The Antichrist - Antichrist Revealed

Who is the Antichrist and what does Revelation 13 have to do with our lives today?

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Автор stan gore (3 месяца)
The antichrist is satan.

Автор Simon Ata (3 месяца)
The U.S.A. is the anti Christ Islam is the false prophet the church is the

Автор Noah Ark (1 месяц)
Can someone point out to me where the scriptural text describes the

Автор Nina Kus (27 дней)
very good video by pastor Doug B. and here is another one (the best)i would
like if he could see it

Автор Alicia Phillip (4 месяца)
@mari amor you did the right thing. Just continue in your faith and keep
praying for your enemies. When people act like that they know that you are
speaking truth. For a 55 year old man he should not have spoken to you
like that. Jesus will continue to bless you. Share the truth

Автор Michael Boer (4 месяца)
God is not the Antichrist God is saving and loving for the followers of

Автор joshua johnson (1 месяц)
God is good and the word of god is a blessing

Автор Israel lite (5 месяцев)
Yes Constantine brought paganism into Christianity like the Pagan Trinity!!

Автор carlibabiie (4 месяца)
The antichrist is going to be a handsome man something to behold a man who
will convince people he is god by dying and the coming back from the dead.
In order to fulfill scripture he has to prove he is a descendant of king
David in order to be babel to sit in the temple which indicates he will be
of Jewish faith due to the fact that the Jews will accept him as the
messiah proof is the Jews are dying to rebuild the temple and have already
made a crown for him which I have seen in another video.

Автор Jackelyn Tildesley (8 месяцев)

Автор carlibabiie (4 месяца)
Also the bible tells us that the antichrist will sign a peace treaty on
behalf of Israel which also indicates he is Jewish how could a non Jew sign
anything on behalf of Israel? Also ppl who have actually read there bibles
and know what I'm talking about look into the noahide laws I think this is
a likely religion candidate forthe new world order

Автор carlibabiie (4 месяца)
Also that's a corrupted bible he is reading from pompous words lol my
friends down the pub say pompous words my bible says blasphemous words

Автор John Bush (3 месяца)
Barack Obama is the great deciever, prochoice and he is only one part of
the counterfiting of Almighty Gods trione presents, there has to utimatly
be the antichrist, the beast and the false prophet... Obama = beast, Papacy
= antichrist, false prophet = the "mottee" which my spelling may be wrong,
it is pronouced: MA-Tea (the 12th imam of islam... as mohamad is the
forefather of this false prophet). This will be the main leaders of the NEW
WORLD ORDER no matter what "title" each end up manifesting. I may not have
them in the correct order but We are here... We all need to believe in our
hearts and confess with our mouths that God has raised Jesus from the dead,
to save us from death, hell and the grave... when one comes to the
realization of the One True God, applying the doctrine of Christ to
personal decisions... we will recieve the Gift of Salvation. We all need to
Luke 10:18 And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from
Strong's Hebrew Dictionary shows: 1299 baraq baw-rak' a primitive root; to
lighten (lightning):--cast forth. 1300 baraq baw-rawk' from 'baraq' (1299);
lightning; by analogy, a gleam; concretely, a flashing sword:--bright,
glitter(-ing sword), lightning. 1116 bamah bam-maw' from an unused root
(meaning to be high); an elevation:--height, high place, wave.The day he
won the presidency 2008 the lottery numbers in Illinois was 3 digit 666 and
4 digit 7779 signifiying the arrival of the beast and God 's completion.

Автор beyonce luvjayz (3 месяца)

Автор Gbbministry (4 месяца)
The Antichrist - Antichrist Revealed
The Antichrist - Antichrist Revealed

Автор Max Prime (4 месяца)
The Catholic Church is the AntiChrist...According to the Bible. This is
what he is saying and the Bible does pretty much support his argument!

Автор canadiankewldude (24 дня)
@ 50:15 ``You don`t find lint in the bible do you`` , well I find lint in
my dryer, lol. Ok, just kidding but I do have a serious question. Did he
actually mean to say ``Lent``, I assume he meant lent but I just wanted to
check as lent has to do with Easter, which if you check is the reason why
Pope Gregory changed the calendar so Easter would fall in line with the
right ceremony. Nothing to do with Jesus death and resurrection sadly.

Автор Max Prime (4 месяца)
I'm Agnostic but this guy does know his History!

Автор thesteveincage (3 месяца)
The Bible is a load of shit.

Автор Max Prime (4 месяца)
IMO The Jews, Christians and Muslims have all been lied to and are the
blind followers of Satan. Satan is the greatest liar. It is easier to lie
to a person than to convince them they are being lied to. 

Автор CLA UDIU (11 месяцев)
The pope is the anti Christ no body else matches the lord Jesus's prophecy
concerning the anti Christ but the pope Daniel said the anti Christ would
begin his reign when the Roman empire would collapse and would last to the
end until Christ would return to judge this is proof THAT the anti Christ
is a position only 1 figure in human history matches that time line and
fulfills the remainder prophecies POPE rev 17 elaborates on this prophecy
by saying the beast is like the kings before him

Автор Mizo SDA Church (1 год)
pope is the anti-christ..

Автор mRwhite298 (1 год)
Could be ? but Holy Scripture describing middle east Revelation 13;11 And
I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns
like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon. ( in this verse isalm is described
if im not wrong

Автор Nonmi Hiseddeo (8 месяцев)
Jesus said, "Another will come in his own name, and him you will receive."
So the AC has to come in his own name, and popes don't do that. They pick a
new name. Wouldn't that fact rule out the pope as being the AC?

Автор CLA UDIU (11 месяцев)
The pope is the anti Christ He murdered 50 million Christians he dared to
call himself vicarus filii dei the substitute of the lord Jesus he dared to
enforce the change of the sabbath day from sat to sun a pagan day dedicated
to sun worship or Satan worship only so he could attract pagans to
Christianity and Daniel said the anti Christ would begin when the roman
empire would collapse and would last to the end of the world only one man
fits in that time line the pope

Автор Mari Amor (7 месяцев)
Those, who believe that Jesus is the son of God, and that he died for our
sins so that we can have everlasting life, while admitting they are
sinners, and live a life to glorify Christ, will only inherit the kingdom
of God (heaven). AKA Christians. Now, our rewards in heaven, will be based
on our works here on earth-- but good works alone doesn't get you to

Автор Kwisatz Haderach (9 месяцев)
These words mean, that GOD is the most evil force in the universe. The
earth is the LORDS, but i dont remember the LORD asking me if i want to
have anything to do with him. ....RETARD, God created a sadistic and
twisted system and you are his proud ambassador surely. Go to youtube and
watch clips of animals eating each other, then you will realise the mind of

Автор 07braves (1 год)
thank you...God blessed. you for you have eyes to see

Автор Gary Berthelot (7 месяцев)
i dont think this man realizes it but when he speaks of this world power he
is describing the new world order more than he is describing the catholic
church. im convinced the anti christ will be who ever will rule over the
new world order.

Автор Mari Amor (7 месяцев)
if u would read the whole entire verse, Christ said that to those who were
making one of the unrighteous judgements he speaks against! If a person has
sin in their life that they're not willing to repent, but tries to get on
someone else... that verse is talking to them. (matt 7:1-5) I'm not
condemning your faith. If you accepted Christ, and follow his word to it's
fullest,and are willing to repent all of sin, than that's good! look at 1
cor 6:1-5. fyi calling me a b****? I go by matt 5:43-44

Автор 07braves (1 год)
AGREED!...keep up the good work..and may the LORD bless your
ministry!...thanks for the videos?

Автор mgmglay lay (1 год)
And authority was given him over every tribe, tongue, and
nation.(Revelation 13:7) = partially possess in all human languages; such
as Bible reediting, translating, interpretation so on. (Revelation
13:8-10);Sword = (Revelation 6:3); Horse, Fiery Red with a great Sword ,
went out. And it was granted to the one who sat on it to take PEACE from
earth. Sword means usage of same word; but (not confess the way of His

Автор Mel Benedicto (5 месяцев)
How come there was no reference to Germany under Hitler who killed millions
of Jews, the people of the Prophet Daniel?

Автор Gabriel Knight (11 месяцев)
Can anyone who believes in this RAPTURE idea please provide some passages
or verses that you base your belief upon? Because frankly, I can't find
anything, so I'm quite confused as how so many christians can adopt this
belief. I'm serious please provide. God Bless!

Автор heehee hohohaha (7 месяцев)

Автор mgmglay lay (1 год)
Beast1 = The latest politics spirit(such as Globalization Politic; Human
right so on..); ------------------- Having seven heads = wise ;,……and ten
horns = so many salvation works such as Human Rights, so on…(Luke 1:69;a
horn of salvation for us)….. Beast2 = False prophet; (two horns like a lamb
and spoke like dragon) spoke like dragon = same teaching with Word , deny
the way of cross!!!!!

Автор jaymark blanche (8 месяцев)
a proud RCC must not talk like this right?

Автор balsamicVin (1 год)
whats funny is, if there is a rapture before the trib... what are you guys
worried about the trib for? why watch the videos, why care whats going to
happen when, if in fact god is coming to take YOU, an UNLCEAN person such
as all of us. lol. good luck with that. theres nothing in the bible that
speaks of god coming before we are all tried during the trib.

Автор Mari Amor (8 месяцев)
I don't deserve to be saved, if that's answering your question. No one
does, we all deserve to go to hell, because we are all sinners. The only
reason why we can even go to heaven, is through Christ alone. When God sees
me, he sees Christ. And I'm not worried about it, because I know i am. I
took John 3:16 into heart. By the way. No need to call me ignorant, because
the truth stung a little. Hopefully you'll heal. And I only speak truth.
The Bible is clear to worship no man but Christ alone.

Автор Alien Ant (9 месяцев)
at least my name doesn't sound like a Hungarian STD. if you weren't so
ignorant you would know humans do not become angels when they die. God
doesn't NEED anything much less free will. he gives us free will. and He's
God so yes even if the future is fluid he can still see the outcome. but we
still have free will. speaking of retarded isn't it time for you
medication. now to exercise free will this my last reply b-cos I do have a
life unlike you loser. bye-bye

Автор Richard Sheppard (8 месяцев)
"This Jew"? Why do you seem to have hostility against Jews teaching the New
Testament; after all, wasn't it those Jews who were saved that wrote the
New Testament using much of the same symbolism that was used in the Old

Автор in777sight (1 год)
THE BEAST is World War 3 (the Great Tribulation). Everyone worships the
beast because they sacrifice their money and the lives of their sons and
daughters to support and try to win war. The BEAST (WAR) receives the
mortal wound of PEACE and becomes alive again when the peace treaty is
broken. The Antichrist rises to power at the signing of the peace
treaty.The little horn is the Antichrist which rises from 4th king beast,
Saudi Arabia. The laws of the Antichrist rule the world.

Автор Alien Ant (8 месяцев)
the truth did not sting you vain judgemental bitch. BECAUSE YOU DID NOT
SPEAK TRUTH. and I don't need you tio tell me what the bible says. you are
an ignorant and vain little girl who thinks shes more than she is. if you
did know the scriptures so well you would remember Lord Jesus saying JUDGE
dare you condemn my faith when you probably don't even know any facts.
don't bother replying cos I wont..

Автор mRwhite298 (1 год)
catholicism and islam are 2 beast with 2 horns they Look Like lamb (servent
of God) but they spake like dragon(satan) father of lie and falsehood that
this 2 lieding religions are part and satan/dragon was give this 2 beast
authority deciving all world in history they was wounded and healed and
spiritual dead and blind was go after them !

Автор steven walker (9 месяцев)
. the image of the beast is a telepathic communication device.. thats how
he will claim to be a massiah.and amaze the world.. the wound is a
controlled wound..its says "wounded by a sword to the point of the world
been amazed" ..well he wouldnt then say..there SEEMS TO BE A WOUND ..if its
amazed the world he survived..it would have to be awful..for it to amaze
the modern world.. but the describer is not sure if he can qualify it has a
proper wound SEEMS TO BE?.

Автор 07braves (1 год)
friend read daniel...the BEASTS are # 1 BABYLON , gold head, # 2 medo
persia, silver chest and arms, # 3 Greece, Bronze thighs etc..# 4
ROMAN...all of which these went in perfect order historically...just as GOD

Автор freetotheworld1 (9 месяцев)
I don't care what you believe. If you are a Christian you shouldn't be
talking like that. I myself am not calling you names or challenging you or
anything, I'm not even sure what y'all are arguing about. I'm telling you
that's not how a person should be talking. Ask God to forgive you.

Автор mRwhite298 (1 год)
beast is Roman and Islam Empires and his image is false form of worship
that this 2 beast promoting under dragon/satan who have 7 heads and 10

Автор 74Horus (1 год)
10 commandments were taken from the Egyptian Book of the Dead - The Papirus
of Anu(bis), which predate "moses" for mileniums... no god had to do
anything with them... "Moses" ((Ra-Mses) - "conceived by the sun (Ra)")
forged them from ancient egyptian scriptures...

Автор Katherine Williams (10 месяцев)
then you are satanic. we will resist you.

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