Top 10 Emotional Moments of the 2016 Season | NFL Highlights

Relive the most jubilant & heavy-hearted moments from the 2016 regular season.

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Автор NFL ( назад)
What emotional moment meant the most to you from the 2016 season?

Автор TheBearded Maine-iac ( назад)
Oh bullshit Zeke and Odell get on here but Brady kissing his sick mother after winning the Super Bowl gets snubbed?

Автор Trent Charlton ( назад)
2:01 the browns won a game this year!😂

Автор joshua garcia ( назад)
lets be honest the browns have the best fans

Автор Logan Bihler ( назад)
Romos td pass Against the Eagles. Dez losing his father

Автор Noah Garcia ( назад)
Web Derek car broke his ankle

Автор PRTB CRAZYY ( назад)
How is number 5 in 2014 but in the title it's 2016 lol

Автор Alwin DaNoob ( назад)
Where was Mike Evans against the lions when his brother died.

Автор KobeGotBeef ( назад)
How are the first ones emotional

Автор Soaryn Eagle ( назад)
"The Brown's are, a, winner!!"

Автор BURGERTACOKING920_YT Mcpe ( назад)
What if they penaltied when he went into the cup bro

Автор IceColdGamer ( назад)
Verner, Victor and Berry

Автор Rafi Sabree ( назад)

Автор Michael Schriner ( назад)
people complaining about number 8 when the Beckham one was not emotional at all

Автор The Uncle Drew ( назад)
Tom Brady's entire season including the playoffs. As every Pats fan knows, we all felt the weight of Deflategate for two years. Nobody can imagine what Brady went through though. People doubting your legacy. Having to swallow your pride and end a winless fight for the better of the team. People don't realize how much that 4 game suspension set him back. He basically lost majority of the progress he made during training camp with his new targets. To come out and post better numbers than anyone in the league after that, bring your team back from a 25 point deficit in the SB and go undefeated without your best weapon on the field was truly amazing.

Even the haters have to acknowledge that Brady is the GOAT after a season like that. And he's not finished lol. Gonna be really emotional when he breaks the season TD at age 40

Автор maniac meow ( назад)
Who else at 0:29 was like,"how do you fit that in a helmet."

Автор Levi Gulasa ( назад)
The fact that everyone that is part of the browns acted like they just won the Super Bowl over one little win lol

Автор Catastrophic ( назад)
Tyler Lockett , Earl Thomas?

Автор Will Henson ( назад)
Easily most emotional moment was when Matt Moore was murdered on national TV in the playoffs

Автор Jambi4204 ( назад)
Seriously no love for the Raiders!?!? After fourteen years of being mocked and ridiculed we were going to the playoffs. We weren't just squeaking in either, we were absolutely dominant and could honestly believe we'd win it all. And then all that joy and hope was crushed in an instant. And that's not "emotional" enough for this list?

Автор babalabaloo100 ( назад)
Teddy Bridgewaters injury #1

Автор nickrauch53 ( назад)
No kwon Alexander? Played the day after his brother passed and had 2 ints and a strip

Автор XxSICxMAGGOTxX2 ( назад)
every moment was emotional for me as a Rams fan lol

Автор Crazygaming 947 ( назад)

Автор Luis Cruz ( назад)
I'm a Falcons fan but I have respect for #1

Автор Bluesikko ( назад)
Some of those weren't anywhere near as emotional as carr's season ending injury.... I was at the game and nearly half the stadium was crying... IN OAKLAND

Автор Random Stuff By Andrew ( назад)
i think i was more hyped for the Browns winning against the chargers than the patriots winning the superbowl

Автор Super Jerk ( назад)
Dez Bryant was the most emotionel

Автор Jose Garcia III ( назад)
that dez one got me😭

Автор Jovan Machado ( назад)
if you look closely you can see Dez Bryant ass

Автор Jimmie Coleman ( назад)
odell is so sweet

Автор NamezPlayz ( назад)
As a dolphins fan it would have been sick to see the cowboys win the super bowl but didnt happen rip

Автор Grant Edwards ( назад)
The Browns one made me die

Автор Chandler Brown ( назад)

Автор Doug Dimmadome, Owner of the Dimmsdale Dimmadome ( назад)
Kubiak retiring?

Автор Logen Myers ( назад)
Carr ending his season with an injury isn't on here but Odell kissing a net for attention is? And I'm a Kc fan!

Автор gaming with Anthony ( назад)
I mean romo isn't good I'm a cowboys fan but prescott is wayyyyyyyyy better rip romo not getting that bread lmao

Автор gaming with Anthony ( назад)
romos wasn't sad it funny lmao

Автор The Chosen Moose ( назад)
Why is SS and Mathis retiring not one?

Автор zachwhitlow4 ( назад)
As a Cowboys fan, I obviously have nothing but dissdain for the NY Giants. Having said that, the OBJ-field goal net proposal was hilarious and I actually enjoyed it. And I have great respect for Cruz, so it was nice to see him get some sense of peace by going to that spot on the field in Philly, and to see the support of his little brother OBJ was heartwarming. There I said something nice about the Giants, that will be the last time that happens this year.

Автор Victor Nascimento ( назад)

Автор Crazy Keymon ( назад)
How is kissing a net emotional

Автор Alejandro Madera ( назад)
How about Kwon Alexander?

Автор PointBlank ( назад)

Автор Tim Tam ( назад)
Since when did the Browns win a game?

Автор Jaqx ( назад)
Still cant believe Seattle didnt run the ball

Автор Deonte Stallings ( назад)
the hell happened to kapernicks head

Автор the sammyb ( назад)
what is the music

Автор Ricardo Penaloza ( назад)

Автор CJ ( назад)
I couldn't contain myself at #8 I started crying

Автор ChiefsGaming ( назад)
What about when Kwon Alexander's brother passed away then Kwon had a career game against the Falcons and got a INT and a FF? That was really emotional if you ask me

Автор WinterFazeRunner Gaming ( назад)

Автор KWA'MANE NEWTON ( назад)
Retire tony romo

Автор Shawn Pierre ( назад)
how is #8 emotional

Автор Malcolm Marfori ( назад)
This is not sad

Автор Parker ( назад)
How are these emotional?😂

Автор Sn0w CrAB ( назад)

Автор Tommy van Dijk ( назад)
Y'all gotta redo this with Tom Brady winning the super bowl for his sick mother

Автор ItsTheSneaker Lockerz ( назад)

Автор Blue Style ( назад)
Poor Romo. Not Cowboys though because they suck

Автор Zachary Cater ( назад)
Was the kwon Alexander thing this year or last if it's this year than dang Zelenograd jumping into a kettle more emotional than that

Автор ItzFluffy ( назад)

Автор Young_Sav_Alex ( назад)
Wouldn't be the NFL without hyping up the Dallas Cowboys!

Автор Jaden C ( назад)
Where is Tyler Lockett's injury?

Автор Alex on YouTube ( назад)
How is jumping in a kettle emotional? You have zeke jumping into a kettle but you don't have Derek carrs injury? Smh

Автор Justin Moore ( назад)
Rare words: And the Browns have won it

Автор Hannah Banana09 ( назад)
I just kept laughing at the 1st one

Автор Pizza Gaming ( назад)
Can anyone or everyone sub to me

Автор Serreeeeeterpo ( назад)
Idk ho number 10 and number 8 were emotional they were just funny

Автор Pete Mulranen ( назад)
Did anyone see Luke Keuchly injury tho...

Автор jesse beeghly ( назад)
You could've put James Winchester recovering a fumble as the kc long snapper after his father got shot. Definitely since you wasted two spots with odell and the net and zeke jumping in the kettle.

Автор Drayson Moore ( назад)
OBJ with Cruz

Автор PantherEvan ( назад)
this video is dumb all because of odell

Автор Minion Wolf ( назад)
number 9 can he put on his helmet

Автор J Velilla ( назад)
my most emotional nfl moment is when dez Bryant had the football but did not count 😓😭

Автор Keaton Penguin ( назад)
i got chills when the browns won and berrys int

Автор Hurricane Kaine ( назад)
raiders making the playoffs after 14 years was more emotional then the good for nothing browns win a goddamn game by a missed field goal

Автор Roblox GamerBOSS ( назад)
U do Zeke going into a kettle but not Peyton Manning retiring??

Автор Master of Luck ( назад)
Cruz :(

Автор Jaxson Galbreath ( назад)
what about kwon Alexander 😵

Автор Freefall Gaming ( назад)
Maybe instead of Odell and zekes antics you should have put kennan allens injury....pretty emotional

Автор Robert Morales ( назад)
Earl Thomas getting injured was the most emotional for me

Автор Kord Jacobsen ( назад)
I may be biased but how is DC not on this list?

Автор Kalli Karagianes ( назад)
Eric Berry has an amazing story! A very inspiring man.

Автор Daniel Perry ( назад)
No 6 would be my favourite. Feel bad for the browns.

Автор piratecheese13 ( назад)
willfork tho

Автор 3li ( назад)
# 5 was emotional

Автор TheKillerKingKyrie 2 ( назад)
Steve Smith Sr. Respect.

Автор Jordan Wright ( назад)
should've had Derek Carr injury, I know I got emotional

Автор Aidan O'Keeffe ( назад)
What about Tyler Lockett's injury

Автор Beast Mobile gamer ( назад)
The browns are a winner a statement which will never be said again for the browns

Автор Marvelous! ( назад)
For everyone wondering about 8 , Zeke donated 21k to Salvation Army after he jumped in the kettle

Автор papa meags ( назад)
I started crying about when they put the victor Cruz injury

Автор Baller Brodie ( назад)
He had to show the victor Cruz injury

Автор Jackxon Legend ( назад)
awwww I miss Steve he's a beast

Автор dead Insyde ( назад)
where's the saints super some anniversary? although they had lost the game, the superdome anniversary is pretty emotional.

Автор Brent Evans ( назад)
I laughed so hard when the post hit Odells face!

Автор Luis Magaña ( назад)
You guys call this emotional? this is bullshit, smh.

Автор Czah5 ( назад)
Missed D.J. Tialavea in the #2 tie.

Автор TheFartingCow ( назад)
alterraun verner

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