Alien: Covenant | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX

Ridley Scott returns to the universe he created, with ALIEN: COVENANT, a new chapter in his groundbreaking ALIEN franchise. The crew of the colony ship Covenant, bound for a remote planet on the far side of the galaxy, discovers what they think is an uncharted paradise, but is actually a dark, dangerous world. When they uncover a threat beyond their imagination, they must attempt a harrowing escape.

In Theaters - May 19, 2017

Cast: Michael Fassbender, Katherine Waterston, Billy Crudup, Danny McBride, Demián Bichir, Carmen Ejogo, Amy Seimetz, Jussie Smollett, Callie Hernandez, Nathaniel Dean, Alexander England, Benjamin Rigby

Directed by: Ridley Scott

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Alien: Covenant | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX

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Длительность: 2:14
Комментарии: 16906

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Автор Wynton McAllister ( назад)
Hey, just something to think about. What if the events of all the alien
films transpire before the events of Prometheus, and ALIEN COVENANT is the
final series of events that occurred before that of Prometheus, which would
explain why David the android makes an appearance in both films, Yet Dr
Shaw does not appear in COVENANT. This could also explain why David knew so
much about the engineers planet when the other crew members of the USCSS
Prometheus didn't.............because he has been to the planet before.
Thus, making ALIEN COVENANT a prequel to Prometheus. Either that or I've
just wasted an hour of my life thinking about this.

Автор Atticus X ( назад)
Man we can please get alien 5 with Ripley and hicks. It's the one movie I
want more then anything. Please God and movie God's make it happen

Автор Foul Lily ( назад)
aw man, I love the alien movies, so hyped to get another, cant wait x3

Автор papersplease ( назад)
I'm prepared to take a Xeno tail up my anus for this film.

Автор Hashpotato ( назад)
Wandering around on an alien planet again with no protection from the
atmosphere of any kind. Check.
Clueless looking crew. Check.
Ripley wannabe female lead. Check
Danny McfuckingBride. Check.
Promising stuff

Автор PROPHET ( назад)
I can not wait to see this film

Автор Unique08 ( назад)
Guess they killed Jussie smollet 😩😩😩

Автор Paladin Boyd ( назад)
Oh look a space egg, lets stand and watch it open what's the worse that can

Автор kyle sonicboom ( назад)
i thought the aliens weren't coming back or these could be less evolved
aliens maybe they are a whole new species

Автор Angeles Guzman ( назад)

Автор Chicago1 ( назад)
Hope they dont mess this up like they did with Predator

Автор O-CINEMA ( назад)
2:36 *ALIEN: Covenant* ᴴ ᴰ « f u l l m o v i e »

Автор ape566 ( назад)
number one rule when visitingnew planets wear hazmat suits when possibly
encountering new life

Автор Ioannis Zisis ( назад)
OMG. Finally. I can't wait!

Автор Blackwatch ( назад)

Автор BE AR ( назад)
is this after Prometheus?

Автор Manny Santiago ( назад)
lets hope this one isnt riddled with more ridiculously stupid "scientists"
acting like special needs kids.

Автор Bishop ( назад)
Nice Trailer. Much obliged!

Автор Dániel Sárközi ( назад)
what's the name of the song

Автор Kris Malinov ( назад)
Ok, this version of 'Nature Boy' seems pretty dope, if someone can tell me
where to find it, that'd be great.
Also, 10/10 for the trailer.

Автор Diego Claudio Sergio ( назад)
i want a new predator movie

Автор cinemar ( назад)
The only interesting thing in Prometheus was the engineers and now somehow
the sequel has nothing to do with Prometheus. I was looking forward to
seeing their planet.

Автор The Viewer ( назад)
I want to ask Ridley Scott: Which came first the alien or the egg?

Автор tubenachos ( назад)
Cmon seriously? It's the premise as Alien and Prometheus. Ridley gone

Автор Messenger Boy ( назад)
I wonder how michael fassbender came again from a piece of Android
robot.Get ready to start from the uncertainty end of Prometheus... ! after
five years...

Автор AHAMMED ISMAYIL ( назад)
I wonder how michael fassbender came again from a piece of Android robot.
Get ready to start from the uncertainty end of Prometheus... ! after five

Автор Valken ( назад)
They love taking their helmets off, this will be worse than Prometheus, I

Автор tubinho79 ( назад)
If this happens after Prometheus, why is it then that the technology seems
less advanced here? The weapons, their suits...did something "apocalyptic"

Автор Dave ( назад)
If Aliens are originally from earth, they would be from Australia.

Автор av3nger3 ( назад)
Why is it that every horror/survival film has to use sexual themes to draw
people in? Come on Alien.

Автор TheGuyWhoDrowned Quiet ( назад)
Am I the only one who noticed David(Fassbender's character) smiling in a
sinister way while Billy Crudup is inspecting the eggAs if he tricked him
into going near the egg without protection

Автор TripCircuit ( назад)
Now their making reboots of movies not even 5 years old.

Автор LuckLess_Bones ( назад)
If you actually look closely at 1:33-1:34 at full HD.... look at what the
girl was shooting with a grenade launcher, at the bottom left of the screen
.... that is, If we are not mistaken ... a Neomorph(Deacon), the alien that
bursted out of the engineer at the end of prometheus. Which means this
still has a big connection to the prometheus movie and does not only focus
on bringing back those Xenomorphs.

Автор Timothy Veckranges ( назад)
Is this a prequel to halo?

Автор Adi Adrian ( назад)
Sorry Ridley. I'm not going to watch this cause i will probably be
disappointed. But thanks for Alien

Автор World Of Games ( назад)
Alien Isolation is better

Автор rohan nigam ( назад)
what song is played in the background? ?

Автор Deus Krieg ( назад)

Автор Messenger Boy ( назад)
I wonder how Michael Fassbinder is came from a piece of Android robot. only
head is balance any way it's good to see sequel of Prometheus....

Автор Orangy Pteco ( назад)
Everyone is a total idiot: the movie.

Автор Shari Mclaughlin ( назад)
spouse normal deer smell struggle interaction observe flesh clean

Автор Jaime Rivera Hernandez ( назад)
I love the song Aurrora Aksnes <3

Автор Cesar Pérez Calderón ( назад)
esta se ve mucho mejor que prometheus ya veremos despues

Автор cinemar ( назад)
Wow another teaser trailer with a haunting female vocal and the
quintessential piano key chimes. How original.

Автор Max Steiner ( назад)
did i say Aurora has the music?

Автор Sam Wallis ( назад)
bit of cgi in the ear. nice

Автор villaparis2 ( назад)
I prefer the Alien world to the Star Wars world

Автор Matt-Dillon Van Der Berg ( назад)
Really hoping that this one is going good..

Автор Here's Jonny ( назад)
I dont care, the Crew of the Nostromo is still the first who had contact
with the Xenomorph for me!

Автор redtiger ( назад)
Murder in the shower, when Alien meets Psychose...

Автор Adrian Vaughn ( назад)
Mixed reactions to this first teaser... Will most def be there Day 1

Автор brandon faubert ( назад)
its so close.

Автор Blull Brewing ( назад)
Is this sequel actually going to answer some questions from the last movie
or are we going to play "Confusing plot lines with very little meaning"

Автор McPingu ( назад)
Where is James Franco?

Автор hafabee ( назад)
Great trailer until that shower scene.

Автор Banana Power ( назад)
That Final lol

Автор Huy Ha ( назад)
wow. amazing. i waiting for this moview so long , 1:52 this xenomorph in
the movie alien 1979

Автор King DerpyBurps ( назад)
Why did the aliens stop evolving at the xenomorph stage with Ripley,
because they evolved up until then

Автор Laurel Johnson ( назад)
touch touch touch touch

Автор Jon Kaliban ( назад)
Boring, redundant, repetitive!
its not even scarry or suspense anymore, we all know from 20 years more how
it goes
same crew, same script, same sequences of happening, all the same for 20
years more!
they could have explored more the conection between alien and prometheus,
show some amazing alien planet or technologies
instead... they keep rewinding the tape over and over and over
Boring, redundant, repetitive!

Автор 49DRmc ( назад)

Автор matthew Donaldson ( назад)
i know its set after prometheus and before alien, but it literally looks
like they mashed the two together with a little bit of aliens in there

Автор Hamza Kebbati ( назад)
check out my uncharted movie cast!

Автор Liam C ( назад)
Stop your grinnin and drop your linen!

Автор Brady Lamach ( назад)
If all the xenos are not practical, this movie isn't worth seeing.

Автор AutisticWhale 2 ( назад)
For people wo,during about the engineers. I'm pretty sure there is at least
one or two in this film. This film is more like introducing the aliens to
the Prometheus franchise and then we still have two more films after so
calm down. They will all merge together.

Автор Carolina Dadalt ( назад)
I only pay atention on Aurora's song (OMG!!!)

Автор Aaron Morris ( назад)
It's a dark, dangerous world because... Well can't you see? We've
practically dimmed all light, and desaturated the color. That means, It's a
dark dangerous world. Ohhhhhhhhh.

Автор Cara Wolf ( назад)
Me anoto para la premier ✌🏻

Автор aplayaz2000 ( назад)
the first scene was beautifully directed

Автор Wilhelm Felix ( назад)
I feel like this movie really has nothing good going on at all. I was
really really really anticipating Prometheus 2 but i guess there not
working on it still.

And that last scene in the shower. ... Really? ... ...

Автор hazbaska1 ( назад)
Why do we need this?

Автор Pixel ( назад)
this whole movie would be solved if they just used armor with helmets and

Автор HopeAuq ( назад)
Trailer looks good

The song. Not as good as the original Nat King Cole version but still good

Автор Watcher 13 ( назад)
hope to see a good movie

Автор h4rp4g4n ( назад)
when Avatar 2?

Автор darknessplague ( назад)
just realised two actresses from fantastic beasts is in this

Автор stealtbadge ( назад)
So this one a is the second prequel, I heard on imdb that there making a
alien 5?

Автор BearCubster ( назад)
I don't like what I've seen so far.0:10 - 0:25 I don't feel the terror or
horror between these girls.I'm getting a sense it's Aliens or Alien 2
rehashed for a new generation.

Автор Phased Spaces ( назад)
Looks like more same old same old.....

Автор wesley ribeiro ( назад)
UE nao vai ter a continuação de onde parou o primeiro, pelo visto q deu pra
intender vai refazer o primeiro grande coisa..... Esperava mais do trailer

Автор this guy ( назад)
1:51 isnt that a xenomorph tail so is the movie going to have xenomorphs

Автор Wesley Letendre ( назад)
hmm. black mystery goo again huh?

Автор travlman ( назад)
this movie shouldn't exist, after the fisting that was prometheus...
they cant even make a logical sequel to prometheus. At the end we have
the promese to see the engineer world but no, here is another crew going
to get killed. And it cant be complete with another "ripley-off"
And fassbender again ?! To play a new advanced cyborg ! Common. Not going
to get scammed this time

Автор Nicholas Stavinoha ( назад)
hmmmm i wonder where ive a movie like this........ OHH THATS RIGHT! WHEN I

Автор Steffano Hernandez ( назад)
what is the trailer's song, it gives me the chills

Автор Khalil Alrajawi ( назад)
Did i just watch aline 1990

Автор Brandon Cifer ( назад)
This time, I think we'll actually hear their screams from space

Автор INIRAH CHARAN ( назад)
enough of this bullshit.......this is the 2017 version of Prometheus
(messed up version)

Автор Dawner James ( назад)
Where is my Yautja(not an actual predator)? The Universe is balance so
where is the other species, the good or hunter of the xeno...we need

Автор Arda Karaduman ( назад)
Mr Scott, I'm a great fan of your franchise. But this story is getting old.
I really wish you add some new elements into your story. Fe, you have
droids in your universe. Introduce a westworld like awakening story ? Or
Avatar like identity story ? Alien universe is a rich one. You can go to
many places. But reducing it to monster suspense / thriller is not paying
it justice, IMHO.

a fan

Автор Striker163 ( назад)
People still can't figure out it's a sequel to Prometheus. Just one quick
google search you people, all the information is easily accessible.

Автор listen at 1:25 speed ( назад)
i swear to god if the second trailer shows humans killing the aliens with
guns i'm not watching it

Автор ProGaming ( назад)
The next repetitive Alien movie.

Автор groony30 ( назад)
this is so bad... :((((( I was expecting something strong like Prometheus
with a breathtaking trailer and deffenetly elizabeth shaw (Noomi Rapace) in
it having the staring role... and we get this...?????????

Автор Kris B ( назад)
you can tell the fate of this movie. it will probably get 56% rating on
rotten tomatoes

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