Packers vs. Cowboys | NFL Divisional Game Highlights

The Packers & Cowboys met in Dallas for an epic Divisional Round Game capped off by Aaron Rodgers ridiculous pass to Jared Cook to set up the game winning FG!

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Просмотров: 2565318
Длительность: 11:33
Комментарии: 10328

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Автор Iridiam Barron ( назад)
I still don't understand how that first GB touchdown was a touchdown when his knee was down

Автор HeathMcTacos ( назад)
Bandwagons keep getting disappointed I love it

Автор steven ginissa torres ( назад)
Aaron Rodger is not the best qb tom Brady is yes he has better footwork but he doesn't have five rings

Автор 88Rocko ( назад)
Packers can go die thanks a lot for ruining the perfect season

Автор Phuoc Tang ( назад)
What a game

Автор l1laj608 ( назад)
tremendous effort on both sides (packers fan) but holy hell did cowboys give them a run! screw the falcons, these were the teams that deserved that SuperBowl Slot! this was THE GAME of the year forsure!

Автор Jetsfan ( назад)
This game was such a great game. This game was the only good one in the season.

Автор Cloud Master 2234 ( назад)
I am a packers fan

Автор o Jordyn Bliss Hardy x ( назад)
💚💛💚💛 Packers Nation 💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛

Автор Eric Cherry ( назад)
Broke the cowgirls heart 💔

Автор Jim Skinny ( назад)
That catch by Jared Cook has to be a top 10 catch in the divisional round

Автор DolphinOfFire ( назад)
"And there goes Elliot what a block he got!" story of his rookie season.

Автор Dwayne Whitaker ( назад)
better luck next time

Автор samcz1784 ( назад)
I was there! I felt like I was leaving a funeral.

Автор T. Webb ( назад)
Dallas just ran out of time....amazing game...

Автор dshew89 ( назад)
That spiking the ball with :52 seconds and throwing the ball on that 3rd down were poorly coached. But somehow Jason Garrett for coach of the year. Excited for this season. I'm calling a rematch of this game in Dallas for the NFC championship.

Автор Kyle Ruemler ( назад)

Автор 88Rocko ( назад)
1:01 Ok Lee why didn't you turn around the ball went right through if you turned around that could of been an interception

Автор Oletha Carter ( назад)
Hi, Greenbay do yall have a Sammy Marus Miller because he camerino to see me at Living Faith Baptist Church onda Hyw 257 1333 Bailey Lane about 4 years ago and he walked pastel me ergo out a Word then I see him sitting in front of my home and wouldn't say a Word. Now how am I suppose to know its him out there with those black tent on his Windows. Then when I finally looked out there he left¡! How que suppose to meet if he don't say anything. That's not the way to get a lady. Tell that Tom Brady rady and Steve Harvey its me so give me my Marriott Vacation then my money I'm Dr. Youtube.com Oletha Carter Channel and Mix Master Oletha of Gospel. Ir taught the Falcons with Ti's help now hire me to teach y'all to win Superbowl 52. Ir have a lot of trading stuff, buy my hold collections¡ I win, y'all win do you see then I marry Sammy Marcus Miller.. Fine Mello Yellow that man is and I still can have babies, all I have to do is sit on Steel it brings back on my flower. Love y'all Mama Cheerleader

Автор David Dang ( назад)
Unbelievable game !!!!

Автор Green _Bay_Shep ( назад)
They say cowboys are the best team in the NFC but packers beat them in the playoffs can you see.

Автор Angel Romero ( назад)
Thank you Aaron Rodgers for breaking the hearts of thousands of annoying Dallas cowboys bandwagon fans who didn't shut up all year long. 😁🙃

Автор Christopher Ott ( назад)
The Packers most certainly wanted this win, and it showed by them acting like Dallas and winning in the clutch. Our defense lost us the game. Hopefully we can get Taco Charlton in the draft. Probably not though.

Автор Matthias Schwalbach ( назад)
I know it's tradition, but the Cowboys are really unique in that they wearing two different shades of blue on their uniforms, and two shades of silver pants depending if they wear their home whites or navy aways.
But why? I always liked their navy uniforms. they are in my opinion the best uniform in the NFL, right behind the Chargers White and powder blue throwbacks.

Автор Matthias Schwalbach ( назад)
Monty fits perfectly into what the Packers want to do.
I see James Conner coming to Green Bay to replace Lacy, he is a giant, physical specimen who runs with YAC as his specialty, and catches like a Tight End.
His screen game is pretty solid too.
I wouldn't be surprised if Desmond King replaces Micah Hyde, 4th-6the round evaluation.
T.J. Watt in the first! please? lots of pass rushers in this draft. Smoot from Illinois too.

Автор Matthias Schwalbach ( назад)
How do you replace the rock steady, solid play of Julius Peppers?

Автор Hentai Senpai ( назад)
Sucks that most close games are determined by a long ass field goal. Idk it just doesnt seem like a real win to me. I think field goals should be 3 points only if you are inside the 30 yard line.

Автор Fernando Bahena ( назад)
I would love to see the Cowboys go against the Falcons

Автор Kendall Scrimshaw ( назад)
I'm a packers fan, but I feel like that hit by Brice was a helmet to helmet. It should have been a penalty.

Автор VangZong Xiong ( назад)
We need Sam shields back

Автор Buzzkillington 03 ( назад)
I feel like the cowboys are going to be like the 90's cowboys. Once the pieces are all in place, we'll finally win a Super Bowl

Автор Lee Hammond ( назад)
it's because everybody put the Cowboys in the Super Bowl before they was even there

Автор Diego Huizar ( назад)
Well that sucks

Автор aiden arnold ( назад)
The Packers & Cowboys met in Dallas for an epic Divisional Round Game capped off by Aaron Rodgers ridiculous pass to Jared Cook to set up the game winning FG!

Автор Andrés Calvo. ( назад)
I am a Packers fan.I cry in this game this is one of my emotionally games,but we lose vs the falcons😀

Автор Luis Flores ( назад)
1K butthurt cowboy fan's 😂

Автор Daniel Kirk ( назад)
also known as the only good playoff game

Автор Sirion Heat ( назад)
take away all the accolades and Rodgers is the best and most talented qb ever.

Автор Jackson Bennett ( назад)
The Green Gay Peckers vs The Dallas Cowgirls!

Автор Naudy Soto ( назад)
Packers are dumb

Автор Sum1udontnoo ( назад)
What a crazy game!!!!

Автор imsoculo ( назад)
Best game ever

Автор RobBobbity ( назад)
5:40 this run by Aaron is amazing in so many ways. He had no intentions of sliding, he wanted the first and he was getting it. Any other QB would have slid after about 4 yards.

Автор Jmere Cash ( назад)
i was hoping the cowboys would win but all im going to say is good game

Автор Maxwell Wickman ( назад)
Every touchdown counted for the Packers...

Автор thesupervader400 ( назад)
Awesome game, now if only the Packer played like that against The Falcons in the NFC Championship, they would have met the Patriots in Super Bowl 51.

Автор Isaac Luong ( назад)
Who likesRogers

Автор Bernard Nixon ( назад)
go pack go

Автор Jonathan Levinsky ( назад)
911: hello this is 911 emergency
Me: Hi I'm reporting a robbery in Arlington in AT&T stadium

Автор Snow Wolf ( назад)
the packers suck I like the cowboys

Автор Travis Ishihara ( назад)
But then next week they get spanked by the falcons

Автор MR HAM ( назад)

Автор Agape1 Cordova ( назад)
Still watching this, still loving this!!!

Автор Lets.....Negotiate ( назад)
Being a massive Cowboys fan, I actually kind of wanted them to lose this game. The two rookies played pretty sensational all season and in this game so its good to know they aren't afraid of the big lights in a big game like this; especially in the 4th quarter when they needed to turn it on. They've proven they can be good for years to come. However if they would have won and gone to the Super Bowl in their first year, they might think that the game is too easy and would have taken their feet off the gas pedal for the rest of their careers. That really had me worried...

Автор Lavafrost ( назад)

Автор Ryan MB ( назад)
7:45 LMFAO that was crazy

Автор Jerry Joiner ( назад)
I got my 3 words too. Cowboys got screwed! That one TERRIBLE call on Brice Butler for entering a huddle that was nothing more than 11 guys standing around in confusion at the time was the difference in that game! That drive was bound for the end zone with that completed pass to Williams inside the 20 that got called back on that bullshit call. Im not taking anything away from GB. They played like everyone expected them to but Dallas got the shaft and more than likely would have won if not for that one play. Yes I know there were plays that Dallas got away with but none were drive/game changing quite like that one

Автор Mike Gallegos ( назад)
we have many more years with those rookies😎

That tent will never be the same...

Автор IceJJFish Cuz ( назад)
at least we know the Texans were a established playoff winner this yesr

Автор Eric Diaz ( назад)
Who still watching in 2017?

Автор Carlos Vazquez ( назад)
the nfl, the nba, even Mexican soccer league, they all rig their finals.  it's entertainment first and foremost, right?

Автор Carlos Vazquez ( назад)
arod, you're the best of all time.

Автор cracc s.c.o.d ( назад)
the refs robbed us with that bad pass interference call and the no call holding on lang for that lucky sideline catch

Автор John JOHN leflod ( назад)
cowboys are such a better team its ridiculous! see how it plays out next year

Автор GamerFave XD ( назад)
Can't spell Dallas without two L's

Автор Kirk Harmes ( назад)
The Packers have to do something about their defensive backfield. Too many times GB got up big and then had to hold on at the end. They have a limited window of time with Rodgers, this offensive line, and receivers. I know they like to develop players from within, but they don't have the time and there are some veterans in the league who would love to play for a team that has an excellent chance to win it all if they put a defense together. Free agency has worked in the past.

Автор Saleem Ali ( назад)
The cowboys are not trash there my favorite team they made an 18 point comeback and allowed one touchdown 2 rookies lead us so far in week 6 we roasted the packers.

Автор donald jackson ( назад)
good thing the nacho cheese lost we will rot the cheese next year

Автор primetime jay ( назад)
we need a good secondary it's killing us

Автор HVL9 ( назад)
As a New England fan, I have to admit that given a better roster, Aaron Rodgers might get 2 more rings. Dudes a beast.

Автор dshew89 ( назад)
Wilcox and Carr gotta go. Been there too long and those slots they are filling are to valuable for their skills

Автор Haulin' It alink92 ( назад)
and mason crosby a hero for free bay they forgot to add that

Автор Manuel Gasca ( назад)
Cowboys almost had them

Автор elver galarga ( назад)
cowboys should of ran the ball a little bit more before the field goal to tie it , 30 seconds 2 timeouts vs GB and AR ? too much

Автор Bryson Hall ( назад)
Dallas' comeback comes up just short

Автор matt jacobsen ( назад)
Why is clay matthews still a packer he is worthless

Автор Mr BeN ( назад)
Cowboys fans during the regular season: KISS MY ASS WE GOIN TO THE SUPERBOWL BABY ALL YOU OTHER TEAMS ARE TRASH!!!!! Cowboys fans now: No one respects the fact that we did this with 2 rookies. I am proud of my team. The least you can do is show some respect. Wow....just.......wow

Автор Angelo Martinez ( назад)
There is a holding on T.J Lang on that throw to Jared Cook for the game winning field goal.You can check for yourself

Автор Marvin Robles ( назад)
packers need to cut ladarius gunter

Автор Tyler Bunner ( назад)
Knee was down first TD was not a TD

Автор QuackAttack ( назад)
Dak Prescott is highly over rated and Zeke will be trash when that oline leaves. Come at me.

Автор Shadow WolfXP ( назад)
This hurts to watch...but gg packers you earned this win....now time to focus to next season....road to 6.

p.s I know I'm late

Автор Estrella Mata ( назад)
packers cheeters

Автор lbprouy 1 ( назад)
We should of won

Автор jesse clark ( назад)
this also a hoax game juse like the Superbowl.all staged...


Автор dshew89 ( назад)
How could Garett get coach of the year when they went for a passing play on 3rd down, when it was less than :40 seconds left, and already in field goal range? Run the ball and bleed the clock down to :15! Overtime and a W is pretty much guaranteed with the momentum Dallas had. But no. I really feel these kind of calls will keep us from a championship.

Автор hatcher2262 ( назад)
You have been blitzing all of the 2nd half of the game, but with the game on the line with a 3rd and 20 and you send 3 to rush the passer.

Автор Craig Johnson ( назад)
i swear if the packers can get that defence together we could have a dynasty with Rodgers at the helm

Автор Valeria Barrios ( назад)
they choked

Автор A Slave to king of Kings ( назад)
I can't believe Atlanta lost the super bowl

Автор 20Christos Belibasakis ( назад)
How is 1:02 a touchdown? His knee was obviously down before the ball broke the plane of the endzone.

Автор Rick Estrada ( назад)
This was the best game of the post season.

Автор Fabian Medina ( назад)
Still best game of the playoffs

Автор football56707 ( назад)
i like the dallas cowboys so much and they came back 31-31 and they lost that was a sad game

Автор football56707 ( назад)
i hate that game i was crying so bad so i hate the green bay packers

Автор rican kid ( назад)
2nd time clay Matthews has gotten his tackle broken by a spin by a cowboy LOL.

Автор zonzink ( назад)
I'll be very surprised if the Cowboys don't make it to the Super Bowl next year.

Автор Tee Till ( назад)
Ready for the season to start! Go Cowboys!

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