My First UDK Game

This is literly my first UDK game, its single player but pretty short. Its kinda a WIP. Enjoy , Rate , comment and suscribe

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Добавлено: 5 лет
Длительность: 3:34
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Автор alejandro benito (10 месяцев)
why so mean its pretty good for a first timer

Автор Truegamer205 (11 месяцев)
Hey guys ive been wondering, ive got this idea in my head for a game that
takes place in a real world location but ive been putting off trying to
actually make it cause im not sure if you have to have permission from said
locations local goverment or whatever to use it ive seen in other games
like GTA: SA for example places like Los Angeles being renamed los santos
and what not anyone got any clue?

Автор Janis Reinberger (1 год)
You are GENIUS!

Автор Jordan L. (3 года)
its his first game guys, why so mean?

Автор Haytham Yosre (4 года)
Nice in design the map but i don't like to use same original build weapon
Focus in design Maps and get books u will get Work in company Pm me let see
ur Work ill Rate it

Автор Nikhil85859645 (3 года)
Too many cutscenes!!!!

Автор Richard Sháněl (4 года)
Tesselate the terrain height map... it looks pretty like my ass :S

Автор cjam496 (3 года)
@cplhicks4744 If you're really good with level design and coding, then give
it a whirl.

Автор GhostReconGuy (4 года)
I'd tone the amount of cutscenes you had in there, maybe improve the camera
in the cutscenes also. But you've done a very good job :)

Автор felpen537 (3 года)
very good for first time, this looks cool i have just started going threw
the tutorials myself.

Автор Człowiek Drzewo (4 года)
this camera is crazy xd

Автор Mr. LargoFeet (3 года)
Not too bad for a first timer. Too many cutscenes, and it feels like the
camera doesn't know which way if up and which way is left, along with the
drunken bobbing back and forth.

Автор solarboy48 (3 года)
I think he did well. UDK is not a simple program for a beginner to
immediatly whip out an amazing game with. Instead of criticizing, you could
give constructive criticism. Tends to work better.

Автор CakelyBakely (3 года)
well if it isnt the spawnkiller!

Автор wallyz11 (4 года)

Автор Daaloul Chiheb (3 года)
UDK first use O_o I'm impressed !!!! I'm going to learn how to use this 3d
engine and right now ^^

Автор Rob Lofty (4 года)
you could make that outline on the gun an advantage you could make HUD tha
kinda glows so it gives stuff out lines

Автор sickmoooocow (4 года)
Good job on the level design, you didn't overdo it too much with the
geometry. Overall, worry less about a full-fledged game, just work on
adding polish to the map and the scripts first.

Автор Gazmqu333 (3 года)
For a first. WONDERFUL! great job dude seems like lots of fun

Автор solarboy48 (3 года)
I think he did well. UDK is not a simple program for a beginner to quickly
whip out an amazing game with. Instead of criticizing, you could give
constructive criticism. Tends to work better.

Автор RaZoRfIsHiE (4 года)
I got a headache after the cutscenes, but nice!

Автор Rafacribas (2 года)
wtf just happened

Автор Wyvern Yarillo (4 года)
How did you make the ray of light and this awesome fog ? :o

Автор BlackedVideo (3 года)

Автор alahad (4 года)
amazing... please just don't make it an fps... I love them but... please
don't we have sooo many...

Автор twowordstosay (4 года)
You sir, fucked up

Автор Zarth Kade (4 года)
Instead of all these cut scenes, make thep layer actually epxlor the place
him slef instead of just having the camera fly aroundl ike that.

Автор phantumgrey (3 года)
Nice movie!

Автор zakorsumtin (4 года)
the cut scenes every 3 seconds reminds me of final fantasy

Автор DrQuijano (4 года)
@Jaarillo That's supposed to be with particle systems.

Автор peppage (4 года)
How long did this take you?

Автор I don't know what to call this s**t (3 года)
Cool but keep in mind that your making a game and not a movie. What do
gamers want ?? You understood they want cutscenes but behind does cutscenes
you need a story because just aliens running around doesn't making any
sense. Then what do gamers want before thinking about anything else ?? a
good gameplay experiense.(not watching cutscenes all the times). Its good
you have cutscene and you know how to make em but make a story and then a
game and also don't forget to make the gameplay interesting.

Автор AxlCake (4 года)
I seriously hated the camera moving effects D:

Автор felpen537 (3 года)
very good for first time, this looks cool i have just started going threw
the tutorials myself. Keep working and adding to it now you have a game to
work on.

Автор Heavychedder (3 года)
i just downloaded it, its gonna take a lot of videos to learn to use this
shit lol. great job

Автор Spooky Skeleton (3 года)
It uses a lot of Epic's stuff, but still better than my first :P

Автор yumito757 (3 года)
issue it seems is you know what to press anyone else playing the game would
spam the action button on walls, you should make things glow a little to
show that there usable or something.

Автор philip disarro (3 года)
nice job bro just die down on the cut scenes

Автор cjam496 (3 года)
@cplhicks4744 Gears of War 3 is being made in the same exact engine. Just a

Автор aytches (3 года)
I think the camera moves are cool but maybe a bit overdone.

Автор xPancakes4lyf (4 года)
Can you change or create charecters and weapons cause they look realy gay

Автор Tyhsol (4 года)
I think there are too much video scenes. But looks nice.

Автор spicki2 (4 года)
Awsome work!

Автор Sayenna EU (3 года)
you have my full respect !! nice work !

Автор ZeroSevenSixJanos (3 года)
cant say i am a fan of youre work but atleast you tried next time (you
probely heard thiss alot) dont put in that many cutscenes becaus its realy
anoying and disturbing i wish you luck in youre next projects and plz take
these comments as something 2 learn from greatings janos

Автор intelligentopinion (4 года)
that is pretty aweome

Автор Scullzyy (4 года)
Nice work

Автор DaGleese (3 года)
@Rane909 you do realise he didnt make all the textures/models/pretty much
every intricate detail, they come from a game called unreal tournament 3,
and unreal has been going WAYYYYYY longer than halo for his first attempt
with the engine this is pretty damn good, he played around with terrain
editing, made multiple corridors and routes etc most first attempts are
pretty much a room with random things inside them

Автор Dany Mitchel (3 года)
OMG it is just cut seances did you just find out how to make them a little
over kill i think

Автор Evilhax0r (4 года)
Simply awful. You took the tutorial about using a keystroke to start a
cutscene and a triggered cutscene event and spammed them. This isnt a game,
its an abuse of one feature. You even managed to fail most parts of the

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