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Автор Mlp Art Dazzle (3 месяца)
So kawii and dont listen to the haters you drew like me

Автор Elizabeth Gonzalez (7 месяцев)

Автор LaurenJellyfish MSP (1 год)
No offence : Fluffing ugly as heck.

Автор it´s light cookie™ (1 год)

Автор Britishperson Eve (1 год)
I like the drawing plus love the music

Автор Noemi Cuellar (1 год)
I can do much better then dat but your trying your best u can do.

Автор Martina Torres (1 год)
my work is diby

Автор cotoco vivi The killer (1 год)
ya i can do better but you make a good work

Автор Issaree batsung-nern (1 год)
I can do better

Автор Madeline Hummel (4 года)

Автор intimelovewillfindme (3 года)
u messed the mouths.

Автор organization13ninjas (2 года)
Actually, Dyslexic people mostly have trouble reading and for every person
that is Dyslexic has a different trouble with reading. I myself am Dyslexic
and I have no problem with spelling but I do have trouble with reading... I
also would like to point out that we don't all "misbehave" just because
someone that might be Dyslexic is being rude or misbehaving doesn't mean
everyone else does too. And lastly, being Dyslexic shouldn't be something
you insult people with, it insults us who do have it.

Автор Diana Ismail (3 года)

Автор Anabel Roa (2 года)
That's so cool!!

Автор flowerlover11 (4 года)
This isnt a 'speed paint'!

Автор intimelovewillfindme (3 года)
Hey @PenelopeLuvsPainting! I'm beating u in a PPG speed painting contest!

Автор PenelopeLuvsPainting (3 года)
@gloomygustgirls wow thx!

Автор ReallyCoolSami (2 года)
Also: skin colors are sooo off, and the hair colors for blossom and bubbles
are off, everything else is good

Автор Chloe Hugo (3 года)
u did great penelope;]

Автор ~CelestiaLuna~ (1 год)
I remember watching this from 2010.. So... umm basically 3 years ago...
Well now almost 4!

Автор PenelopeLuvsPainting (5 лет)
Aw thanx :]]]

Автор intimelovewillfindme (2 года)
if you need to have a speedpaint, you need a Windows Movie Maker/Live Movie
Maker and select Speed.

Автор DashellD (3 года)
buttercups bangs look messed up.

Автор xX-DaniCutie-Xx (2 года)
Thats not bad, Not bad at all!

Автор SummerMystAIDA (2 года)
"You can't help me with the things that you do, I'll pick up dandelions and
I'll give them to you"............... LOL

Автор popcicle27 (4 года)
your good!

Автор intimelovewillfindme (3 года)

Автор SandraNicole28 (3 года)
i don't like speedpaint

Автор PenelopeLuvsPainting (3 года)
@intimelovewillfindme no.

Автор gianne ramos (3 года)
Wow great job!!! Thz alot!!

Автор Cindy Ginger (2 года)
Redraw the shoes

Автор Gio Lombard (4 года)
i drew it differnt and it looks just like them!!!! ^_^ =D

Автор PenelopeLuvsPainting (3 года)
thx 2 every1 for the support!111!!

Автор Marcus McElhaney (2 года)
a Abdul

Автор Cyril Fortaleza (2 года)
not very beautiful cuz of the eyes its small but still good!!!

Автор gianne ramos (3 года)
Penelopeluvspainting thx alot!!

Автор awesomekirby123 (4 года)
this video rocks!!!!

Автор ReallyCoolSami (2 года)
Stop saying she doesn't look nice!

Автор SleepingForEternity (2 года)
U did great but the eyes need to bigger

no offence, but you kinda don't look nice...

Автор KimmieDeeToons (3 года)
I followed urs and made one, thanx great tut

Автор TamiFofa CaniBall (1 год)
loveeee you

Автор Jcaurelle (2 года)
I dont like awfriting with power puff girls thas so fery fery bad

Автор Julia Goldmann (4 года)
the eyes are too small, no offence. other than that, they're cute!

Автор buttercupcake2013 (1 год)
Rizal ur mean

Автор Jcaurelle (2 года)
Power puff girls speed paiting have two song

Автор Tara Beets (2 года)
you can't HURT me

Автор Hirasawa Chan (3 года)

Автор cf5138 (2 года)

Автор Rizal Latief (2 года)
I can do better than you

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