Adam Carolla's Epic Rant on the War on Christmas

Adam Carolla is an atheist who doesn't see a problem with everyone celebrating and enjoying Christmas.

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Автор Sal C ( назад)
The more holidays the merrier! I say we incorporate all the holidays of our diverse population as long as they don't require ritual sacrifice or me having to buy flowers for the wife.

Автор Antonio Micheloni ( назад)
"Put an end to your misery" is the best way to put it.

Автор gj804 ( назад)
I love watching a winger get angry about a "war" that doesn't exist.

Автор eSysman ( назад)
'The holidays' in the UK is what we take in summer when the kids are off school.

Автор Mike Hunt ( назад)
Atheists who celebrate Christmas as a tradition do not have an integrity issue. I mean, you don't have to believe in leprechauns to enjoy St. Patrick's day.

Автор spaceopera87 ( назад)
Merry Christmas Adam!! (I'm an atheist)

Автор TheRowdyRanger ( назад)
Wish I could like this more than once. I think this will be a rant of the year nominee lol.

Автор Davita Veritas ( назад)
Please note it is not Secularists that browbeat the public into adopting "Merry Christmas" as the only "appropriate" holiday greeting, nor insist their iconography be displayed on public property at the exclusion of all others. On the contrary, it is the Christians that demand their religious traditions be acknowledged and revered, or risk being ostracized both personally and professionally for not capitulating to their tantrums.

I feel everyone should celebrate the season in any manner they desire; therefore, forcing others to comply with a particular belief set without sufficient justification is merely cultural fascism and never to be tolerated.

Автор Thomas Ferrugia ( назад)
OH PLEASE. Please show me a SINGLE instance of anyone being asked NOT to celebrate Christmas, being asked to take down a nativity scene, asked to leave church, asked not to have Christmas dinner . . . . I DARE you. The 'war on Christmas' is a made-up nonsensical BS 'thing' dreamed-up by Right-Wing lunatics terrified that they may no longer have the only game in town.

There is NO 'War on Christmas' you idiot. NO ONE is 'offended' by Christmas you sanctimonious moron. It's simply unconstitutional for THE STATE to endorse any particular religious faith. Individual citizens were, are and always will be free to do whatever the hell they want. Stop the crap you fraud.

Автор James Rowsell ( назад)
I hope the do fucking ban Christmas. Fuck christmas , I hope they fucking go to Adams place and make him say happy holidays before they curb stomp him. You are a fucking atheist and are babbling about this nothing bullshit? Fuck off, go fucking convert you waste of space. You are the we as all the other religious fucks complaining about no existent problems, no one is banning your shit holiday. Name one fucking case of Christmas being banned, just one.

Автор Nathan Higgins ( назад)
I could at least live with a super-commercialized Christmas so long as it didn't just conflate to "the holidays."

Автор Timothy Frost ( назад)
All holidays matter.

Автор robert gordon ( назад)
First,they kill Columbus day....now Christmas. Wow!!!

Автор INTRO173 ( назад)
This is why I quit listening to him. There is no war on Christmas. You're making shit up. "Look I'm an atheist and I'm okay with it!" Jesus, that is cringe-worthy. No one is being stopped or held captive for celebrating Christmas.

Автор Corey Lumpkins ( назад)
Constantine and the Roman Catholic Church are going 2be the cause of millions of people 2loose there soul..
why it's
because they
are those, who luv
& practice a lie!!

Автор Jennifer Kah ( назад)
I want to know who these people are that are coming down hard on those who say merry christmas. I say both merry christmas and happy holidays. Literally no one gives a shit.

Автор david dykeman ( назад)
I agree with you about Christmas. I watch a regular car channel and they said the other day, "Happy Holidays" I responded by saying, it's Merry Christmas, don't let the enemy win. In response I got a lotta heat. My response to that heat is F^^K Y@^!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Despiser Despised ( назад)
We have all been pin pricked millions of times by Liberals, Xmas is but one. All of these never ending pin pricks added up is quite a substantial wound and were all sick of it. This is why Trump is President elect.

Автор Corey Lumpkins ( назад)
Ofcorse this smuck is going 2promote
x.mas because this FOOL doesn't beleave so he doesn't care what happen 2our soul..
what I dnt get is why do atheist celebrate x.mas anyway when they dnt even beleave or have faith in Christ when it suppose 2be about Christ...
why because people luv free shit!!

Автор Corey Lumpkins ( назад)
lol.I dnt think y'all really knw where the truth of x.mas ..or how Christ got added 2it ..your parents thought y'all a lie & y'all passed the same lie along 2your kids & they will do the same with there's unless the lie stops..the question is, is there condemnation 4 celebrating pagan traditions? such as
Adultery & idolatry.& those who luv 2practice a lie...Yes.!! it already been written..but people luv free stuff & traditions of man so much they will loose there soul 4it..
people will die not repenting of the sin because they think there doing nothing wrong, but the haft 2answer 4it..

Автор Sean Cash ( назад)
This is America, we love, cherish and celebrate Christmas... You don't like it, go fuck yourself!... Have a nice day...

Автор faceious2006 ( назад)
It's not about xmas. It's about that stupid fuckin look christians get in their face when you challenge their jebus that I'm addicted to. If a war on xmas causes that look then war on.

Автор Cloe Jarozenski ( назад)
Nothing demonstrates right-wing hypocrisy more than wanting to put religious symbols on public property. Funny how you don't care about the first amendment when it becomes inconvenient.

Автор Vote With Bullets ( назад)
I sing love-songs without believing in the lyrics. I can sing Christmas carols in exactly the same way.

But, truly, there is no "war on christmas." The USA will never ban Christmas, like they did a century ago. The economy of the nation is too dependent on Christmas. If Xmas were removed, the USA would become a third-world country before the new year.

So the corporations will never allow a war on Christmas

Автор jimdingo ( назад)
Remember when Carolla used to be funny? Not anymore. Nobody cares if you say Christmas, this is just another Fox News horseshit conspiracy about the evils of creeping political correctness. There's no war on Christmas, if you want to say Christmas nobody gives a shit. Every fucking year we have to listen to this same stupid rant; it's over, move on.

Автор stump182 ( назад)
He's just padding his highlight reel for the Ace Awards.

Автор Atticrat ( назад)
Hell, I don't really celebrate it much anymore... Love the rant though...

Автор MyJizz UrEye ( назад)
Yes people who celebrate Christmas are so persecuted, no really its horrible.

Nobody can celebrate it, people are killed over it.......oh wait.

Автор LibertyDownUnder ( назад)
I think I heard Wolf Blitzer have a similar rant live on air.
Wait, no I didn't.

Автор scaryfaced1 ( назад)
Don't like Christmas? Kill youself!

Great advice.

Автор Sqeptick ( назад)
Good rant, but the audio and video aren't synched up.

Автор farber2 ( назад)
Adam is going farther right all the time. It's actually quite common as you get older.

Автор gatobava ( назад)
LOL, I listen to this podcast everyday but I'm here on their YouTube page because someone from Reddit/r/The_Donald linked to here.

Автор Carlos S C ( назад)
Talk about wasted energy, the war on christianity has more legitimacy than the war on christmas. It's probably like less than 1% of the people who are against celebrating christmas, just look around you, you can't avoid the shit even if you wanted to. How about adam take his own advice and go pick those weeds out on the side of the highway instead of a non-issue rant about christmas.

Автор Aliboy ( назад)
Makes a change from all the hot devilled egg talk.

Автор o0260o ( назад)
public stonings and 80s music is tradition and nostalgic. doesn't make it good.

Автор Christopher Lee ( назад)
Adam Corolla... Saves Christmas

Автор Loafy Molasses ( назад)
Adam makes a bid deal about being a atheist but he's in love with tradition, nostalgia, and the establishment (any establishment that isn't a large woman of color working security for one of his jobs). Also, show me one atheist who's like "That Bill O'Reilly character is an alright guy" and I'll show you Adam Carolla. There seems to be a victim mentality that people need to adopt in order to feel persecuted, but honestly how are you going to feel that when I'm fucking bombarded by Christmas music in fucking October. It's everywhere and it's getting worse, and the next time I hear about what color coffee cup Starbucks gives you I'm going to join isis

Автор AlphaBeReal ( назад)
i love jesus

Автор Glen Couchman ( назад)
A late entry and strong contender for rant of the year.

Автор Ranger1325 ( назад)
I'm Agnostic and agree with you 100%. If you don't like it, don't do it.

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