UFC 207: Cody Garbrandt - Ohio Born, Alpha Male Made

Cody Garbrandt is a proud Ohio born fighter. Garbrandt will fight for UFC gold and look to bring the bantamweight belt home when he takes on Dominick Cruz at UFC 207.

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Автор Memet Aref ( назад)
whats the songs name 1:38?

Автор Paz Van Gelder ( назад)
what is the song name from 1:39?

Автор unenslaved2012 ( назад)
"Fatigue makes cowards of us all" that has to be one of the stupidest
quotes Ive ever seen

Автор whitney nguyen ( назад)
Dominick is one dangerous motherfucker lol but i hope coby wins let the new
generation go lol

Автор 51dodoc ( назад)
Heavy punchers always have a chance in mma but Cruz is just so good it's
hard to imagine a guy landing the knockout on him...

Автор s2k s2k ( назад)
I'm starting to see a snake in the grass.

Автор Off The Rails Cunt ( назад)
LOL, Conor fanboys still at it...

Автор IronReef77 ( назад)
Like Cruz but I want Cody to win. I know chances are slim

Автор Wilson Feliz ( назад)
Your losing.

Автор chrissytal 14 ( назад)
haaha alpha male made, probably not a good thing

Автор i SkyWalKing ( назад)
Hahahaha...I love it, check out the thumbs downs. No love for "No love".
Such a douchey fucking character this corny motherfucker is. Dominick is
going to "Cruz" past this meat-head and put the final nail in the coffin
for team A.M.

Автор FoodForThought ( назад)
Nice tats.

Автор Ziggy Zag ( назад)
I'm born in Uhrichsville Ohio that's where I live.

Автор frankencute ( назад)
\m/ (•ᴗ•) \m/ can't wait to see him slap some sense into cruz this week

Автор Ronald Boer ( назад)
cody is cool, wish u best of luck

Автор wizmj2003 ( назад)
There are some next level pathetic kids out here stalking Cody vids on
YouTube just to dislike. People talk shit about Conor's fan base, but Cruz
lookin' like he got the saddest fan base of all right now.

Автор Sang Sanga ( назад)
Cruz - I take less hit than anybody else
Urijah - I choke u out.

Автор Slixbrah ( назад)
you'll do fookin nuttin

Автор Badwy Sassine ( назад)
Howard Cosell replacing Rogan

Автор Steven Holloway ( назад)
His neck tattoo is just awful looking.

Автор SLAPSTICK2011 ( назад)
With his attitude I'd like to see him against Connor. He's got the guts all
tattooed and ready. He would be a good ad model for a GEICO Caveman. I hope
Dominick will make him his woman. 🙃

Автор Keith Maher ( назад)
Just another Alpha fail for the Cruz Missile to sink.

Автор corozone10 ( назад)
The dude can hit pretty hard I don't know, should be a good fight though
both can really fight!

Автор Lockard The GOAT ( назад)
Have a feeling he will catch Cruz and knock him out.

Автор krutoysilnostarina ( назад)
why do so many tiny little short guys like to drive big trucks?? lol

Автор AZ aztekwargod ( назад)
fuck Cody gay ass garbrandt!!fukn pee wee herman looking ass!!!LMFAO!!can't
wait to see D.Cruz woop this lil boys ass he due for a reality check!!I
guess he didn't learn the 1st time he got ko'd!!!

Автор Touge Warrior ( назад)
Cody would win by ko under 3 round,trust me.

Автор N. Amauri Cristiano ( назад)
why people hate this man so much?

Автор Axel Molina ( назад)
Use after television nurse beside surprisingly express American.

Автор Ty Mc ( назад)
"These big straight edge balls all in yo face" - CM Punk

Автор omar ornelas ( назад)
1:41 song??

Автор Fabs ( назад)
cody's trash talk basically consisted of him asking cruz to nut in his
mouth. i don't think he knows what he's getting himself into

Автор Albert R ( назад)
Dominik Cruz is gunna make you Go to Sleep Cody...GooD Luck...

Автор Natan Freitas ( назад)

Автор eL Dios ( назад)
this dude fuckin page

Автор Mohammad Yusoff ( назад)
fuck cody and his garbage tatoo

Автор Negan and his bat ( назад)
Guys the the UFC aren't content creators, they're a multi billion dollar

Автор Prince Awesomeness ( назад)
Claymont was my schools, Lake's all time rival in wrestling, I never got to
wrestle garbrandt though

Автор thalesmvp ( назад)
1:35 - mustard...HEINZ, mustard....HEINZ, mustard....HEINZ

Автор adam lorden ( назад)
ye this guy is a cocksucker.

Автор Lord Lobov ( назад)
Cody is a great role model for the blakkk community

Автор DR34MER777 ( назад)
cody no nuts

Автор Newbie Yamaha ( назад)
i swear ive seen this shit already... Whoever keeps doing this shit needs
to get FIRED

Автор BrandonReinhardtMMA ( назад)
why is he not wearing wrestling shoes

Автор Conor “MAKE MMA GREAT AGAIN” McTRUMP ( назад)
Hi i'm Cody Garbrandt and this is JACKASS 5

Автор Mario Balotelli ( назад)
Know what? No one thought bisping could beat rockhold. Mma is an
unpredictable sport. I feel Cody has a chance, regardless of how incredible
Cruz is

Автор Bonethugs90 ( назад)
Cody "I'll do something about it" Garbrandt

Автор liam 979980 ( назад)

Автор AJ Yalch ( назад)
I can shadowbox with the best of them. Gimmie my fookin belt. - Cody
"Alphamale of God" McGardbrandt

Автор SpraynPray ( назад)
Self made. Does it mean he is his own mom and dad?

Автор The Tricky licky ( назад)
wow i reakky didnt expect seeing Tyler Warner and Lane Peters in this. My
buddy wrestled Tyler and I wrestled Lane about a year ago. Cool to see them
working with Cody.

Автор lotto ( назад)
Cody is going to sleep Cruz. Mark my words.

Автор Joe Jones ( назад)
wanna be conor mcgregor. but just comes off as a punk.

Автор Eklektik ( назад)
Cody "SUSPECT CHIN" Garbrandt

Автор We LOVE you President TRUMP you are our King, our Lord, and our Savior - we are unworthy !!! ( назад)
Team Alpha Fail

Автор We LOVE you President TRUMP you are our King, our Lord, and our Savior - we are unworthy !!! ( назад)
Cody Garbrandt is ISIS (look at his Muslim beard) !!!

Автор Fabio Pineda ( назад)
Alpha fail

Автор Marquis Myers ( назад)
You nbjnnbbn. Booimgv

Автор Ahmed Adel ( назад)
Too much hate in the comment section ffs !

Автор Bronsolinoo ( назад)
All jokes aside, I get everyone hates Cody because of his appearance and
personality but seriously don't sleep on him. From an unbiased perspective,
we know that Dom is the smarter fighter here. His unorthodox style of
fighting has a way of not letting his opponents tag him. However, I did see
him get tagged before from Uriah and DJ the last two fights. Seriously,
Cody's power is no joke in the Bantamweight Division. He KO'd Thomas
Almeida (Now 21-1) for crying out loud. It depends what Cody is bringing to
the table. If he's bringing his A game and not investing his emotions when
fight night comes, I'm banking Cody 2nd Round finish via KO. Mark my words.

Автор SickKent ( назад)
Fuck Team beta cuckold.

Автор paul pogbaahh ( назад)
come on cody

Автор SickKent ( назад)
Coby might destroy Dominique.

Автор SickKent ( назад)
Fuck Team beta manlet.

Автор sregi22 ( назад)
I'm lovin' his beard tbh. Also pretty jealous.

Автор hannibal tate ( назад)
I fucked up claymont kids for breakfast. Hannibal Tate Google me bitches.

Автор General Razor El Gato ( назад)
I don't know why but I feel like Dom will KO this guy

Автор AP ( назад)
Cruz will get hit at some point in this fight. When Cody hits you he fucks
you up.

Автор Josh Ford ( назад)
"This guy tko's people, when hit you , you don't move"
Cody"no dad" garbrandt

Автор s0ccer4lif3 ( назад)
Cody will beat Cruz by decision "mark my words"

Автор Josh francis ( назад)
Let me tell you all the plans the ufc have for Rondas future. First it
starts with ronda vs nunes which they are banking on ronda winning. then
the are planning on Holly Holm winning the womens featherweight title. Then
of course they will have Ronda attempt to be a two weight world champion,
by having the rematch with Holly...Then the winner of that fight will fight
Cyborg for the featherweight title. Thats why they made the featherwwight
womens division before they made the womens flyweight.

Автор Thoughts of a Human ( назад)
" You'll do nottin'! You'll do fookin' nottin'! " - Bruce Buffer

Автор Kill Humans ( назад)
Dude he looks like fucking Dexter.

Автор Eric DG ( назад)

Автор JMSTRAD ( назад)
He Will Knock Out Dominick By Round 2. Remember That.

Автор Léön Kroß ( назад)
With Uriah fighting him 3 times and having like no improvements or
understanding how to fight Cruz I have no faith in Cody's chance. Also his
neck tattoos... Someone show TAM BJJ Scout's analysis of Cruz's movements.

Автор eddie going bonkers because ( назад)
why so many dislikes

Автор Amadeus Nordström ( назад)

Автор Dj Stewart ( назад)
alpha male is throwing him to the wolves . His game is not deep enough to
take out Dominick cruz.

Автор expendable0youth ( назад)
Isn't this an old video ? Wtf!

Автор HT ( назад)
TJ is the only one who can beat Dom and I believe he will the next time
they do.

Автор Robin Wasserman ( назад)
I dont understand all the hate for Cody. I think its just alot of salty
jealous people!

Автор roadrunner223 ( назад)
And new

Автор ohhroach ( назад)
I'll keep beating you alpha fails

Автор Valle Dahl ( назад)
Did they just reupload a video? becouse i have seen this video on this
channel before... this one must be atleast a year old

Автор falppy ( назад)

Автор josue solis ( назад)
Why all the down votes???

Автор Dontee Jennings ( назад)
I don't think Cody has the fight IQ to compete with Cruz

Автор Marvelous1 ( назад)
why his videos get so many thumbs Down? 🤔🤔

Автор ruin3r ( назад)
isnt it weird that a bunch of guys that are about 5'6 and fight at 135 call
themselves the Alpha Males? over-compensating much?

Автор Ruslan Nurimbetov ( назад)
went straight at the comment section to see if anybody has done something
about it :D

Автор dreamsyncc ( назад)
When was the last time UFC actually used new footage in any of their promos?
Better quit sacking all of your staff, step your game up.

Автор Maria Montes ( назад)
dat windshield doe

Автор cluTch0 ( назад)
hope they bury him in his town after Cruz rips his head off

Автор noaty1 ( назад)
I'm not buying this ppv because I need to keep Conor's Ppv numbers above
Ronda's... Plus if Ronda loses Conor is the biggest name in mma hands down

Автор robert dixon ( назад)
Stop reloading

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