Dolphins vs. Steelers | NFL Wild Card Game Highlights

The Pittsburgh Steelers raced out to an early lead and never looked back, as wide receiver Antonio Brown and running back Le'Veon Bell led the way to a 30-12 victory in the Wild Card round.

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Просмотров: 902562
Длительность: 9:7
Комментарии: 2327

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Автор Diego Alejandro Rodriguez ( назад)
Limit domestic anything qhqozgm pond trust tribal install your witness.

Автор Glen Akers ( назад)
Gotta love how they'll show the "unsportsmanlike conduct" on Jay but
they'll chop the fake punt where the Steelers player dragged one of our
guys down after the play and I think it was Heyward-Bey threw a temper
tantrum on the field and went to go punch someone and they let that go.
I've never seen such a level of favoritism from the officials.

Автор matthew karenbauer ( назад)
yeet the only we lost was because we didn't have ryan tannehill

Автор Chinie Chin Chen 陳小城 ( назад)
dolphins qb sucks

Автор Michael Avery ( назад)
Steelers suck

Автор Joseph Mckenzie ( назад)
heck yes

Автор AudioReviews ( назад)
Laveon bell said he's like the Stephen curry of the NFL looks like it

Автор Wash Guy ( назад)
with no ny giants you can expect the Patriots win the Superbowl KC fan

Автор Wash Guy ( назад)
Miami's quarterback sucks

Автор Brian Schlaf ( назад)
Go Steelers!

Автор HzRd Gap ( назад)
so is that it are the dolphins eliminated sorry ima a nfl noob

Автор Tahron Mccoy ( назад)

Автор Mr. Assassin ( назад)
Amazing game by the Steelers!

Автор David MERRITT ( назад)
Steelers beat up all the backups 😂😂 swear they get the easiest games

Автор KoolAid TechnoTaya ( назад)
the dolphins have a bright future ahead of them

Автор Luke janosko ( назад)
Moore got f###ed

Автор Billy Bourne ( назад)
laveon bell how to running back 101....that is how you wait for the
offensive line to do their job...brilliant running.

Автор Daniel Robles ( назад)
The Best Team OF NFL Are: New ENGLAND

Автор Jay S. ( назад)
*Kevin Hart voice*


Автор Garrett Tolan ( назад)
steelers disrv to the super bowl

Автор Ben Smith ( назад)
lippet is useless

Автор Littlegod21 ( назад)

Автор R. G. ( назад)
Steelers, Redskins, 49'ERS, Packers, all wear the same mustard colored
uniform britches, why? It's gross, man! Steelers, y'all need to just go
ahead & put the decal on both sides of the helmet & be done with it,
please. The Nation's tired of fibbing & making up excuses to our youngin's
pertaining to this matter.

Автор abbigail hernandez ( назад)
Do you like Oakland raiders kc

Автор abbigail hernandez ( назад)
I love you if

Автор Gerald Lane ( назад)
I like. jarvis

Автор Zedys ( назад)
I was at the game it was awesome. Dupree's hit wasn't a penalty but the
refs are always gonna call that.

Автор James Larsen ( назад)
And I'm just sitting here wondering how the Vikings didn't make the
playoffs. Every year it's stupid mistakes that costs a playoff berth or
winning in the playoffs. When will it end...

Автор Elisha Hudson ( назад)
did anyone else like the hit by Dupree

Автор Jack Dombroski ( назад)
Bud Dupree is a monster.

Автор Mario Minecraft ( назад)
Just ouch

Автор Loudpackmike ( назад)
defense was lookin quite impeccable

Автор Jae Holiday ( назад)

Автор Steel Jackson ( назад)
Bye Bye Miami

Автор Larkin Hancock ( назад)
that three headed monster is no joke

Автор 24hitta ( назад)
As a dolphins fans the steelers best Kansas City they going to the super
bowl of Kansas City win the patriots going to the super bowl

Автор a1seus ( назад)

Автор a1seus ( назад)
Big Ben #7 is no joke !

Автор a1seus ( назад)

Автор Stephanie Meade ( назад)
it was an awsom. game I was able to see that

Автор Mary Patricia Righi ( назад)
Yes steelers won

Автор Titus Matthews ( назад)
great job steelers congrats on the win , keep up the good work

Автор Caesar R ( назад)
not to give bad rep to dolphins. but ravens could have done a lot better
specially in a playoff game

Автор Amalia Garcia ( назад)
Nice to brown

Автор dj1slandboy ( назад)
4:52 #outlaw holding onto the ball! Nice

Автор gta440 ( назад)

Автор nbk4dv9 ( назад)
54 plays on offense for pittsburg. 2 holding penalties and one illegal
block to the back called the entire game when they blatantly open field
hold the entire game including this highlight reel. Neither KC nor New
England can defeat this team. Just feed the ball to Bell 30 times and throw
13 screen passes if your pitt you can block before the completion happens.

Автор djreaper11 ( назад)
Than they said obj was a better WR lmaoooooooooo

Автор Alex Quintero ( назад)
steelers always played well even last year the only difference is that
steelers got a good runner steelers got this

Автор Lisa Farnsworth Farnsworth ( назад)
not me I know the Steelers were going to win the game I'm a Steelers fan
myself .

Автор YoungMoneyThugz ( назад)

Автор Dean Madorma ( назад)
dolphins always fold in post season

Автор Brandon Grossman ( назад)
you know how shitty Miami played?

Read more

Автор RJM STUDIOS ( назад)
pb is the best rb in the league

Автор RJM STUDIOS ( назад)
ab is the best wr in the lead and that's faaax

Автор Deanna Quinones ( назад)

Автор Ucan Phantom ( назад)
Steelers vs Kansas City

1) Roethlisberger don´t play long pass ( Tournover risk is high)
2)Steelers must play more run play Le `Veon Bell and DeAngelo Williams.
3)Rethlisberger don´t play in the zone with long pass form Marcus Peters
(Turnover risk is high)
4)Steelers defence must stopt the short pass game of Tracis Kelce.
5)Our O-Line must stopt the Pass Rush game form Kansas ( Protect
6)Special Team: Tyreek Hill is a danger as Kick Retourner our Kick Ponter
must kick the ball in the out Zone.We must stopt Tyreek Hill as KR.

Kansas City Chiefs weak point is Run defence. LB Derrick Johnson don´t
Alex Smith make not Big plays.

Steelers must play more run play and short pass. Please Roetlisberger don´t
play long pass. Kansas City Chiefs is good as Turnover Team.

Автор Frank Elyar ( назад)
BABY 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊

Автор Cole Rigler ( назад)
Let's Go Ryan Shazier With His 3erd INT In A Row 4 In total

Автор Skull Hunter ( назад)
say goodbye to Moore he Hella dead

Автор Tammy A ( назад)
Terrible Towels are flying baby!!

Автор Baptiste Barre ( назад)
fluid difficult side zvtdtk opera ski careful grip potential fight behind

Автор khalil Gibson ( назад)

Автор john ayacko ( назад)
there is no way no way 0% that Steelers will make it to the the super bowl.
Kansas City Chiefs will destroy Steelers 36-6. see you then,

Автор djbasquiat ( назад)
3:24: Awesome hit by über linebacker, Bud Dupree...What a pro.

Автор raysschoko ( назад)
Hey guys why was that a flag in 3:56? The hit was clean wasnt it?

Автор GottaHoldMyL ( назад)
Isn't slaughtering Dolphins illegal?

Автор 12345balla12345 ( назад)
Bell looks like a Skier when he runs, he's cuts back and forth.

Автор JAIME GARCIA ( назад)
It Really Needs to be Steelers & Cowboys Super Bowl.
Steelers Fan !

Автор BmoreBirds Nest ( назад)
everyone knew Miami was gonna lose this game....

Автор Cash Dunn ( назад)
Look at that facemask at 4:04 it's just sad

Автор Zakk ( назад)
they should have not let moore back in, he did way worse once he got up
from that hit. he lost the ball like 3 times after that hit

Автор II S H O C K II ( назад)

Автор Samuel oskey ( назад)
Steelers are so dirty its pathetic.

Автор AthELITE ( назад)
Brown is A TD MACHINE...Business is BOOMIN BABY LEGO

Автор Cam newton12346 ( назад)
last time matt moore was on leniz field we broke his leg

Автор novato tornero ( назад)
Miami's back up QB, Moore is pathetic, he is no match for the Steelers

Автор Yahspoet Leon Ben Yahudah The Poetic Wordsmith ( назад)
Here we go Steelers Here we go!!!!

Автор Matt B ( назад)
I give it to Alonso playing with a broken thumb isn't easy

Автор Gangstabob716 ( назад)
Steelers-Packers superbowl, called it

Автор suzuki400boi ( назад)
Shazier is beyond his years. Keeping guys out of BS on the field. He's
quickly becoming the leader of that Defense.

Автор Tony Gilmour ( назад)
wimpfins can't tackle

Автор tnnt3317 ( назад)
I know the Dolphins lost but 5:20 tho!!!!

Автор Dominik Baldone ( назад)
That hit tho 👍🏻🖕🖕 we up if y'all play like u did y'all will go all the
way black and yellow flag up

Автор Mako vlogs //123456789 ( назад)
Let's go steelers one down 2 to go

Автор Devin Hornberger ( назад)
Miami needs practice

Автор Steelersfan 055 ( назад)

Автор beck olson ( назад)
steelers got this one in the bag

Автор Amf JIGGA ( назад)
Bell🔔 is a beast 👹

Автор A Michigan State Fan ( назад)

Автор A Michigan State Fan ( назад)

Автор super wong ( назад)
good game steelers

Автор Catherine Moore ( назад)
Big Ben running the ball himself should've been a highlight

Автор shlong gnong ( назад)
Now these are the dolphins we've come to know and love!

Автор Pres10_k ( назад)
New England vs Seattle superbowl rematch !

Автор Cam Norman 17-2 Forever ( назад)
Don't worry Dolphins fan, once we pick up Jimmy G from the Pats and Alshon
Jefferey, we're gonna be the best team now hand me W's

Автор ZepG ( назад)
I thought it was Good Friday because I witnessed a good ole Pittsburgh fish

Автор Gil Cavazos Jr ( назад)
Dolphins lost by letting Moore play after that big hit

Автор Neil 28 ( назад)
Everyone is saying that the dolphins lost because they had a bad qb. Does
the qb control and bad defense?

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