72in Blow-to-Pop.mov

72" Rifco Climb-In Balloon Blow to pop.

This actually took over an hour for him to Blow to bust this, but was edited down...

Clear 72"...

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Длительность: 5:8
Комментарии: 38

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Автор looner92 ( назад)
this guy is hot

Автор PAUL SINADINOS ( назад)
Lucky you won

Автор zepton ( назад)
Yeah; it's awesome!!!

Автор MrBm101 ( назад)
You won the laser from kipkay yes or no

Автор MinecraftThursdays ( назад)
3:40 , I thought that was my Xbox360

Автор iamfromargentinabobo ( назад)
put the hole hour video

Автор derJo1905 ( назад)
what a blowjob. :D

Автор David White ( назад)
I found some weather-type balloons that don't seemto ever stop exanding!!!!
4 foot size pumped to 7 feet and still not hard maybe notlatex but

Автор zepton ( назад)
@2222prophet Hi there, what did you want to know about balloons?

Автор zepton ( назад)
@parshnipe69 Yeah, sure felt like it did - took about 3 hours in
all...edited down to this vid.

Автор zepton ( назад)
@CiaraIsHere1423 It's an old military grade weather balloon from the 80's.
I have one left, not sure if I will part with it, though - very expensive
to replace.

Автор zepton ( назад)
bad for the... um... really? Guess yer saying we're full of a lot of hot
air, huh? heh heh

Автор SuperBoatznhoez ( назад)
That's bad for the atmosphere.

Автор Ciara Hanrahan ( назад)
were you get balloon i want one LOL!!!!

Автор Man19435 ( назад)
Where'd u get the balloon!

Автор zedzedsnook ( назад)
a tremdous job u donr very well done bud i didnt think anyone could do that
but u did that took skill thanks for doing thaton youtube signed cliff.s

Автор scarlet witch ( назад)
@BlackMagic8520 its a ballonn

Автор BlackMagic8520 ( назад)
how many fuckin peices did this take?! HOLY SHIT THATS HUGER THAN RON

Автор balloonguyinva ( назад)

Автор Phil Panch ( назад)
In order for me to do something like that you would have to get a hot guy
to hold me (like from behind) and keep encouraging in my ear for me to keep
blowing. Otherwise, no thanks LOL!!

Автор Dustin ( назад)
huge. Nice b2p

Автор Charles Unsworth ( назад)
Did you pop the other balloons?

Автор Toby Tyler ( назад)
Who's the guy in red? cute

Автор zedzedsnook ( назад)
this was the best blow to pop i seen yet my friend say would you like to
exchange yahoo names? Id like to chat about this most awsome stunt or thing
u did I just love it really thanks for postingyour video ok i saved it to
my favorites!!from cliff.s from mississauga canada!

Автор Jitterbug200714 ( назад)
I'll bet that some people, when they see this balloon, will say to
themselves,"Dang, now that balloon is just crazy big".

Автор Kaelin783 ( назад)
@fnmjdme We try =D

Автор Toobuh ( назад)
magic balloon breath dan...amazing ....great video

Автор fnmjdme ( назад)
Poor Dan. The way you torture him :)

Автор Jackson23LebronJames ( назад)
wow very big broo why you going kaboom and you will coming up to upload new

Автор ozzyballoon ( назад)
Fantastic Video ! wow what a huge B2P, this was so amazing, liked it a lot,
thanks for posting.

Автор gonchii ( назад)
Nice work :D Enjoyed watching it

Автор balloonbusterdc ( назад)
Absolutely amazing blow-bust! I would have passed out halfway
through.....super job Daniel!! Nice to see a vid from you.

Автор balunbustingbear ( назад)
Now that's how to do a B2P!! Awesome

Автор zedzedsnook ( назад)
yes So far I am the 1st and 3nd person to add a comment to this assome
tallent but i would have either gone inside of it or bounced humped it but
this guy he um yes deserves a 5 star rateingso here you go------>***** ok

Автор zedzedsnook ( назад)
you know this is a awsome feet of power actally but he started way before
5:00 ever started i belive! wicj is probably true but still good job even
thoe i would have still got inside of it--!! but thanks for your tallent ok
from cliff.s of missauga ont canada!! ok

Автор luvpoppinloons ( назад)
This is The most Epic FUCKING video i have ever seen, AMAZING this is no
way i could of beat a blow to pop like that!!!! 5 stars , woooooooooooot

Автор zedzedsnook ( назад)
this is really dam impreassive but kinda a wast i would have got inside of
it but looks really cool when people like him wana go and try this for the
1st time awsome power!!@!!! FROM CLIFF.S and i am the 1st 1 to write about
this cool clip to YES!!

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