My First UDK Game

This is literly my first UDK game, its single player but pretty short. Its kinda a WIP. Enjoy , Rate , comment and suscribe

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Автор himavan pranav ( назад)
is it will be hard for begginers. unreal developement kit. than unity 3d

Автор alejandro benito ( назад)
why so mean its pretty good for a first timer

Автор Truegamer205 ( назад)
Hey guys ive been wondering, ive got this idea in my head for a game that
takes place in a real world location but ive been putting off trying to
actually make it cause im not sure if you have to have permission from said
locations local goverment or whatever to use it ive seen in other games
like GTA: SA for example places like Los Angeles being renamed los santos
and what not anyone got any clue?

Автор Janis Reinberger ( назад)
You are GENIUS!

Автор isabel mendocilla ( назад)

Автор Jordan L. ( назад)

Автор mytube363 ( назад)
Good point. No offense to the guy who made this game, But I hate these
kinda games. Like so "Ancient and stuff"

Автор Sephing ( назад)
Yea, The cutscenes got out of hand. It becomes redundant to have a player
run 3 feet then trigger another cutscene. I suggest either have the
character move through the cutscene or have some of those events happen in
real-time gameplay.

Автор TheXyriox ( назад)

Автор Broken Beatz ( назад)
Can i download?

Автор strife2k7 ( назад)
actually, thats good criticism. He indeed has too many cutscenes. In order
for him to improve, he would have to know what to improve on.

Автор Justin Sherlock ( назад)
dafuq lol

Автор onemanarmy675 ( назад)
Jesus Christ guys, give him a break, it's his first goddamn game.

Автор timothy stander ( назад)

Автор TheOnlyDeceiver ( назад)
I like it, but way too many cutscenes and you should have stopped the video
when you killed the guy xP It was an overkill, but Iiked your work :3

Автор Kujikikun ( назад)
it looks great but too much camera panning

Автор Rafacribas ( назад)
wtf just happened

Автор GoldenBlockGaming ( назад)
Assuming we're talking about Killzone 3, it was made on Guerrila's in-house
engine - at least that's what it says on Wiki and some other sites. From
the Wiki: "The rumors of the intervention of Naughty Dog in the development
were denied by Guerrilla: "Guerrilla is working on Killzone 3's graphics
engine all on its own, confirming Naughty Dog has no hand in its

Автор Buddy Sanders ( назад)
Yes, the made KZ3 with the Unreal Engine. I'm pretty sure they did, at

Автор GoldenBlockGaming ( назад)
They didn't use Unreal on KZ3, it's a proprietary in-house engine.

Автор Buddy Sanders ( назад)
It might take a while, but they made KZ3 and GoW with it so yup :D

Автор Ryan Boulton ( назад)
plz can someone answer this say if i download UDK Engine is it possible to
create a whole game like gears of war 3 using only UDK so if i wanted to i
could make gears of war 4 just saying and would it cost money or free

Автор philip disarro ( назад)
nice job bro just die down on the cut scenes

Автор Luke Bellamy ( назад)
/watch?v=OCdGmQ0GLck My udk game. I'd appreciate it if you took a look at
it :)

Автор Nevin Rowan ( назад)
Holy Asian Penis What In The Actual Fuck Did I Just See

Автор Spooky Skeleton ( назад)
It uses a lot of Epic's stuff, but still better than my first :P

Автор KASweetman ( назад)
Was that just a giant cutscen or what? Cuz if so it made no sense

Автор Dany Mitchel ( назад)
OMG it is just cut seances did you just find out how to make them a little
over kill i think

Автор Mr. LargoFeet ( назад)
How well does UDK render fog. I want to create sort of a psychological
horror theme similar to the Silent Hill and Fatal Frame series.

Автор LHGameproductions ( назад)
Better than my first...

Автор EvilLamas ( назад)
And I have no idea what I just watched...

Автор jawbreak1r ( назад)
Better than my first game, pong

Автор Jordan L. ( назад)
its his first game guys, why so mean?

Автор KerythDraws ( назад)
You need to calm down with the camera shots lol, seems more like you just
reaaaaaaally wanted to fiddle with the cinematography which would be fine
if it was good

Автор Cooprocks123e ( назад)
lol the camera clipped through a wall \

Автор Andre Aylward ( назад)
dude one word.... CHECKPOINTS

Автор Vincini28 ( назад)
ohhh i know that gun, i loved it in unreal tournament 3

Автор BlackedVideo ( назад)

Автор Blake Mobbs ( назад)
Very nice game you made, but some of the cinematics were not necessary. IMO

Автор Daudeydou ( назад)
@spacemojo1 key :)

Автор phantumgrey ( назад)
Nice movie!

Автор spacemojo1 ( назад)
@Daudeydou I know I was just making a joke

Автор Daudeydou ( назад)
@spacemojo1 im not saying it's bad it's better than i can

Автор SuperCraftNation ( назад)
look at the games ppl made with unity the look at the games ppl made with
udk wow huge differance udk is better :)

Автор Joaquim Rocha ( назад)
@nin8302 First read tittle "My first UDK Game" Secondly maybe you should
make a video of a better one you made, dont you think?

Автор Papa Giuseppe ( назад)
too many cutscenes but good job

Автор yumito757 ( назад)
issue it seems is you know what to press anyone else playing the game would
spam the action button on walls, you should make things glow a little to
show that there usable or something.

Автор Elemental2029 ( назад)
ok I got udk and started playing around with building levels. but whenever
I play in my level or the UDK Game that came with it, my guy just spins in
circles. I can move and try and fight the spinning but idk how to fix it

Автор cjam496 ( назад)
@cplhicks4744 If you're really good with level design and coding, then give
it a whirl.

Автор Jonathan Beisner ( назад)
@cjam496 no but like for instance if i were to go and build a super
powerful windows 7 and then download the udk beta i could make my own
version of o say morrowind myself on my computer?

Автор Heavychedder ( назад)
i just downloaded it, its gonna take a lot of videos to learn to use this
shit lol. great job

Автор cjam496 ( назад)
@cplhicks4744 Gears of War 3 is being made in the same exact engine. Just a

Автор Jonathan Beisner ( назад)
wait can u only make unreal tournament stuff or can you make a totaly
seperate game?

Автор tminimoney ( назад)
how long did this take to make?

Автор ORDER 66 ( назад)
can you make an on rail shooter on the udk ?

Автор Gazmqu333 ( назад)
For a first. WONDERFUL! great job dude seems like lots of fun

Автор spacemojo1 ( назад)
@Daudeydou Touch The Button "Scene" Move Foward "Scene" END DURP!

Автор FizzProductionsXXX ( назад)
@ministyle98 you have to have a very high end computer to run the graphics
needed in the program... in other words ur computer is telling you that it
cannot run the software because ur graphics card is not compatible with the
software engine... which is C++ and "Unreal Script" for those who dont
know... and no, you cannot modify it...

Автор Daudeydou ( назад)
too many cut scenes

Автор VasPwnz Alot ( назад)
WTF too many cinematics!!

Автор ministyle98 (59 лет назад)
When i wanna instale it it tell error tell Video cart somethhing pls help :(

Автор Daaloul Chiheb ( назад)
UDK first use O_o I'm impressed !!!! I'm going to learn how to use this 3d
engine and right now ^^

Автор du0lol ( назад)
Nice work. I'm still at the very basics on UDK and although yout map is to
me a "what you shouldn't do" lesson, you`ve done a great work with the
cinematics. The level itself works, but looks just pointless. I mean, you
walk forward through a bunch of meaningles static mesh arches on a square
corridor and all... It just doesn't make sense, but you dig how to use the
tools. All you need is creativity and inspiration :D

Автор du0lol ( назад)
@DJAM3R Tell that to Hideo Kojima. Dude loves to fill his games with
pointless cutscenes.

Автор Nikhil85859645 ( назад)
Too many cutscenes!!!!

Автор Inhibitor ( назад)
You could say this is your first stage or map than a game, considering all
the assets and sounds were recycled from Unreal Tournament 3, still nice

Автор 72dew ( назад)
nice work!!! i would call this your first map though instead of game. but
NICE work!! im still learning myself

Автор Dylan ( назад)
You were a bit generous with the cut scene I would include more enemies and
space between the cut scenes.

Автор Sayenna EU ( назад)
you have my full respect !! nice work !

Автор Robert Weekes ( назад)
too many camera pans for a real game but cool demo!

Автор I don't know what to call this s**t ( назад)
Cool but keep in mind that your making a game and not a movie. What do
gamers want ?? You understood they want cutscenes but behind does cutscenes
you need a story because just aliens running around doesn't making any
sense. Then what do gamers want before thinking about anything else ?? a
good gameplay experiense.(not watching cutscenes all the times). Its good
you have cutscene and you know how to make em but make a story and then a
game and also don't forget to make the gameplay interesting.

Автор Sir Caco D. Mon ( назад)
What the fuck is going on?!?

Автор Tsproggy ( назад)
Wow I hope I can make cutscenes as good as you :) I'm awaiting the UDK
download >.< Good job!

Автор Mr. LargoFeet ( назад)
Not too bad for a first timer. Too many cutscenes, and it feels like the
camera doesn't know which way if up and which way is left, along with the
drunken bobbing back and forth.

Автор Emanuel Limon ( назад)
i think it looks pretty good for a first time game designer, but i don't
get the plot of the game itself

Автор Chris Irazat ( назад)
i want to know how to add an outline like that i know it is a glitch but
please put up a tut on how to do it. Why do all the cool things happen on
accident? Waaaaaaaaa!

Автор iExD ( назад)
Really interesting.

Автор felpen537 ( назад)
very good for first time, this looks cool i have just started going threw
the tutorials myself. Keep working and adding to it now you have a game to
work on.

Автор felpen537 ( назад)
very good for first time, this looks cool i have just started going threw
the tutorials myself.

Автор DaGleese ( назад)
@Rane909 you do realise he didnt make all the textures/models/pretty much
every intricate detail, they come from a game called unreal tournament 3,
and unreal has been going WAYYYYYY longer than halo for his first attempt
with the engine this is pretty damn good, he played around with terrain
editing, made multiple corridors and routes etc most first attempts are
pretty much a room with random things inside them

Автор TheKSProduction ( назад)
@Vitadoc01 he his. what do you think this video is. "my first UDK game" you
need to start somewhere man....

Автор lllXchrisXlll ( назад)
Hey give him/her a break, this is pretty impressive for one person AND to
be his first UDK game

Автор solarboy48 ( назад)
I think he did well. UDK is not a simple program for a beginner to quickly
whip out an amazing game with. Instead of criticizing, you could give
constructive criticism. Tends to work better.

Автор solarboy48 ( назад)
I think he did well. UDK is not a simple program for a beginner to
immedietly whip out an amazing game with. Instead of criticizing, you could
give constructive criticism. Tends to work better.

Автор solarboy48 ( назад)
I think he did well. UDK is not a simple program for a beginner to
immediatly whip out an amazing game with. Instead of criticizing, you could
give constructive criticism. Tends to work better.

Автор Rane909 ( назад)
wack halo attempt. i admire your ambition but you really should not try to
make something that has already been accomplished, your just going to get
hackled. besides. isn't being original more fun ? you ibvously have the
skills to create a game so why not go the extra mile and make it original.

Автор Puffsmeal ( назад)
don't use cutscenes when the guy is right infront of you, it would be much
cooler if you looked at him by yourself.

Автор ZeroSevenSixJanos ( назад)
cant say i am a fan of youre work but atleast you tried next time (you
probely heard thiss alot) dont put in that many cutscenes becaus its realy
anoying and disturbing i wish you luck in youre next projects and plz take
these comments as something 2 learn from greatings janos

Автор aytches ( назад)
I think the camera moves are cool but maybe a bit overdone.

Автор Scullzyy ( назад)
Nice work

Автор michael phillips ( назад)
great job on your test game thanks for sharing

Автор MRXkick ( назад)
If you are makin multiple enemies at least make them not to shot each other
only you!

Too many cameras, and it's just a scripted level for unreal. Default UT
classes, default weapons, default UI, default sounds, etc.

Автор Ethan Holoch (744 года назад)
How long did it take you to make this

Автор Mac O'Callaghan ( назад)
you didnt really make this you just used already existing models and tech
to make a stupid game

Автор ChillyEpic ( назад)
no offence, but this games worse then metal gear solid for cutscenes

Автор peppage ( назад)
How long did this take you?

Автор Deathwatch31 ( назад)
good for a starter

Автор carmangasper ( назад)
@Vitadoc01 well i whould love to see that thay whould make it fully game
creation not that u can only use unreal tournamet guns etc

Автор sickmoooocow ( назад)
Good job on the level design, you didn't overdo it too much with the
geometry. Overall, worry less about a full-fledged game, just work on
adding polish to the map and the scripts first.

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