Two Awesome Dancing Kids

Two children dance in a talent contest and do some amazing acrobats.

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Добавлено: 4 года
Длительность: 3:25
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Автор phutsadi tachasan-urai (2 дня)
awesome kids...>___<

Автор Susan Griffin (5 дней)

Автор StoneThug Music (3 дня)
Wow ! 

Автор Anu Guria (19 дней)

Автор Damien Newman (1 месяц)
And i have trouble sitting up from laying down...

Автор Blossom Paradise (20 часов)
So awesome I bet they took a lot of skill to do that!

Автор qw zuzuki (1 день)
wow :O

Автор Toader Man (1 день)
Several times I thought I was about to witness a rape. Jk. Those kids are
too strong and you can tell they are going to be the next big thing.

Автор Billie Weddell (1 день)
their strong

Автор Raman Jai (22 часа)

Автор Wendy Jovin (1 день)
my goodness

Автор sonicaema (2 дня)
I hate them :(....I don't even have 1/3 of their skill
damn they r so good <3

Автор giorgos men (1 день)

Автор Kim Jongin (2 дня)

Автор Verca Pribylova (2 дня)

Автор nasim ahmed (2 дня)
really awosome 

Автор Michikoa Hatsumay (1 день)
that moms must be really Proud of her Children i know i would my Children
are Quite Flexible they are working on holding there Body Strength im still
teaching them a Little but my children are nothing Compared to These <3 (i
still love my Children for who they are though <3)

Автор Madam Fisunia (4 дня)

Автор Chimere Taylor (2 дня)
omg..speechless. so wonderful.

Автор Bing Bong (4 дня)
Filmed in glorious PotatoVision™

Автор Carolina Yébenes Ocaña (4 дня)
I <3 KIDS 

Автор Ava Mayfield (2 дня)
Omg I'm 7 and I can't do that lol

Автор Debaraj Ojha (3 дня)

Автор Nguyễn Nhật (6 дней)
Wow! I love that. Omg

Автор mafe capera (5 дней)

Автор Maggie Nochez (4 дня)

Автор Mike Bijesh (4 дня)
that is just awesome <3

Автор Mesbah Hossain Azmaeen (6 дней)
hOw CuTe DaY r!!!!!!!!!! JuSt AwEsOmE........

Автор Jasianna Esprit (4 дня)
I hope they win because they were awesome : )

Автор Judith Ollivierre (8 дней)
so adorable

Автор Hanamantharaya Lingshetty (6 дней)
Cute kids and nice coreography

Автор Luna Morales (6 дней)
miralo silvi

Автор paul alves (8 дней)
VERY Talented! 

Автор Katika Tito (9 дней)

Автор lydia Stalidi (16 дней)

Автор Esmeralda De La Cruz (12 дней)
There soooooo cute.

Автор Hà Huy (11 дней)

Автор ian casanova (10 дней)
w0oow Amazing 

Автор Premnath Selvaraj (12 дней)
Jaw dropping Performance........

Автор Frances Burgess (11 дней)
so cot and amazing:-) :-) :-) :-(

Автор Charlene Stone (12 дней)
so cute to cute

Автор Σήλια Διαμαντή (20 дней)
Δεν υπάρχει....

Автор Nadim Khandakar (11 дней)
So nice & cute

Автор april ballantyne (12 дней)

Автор leo fantino (18 дней)

Автор cindy espinola (15 дней)
wow.. amazing kids

Автор Baiss Mabiala (28 дней)
Soooooooooo Cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Nazia Zafrin Chandni (12 дней)
I LOVE BOTH OF THEM..............SO CUTE......

Автор Raja gopal (17 дней)
amazing dance

Автор Patricia Cote (18 дней)
WOW that was gr8 

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