Frilly Pink Satin Sissy dolled up

Sissy Mincing to please Mummy

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Длительность: 3:10
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Автор Taisha Hime (7 месяцев)
Very good sweetie #frilly slut

Автор Kalinda Khan (5 лет)
youre a woman right?

Автор stefanybody (5 лет)
what your doing is really creepy. 4real,,,, you need help

Автор boothman127 (5 лет)
So sweet and adorable. Such a lovely presentation. Thank you

Автор scjacqui (5 лет)
You are just the cutest thing Priscilla!!!

Автор arnold112233 (5 лет)
such a pretty pansy

Автор SissyMichelle75 (6 лет)
Pretty video, great dress, thanks for sharing. And happy new year.

Автор Gabiotta (5 лет)
Some ignorant redneck suggested i watch this to piss me off, it didn't. Top

Автор PriscillaPinkpussy (5 лет)
oh no....I am a sissy doll.... *sigh* ....

Автор rachel s (2 года)
so cute!

Автор girlymaid (5 лет)
Darling Priscilla You are a very sweet little sissy girl . Do not let the
jerk off upset you . My oppinion is he is probabley jealous of you for
following your heart ,and doing what he can not do . All my love sweet one

Автор JOHN M. HAGSTROM (6 лет)
Just precious. Who wouldn't wanna make love to this sweetie?

Автор SEAMUS501 (5 лет)
Adorable sweet sissy mincing. Your pretty dresses are so feminine. Nice
presentation, very girlie.

Автор burning9flag9liberty (4 года)
wanna dikk sweetei?

Автор Rickie Muth (5 лет)
You are so pretty. I wish to make you mine. I loveyou.

Автор browntrackies (4 года)
Hot sissy, creepy as hell music, and quite frankly bizzare lol Keep up the

Автор torontoteddy62 (5 лет)
Pretty little white dress and sexy legs in stockings.

Автор Diapers4me24 (4 года)
Amazing Dress got something like it myself

Автор SissyOlivia (3 года)
What a gorgeous sissy! You look so great. Your mommy should be very happy.

Автор annalouise blackburn (6 лет)
You look so pretty Annalouise xx

Автор 65REASONSTOLIE (3 года)
Very very exciting! Adorable!

Автор Suzee555 (6 лет)
You are such a pretty sissy....Kisses, suzee

Автор sonicshadoweggman (5 лет)
hat for her courage to express herself? She has not only her own, but also
a unique style? what?

Автор girlymaid (5 лет)
Well if you do not like the Vid do not watch it .She has gentle spirit . If
more people where like her may perhaps this world would be in better shape

Автор tgrllover (6 лет)
would love to make love to you

Автор tm7979 (4 года)
I wish i could be dressed as cute as you darling. I am a very shy little
sissy, and do not have such pretty little girly dresses as the ones you do.

Автор Annewies (6 лет)
Love you

Автор prissytits (6 лет)
mmmm Mummy must be so pleased with her simoering little sweet sissy

Автор barney269 (6 лет)
I would never tire of playing with you sweetheart!

Автор rachel s (3 года)
I so love you! Crying...

Автор vasa1628 (4 года)
Love the wrist to ankle ribbons. i have started to use it myself(hope you
do not mind) with one of my pink satin little girl dresses which has big
ribbon bows and petticoats i also pin small frilly panties on each side to
hold with one finger and thumb when curtsing, mincing,prancing and girly
gooing my gusset . thanks i watch your vids every time i dress as a sissy.

Автор scjacqui (5 лет)
You are just adorable!

Автор Novice Novice (2 года)
Amazing music. What is it called?

Автор juliastarruk (4 года)
love the frills

Автор Tyler James (5 лет)

Автор richard lawless (5 лет)
you need a dildo honey !

Автор ArielDarkBlade69 (4 года)
Why is it guys always have hot legs?

Автор Sammie Flagon (5 лет)
My my you are such a pretty little sissy.

Автор stefanybody (5 лет)
its creepy and everyone knows it a grown man in a little girl outfit
showing his panties and dancing to a creepy song very disturbing

Автор sweetwater69 (5 лет)
stefanybody, If you have a problem looking at this, you shouldn't do it
instead of posting intolerant thoughts. For me, Priscilla has her own and
unique style. Chapeau for her courage to express herself.

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