Male Jaguar vs Green Anaconda - HD

This scene is from the movie "Jungle Cat" made by Walt Disney, starring a "normal" female Jaguar and a melanistic male Jaguar.
A "Black Panther" is NOT a separate species of cat. A black panther is simply put a nickname for melanistic Jaguars and melanistic Leopards.
A Jaguar is a lot more strongly and heavily build than a Leopard and Jaguars have the shortest tail on average compared to it's big cat relatives, while a Leopard has the longest. So it's quite easy to distinguish the two from each other.

Enjoy the video!

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Автор Max Larsen ( назад)
Jaguar can drag 100 KG on the ground without any problem compared to a
leopard or chetah.

Автор Utkan Aktaş ( назад)
This Jaguar not mature still young in his youth(ı assume).. And he is
tryin' his hunting skills....

Автор war machine ( назад)
Good training yes

Автор war machine ( назад)
Lol kills it cause it knows its a pest n its bad not even worth eating 

Автор Lord Dominus ( назад)
oh Jaguar claws XD

Автор AG ( назад)
Why did the jaguar kill it for no reason? Animals usually kill to eat.

Автор MrSMGun ( назад)
way to go cats..... nice job

Автор Giovanni Parks ( назад)
That's a small anaconda guys of course the jaguar can win this one.There's
more bigger and huge ones that can really knock this jaguar down.Probably
can even kill it.

Автор Shona Simpson ( назад)
the narrator says the anaconda had the advantage in the water but jaguars
are one of the big cats who like water so the jaguar had the advantage the
whole time plus the female would help him if he needed it.

Автор Panther123ism ( назад)
If Nobody know this black jaguar are also called black panther, cougar, and
more commonly black leopards!

Автор blayve32 ( назад)
I ought to show this video to my lazy cat to see if it'll inspire a work

Автор LeaBauDel ( назад)
Es depende de quien ataca primero....

Автор Minish Gamer ( назад)
jaguar have so lucky normaly the snake can kill im

Автор Cornil Dariy ( назад)
and the face-off says the anaconda wins

Автор wolfonamission ( назад)
Announcer sounds like a gaywad from the fifties.

Автор Gennaro rossi ( назад)
nice this jaguar is the bomb!
it's nice like he killed just for the heck of it. I admire his
determination other than his strength

Автор philly1weis ( назад)
Get it! Death to all snakes!

Автор 667nikolas ( назад)
i like the music...!

Автор SnakeVenom Prime ( назад)
Poor Anaconda <:(

Автор E3Gamer ( назад)
Cah and Bageerah

Автор Aerik Sanderson ( назад)
Poor anaconda 

Автор Chris tanto ( назад)
Kinda look like a staged scene to me :/

Автор Victoria Bubis ( назад)

Автор Miss Ay Beauty ( назад)
its like a R rated Jungle Book

Автор bububububak ( назад)
what a bitch, killing it just for the kicks!

Автор ms. will always love my life ( назад)

It looked like the anaconda was losing this battle, 'cause it seemed to be
getting tired of fighting with the panther.

Автор Vissaeus ( назад)
curiosity dont kill the cat this time

Автор TheSushiandme ( назад)
The female Jaguar reminds me of my first manager. She will always come in
for the reward and glory when I did all the work. I even got yelled by the
supervisor for her actions once. LOL XD

Автор Bong ( назад)

Автор Trendyrapslut ( назад)

Автор Meddy Ikemo ( назад)
party seeking ate for his wife and his son, it's a good male

Автор 115KillerZombie ( назад)
Please dude, don't be ignorant. Its a jaguar. Do some research on the word

Автор Emanuel TOMA ( назад)
I think that is actually a black panther

Автор YellowDuster ( назад)
Anaconda: "Somebody puh leeze get this ole foolish cat."

Автор tz125r ( назад)
Good on the the jaguar

Автор xLoB63x ( назад)
"the moment the enemy is disposed of, the jaguars ignore it completely"
what a line

Автор Dimi Domo ( назад)
I never tire of watching this short film. Ah, nature at its finest. Thanks
for the upload.

Автор Sirseaspraysr ( назад)
Similar-sized mammals enjoy an enormous energy advantage. We do, however,
find crocodiles big enough to survive lion pride attacks and constrictors
large enough to defeat any cat. Reptiles can theoretically grow to
Prehistoric proportions given sufficient food which appears to be the sole
limiting factor. Such a food supply is not easily found, however.

Автор SAMAND33 ( назад)
"Under ideal conditions reptiles can grow to ridiculously large sizes,
making them immune to big predators." That is not the case because in
Africa we have seen honey badger killing giant rock python. Rock pythons
are known killing and swallowing large Gazzels.

Автор Sirseaspraysr ( назад)
Under ideal conditions reptiles can grow to ridiculously large sizes,
making them immune to big predators. Under normal conditions, however,
mammals easily defeat similarly-sized reptiles because reptiles eat 10
times less & tire easily (as depicted here). Reptiles inefficiently depend
on sunlight to supplement a lot of their energy. Consequently, Reptiles
find it difficult competing with mammals without exploiting some type of
angle (water, poison, etc).

Автор KatyBandida ( назад)
this snake looks tired, why didnt it attack the jaguar ?

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Автор Greg Kosinski ( назад)
that female jaguar has jungle fever.

Автор B-rad Summerz ( назад)
I bet if the snake was bigge those faggot jaguars wont stand a chance

Автор Sonnia De Dunqua ( назад)
nidalee vs cassiopia

Автор promiscuo kike ( назад)
tom and jerry banda sonora jja

Автор Dora Araiza ( назад)
Playtime ! Awesomeee

Автор al coburn ( назад)
I'm Batman

Автор Robomatic1000 ( назад)
1:49 look at those muscular arms, holy crap =O

Автор George Barcenas ( назад)
Damn. Didn't even eat it. Boss status

Автор anne smith ( назад)
thats one tough kitty

Автор DJ Gona Georgia ( назад)

Автор Goji Galvi 14 ( назад)
OMG that's crazy.

Автор nkululeko sithole ( назад)

Автор Goji73 ( назад)
Bagheera whooped Kaa's ass

Автор Ian Renz ( назад)
Jaguar should not fight with anaconda cause they are creation of God

Автор ChrisKayMan2 ( назад)
look what humans do to feed

Автор eipbass1 ( назад)
^ Correct. There actually is no such thing as a Black Panther.

Автор Antoine Wall ( назад)
kills it but doesnt eat it

Автор miniman mize ( назад)
That's a panther

Автор CROUCHING TIGER ( назад)
Jaguars are sick

Автор Manon Tavernier ( назад)
Yeeeeaah Jaguars won ! :D i was ready to cry if he died.

Автор Zomba ( назад)
'They ignore it completely' What assholes hilarious but still assholes

Автор alicatrocker ( назад)
I wouldn't say the jaguar kills for pleasure. He simply knows that the
anaconda would do the same to him or his young if it had the chance, so he
took it out while he could.

Автор 115KillerZombie ( назад)
It must suck having to correct so many people who comment calling the
jaguar a panther. I only say this because you got over 3 million views on
this video. I would've given up by now.

Автор principekaelthas ( назад)
es un jaguar

Автор Namikaze Minato ( назад)
should have red the description.....

Автор Namikaze Minato ( назад)
well,i've always known them as black panthers,but yeah u're right!

Автор IamMarrow ( назад)
Black panther is just a nickname for melanistic jaguars and

Автор Namikaze Minato ( назад)
that was a black panther....

Автор oi mum look ( назад)
lol the ending

Автор Emidretrauqe ( назад)
Then it would have definitely killed that jaguar.

Автор Riacho Molhado ( назад)
From Brazil.

Автор Efre mendez ( назад)
very carefully... so as to not ruin the beautiful coat.

Автор Jason Soto ( назад)
dumb snake... y u no kill cat? o-o

Автор Kikavi Sumi ( назад)

Автор ronald raymond ( назад)
leopard: where is the lion king? here i come, i show him who is the king

Автор harry balls ( назад)
gay music

Автор NationalSniper ( назад)
Why doesn't the Anaconda fight back? All it has to do it strike at it, bite
it (once a snake holds it won't let go) and wrap around the jaguar and
strangle it.

Автор Kirk Sailey ( назад)
For money...

Автор henriette Kueny ( назад)

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Автор desi97244 ( назад)
How old is this? A good one.

Автор greatgambino ( назад)
great video. On an old mutual of Omaha Wild Kingdom show there was a
similar confrontation with a Jaguar and a larger Anaconda. The Anaconda
pulled the jaguar into the water and began to wrap around him. The jaguar
barely escaped with its life.

Автор Angela Batista ( назад)
que coisa !!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор stevo388 ( назад)
That is one determined jaguar lol

Автор Nicol Hernandez ( назад)
uis que buena pelea

Автор ChocoholicZombie ( назад)
Cats are arseholes...

Автор Alejandro Diaz Galaz ( назад)

Автор Alejandro Diaz Galaz ( назад)

Автор Jeniffer Valero ( назад)
Que asco odio a las serpientes anacondas o como sea que se llamen las

Автор Marcuskilinen1 ( назад)
Kill that disgusting piece of shit snake!

Автор Macade White ( назад)
Typical woman comes in after all the work is done and acts like she did all
the work

Автор Tudizt4r ( назад)
But a leopard would thrive in both :)

Автор DadnBrad Dollo ( назад)
Typical cat.

Автор Captain Brannigan ( назад)
HOLY FUCK.. Its like watching a scene from an old school monster movie

Автор jourdaina smith ( назад)

Автор ILuvGodsCreatures ( назад)
Bagheera and his friend finally got Kaa... XD

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