Two Awesome Dancing Kids

Two children dance in a talent contest and do some amazing acrobats.

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Длительность: 3:25
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Автор shahad alobydi (6 часов)
الله يحمي الاطفال ماشاء الله ان لهما قدره في مرونه جسميهما فهذه قدره وموهبه
في نفس الوقت

Автор Catherine-Louise Mohammed (3 дня)

Автор Isaac kamanga (9 часов)
this is really incredible and amazing

Автор manjeet singh (13 дней)
Ukraine got talent if m not wrong?

Автор Waman Bapat (5 дней)
Too Good

Автор Eya Youta Khelil (14 дней)
تبارك الله
وحمي كل طفل فالاطفال زينة الحياة الدنيا

Автор SkillzyFromKidZ :D (6 дней)
They two will marry next time

Автор Naila Garcia (1 день)
DAMMMM I COULDN'T do that even in my DREAMS so INSPIRING 🔥😜😍😘❤👍👌👫

Автор Nyotalia Nordics 5 (22 дня)
1 acronym, 3 words.


Can't do that in a million years

Автор Bhavya M (22 дня)

Автор MultiChantal22 (16 дней)
Omg, why they cheered just over a handstand??? 

Автор tubettaja2 (20 дней)
i bet they are some kind aliens or least asians

Автор Mela Melania (13 дней)

Автор 1ofakind (3 дня)
It's like gravity didn't even exist while they were dancing

Автор SATWIKA RAJ (2 дня)
What a fantastic performance

Автор Kay Kwala (25 дней)
OMG, So unbelievable moves for kids

Автор FairyPrincess Nyx (11 дней)
Wow! That was incredible!
I wouldn't call it dancing as much as acrobatics, but nonetheless, it's

Автор Steven Paul (1 день)
no its not amazing ITS AWESOME

Автор torn chaya (6 дней)
Two children dance in a talent contest and do some amazing acrobats.


Автор leo sun (1 месяц)
i dont think they have much time for other thinks like...beeing children

Автор Jolanta Poland (2 дня)
Fantastic, both of them!!!

Автор KATIE BROWDER (10 дней)

Автор Creature 101 (9 дней)
So talented how old are they even 

Автор Trish A (7 дней)
How did they even. I can't even. Holy. WOW!!!😲

Автор Doña Mona (16 дней)
Impresionante, me quedo sin palabras. esto es mucha habilidad y destreza. 

Автор Bianca Carvalho (4 часа)
Perfeito !!

Автор Afsana Tithi (4 дня)
OMG! just like doll <3

Автор Stella Allignet (23 дня)
Beautiful and impressive, especially for their age!

Автор Luxmi Pratheepan (18 дней)
OMG that would be so painful i would have ripped my jeans 

Автор wolf 555 (2 месяца)
They're really talented, but I feel the shock factor is their age. If
adults did this, it wouldn't be so good, now would it? And their mum must
have made them practise A LOT, and I'm not sure if that's a good thing.

Автор Rashinda Hampton (15 дней)
So stinking cute I wonder how old they are now

Автор mass team (24 дня)
i will poke my computer poke (powers down) 

Автор Nick Flix (23 дня)
What's in the water that they've been drinking? Amazing kids.

Автор Dom Hutchins (8 дней)
and i can barely do a push up :c

Автор Tintin Caragao (13 дней)
Goose Bumps So Awesome i likes it 

Автор Rafal Kruszyna (23 дня)
jak to jest możliwe !!!!!

Автор Jay Law (2 дня)
that so awesome

Автор Israel Tiroyaone Daniel Mokgwathi (13 дней)
this is just waw, they are born with it

Автор Yefferson González (3 дня)
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. nopuede ser 

Автор Φαιδρα Παπασωτηρακοπουλου (1 месяц)
why there are so many dislikes?i mean what they are doing it's just amazing
and they are just kids!so however disliked is just jealous!

Автор merna al kazak (23 дня)
it's kind of scary to watch

Автор Judine Somerville (8 дней)
they are good

Автор Linda Vanuška (9 дней)
omg!its werry good

Автор Mary Grace Araño (17 дней)
I just love these kids... when I was there age, the only thing I knew was
hung my legs against the wall but they, amazing! :)

Автор Seb Ronquillo (22 дня)
you guys are so cute and good dancing

Автор Dale Kitchell (23 дня)
i can not even do that.I'm ten. I wish it was in english

Автор ti Nen (1 год)
i like it :-*

Автор Gabriella01111 (1 год)
Extreme Control

Автор LeSuperCheesepuff (1 год)
What, Dah, fu...

Автор rafaela lapinha (1 год)
Great grest many great

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