Waffen SS vs Red Army in color

WW2 reenactment from Sweden. Filmed with a super 8 camera

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Автор Pedro Joao (5 месяцев)
Name of the music?

Автор candace creson (3 месяца)
hay dumb ass soviet russia crushed them

Автор Garv 182 (1 год)
well said!

Автор ryssttt (1 год)
It is sherman and It was normal, that one German tank destroyer six tanks
of the USA. The Tanks-T34 were the most better tanks in th WW2

Автор MuchoFunkie (7 месяцев)
It's funny you consider yourself the vanguard of truth and freedom, yet it
probably has to do with the fact of how you are American, lol. Many
historians consider the German army of this time the best to ever have
been. I could name some quotes, and I will, but something you fail to
understand IS their capabilities ... They raised themselves from ashes of
WW1, being the poorest nation in Europe, to the strongest and wealthiest.
The change in Germany's wealth from 1920-1939 -continued

Автор Mario S Escalante Alvarado (2 года)
Germany did not have the resources to fight a guerra of attrition. German
military perhaps never red Tzun zun.

Автор Dan Michaels (11 месяцев)
I should be able to decide for myself whether I want to marry a Jew or a
Korean woman or a man for that matter, no state or government has a right
to take my liberties away from me and tell me who I should obey and be
obedient to. A weakling needs to be a part of a group to feel powerful.Only
a truly strong can stand alone. So you see m8, we as a white race do not
need a leader or some religious fanatic telling us do it how I do it ..or

Автор MuchoFunkie (6 месяцев)
On a one on one war with any nation, Germany would most likely utterly
annihilate their enemy, THAT is what makes them "better". Being able to win
a war does not necessarily make a nation better, but they might have much
more manpower and resources, which the Allies definitely had in contrast to
the Germans... The Germans however, were absolutely amazing to be effective
with whatever small amount of equipment and troops they had, whilst the
Allies were good with their masses of troops and guns..

Автор vikz181 (2 года)
and u must a fucking moron who lost touch with reality and who knows
nothing about military history or pretty much anything. an d majority of
lefties in russia now r neo-bolsheviks not nazis. and even nazis have a
mixed up ideology that involves holy russia and imperial past. so please
shut the fuck up. history has shown who won. a loser is a loser.

Автор Alexn1067 (7 месяцев)
and about the M-60....so what? It was also partly based off the British
Bren gun. The current German HK G36 rifle is based off of the Armalite
AR-18 (American design....same guy that designed the M-16).....again so
what? That is no argument to suggest that the Germans copy American tactics
or vice versa

Автор TheWerewolf64 (2 года)
Both Germans AND Russian Soldiers were Great Warriors, Hitler's mistake was
not pairing up with the Russians. Together The World could have been Theirs
for the Taking. And the World would have been a far Better place to live.

Автор Chege Vara (7 месяцев)
Viva Fidel Viva Che Viva Chavez Arriba l socialismo

Автор ThaViking11 (7 месяцев)
It is okay. Yes, Sweden is one of the most peaceful countries in the world
now. But if you read about our history you should see that we have not been
so peaceful :) Google "Batte at Narva" or "Battle at Fraustadt". It is
pretty interesting :)

Автор NewSoviet507 (2 года)
no shit Einstein

Автор Alexn1067 (7 месяцев)
except the Soviets had no intention of starting a war with Germany

Автор Zarzuela FSB (1 год)
lol red army is in million while SS is only thousand but there elite
fighting force

Автор rwag sg (1 год)
amen brother

Автор TheWerewolf64 (1 год)
They "bought " NOTHING. They Still owe The U.S. for ALL the aid they
received, Before you call someone Stupid, you better get an Education.

Автор 231johnjohnson (8 месяцев)
Russians got their asses kicked all over Europe and by the time it was time
to take Moscow, Germans were being attacked by Allies from all the sides.
Russians taking Berlin is all thanks to the Allies who cleaned the way for
them to get there.

Автор Daniel Arroyo (2 года)
Red Army was a piece of shit I wish Hitler had attacked earlier to beat the

Автор andy rocki (1 год)
you forget the battle of the pasific the owesome marines and the bastards
imperial army

Автор xRayban White (9 месяцев)
When and where should the NKVD have trained the Waffen SS. Bring me a
proof. Trusted sources. Not some shitty russian websites or whatever from
russian "experts".

Автор PUREFUCKINGMAYHEM661 (6 месяцев)
So why on earth did the Germans start a war with the Soviet union when
they're are already fighting other countries? Why did they create overly
complex weapons/vehicles that required high maintenance and were more
difficult and costly than the allies more practical weapons? Why did they
believe that they could fight so many countries at one time? If the Germans
we're so good, then why did they lose the war, half they're country....and
probibly all of it if the allies didn't step in. Answer that.

Автор Hellstromist (1 год)
better at swarming and outnumbering their opponent

Автор MuchoFunkie (7 месяцев)
I know the Germans lost, and I know the Soviets were, if not solely,
responsible for the defeat of Germany, but that does not take anything away
from the (ALSO) fact that Germany was fighting virtually the whole Western
World, and still managed to do extremely well. Modern Warfare tactics have
been adopted from the German Army of WW2. Another fact for you, is the fact
that the Soviet Union had a massive Lend-lease pact which definitely aided
the Soviets.

Автор xRayban White (9 месяцев)
I dont know if you are a troll or just plain stupid.

Автор NewSoviet507 (2 года)
my grand mother was lived in Soviet union at that time she told all this
stories at my father about the war and how much she dislike the Germans and
they did back sorry for my English I still learning

Автор endlesssuki (1 год)
when you dont have jews blacks and muslims to blame youll start to kill
each other again and its a fact thats how all the human race works get over
it y-o-u fool im proud to be white just like you but you've been
brainwashed to hard or you just stupid enough not to know that in every
race youll find most of the people are shit in thier own way the good are
few so get over it

Автор Dan Michaels (11 месяцев)
But past is past and now is now and as for myself I would never bow down in
front of any man or be loyal to a state that would try to dictate in any
way how I should live my life.

Автор Herr Jonas (9 месяцев)
From Sweden?! :D Sweden have never seen a war after Gustav I. Adolfs'
invasion in Germany! ... But its a good solution to play war without
killing people, I think. :) I like this video. It is very authentic (accept
the "dieing-effects" but this doesn't matter).

Автор Herr Jonas (7 месяцев)
Oh, yes, I forgot! - Thank you for correcting my statement! :) ... The most
Swedish wars are not as famous as others because it's one of the most
peaceful countries in the world, isn't it? But I'm not very versed
concerning Swedish history so excuse any faults, please.

Автор nivniv23 (11 месяцев)
the germans army easily win moscow, but the german army were controled by
bad General Adolf Hilter. even germany had great generals, adolf hitler
still decide where to send the army as gambling... Hilter did not listen to
his generals.

Автор Alexn1067 (7 месяцев)
allies got their ass kicked? look up Rusians in Berlin....look at the red
flag flying over Berlin......but then again that would require you to
delude yourself

Автор Alexn1067 (7 месяцев)
con'd and that makes you intellectually dishonest

Автор whiteguy212006 (1 год)
@Mitchel Mills Don't believe all the shit you've been reading. Human kind
has been destroying itself since day one. National Socialists were among
the forefathers of what laid the groundwork of your life. National
Socialism was established to fight Communism. You've read way too much
anti-german & anti-russian propaganda to say bless them.

Автор PUREFUCKINGMAYHEM661 (7 месяцев)
Lol conquering the Soviet union?, what the fuck did they conquer? Yeah the
Germans did advance quickly and occupied rural peasants farm land, lol they
also retreated quickly after the Soviets turned the tide of the war and ran
for they're lives. Doesn't matter if the Germans won some great battles
lol, they got they're asses handed to them and the only that saved them was
the western allies that kept half of they're country from being yet another
satellite state. Who won world war 2 again?

Автор pedro lord king (7 месяцев)
abajo comunistas

Автор Danil Ulitskiy (1 год)
except the Russians were better

Автор Alexn1067 (7 месяцев)
I can't argue that the German field tactics were good. However, their
strategy was absolute shit. and I have to disagree with "modern warfare
were adopted from the germans" no....how we fight wars today....is based
off the WW2 experience as a whole. All sides from that war have adapted and
adopted new ways of fighting. and in reality, the germans were mostly
fighting the Russians, then the Americans. I don't count the U.K. because
without the U.S. they had no teeth.

Автор Mateusz Antolak (1 год)
"Sacred War" by Red Army Choir. Great choice for the video mate. thumbs up.

Автор NewSoviet507 (2 года)
yeah that's why have your country was Socialist

Автор Alexn1067 (7 месяцев)
look the basis of my whole argument is not that Germany didn't have a good
army because they did. Given what they were up against, they did a good job
at slowing us down. However, all too often, guys like you exaggerate the
odds and the capabilities of the German army at the time....so its up to
guys like me to bring you back down to reality....because in many ways they
did get their ass kicked...in spite of the early victories they achieved.

Автор Cole Katsilas (1 год)
Because everbody looves concentration camps and big walls.

Автор Reaper (2 года)
@Glaukenschtuken lets just end it right here, this is going no where.

Автор MuchoFunkie (7 месяцев)
Yes, the Germans were mainly defeated on the Eastern Front, but that does
not mean that they got their "ass kicked", statistically, for about ever
German soldier that died 8+ Soviet soldiers died, examples are "The Battle
of Kursk", "The Battle of Smolensk", Battle of Kiev, Battle of Kharkov.. I
could go on really, but I wont, since I fell bad for you

Автор Alexn1067 (7 месяцев)
but they still lost.... and you're wrong...the Germans never conquered the
Soviet Union....but the Soviet did conquer Germany...hence the Germans
lost. like I said, it is historical fact....look it up.

Автор Alexn1067 (7 месяцев)
victory isn't measure in body counts asswad.....its measured in territory
gained, and objectives completed. Equating victory with body counts is for
boys who haven't matured yet. Thinking in reality....is a man's business
and the reality is.....the Germans made a big mistake going into Russia and
in the end they got their ass handed to them. Don't believe me?.....look up
soviets in Berlin 1945....its written, recorded and factual that the
Russians conquered Germany. good day

Автор NewSoviet507 (2 года)
First of all that was not going to happen not even in a parallel universe
they hated each other and distrusted each other Hitler hated the Communist
and Slavic and not just Hitler but almost all Germans. and Stalin
distrusted Everything from the west specially Germany and Britain so did
the Soviet people and that Nazi-Soviet pact was so Hitler had his East
front clear and Stalin had time to build his Army to fight Hitler and his

Автор giresunstronghold (1 год)
Germany liquidated about 25 million Soviet citizens & soldiers. They did
their job in fact. Soviet morons received help from US and England (through
Alaska & Iran); that's why the red sh*t has won the war. anyway, communism
collapsed; this means all the Soviet scum died for a lie! hahahah

Автор MuchoFunkie (7 месяцев)
That argument doesn't hold stick to ANYTHING. I could just as well have
said: look at the German parade through Paris, look at the German capture
of Smolensk and the encirclement of millions of Soviets just waiting to be
annihilated, look at the Nazi-German flag flying all over Europe. Your
argument doesn't hold any value at all, since it was temporary, like the
German ones, you don't find any Russian occupation of Germany now, nor will
you find any German occupation of France now...

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