Giants vs. Steelers | NFL Week 13 Game Highlights

The Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the New York Giants, 24-14, in Week 13 of the 2016 NFL season!

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Длительность: 4:41
Комментарии: 1589

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Автор Carmen Coronado ( назад)
the patriots won the Superbowl because they cheated

Автор Nataniel Casears ( назад)
Two dopest teams in the nfl (Giants fan)

Автор Stephanie Chen ( назад)
Lawrence Timmons running is the best part of this video.

Автор Mister Anything ( назад)
How did they play if there in different divisions?

Автор Eric Hill ( назад)
I was at this game

Автор Justin Fencsak ( назад)
super bowl preview?

Автор domanick McCullough ( назад)
I don't know if I like that or not because I like both of the teams

Автор domanick McCullough ( назад)
don't mess with the Steelers

Автор jeziel ortiz ( назад)
the steelers or the best

Автор michael rodriguez ( назад)
ok, "let's go steelers" we out of here

Автор Zyon White ( назад)
Antonio won this match

Автор SwaggerLikeMe2009 ( назад)

- $1,000,000 FINE
- Loss of 1st Round Draft Pick
- Big Ben Suspended 4 games

CHEATERS!!!!! Where is the NFL on this?

Автор Josh Lee ( назад)
even Robert griffen the 3 is better

Автор Josh Lee ( назад)
he is trash

Dont understand

They just beat the cowboys again tho

Автор Bacon CheeseBurger ( назад)
don't blame the Giants the steelers won cuz of deflated footballs cheaters

Автор Highlight Galaxy ( назад)
Deflate Gate part two

Автор SteelCity1981 ( назад)
i think the steelers defense is 1 or 2 years away from being a superbowl contender defense. after 3 years of rebuilding our defense is really coming along on to be on pace as one of the top defenses in the league.

Автор Benjamin Beckham ( назад)
Eli sucks again and Thank you Eli 👏😡

Автор selah. is number 1. iam. Beautiful huh ( назад)
They are. Amazzzzzzzinggggg

Автор selah. is number 1. iam. Beautiful huh ( назад)
I think that the Seattle Seahawks would take on the Steelers and the Giants

Автор weverton damasceno ( назад)
Steelers o Brasil tem ama.

Автор Kube XXIII ( назад)
Hard to beat the Steelers in Pittsburgh, especially when you can't score points

Автор Antonio Nino Brown ( назад)
did odell play that game? i only seen em catch garbage time balls

Автор Le Mute ( назад)
What Odell wants for Christmas......a real QB

Автор Ernesto Juarez ( назад)
at leat giants did not lost to the cowboys and we did not lost to 6 or5 games we only lost 3 for the giants

Автор Ayo Jahhh ( назад)
everybody is saying defense this defense that I'm scared for the steelers defense going into the playoffs. we're top 10-15 in every category

Автор coolmathgame Alokoa ( назад)
Steelers defense still got it.

Автор Víctor Valencia ( назад)

Автор Jack Boone ( назад)
There's a lot of turnovers

Автор Ed Cruz ( назад)
Did Manning forget that Cruz was playing? that's the problem he only looks one way..

Автор David C ( назад)
Manning, after more than a decade in this league, is still throwing off his pivot foot that usually results in INTs. Shepherd was wide open heading into the endzone and had Manning just take the second to set his foot and step up the throw it's an easy TD, instead the killer INT pretty much sealed the game.

Автор Bruhhh ( назад)
Since when was Lawrence Timmons a WR for the giants? Excellent pass by Eli.

Автор DanielSkin Plays ( назад)
Come on steelers lets go all the way to the super bowl.

Автор Jaydon Amaral ( назад)
go cowboys not a baned wagon fan ..

Автор Boston Hoskins ( назад)
Giant's Fan's retarded @exposehim

Автор Boston Hoskins ( назад)
Giant's Fan's retarded @exposehim

Автор Kareem ( назад)
Eli has never had a season where the giants gave up less pts than Pitt defense. while Ben has been at Pitt, they've had 3 seasons of allowing 14 points. that's impressive. while i think Ben is better, I think Eli gets too much criticism from ppl who blindly think they're defense has carried Eli.

Автор joe Poe ( назад)
Big Ben is da man......he's getting older tho...

Автор Trevor Neece ( назад)
Glad we saw Eli apple pick off Eli Rodgers. It only would've been better if Eli manning threw the pick

Автор jnyfumare ( назад)
This was a BEAT DOWN.

Автор Allen Stewart ( назад)
calibre 50 contigp

Автор Shayne Smith ( назад)
if we made the 4th down at the 5 yard line ( not in the video) and the TD instead of timmons pick it would have been a closer game

Eli should leave like for real or we need better blockers

Автор mrrusss ( назад)
Where's the highlight of Eli diving on the ground when he saw James Harrison running toward him but was still, like, five steps away?

Автор rick fedorick ( назад)
Giants #20 is literally blocking the wr with his back to the qb? lol How the hell is that not a penalty? Where is the league office?........ New York!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Kingfisher Yellow jackets ( назад)
Giants sucked,they got demolished by the steelers

Автор KvFv Productions ( назад)
Steelers win a game because of refs clearly

Автор Luis Lara ( назад)
How long is Eli gonna live off of those Superbowl wins

Автор MegaAbomb ( назад)
damn Eli sucks. couldn't understand why everyone wanted him over Ben in the interviews leading up to this game

Автор Patrick Roll ( назад)
Big Ben is 74-25 as a starter at home. 75% winning percentage is pretty damn good. Giants didn't get exposed, they just played a team in the other conference thats been really good at home for a long time

Автор Dermot mc loughlin ( назад)
I could watch that final sack on Manning all day long.

Автор I AM Zero223 ( назад)

Автор Abijah Fuimaono ( назад)

Автор Jordan Wood ( назад)
Best WR and best RB in the league #SteelerNAtion

Автор YFK Juice ( назад)
yall lost to Dallas anyways

Автор Lebron Flames ( назад)
I was at the game and it was a legit win for the steelers I am a steelers fan so

Автор Stevie Steve ( назад)
Game of the week

Автор Cam Newton Network ( назад)
go to 1:23 and look at the top of the screen....why didn't roethlisberger throw it??

Автор Wei-Tang Wang ( назад)
Giants still has no run game since week 1....sigh

Автор YFK Juice ( назад)
we had one bad game can't win em all

Автор cavin chism ( назад)
Damn big Ben has beating Eil since 2004.

Автор ElitePanCake 645 ( назад)
0:13 can someone tell me why that's a hold?

Автор big time channel ( назад)
i love seeing giants lose

Автор Jovanni Rahimzadeh ( назад)
We gave them giants a FAT L!!!!

Автор slyk1d22 gaming ( назад)
Slayed the giants

Автор Not Queendopest ( назад)
Steelers Are Gonna Win The Super Bowl💯

Автор COLLEGROVE ( назад)
Green looking like Miller

Автор Trey Rainey ( назад)
Good, we're on a roll now. We just need to keep it going.

Автор Trey Rainey ( назад)
Good, we're on a roll now. We just need to keep it going.

Автор The Mlg Pirate ( назад)
Odell is a Showoff

Автор F0RG1V3N ( назад)
Its the O-line.

Автор A Michigan State Fan ( назад)

Автор FINEST Tv ( назад)
Giants defense for the game was alful leading steelers a touchdown and a game to lose

Автор rick fedorick ( назад)
Is it true that a Steeler tore an achillies trippiing on the 23rd flag thrown against the Steelers?

Автор Jack Colafella ( назад)
Good W Steelers. Giants, hold this L! Next up for Sixburgh, the Bills.

Автор Pat Etim ( назад)
Made Odell look stupid on that pick lmao.

Автор MeanGreeneBrownDestroyingMachine #75Retired ( назад)
Don't take it to hard New York you still have a wildcard spot

Автор Erik Wold ( назад)
Eli Manning is trash, especially for being in the league for so long

Автор Syd ( назад)
We beat the giants... On to the Bills!

Автор djbrothabill ( назад)
Bullshyt game,,was controlled from the beginning,when giants got ball.refs r the controllers .Another point ,green was featured receiver in this script game.Elite never threw a pass down field,,,,huh?

Автор Trcikez CAN ( назад)

Автор Rocket ( назад)
So the same thing that happened to Brady happened to manning in end zone but different flags

Автор Dontae Byrd ( назад)
The steelers are my team

Автор angel angel Ortega ( назад)
The giants lose to the steelers and now their trash I guess the steelers must be trash to since they only scored 3 points that one game

Автор Joey Caromano ( назад)
d looking better

Автор Sawyer SGC ( назад)

Автор ryujen shogun ( назад)
now how was that holding at the first play?!?!?

Автор Tragicv3 ( назад)
this man called Jenkins DRC

Автор Eduardo Chi Verde ( назад)
nooo the giants

Автор Jay Gwaka ( назад)
That'ts why no one takes the Giants seriously. Eli can't be trusted and no running game.

Автор Tristan Marinski ( назад)
Go stellers

Автор skfrontrowview ( назад)
ravens rolling and the steelers rolling

Автор skfrontrowview ( назад)
afc north might just send 2 teams to the playoffs

Автор Ray Uzi Veft ( назад)
Eli manning needs to GO

Автор Young Sachi ( назад)
Can't wait for Sunday. Dallas going to show everyone the first week was a fluke.

Автор Pix Burgh ( назад)
gg NYG. good luck against Dallas

Автор Jakedaboss 85 ( назад)
where's Sammie Coates

Автор Pablo Ramos ( назад)
eli won those rings because he had a defense & because a few lucky plays . he is not elite . Hes just a decent qb

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