Waffen SS vs Red Army in color

WW2 reenactment from Sweden. Filmed with a super 8 camera

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Автор dcpmootown ( назад)
candace im german we got p1000 for secert wepon

Автор candace creson ( назад)
hay dumb ass soviet russia crushed them

Автор Pedro Joao ( назад)
Name of the music?

Автор MuchoFunkie ( назад)
On a one on one war with any nation, Germany would most likely utterly
annihilate their enemy, THAT is what makes them "better". Being able to win
a war does not necessarily make a nation better, but they might have much
more manpower and resources, which the Allies definitely had in contrast to
the Germans... The Germans however, were absolutely amazing to be effective
with whatever small amount of equipment and troops they had, whilst the
Allies were good with their masses of troops and guns..

Автор Viktor Simonov ( назад)
Hwo not scum?

I'm sure the SS and the German people thought the same thing when T-34's
we're rolling threw the streets of Berlin....

So why on earth did the Germans start a war with the Soviet union when
they're are already fighting other countries? Why did they create overly
complex weapons/vehicles that required high maintenance and were more
difficult and costly than the allies more practical weapons? Why did they
believe that they could fight so many countries at one time? If the Germans
we're so good, then why did they lose the war, half they're country....and
probibly all of it if the allies didn't step in. Answer that.

Автор MuchoFunkie ( назад)
... Also, I checked your youtube account, and it seems quite biased in
everything you watch and everything you write. So next time, do yourself
and everyone on Earth a favour, not to let out bullshit if you are that
biased and prejudiced.

Автор MuchoFunkie ( назад)
Saying "Who won the war again?" is only a valid argument for completely
deluded people. You have to remember Germany fought almost every single
super-nation at this time, singlehandedly (and no, Germany's allies did not
contribute much). Also no, the German defensive doctrine after having lost
at Stalingrad was actually quite effective at really grinding Soviet
Assaults down. It was basically a battle for every inch of ground for the
Soviets trying to reconquer it again. - Continued

Lol conquering the Soviet union?, what the fuck did they conquer? Yeah the
Germans did advance quickly and occupied rural peasants farm land, lol they
also retreated quickly after the Soviets turned the tide of the war and ran
for they're lives. Doesn't matter if the Germans won some great battles
lol, they got they're asses handed to them and the only that saved them was
the western allies that kept half of they're country from being yet another
satellite state. Who won world war 2 again? 

Автор Alexn1067 ( назад)
except the Soviets had no intention of starting a war with Germany

Автор MuchoFunkie ( назад)
I honestly believe you just strengthened my argument on how tension was
between the Soviet Union and Germany... One or the other would have caused
havoc, it was just a question of time.

Автор NwoHoward 4Life ( назад)
Amen brother ;)

Автор Alexn1067 ( назад)
actually, the Russians were afraid of the Germans and the last thing they
wanted was war with them. This is big reason for the Russo-Finnish war of
1939. The russians were worried about the Germans coming through Finland to
attack Leningrad (like they went through Belgium into France). So their
mindset was defensive. And hitler hated the Russians and had wet dreams of
conquering Russia long before his rise to power

Автор Alexn1067 ( назад)
con'd and that makes you intellectually dishonest

Автор Alexn1067 ( назад)
all that doesn't mean shit.....all that matters is the end result....and
when the Reds conquered Berlin in 45....that was it...it was over. The
Germans were totally and completely defeated. The Russians were never
totally and completely defeated. Oh okay, the Germans beat
France.....ooohhh man...big deal. Temporary? The Russians occupied Germany
for approx 45 years. see thats you're whole problem you over and under
generalize as you see fit to fill your narrative of ww2 history. 

Автор MuchoFunkie ( назад)
You seem to fail to understand that the Soviets had more than 30 divisions
on the border between Poland and the USSR. A war on the Eastern Front would
have been inevitable as both sides were gearing up massively for war, some
quotes from Stalin even suggest a preemptive strike on Germany, but it was
the other way around, Germany was the first one to make a move.

Автор Alexn1067 ( назад)
and looking historically back.....the only way the Germans could have won
ww2 is if they stopped while they were ahead. After they beat France, the
allies were on the ropes and would have negotiated for peace....but
no....they had to fuck with Russia....and even then....at the start of the
invasion...they could have stopped after the Ukraine and Stalin would have
negotiated for peace and the Germans could have walked away with massive
gains...but no they had to believe in their own myth and lose

Автор Alexn1067 ( назад)
and in all their preparation for war...they made a critical and horrific
mistake. They focused too much on their Army and not enough on their
Luftwaffe. The germans absolutely got destroyed from the air. Their air
force was getting its ass kicked all over the place, from Great Britain, to
France, to Germany. Allied planes were bombing Germany on a daily basis and
9 times out of 10 they didn't have air superiority. You can't win a war
without control of the skies...a valuable ww2 lesson.

Автор MuchoFunkie ( назад)
That argument doesn't hold stick to ANYTHING. I could just as well have
said: look at the German parade through Paris, look at the German capture
of Smolensk and the encirclement of millions of Soviets just waiting to be
annihilated, look at the Nazi-German flag flying all over Europe. Your
argument doesn't hold any value at all, since it was temporary, like the
German ones, you don't find any Russian occupation of Germany now, nor will
you find any German occupation of France now...

Автор Alexn1067 ( назад)
they were the first country to build a war machine starting in the early
1930's. Its an economic concept known and "bullets and butter" Thats why
they came out of the depression the first...and thats why at the start of
the war they had the best army in Europe. Ironically thats how the U.S. got
out of the depression as well....preparing and fighting ww2. If you really
want to compare armies you have to compare the German army of 41-42 to the
allied armies of 44-45. 

Автор Alexn1067 ( назад)
allies got their ass kicked? look up Rusians in Berlin....look at the red
flag flying over Berlin......but then again that would require you to
delude yourself

Автор MuchoFunkie ( назад)
Is the biggest change in economic wealth any nation has ever seen. I don't
know why you consider that they got their ass kicked, because on many other
levels it was the Allies who got their ass kicked, and it is pretty much
embarrassing that they were so pale in comparison to Germany.

Автор MuchoFunkie ( назад)
It's funny you consider yourself the vanguard of truth and freedom, yet it
probably has to do with the fact of how you are American, lol. Many
historians consider the German army of this time the best to ever have
been. I could name some quotes, and I will, but something you fail to
understand IS their capabilities ... They raised themselves from ashes of
WW1, being the poorest nation in Europe, to the strongest and wealthiest.
The change in Germany's wealth from 1920-1939 -continued

Автор Alexn1067 ( назад)
yes I know what it signifies...and its "Machine Pistol" and I know all
about why it was called that....and its still officially called the MP44
even though the nomenclature is incorrect. you want to debate semantics

Автор Alexn1067 ( назад)
and about the M-60....so what? It was also partly based off the British
Bren gun. The current German HK G36 rifle is based off of the Armalite
AR-18 (American design....same guy that designed the M-16).....again so
what? That is no argument to suggest that the Germans copy American tactics
or vice versa

Автор MuchoFunkie ( назад)
It's no MP44, MP insignifies its a sub-machinegun, which it isn't, it only
used that name to prevent Hitler from finding out about the new project.
The name "assault rifle" derives directly from the StG44, which is
translated directly like that. If you consider the Fedorov Avtomat to be
the first assault rifle then you're a fool, it had selective fire yes, but
it used a high powered cartridge, which negates its ability as an assault

Автор Alexn1067 ( назад)
look the basis of my whole argument is not that Germany didn't have a good
army because they did. Given what they were up against, they did a good job
at slowing us down. However, all too often, guys like you exaggerate the
odds and the capabilities of the German army at the time....so its up to
guys like me to bring you back down to reality....because in many ways they
did get their ass kicked...in spite of the early victories they achieved.

Автор Alexn1067 ( назад)
false, infantry tactics in the U.S. Army and Marine infantry consists of
the support gunner supporting the riflemen not the other way around. Thats
how it was in the U.S. military even in ww2. And no, the MP44 is not the
first ever assault rifle, it was the first to be fielded in large numbers,
but not the first actual design that saw production. and sorry nations that
merely declared war but didn't fight do not count as actual foes that
germany faced. 

Автор MuchoFunkie ( назад)
Still, you are biased beyond the possible. The modern day warfare tactics
in infantry squad terms are based around the LMG, which derives directly
from German output, also weaponry is based of German weapons, the StG44
(First assault rifle), the MG42 (M60 is based off of the MG42), I could go
on. Oh and no, Germany fought more than 30 nations, just look at the Battle
of Monte Cassino, and the diversity of nations there alone in that ONE
battle is insane.

Автор Alexn1067 ( назад)
and also don't forget, the U.S. was fighting two totally different wars at
the same time. Europe and the Pacific and we did quite well in both.
Granted we are much larger then Germany....and that is my whole point
regarding their strategy....they drank their own kool aide....they thought
they were superior and that line of thinking led them into doing stupid
shit that resulted in them getting owned. 

Автор Alexn1067 ( назад)
I can't argue that the German field tactics were good. However, their
strategy was absolute shit. and I have to disagree with "modern warfare
were adopted from the germans" no....how we fight wars today....is based
off the WW2 experience as a whole. All sides from that war have adapted and
adopted new ways of fighting. and in reality, the germans were mostly
fighting the Russians, then the Americans. I don't count the U.K. because
without the U.S. they had no teeth. 

Автор MuchoFunkie ( назад)
I know the Germans lost, and I know the Soviets were, if not solely,
responsible for the defeat of Germany, but that does not take anything away
from the (ALSO) fact that Germany was fighting virtually the whole Western
World, and still managed to do extremely well. Modern Warfare tactics have
been adopted from the German Army of WW2. Another fact for you, is the fact
that the Soviet Union had a massive Lend-lease pact which definitely aided
the Soviets.

Автор Alexn1067 ( назад)
but they still lost.... and you're wrong...the Germans never conquered the
Soviet Union....but the Soviet did conquer Germany...hence the Germans
lost. like I said, it is historical fact....look it up. 

Автор MuchoFunkie ( назад)
Sorry, but you are a fool, some of the greatest victories in history are
achieved by the German army from WW2. The Germans advanced so fast that
they were eventually considered invincible by their enemies, and a
reputation like that doesn't just come up from nothing. The fastest advance
ever in history was achieved in conquering the Soviet Union, the Soviets
couldn't retreat fast enough, and huge pockets were captured. Even
historians are on this topic, and are still amazed by their effectivity.

Автор Alexn1067 ( назад)
victory isn't measure in body counts asswad.....its measured in territory
gained, and objectives completed. Equating victory with body counts is for
boys who haven't matured yet. Thinking in reality....is a man's business
and the reality is.....the Germans made a big mistake going into Russia and
in the end they got their ass handed to them. Don't believe me?.....look up
soviets in Berlin 1945....its written, recorded and factual that the
Russians conquered Germany. good day

Автор MuchoFunkie ( назад)
Yes, the Germans were mainly defeated on the Eastern Front, but that does
not mean that they got their "ass kicked", statistically, for about ever
German soldier that died 8+ Soviet soldiers died, examples are "The Battle
of Kursk", "The Battle of Smolensk", Battle of Kiev, Battle of Kharkov.. I
could go on really, but I wont, since I fell bad for you

Автор pedro lord king ( назад)
abajo comunistas 

Автор CHEGE vara ( назад)
Viva Fidel Viva Che Viva Chavez Arriba l socialismo

Автор Pato Donald ( назад)
long live to waffen ss and wehrmacht!!!!

Автор SGT Morningwood ( назад)
The world needs a ww3 just to shove these wanna-be soldiers how it really
is in a war.

Автор Arvivez ( назад)

Автор Herr Jonas ( назад)
Thank you for this hints - I didn't thought that there were so many
conflicts on Swedish ground! Specially that mostly Saxony or other (now)
German countrys were involved is interesting for me because I'm living in a
part of German near Saxony and Prussia.

Автор ThaViking11 ( назад)
It is okay. Yes, Sweden is one of the most peaceful countries in the world
now. But if you read about our history you should see that we have not been
so peaceful :) Google "Batte at Narva" or "Battle at Fraustadt". It is
pretty interesting :)

Автор Herr Jonas ( назад)
Oh, yes, I forgot! - Thank you for correcting my statement! :) ... The most
Swedish wars are not as famous as others because it's one of the most
peaceful countries in the world, isn't it? But I'm not very versed
concerning Swedish history so excuse any faults, please.

Автор ThaViking11 ( назад)
Last war Sweden "saw" was i 1809, when Russia took Finland from us. But we
have soldiers in the middle east nowadays.

Автор Alexn1067 ( назад)
so thats why a majority of the German soldiers killed were killed in Russia
and on the Eastern front as a whole...lol whatever dude

Автор 231johnjohnson ( назад)
Russians got their asses kicked all over Europe and by the time it was time
to take Moscow, Germans were being attacked by Allies from all the sides.
Russians taking Berlin is all thanks to the Allies who cleaned the way for
them to get there. 

Автор DictatorSayers ( назад)
Neither the Germans, nor the Russians, were "evil". Hitler created all the
death and destruction, sending his country down a road of temporary glory,
then down to hell. Stalin was a pretty shitty dictator who would neglect
practically all the people in his own country. But the men and woman who
participated in the war on both sides were all just people, fighting for
what they believed in. 

Автор yarolive ( назад)
I was watching this crap. Before we talk about the "evidence" find out who
invented them. "Rezun" - a defector from Russia never had access to the
archives. It is impossible to tell all the facts are too many. But in
general, this weirdo just comes up with "loud stories" to make money.
Another preacher of conspiracy theories and alien invasions. Like
Solzhenitsyn or Himmler.

Автор Rayban White ( назад)
When and where should the NKVD have trained the Waffen SS. Bring me a
proof. Trusted sources. Not some shitty russian websites or whatever from
russian "experts".

Автор Rayban White ( назад)
Yeah. Waffen SS trained by russians :D:D And Hitler was trained by Santa
Clause :PPP Get your shit together and accept that NO ARMY will ever be so
good as the Waffen SS EVER again.

Автор Rayban White ( назад)
I dont know if you are a troll or just plain stupid.

Автор Herr Jonas ( назад)
From Sweden?! :D Sweden have never seen a war after Gustav I. Adolfs'
invasion in Germany! ... But its a good solution to play war without
killing people, I think. :) I like this video. It is very authentic (accept
the "dieing-effects" but this doesn't matter).

Автор pov-Shots ( назад)
and today we have the marines....the same killing machinery, same target,
but another name and a new flag

Автор zebulongrasko ( назад)
In my childhood I believed that the Swastika was assembled of Four Russian
"G"s: Goebbels, Goering, Hitler and Himmler (all them last names start with
"Г" in Russian!) I felt a pity that there left no place for Bormann - the
only good Gestapo man I liked...

Автор Kurt Smith ( назад)
T34 vs half who the fluff is going win yet this WAFFEN SS would had dtill

Автор zebulongrasko ( назад)
Waffen SS were the best troops in the world. It was just an coincidence The
Red Army took Berlin and and disbanded them. Them Soviets got no respect to
European point of view. 

Автор Alexn1067 ( назад)
well, you can talk all the shit you want.....the Germans never took Moscow,
and the Russians took Berlin....so....go suck a fat one

Автор Lawrence Sand ( назад)
*Not all Red Army are ELITE...

Автор leo162008 ( назад)
Then tell me, who was killing Nazi's for 4 years before your *victorious*
Normandy invasion? you and your *allies* would give up in the first 3 weeks
of war. France did. Britain was saved only because of storms.

Автор Tyrannosaurus Rex ( назад)
lol red army is in million while SS is only thousand but there elite
fighting force

Автор Airborneboy506 ( назад)
How dO you do this

Автор brettfavreify (412 года назад)
Don't try to talk down the SS? That's the funniest line I've heard in a

Автор Compact Jam ( назад)
Don't hold back. Just say what you feel.

Автор Masha Krasnova ( назад)
USSR died just like their friends Nazis

Автор rwag sg ( назад)
amen brother

Автор 1995a1995z ( назад)
communist jew government????? Where the fuck did you get that from?

Автор Mason Herenendent ( назад)
Did you know jews WERE allowed in Hitler's army? That one blonde haired
soldier you see on all of those German propaganda posters, well... He was

Автор Garv 182 ( назад)
well said!

Автор Mitchel Mills ( назад)
Both the Communists and Nazis were rooted in a Satanic belief system and
the Nazis practiced black magic. Both leaders were possessed by demons.
Both countries citizens suffered greatly. For, the devils real desire is to
see all human kind, made in the image of God, to be killed and eliminated
in as greatest numbers as possible. Down with the National Socialists and
Communists, they are the try enemies of humankind. God bless the German and
Russian peoples!

Автор paul nz ( назад)
and,communism is a jewish 'invention' and its false teachings have
subverted a lot of people,its known to many as 'mind control'.

Автор paul nz ( назад)
its obvious where your leanings are,facts mean little to a communist but
ill give you a crack-the breakthroughs in todays genetic science proves the
seperate origins of the worlds races,dna has been isolated and identified
in certain races that doesnt exist within others,for example a violence
gene has been found in negroes and polynesians and certain asian
sub-ethnicities that is not present amongst the nordic/european race(s) 

Автор Mateusz Antolak ( назад)
"Sacred War" by Red Army Choir. Great choice for the video mate. thumbs up.

Автор Derrick Fuller ( назад)
All of these "white supremacists" are incompatible with the communist
vision, and they are a cancer on the face of the world. The Soviets
understood the greatness that can be achieved by humanity as a WHOLE, not
as a bunch of one-color fucks who actually share 100% the same DNA as all
RACES. Yeah, I think the commies win. Sorry prowhitefags.

Автор Anthony Klem ( назад)
If not for that whole holocost thing the Germans shouldve sided with the US
and England against Russia. Which wouldve prevented the soviet union, and
communist Eastern Europe, a divided Germany, the cold war etc...

Автор andy rocki ( назад)
you forget the battle of the pasific the owesome marines and the bastards
imperial army

Автор jxsilicon9 ( назад)
He hated communists and thought Russians were inferior and run by Jews.
Japan wanted to team up with Soviet Union.

Автор RDO FCO ( назад)
All these things were posible due to the intervention of the USA --Los
Gringos-- in other way nothig about that would be able. Los Gringos
decidieron la guerra y no los rusos. Saludos desde Mexico muy cerca de la
frontera con los Gringos.

Автор Cole Katsilas (180 лет назад)
Because everbody looves concentration camps and big walls. 

Автор 1N73RC3P7OR ( назад)
Well even if they didn't buy them ( which i am pretty sure they did). Also
the USSR collapsed along time ago so you won't ever get your jew gold back.
Although i do not think there is anything in the lend-lease programme about
paying back. How ignorant of you to say that i need to get an edducation
when you can't even get your facts straight. (Yes, "education" is not with
a capital letter because it is in the end of the sentence. I know your
language better than you do)

Автор Radicalright9 ( назад)
What a stupid thing to say.

Автор marienkaeferstriegle ( назад)
Scheiß, Fake Video!!!

Автор Alex Vozniuc ( назад)
so are all pussy germans 

Автор Alex Vozniuc ( назад)

Автор Alex Vozniuc ( назад)

Автор Alex Vozniuc ( назад)
Exactly !!!! 

Автор 1N73RC3P7OR ( назад)
So many idiots in the comments who know nothing. USSR did not recieve help
from the allies. THEY BOUGHT IT WITH GOLD. Also Soviet troops also suffered
from the winter. Its just that they overcame it- the nazis did not.

Автор SuperWwwoo ( назад)
We kick communists of HA HA. These are communists you kicked

Автор starwarsraul13 ( назад)
not only the germans but also the spanish falange defeated the reds in the
spanish civil war!

Автор Lordsebastian101 ( назад)
exactly! russo-german friendship!

Автор Killing Joke ( назад)
you are a loser because you dont even know what you wrote.most russians are
haters,russia is the largest country on earth and also has more immigrants
than any other country.most russians hate foreigners and they are neo nazis
because they worship hitler and want to scare people just like the nazis
did before ww2. btw neo nazis arent nazis,they are a bunch of assholes just
like you.if hitler was alive he would kill all the neo nazis because they
are stupid and because they are slavic faggots.

Автор Killing Joke ( назад)
the germans were the best.im not talking just the ss also the
luftwaffe,wehrmacht kriegmarine and the panzer divisions were the best,they
conquered europe in a year.stalin had shitty generals,most of them killed
themselves during the war.the winter was the winner on the russian
front,not the stupid russians.when the germans invaded russia most russians
joined the ss,not all russians were commies,even today most russians prefer
nazism more than communism.you must be a former kgb agent, faggot.

Автор Siriusly Dogstar ( назад)
This isn't true at all. You ask German Veterans. They were told they were
Supermen, and, in the beginning, when the Soviet Armed forces were TERRIBLY
LED, due to the terrible purges of virtually all of Stalins front line
generals (brigades had to be controlled from HQ because all the competent
field marshals had been murdered), and the full horror of the Kultur Kampf
was yet to be understood, for the stakes that Hitler was aiming at were
unprecedented in modern time, his forces gave no quarter -

Автор Mario S Escalante Alvarado ( назад)
Germany did not have the resources to fight a guerra of attrition. German
military perhaps never red Tzun zun.

Автор Killing Joke ( назад)
the red army sucked,they won because the russain winter was on their side.
the germans were not prepared for the winter. the germans lost tanks,
planes and supllies because of that shitty cold weather. the germans lost
the war but they destroyed russia so much that today there are many cities
and ruins that were never rebuild by the stupid communists. btw russia has
more neo nazis than the whole world, they are the biggest bigots on earth.
communism is dead as elvis. the nazis were the best!

Автор Daniel Arroyo ( назад)
Red Army was a piece of shit I wish Hitler had attacked earlier to beat the

Автор Всеволод Каруна (173 года назад)
@2012Germandougie My grandfather fucked your forty-fifth year)))

Автор Всеволод Каруна (293 года назад)
@cryteeek Suck Russian dick

Автор Heat Store ( назад)
The war was a long time ago.. thank god

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