How To Quickly Get a Six Pack

Today I show you how to quickly get six pack abs. This incredibly fast six pack building technique will completely transform you in just 20 days. Always wanted a six pack but struggled to get one? Not anymore! This video will show you everything there is to know about obtaining six pack abs and keeping them for good. You'll be surprised at just how quick & easy it is - Best part is you don't need a gym membership! You can do everything you need to in the comfort of your own home. This method works for both men & women - So what are you waiting for?!? Get training!

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Автор Rocio Castanon ( назад)
Ha fatty at first

Автор NyaGirl 923 ( назад)
he was a bird this whole time, no wonder his voice sounds like a dieing
bird XD

Автор NyaGirl 923 ( назад)
I wonder how many pounds the guy at the beginning gained from just eating
chips and a full on cake XD

Автор Hearts And Roses ( назад)
0:01 to 0:29 that is so me when my parents aren't home

Автор 독자10000넘기기 구 ( назад)

Автор Four0For ( назад)
Push ups are easy for fat people because they don't have to go as far to
though the ground

Автор Isabel Sophie ( назад)

Автор Lala alves ( назад)
kkkk Like

Автор Andre Brastad ( назад)

Автор Henry Boh ( назад)
You deserve to burn in hell, for all the food that you throw away.....
there are so many people in the world, which suffer and die of hunger....
It's not funny and the saddest thing is that you think it is....

Автор Eyad Abd Alazim ( назад)
Force reveal

Автор John Rliy ( назад)
Whos that guy ?

Автор Ked ( назад)
Привет из рашки)))

Автор /-\Sosicraft/-\ ( назад)

Автор Extra ricardo 999 ( назад)

Автор นภา เจริญธุระเดช ( назад)

Автор Eye Of Cthulhu ( назад)
This is how basic gets all the stuff
Eggs:By Laying Them
veggie and etc:fly to a farm and rip them out and fly back to house
Junk food (Chocolate and etc):fly to a supermarket and steal them
Tablets,phones,TV's and etc:Fly to a game store and steal them
House:grab the owner and fly to sky and drop the owner to death
House Items:Steal them from mall

Автор Chandler West ( назад)
According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be
able to fly. ... The bee, of course, flies anyway because beesdon’t care
what humans think is impossible. ... According to all known laws of
memetics, there is no way a Bee Movie meme should be able to trend.

Автор Brandon Styles ( назад)
ok, I love HowToBasic but this was ridiculous and not funny, just
unnecessary and Boring.

Автор Hentrix ( назад)
why did you fuck that mannequin

Автор Hentrix ( назад)
dude what the fuck drove to the beginning of this video please tell me

Автор SpartaGirl ( назад)
Ok my new favorite video😂 funny asf

Автор Gammerboy 97 ( назад)
At the beginning I was like yeah that's the way to get a a six pack lol

Автор Pine Tree ( назад)
Legend tells it he never got fit

Автор Xivoly Ace ( назад)
that is the guy from Idubbbz

Автор nanc29 ( назад)
Song name 0:01

Автор Gooby Goob ( назад)
Howtobasic is a bird!!! The eggs make sense now.

Автор Jay the Gamer ( назад)

Автор Colton Berreth ( назад)
How much does the intro pay for eating that much food 😂

Автор Marie Kelner ( назад)
I feel bad for the gie

Автор Pedo Victor Alves Pinto ( назад)
caraca dos aparechos destroidos dá do mais não engrasado não

Автор Megakids 1000 ( назад)

Автор Reggie Grant ( назад)
that bird could of been eaten by you fatty

Автор Jeemeli ( назад)
That was glorious

Автор blue diamond ( назад)
I KNEW IT HE WAS A PARROT!!!1111!!!!11!!!

Автор Xxttgamer101xx MINECRAFT ( назад)
Just eat freaking apples that's one way to be more healthy

Автор OmG ITs YA GUIlr SKY ( назад)
it work for my brother thxxx

Автор Jan Wyrzykowski ( назад)
Its howtobasic

Автор Varnium ( назад)
Waste of time watching this.

Автор Presski Draws ( назад)
His dick must be pretty small if it doesn't even hang lower than the toilet

Автор Nami Nom ( назад)
How on earth do people find this funny? It's completely retarded

Автор Mak Lkwern ( назад)
I hate eating snaks ;0

Автор Mak Lkwern ( назад)
XD vegetables yummy:3 give me some!!!!!

Автор Marc Gross ( назад)
eats wrong side if carrot...

Автор Little Clara Star ( назад)
Is that how to basic?

Автор Htflover ( назад)

Автор Infinite “the” Spice ( назад)
The intro is literally me I need my sweets ok

Автор 권준기 ( назад)
겁나 잘먹네

Автор xCenitical ( назад)
Idk why you would make this video so recklessly like no fucks given at all

Автор Look at my Big Cock ( назад)
I wonder what Chubby Fab Fab dick looks like

Автор Kyler Katsuki ( назад)

Автор AEO ( назад)

Автор AEO ( назад)

Автор AEO ( назад)

Автор AEO ( назад)

Автор Yoshi76257 ! ( назад)
I was thinking to myself......this has to be the only video that makes
sense, but then I saw what happened at the end😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

Автор jexrutin ( назад)
Top 10 Most Emotional Character Developments

Автор Donte Straughter ( назад)
It got raept

Автор Piotrek Trójmiasto ( назад)
his dentist love this video.

Автор Jonathon Lastname ( назад)
So that explains the eggs.

Автор Nazmul Nafis ( назад)
whose that fat man

Автор Liam Harper ( назад)
haha very funny

Автор SandieIDK ( назад)

Автор RexBlazeLv GT ( назад)
im watching pcouse sometimes funny once i saw big sosidz

Автор Marko Lskvr ( назад)
It's pathetic to see how small the censored box on his penis was =P Fat
people = small dicks

Автор alexander zehringer ( назад)

Автор Yash Raut ( назад)
1:26 lol ROFL 😂😂😂😂

Автор mattbomb22 ( назад)
It's chef big dog

Автор Zildjan Bacay ( назад)
I feel really sorry for him because he always eats a lot of food everyday i
think he got dump't and hes freak'in fat i feel really sorry

Автор WESTRIVERSIDE ( назад)
I hope the mannequin is okay.

Автор Baby Cow Of Love (MonsterDobbs) ( назад)
This actually helps! this guy beat HowToBasic and his eggs? i love it,

Автор BMXcrasher 32 ( назад)
what if how to basic is a group of friends that take turns being how to
basic and that's why we don't know how he is because he is them

Автор Landon Viegas ( назад)
was that how to basic at the brginning?!

Автор xCardinDoesRoblox ( назад)
This is child abuse

Автор build_Danny7177 /Music ( назад)
So how to baisic is a chicken? Or a dreased up chicken

Автор Young Spray Bottle ( назад)
what is that in his belly button? 0:16

Автор Jonyba Brusch ( назад)
Pk, but he was actually losing weight, though.

Автор Pugster Cool ( назад)
Oh good for a second I thought that there weren't gonna be any eggs

Автор Junior Jones Carrie ( назад)
sorry for you

Автор Zeti Narthenon ( назад)
nice job xD

Автор Fun Spot ( назад)
The only problem I had was when it comes out of a random app that is a
problem with it and it has been crashing a problem for a few months and now
it has a problem I had and it has a problem I don't know 🤔 but this app
was not good at it and now it was just as bad because he is so happy 😊 and
it was so cute I can't even tell me what he has ever said is not even worth
a listen 👂 said to him that it has to go through it as he is trying and he
came a little more of his mind

Автор simkashi 01 ( назад)
Rip how to basic

Автор sonic boom sonic soper boom ( назад)
ewww it so ugly

Автор carter kershner ( назад)

Автор Antonio Popescu ( назад)
le pauvre!!😢😢😢

Автор Gogeta SSJ4 ( назад)
wait isnt this that fat ass ngga sssniperwolf was with?

Автор Лилия Соловаева ( назад)
Conclusion barn contact hngvog totally drug temperature eventually.

Автор AnKe 12 ( назад)
pinches gringos locos

Автор Rafaqat Mehmood ( назад)
Nice Video clip! Excuse me for chiming in, I would love your initial
thoughts. Have you ever tried - Chireetler Muscle Array Rule (probably on
Google)? It is a great exclusive product for learning how to get ripped abs
without the normal expense. Ive heard some interesting things about it and
my cooworker after many years got cool results with it.

Автор Melonade AID ( назад)
very motivational, thank you howtobasic

Автор apex gamer ( назад)
ha its fucking tiny as shit

Автор Miguel Hernandez Lopez ( назад)
seems legit

Автор Zahir Robinson ( назад)

Автор Smooty ( назад)
paidactor27 never heard from again

Автор Ramon Lopez Gonzales ( назад)
best vid ever

Автор Thomas Benedict Duya ( назад)
The mans six pack is just fake. Because its a mannequin.

Автор SDFire [OFFICIAL] ( назад)
You animal

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