in love. K. Bye.

Автор Becky Perez ( назад)
7 people don't have souls... :|

Автор Becky Perez ( назад)
This women is perfect ! ♥♥♥

Автор Mariluna Miranda Díaz ( назад)
What a beautiful voice :'-)

Автор shabytin ( назад)
You are so lucky to see and watch her live!

Автор Jonathan Suazo ( назад)
Wow. ive never heard this song before...i lost my wife suddenly about 2
years ago....before the end of this song i was balling like a baby....this
song and that beautiful voice was heard by my soul... 

Автор Alessandra Tavares ( назад)
TE AMO!!!! 

Автор Ilenia NYC ( назад)
Grandissima Sara!!!!

Автор Marie5230 ( назад)
You can see she whispers "I love you, Al" at 4:27. What. An. Amazing.

Автор bituminous ( назад)
I've been lucky! And I've shelled out a lot of money! :D Anything for

Автор Rosie Penver ( назад)
Now this is perfection.

Автор Kellymarie Perez-Cruz (428 лет назад)
It's from the book that her best fried gave to her before he died filled
with all the songs that he wanted her to sing. I think the book is more
means more than anything else that's why she is singing the song from it.
As for the standing I am not sure that I would be able to keep my composure
if I was doing something that was essentially my best friends dying wish.
If she wasn't so dedicated and focused I wouldn't admire her so much. 

Автор Gotachanelnowwhat ( назад)
Stunning. /end comment

Автор Jacob james ( назад)
if i was there i would break that ass holes neck for laughing..lets see him
go up there and sing. 

Автор Yandry Desiree ( назад)
Love yoooou Saraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 

Автор PQ Fan ( назад)
Sorry, but she couldn't be bothered to stand up, or memorize the lyrics? 

Автор Jasmine Noel ( назад)
I love Sarah and she did a good job, but it's nothing compared to the

Автор Judy Mata ( назад)
This is the best version of this song I have heard so far! She is
unbelievably amazing! 

Автор LPMiriam ( назад)
love her soooo much <3

Автор LepaMaraSaKablara ( назад)
This is just.. Perfect.. I had no idea that she sings SO well! <3 Simply
love her. :)

Автор LunaFitness ( назад)
you know that feeling of serenity after you cried and you feel warmth and
happiness, thats how her singing makes me feel

Автор crazykindofrush ( назад)
sara,marry me.

Автор Ingri Hallan ( назад)
I want to bitchslap the people laughing during her performance. 

Автор MsRonnie85 ( назад)
Sara is SUPER sexy..SUPER!

Автор rosanna ( назад)
3:47 it touches my soul again and again! she's amazing!

Автор kenneth oeth ( назад)
@secretkeeper963 This song is an incredibly sad song. She is probably just
getting into the character of the piece. I don't think you could sing this
song and be happy.

Автор Aurelija Šulmeister ( назад)
@ingridpingrid123 it's old video, that's all 

Автор Luana Nery ( назад)
Her voice is amazing... she takes my breath away. I love Sara. <3

Автор bituminous ( назад)
@ingridpingrid123 no, her hair was long then, and it was up during the
other song. :)

Автор bituminous ( назад)
@secretkeeper963 ugh, i know! there were two guys behind me talking and
laughing through the whole song. i gave them a death stare at one point but
i think that only made it worse. :\

Автор Emma Spadoni ( назад)
Sara seems so sad singing this but her voice is breathtaking.......pissed
at the guy whose laughing

Автор Emma Spadoni ( назад)
im so excited for the musical episode greys is having

Автор carriewhite410 ( назад)
I love Sara and her voice is fantastic, I just think the style in which she
sang the song didn't go with the style of the song as it was originally
sung. For those of you who don't know, this is from "The Secret Garden" 

Автор Crystal Williams ( назад)
She's the whole package! UNBELIEVABLE! 

Автор Carly Cook ( назад)
uuugh, she is just SSOO prettty, like i cant get over it!

Автор Carly Cook ( назад)
she is soo beautiful, her hair is amazing<3 uugh, she's so gorrgeous! & i
lovelovelove her character on greys :D <3 && frigggen amazing sinnger.

Автор SANDYhugl ( назад)
i Love her.. She is amazing singer :) and my favorite character is GA :)

Автор cassienovafaith ( назад)
She takes my breath away, she is so incredibly fantastic! 

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