Hello Vietnam - Xin Chào Việt Nam - Phạm Quỳnh Anh


Lost in the tempests
out on the open seas
our small boats drift
we seek for land
during endless days and endless nights

we are the foam
floating on the vast ocean
we are the dust
wandering in endless space
our cries are lost
in the howling wind

without food, without water,
our children lie exhausted
until they cry no more

we thirst for land
but are turned back from every shore
our distress signals rise and rise again
but the passing ships do not stop
how many boats have perished
how many families lie beneath the waves

Lord Jesus, do you hear the prayer of our flesh?
Lord Buddha, do you hear our voice?
O fellow humans, do you hear our voice
from the abyss of death?
o solid shore
we long for you!

We pray for Mankind to be present today!
We pray for Land to stretch its arms to us!
We pray that Hope be given us
TODAY, from any Land!

Thuyền Nhân

Hello Vietnam - Xin Chào Việt Nam - Phạm Quỳnh Anh For LK... See quynhanhmusic
Tell me all about this name, that is difficult to say.
It was given me the day I was born.

Want to know about the stories of the empire of old.
My eyes say more of me than what you dare to say.

All I know of you is all the sights of war.
A film by Coppola, the helicopter's roar.

One day I'll touch your soil.
One day I'll finally know my soul.
One day I'll come to you.
To say hello... Vietnam.

Tell me all about my colour, my hair and my little feet
That have carried me every mile of the way.

Want to see your house, your streets. Show me all I do not know.
Wooden sampans, floating markets, light of gold.

All I know of you is the sights of war.
Hello Vietnam
A film by Coppola, the helicopter's roar.

One day I'll touch your soil.
One day I'll finally know my soul.
One day I'll come to you.
To say hello... Vietnam.

And Buddha's made of stone watch over me
My dreams they lead me through the fields of rice
In prayer, in the light...I see my kin
I touch my tree, my roots,my begin

One day I'll touch your soil.
One day I'll finally know my soul.
One day I'll come to you.
To say hello... Vietnam.

One day I'll walk your soil
One day I'll finally know my soul
One day I'll come to you
To say hello...Vietnam
To say hello...Vietnam
To say xin chào... Vietnam

Pham Quynh Anh (born 1987) is a Belgium, ethnic-Vietnamese singer. Her parents were born in Vietnam and immigrated to Belgium, where they met, married and gave birth to Quynh Anh.
When Quynh Anh was 13 years old, her father persuaded her to compete in the TV singing competition "For Glory," held by Belgium's RTBF Television. Upon winning the competition, she met her manager, who introduced Quynh Anh to her producer. The producer made possible Quynh Anh's duet "J'espère" with French-hit singer Marc Lavoine. With "J'espère," Quynh Anh followed Lavoine on tour to France, Switzerland and Belgium. In 2002 she signed a contract with Rapas Centre, a French-branch of Universal.
Quynh Anh reached international popularity in 2006 with her French song "Bonjour Vietnam," composed by Lavoine and co-written by Lavoine and Yvan Coriat, when it accidentally appeared on the Internet. It is stated that the people of Vietnam were especially moved by the lyrics and by the ethnic- and cultural-yearning of foreign-born Vietnamese.
Due to its popularity, "Bonjour Vietnam" was translated into English by Guy Balbaert and is called "Hello Vietnam." The English version is also accompanied with a draft-music video In May 2008, Quynh Anh sang the English version of the song in Paris by Night 92, an on-going Vietnamese language musical variety show. It is claimed that a Vietnamese version of the song will be released.
Quynh Anh will release her first solo project with her first single as the English version "Hello Vietnam." In an interview with "Oh My News," Domenech, manager of Rapas Centre, said that Quynh Anh will release her album "Bonjour Vietnam" that will be composed of 15 songs. The album is stated to be released in the near future. The Internet video- and lyric-circulation of "Hello Vietnam" is not the final version, according to Domenech.
Hello Vietnam - Xin Chào Việt Nam - Phạm Quỳnh Anh See quynhanhmusic

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Автор Nguyễn Thanh Hải (2 месяца)
I'm Vietnamese
We love PEACE !

Автор sofia huynh (2 месяца)
Listening to this song at this moment somehow brings me tears.
Vietnamese love peace. Please spread the love <3

Автор Hoang Thanh (2 месяца)
Tôi yêu hòa bình. Tôi yêu Việt Nam

Автор Peter Hill (3 месяца)
I Haven't ' Heard ' this Video for ages ! ..... Well No, that's not true I
haven't Seen, this Particular Clip Plus Performance by the Author " Quỳnh
Anh " I love these Happy Kids ! and the Rather Crude Saying is " They
Haven't got a Pot to P In " but are Truly Happy with what they have despite
THAT, Not Being Much ! I Know of at Least 15 Different Videos like this
with Different Singers & Due`ts in Both English and French and Vietnamese !
and Different Scenery and people ! Having Lived in Vietnam for 2 X 2 Yrs
1998 to 2,000 & 2002 till 2004 ! This brings back Beautiful Memories and
Plan to Return one day with my Handsome Son ( 11 yrs old now ) and my Wife
who is from Saigon !

"A PRAYER FOR LAND Lost in the tempests out on the open seas our small
boats drift we seek for land during endless days and endless nights we are
the foam floating on the vast ocean we are the dust..."

Автор Lucy Lu (3 месяца)
Por nuestra querida, bella y maltratada Vietnam.

Автор Mũi Cao Hai Mí (3 месяца)

Автор sonny loehr (3 месяца)
Sorry I can't hold back those tears anymore its just keep rolling down,
deepest love from the bottom of my heart for The Mother's land 

Автор Evisa.com.vn (4 месяца)
Hello Vietnam

Автор rsxteufel (4 месяца)
Love this song...this song said exactly how I feel..One day I will visit
Viet Nam. It does not matter what second language you speak either French
or German or English....We are all Vietnamese. Raised in the States but
station in Germany...One day my son(half Vietnamese and half German) and I
will visit Viet Nam.

Автор Paul Brown (5 месяцев)
I like this, Viet Nam is like my second country . Just a place that I
visited for a brief time during the war.

Автор สุเทพ ศิลปงาม (7 месяцев)
I very like song Hello vietnam

Автор Quy Bach (8 месяцев)
The most impressive Song and so sweet about Vietnam !!!

Автор Le Nguyen (8 месяцев)
Chào bạn Oanh Phạm,
Bạn đọc ở phần giới thiệu của "chủ clip" bên trên và tìm chử "Show more",
bấm vào "Show more" màn hình sẽ trải dài xuống, từ đó bạn có thể copy lại
lời của bản nhạc. Nếu bị trở ngại, xin cho biết tôi có thể hướng dẫn rỏ hơn
hoặc copy rồi email cho bạn.
Chúc bạn may mắn.

Автор SaRa Su (8 месяцев)

Автор William Joseph de Pace (1 год)

Автор Anselmo Costa (1 год)

Автор Anselmo Costa (1 год)

Автор Thien Nguyen (1 год)
Communism didn't originate from Vietnam

Автор siska bawell (2 года)

Автор Nguoicuoipho David (1 год)
chi nay la nguoi goc viet

Автор Tu Do (2 года)
Mình ở Giao Thủy Nam Định đây hihi

Автор Nguyen Tuan (1 год)
While là dùng trong giữa đoạn văn để nối câu này vs câu kia lại , Chính xác
là bạn nên dùng từ WHEN là chính xác ,

Автор Pariment (2 года)
i love vietnam,

Автор Jon Heckendorf (2 года)
I am glad that Viet Nam belongs to the Vietnamese people once again. Keep
all foreign influences and control out of your country.

Автор Maikon tom (1 год)
hay qua

Автор Cái Tôi Màu Nhiệm (2 года)
it is beautifull soul, i need only this sorry,my english not good.i am
vietnamese,and i want to say that i love all,you and my country

Автор LilyOfTheOrient (2 года)
@caothimykim1 but at least VNCH army is better than Ho Cho Minh army
because they didn't commit mass murder of Hue people in Tet Mau Than 1968.
You stupid shut the fuck up get some history books and read for yourself
before making anymore stupid comment on Youtube or maybe you can't read

Автор Cái Tôi Màu Nhiệm (2 года)
i alway think so! dear

Автор Cao Thi My Kim (2 года)
@npthang88 toi dong y...

Автор tuan pham minh (1 год)
ặc, thế là baì này có từ năm 2008 ak, vậy mà bây h mình ms nghe, hay wa' <3

Автор Vic Boiz (1 год)
Thanks for those words you talk about my country!

Автор Hoàng Nguyên (1 год)
giong hat vong xa nhu mot thien than bung sang, tuyet voi qa ban oi,

Автор H.E.P (2 года)
i love my country so much ....

Автор Viet Bui (1 год)
hay nhể

Автор bỜm ngỐc (2 года)
con người việt nam ăn mì tính tiền tỉ, bàn chuyện chính trị vẩy khi nào
giàu lên được?

Автор Tran DanTien (2 года)
Oh yeah, you loser Commie love the Stupid Red commie-flag with the Yellow
stupid Commie Star of the Commie-Chinese right ? Where do you think
Commie-Ho-Chi-Minh copy that flag back from ? And why are you in a "western
country" ? Why don't you live in Commie-China ? I thought
Commie-Ho-Chi-Minh taught you that US and non-Commie countries like
West-Europe, South-Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, are bad and
Commie-China and Commie-North-Korea and East-Germany are good.

Автор Percy Jackson (1 год)
18 dislike la nhung nguoi phan dong

Автор lemonademouthism (2 года)
i am from vietnam my name is emily and vietnam is fine the way they are

Автор Jake Le (1 год)
ko làm gì dc chúng tôi, xin đừng dùng lời lẽ miệt thị- phỉ báng. Hãy làm
những điều mà Hồ CHí Minh đã làm dc. TÔi ko bik nhân cách HCM như thế nào,
nhưng Bác đã đưa VN lên độc lập. Ko như những con gà rụt cổ bỏ chạy toán
loạn ngày 75 , ^^ Thân chào và quyết thắng :))

Автор MrXiboom (2 года)

Автор MyVantrang (2 года)
Come VietNam and see the changing,facing the reality.there is no more
war,no revenge...u'll see

Автор Hoàng Trần Bảo Tuyên (1 год)
hello viet nam nhu tieu de do

Автор Sameul Lau (3 года)
@Tohoshinkiist Có bản tiếng Pháp hả? ^^ ở đâu thế!!! muốn nghe

Автор Dung Nguyen (2 года)
quynh anh hat rat la di sau vao long nguoi..toi yeu ban

Автор exer10roblox (2 года)
Tôi sống ở Việt Nam hơn 3 năm và tôi thích nó! Tôi muốn ở lại đây mãi mãi.
Có tốt hơn, các nước giàu hơn, nhưng tôi định cư ở đây và tôi yêu Việt Nam!
Tôi sống ở Mỹ và không bao giờ muốn quay trở lại!

Автор Jon Heckendorf (1 год)
As time goes on and the World sees how peaceful Viet Nam is today, not
causing any problems for its neighbors the amount of people will grow to
love Viet Nam. It's people everywhere that makes for understanding, love
and happiness. I'm old now and saw Viet Nam when it was in its darkest
hour. Even then, I tried to know its people and culture. It was back then
that I discovered the war was wrong and I couldn't believe my governments
lies anymore. I love and pray everyday for Viet Nam.

Автор Jon Heckendorf (1 год)
Thank you for your warm welcome. I loved Viet Nam and its people. When I
was there it was the worst of times. I am happy now to know Viet Nam has no
foreign influence and control. Viet Nam is for the Vietnamese people.

Автор Huy Viet (2 года)
Nghe bài này tôi mới biết mình yếu đất nước thế nào !!!

Автор Tuấn Anh Lâm (2 года)
16 thằng dislike chắc không hiểu tiếng anh chứ gì :)), chỗ nhạc thì đừng
loi chuyện chính trị vào :))

Автор Hoang Khanh (2 года)
người nước ngoàn nhìn cái đơn giản và mộc mạc của VN học rất thích chúng ta
phải thấy Hp vì điều đó mà phấn đấu

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