City Confidential: Murder in Phoenix Part 3

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Автор An Lu ( назад)
This is the best true crime show and mostly because of mr. Paul Winfield!
Just awesome!

Автор Dunning Kruger ( назад)
Listening to Winfields voice is like slipping into a warm bath of milk

Автор Rich Mixon ( назад)
Mr. Paul Winfield...dearly missed !

Автор ihatekoolaid14 ( назад)
LOL, when they start waxing poetic about the weather the only word
reverberating around in my head: dafuq? Arizona is just about the closest
place (outside of Death Valley) in the US that you can physically get a
feel for what hell is like. 

Автор Jim H ( назад)
I absolutely loved Paul Winfields' narration voice. He definitely had a
calm, almost comical way of describing true crime stories. The closest
person to his style is Keith Morrison. I wish I could have known Paul.

Автор ylwf ( назад)
It's VALLEY of the Sun, not Sun Valley... and it's HEELA not GEELA you

Автор rtds9fan ( назад)
@scottybanning Remember he was also very RICH....being rich can make women
forget about looks LOL

Автор Suspiria10 ( назад)

Автор laurence132 ( назад)
what galls me is how many woman will overlook a mans character as long as
he can provide for her life luxories

Автор 31Mike ( назад)
I always thought it was the Face of the Sun.

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