Packers vs. Cowboys | NFL Divisional Game Highlights

The Packers & Cowboys met in Dallas for an epic Divisional Round Game capped off by Aaron Rodgers ridiculous pass to Jared Cook to set up the game winning FG!

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Просмотров: 2461749
Длительность: 11:33
Комментарии: 10004

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Автор John JOHN leflod ( назад)
cowboys are such a better team its ridiculous! see how it plays out next year

Автор DanTDM // TheDiamond!Minecart ( назад)
Can't spell Dallas without two L's

Автор Kirk Harmes ( назад)
The Packers have to do something about their defensive backfield. Too many times GB got up big and then had to hold on at the end. They have a limited window of time with Rodgers, this offensive line, and receivers. I know they like to develop players from within, but they don't have the time and there are some veterans in the league who would love to play for a team that has an excellent chance to win it all if they put a defense together. Free agency has worked in the past.

Автор Saleem Ali ( назад)
The cowboys are not trash there my favorite team they made an 18 point comeback and allowed one touchdown 2 rookies lead us so far in week 6 we roasted the packers.

Автор donald jackson ( назад)
good thing the nacho cheese lost we will rot the cheese next year

Автор primetime jay ( назад)
we need a good secondary it's killing us

Автор HVL9 ( назад)
As a New England fan, I have to admit that given a better roster, Aaron Rodgers might get 2 more rings. Dudes a beast.

Автор dshew89 ( назад)
Wilcox and Carr gotta go. Been there too long and those slots they are filling are to valuable for their skills

Автор andylincks ( назад)
and mason crosby a hero for free bay they forgot to add that

Автор Manuel Gasca ( назад)
Cowboys almost had them

Автор elver galarga ( назад)
cowboys should of ran the ball a little bit more before the field goal to tie it , 30 seconds 2 timeouts vs GB and AR ? too much

Автор Bryson Hall ( назад)
Dallas' comeback comes up just short

Автор matt jacobsen ( назад)
Why is clay matthews still a packer he is worthless

Автор Mr BeN ( назад)
Cowboys fans during the regular season: KISS MY ASS WE GOIN TO THE SUPERBOWL BABY ALL YOU OTHER TEAMS ARE TRASH!!!!! Cowboys fans now: No one respects the fact that we did this with 2 rookies. I am proud of my team. The least you can do is show some respect. Wow....just.......wow

Автор Angelo Martinez ( назад)
There is a holding on T.J Lang on that throw to Jared Cook for the game winning field goal.You can check for yourself

Автор Marvin Robles ( назад)
packers need to cut ladarius gunter

Автор Tyler Bunner ( назад)
Knee was down first TD was not a TD

Автор QuackAttack ( назад)
Dak Prescott is highly over rated and Zeke will be trash when that oline leaves. Come at me.

Автор Shadow WolfXP ( назад)
This hurts to watch...but gg packers you earned this win....now time to focus to next season....road to 6.

p.s I know I'm late

Автор Estrella Mata ( назад)
packers cheeters

Автор Aidyn ( назад)
Tom Brady is better than Aaron Rodgers.

Let the fight begin.

Автор lbprouy 1 ( назад)
We should of won

Автор jesse clark ( назад)
this also a hoax game juse like the Superbowl.all staged...


Автор dshew89 ( назад)
How could Garett get coach of the year when they went for a passing play on 3rd down, when it was less than :40 seconds left, and already in field goal range? Run the ball and bleed the clock down to :15! Overtime and a W is pretty much guaranteed with the momentum Dallas had. But no. I really feel these kind of calls will keep us from a championship.

Автор hatcher2262 ( назад)
You have been blitzing all of the 2nd half of the game, but with the game on the line with a 3rd and 20 and you send 3 to rush the passer.

Автор Craig Johnson ( назад)
i swear if the packers can get that defence together we could have a dynasty with Rodgers at the helm

Автор Gabriel Reyes ( назад)
they choked

Автор A Slave to king of Kings ( назад)
I can't believe Atlanta lost the super bowl

Автор 20Christos Belibasakis ( назад)
How is 1:02 a touchdown? His knee was obviously down before the ball broke the plane of the endzone.

Автор Rick Estrada ( назад)
This was the best game of the post season.

Автор Fabian Medina ( назад)
Still best game of the playoffs

Автор football56707 ( назад)
i like the dallas cowboys so much and they came back 31-31 and they lost that was a sad game

Автор football56707 ( назад)
i hate that game i was crying so bad so i hate the green bay packers

Автор rican kid ( назад)
2nd time clay Matthews has gotten his tackle broken by a spin by a cowboy LOL.

Автор zonzink ( назад)
I'll be very surprised if the Cowboys don't make it to the Super Bowl next year.

Автор Tee Till ( назад)
Ready for the season to start! Go Cowboys!

Автор INCOG NITO ( назад)
As long as Dom Capers is the defensive NON-coordinator the Packers will NEVER win a championship again. They were lucky the first time. Big Ben threw a interception. Otherwise Pittsburgh marches down the field and wins that game. NO CLUE!

Автор Simone Creed ( назад)
Heath is the only playmaker on the defensive side for the Cowboys they need more of them

Автор Will Hanson ( назад)
Sucks that nfl has ads

Автор Kaj Citroen ( назад)
history Does anybody identify worse this case?"2

Автор Adam Canning ( назад)
2 words go packers

Автор Eric Diaz ( назад)
Revenge is Coming #CowboyNation

Автор Roder Monkstar ( назад)
Pinche juégalo arriba los pakers. 🐤🏈

Автор Erik's Gaming ( назад)
Dak Prescott is my cousin

Автор Cedric Molina ( назад)
one of the best games of the 2016 season.

Автор Grant Meyers ( назад)
But they did a good job

Автор Grant Meyers ( назад)
Dang my favorite team is cowboys maybe they will do better next season maybe 😒

Автор Family Sports ( назад)

Автор Jesus Flores ( назад)
madre mía guili

Автор Gabriel Neri ( назад)
Thank god all bandwagons just leave my Cowboys after this game

Автор Joseph Scaduto ( назад)
Dan Bailey and Mason Crosby. Two of the best kickers in the league facing each other in the playoffs.

Автор Isaac Chiu ( назад)
Is it me, or does this look oddly familiar to the Super Bowl?

Автор Aarmon The Youtuber ( назад)
super bowl 52 predction:green bay packers vs cowboys

Автор Ariana Cisneros ( назад)
Over that dumb field goal

Автор Agent Squidward ( назад)
You could see R. Rodger smiling as he caught the ball.....1:06.

Автор Lee Giesler ( назад)
comment for Bryan hamner just for you too.

Автор Lee Giesler ( назад)
comment this is for you Kevin reynolds from Lee Michael Giesler.

Автор Jose Alvara ( назад)
This game was the best game of the season and is gonna be known as a better game than the super bowl. watch

Автор skfrontrowview ( назад)
how bout them cowgirls yeeehaa

Автор teefer33 ( назад)
Screw the packers 🖕

Автор MrChocolateRabbit1 ( назад)
Would be great to have a rematch between these two teams next year in the conference championship....I hope its at Green Bay.

Автор Daniel Fawcett ( назад)
Dallas choked. Green Bay is not a better team. The only position they are better at is QB and we also have one that will be a great one. Good Game Green Bay, you deserved the win we did not. See you next year.

Автор MacDruiadh ( назад)
Cowboys were clearly the better team. The only way the Packers could win was: they needed Cowboys to start rusty, refs on their side, and a lot of Rodgers magic/luck to win that game... and they got all three. Didn't get any of that against the Falcons and got exposed. Cowboys-Patriots was the Super Bowl that America deserved! #NotMySuperBowl
Salty Dallas fan

Автор Haysam Shaaban ( назад)
As a packers fan I must admit it was a good comeback

Автор dread castle2097 ( назад)
tha packers were holding on the Cowboys like 8 times and not one flag but when the Cowboys were holding the counted it

Автор Jaron Barron ( назад)
Cowboys lost the game with the Heath interception overturned by the pass interference

Автор Jo G ( назад)
I'm gonna need Aaron Rodgers to stop beating the Cowboys just to lose in the NFC championship game hahaha

Автор YaBoi Rob ( назад)
Subscribe to me for no reason at all 😉👌👍

Автор David Ramirez ( назад)
Even though our season is over I still like going back to this game to shut the DaLLas fans up!

Автор Kok Luck ( назад)
Dak QB rating 103.2
Rodgers QB rating 96.7

Who played better?

Автор Toby Catich ( назад)
Coming From a Packers Fan: The thing we should be talking about is how well BOTH teams kickers did. They were clutch under pressure and delivered multiple times from 50+ yards

Автор Alan Molina ( назад)
Feels so good watching the cowboys lose!

Автор London Williams ( назад)
what are you doing

Автор Darth Vader ( назад)
it was a good game but bull I am a cowboys fan and always and will be win or lose to I die

Автор AJ Amos ( назад)
Dak and Zeke will dominate next year. Watch. 2017 is our year. #WEDEMBOYZ #FEEDZEKE #DAKATTACK #THROWUPTHEX #BIGD

Автор Emre Bilgi ( назад)
tyler1 ???

Автор Ezekiel Elliott #21hunnit #17-16 MVP #America'sTeam ( назад)
These boys look like replacement refs out here

Автор Marvelous! ( назад)
The refs admitted they screwed up

Автор Made of Legos ( назад)
Hey Guys!!!. I need a favor. Me and My cousin bought 2 tickets for the 2017 SUPER BOWL, both box seats. We paid $2,500 for each ticket, but didn't realize when we bought them last year, that it was going to be the same day of his wedding. If you are interested, he is looking for someone to take his place. The wedding is at Temple of God Church at 3pm. Her name is Michelle; she is 5'6, about 135 lbs, good cook, and loves to cuddle... she'll be the one in the white puffy dress

Автор Allison Csogi ( назад)
Green Bay Packers?

Автор J/J Vlogs ( назад)
Ok. Something to say. Yes Aron's Rodgers is good, but the dak is only a rookie and nearly shut the the packers . They also had the best record in the NFC. So all you haters who are like the cowboys lost to the packers hahaha. But Aron Rodgers has been in the NFL way longer than Dak. And look how close it was.

Автор Charmander Squad ( назад)

Автор Jake holy ( назад)
Cowboys bandwagon be like "we don't need tony Romo" "tony Romo is the worst player in history"
Real cowboy fan "Romo is the goat dog but his time is over"

Автор stephcurryawsomeness30 ( назад)
I still love the cowboys stupid Aaron Rodgers

Автор Notewtwat ( назад)
tyler is sad hehe xd

Автор Orlando Ayala ( назад)
2 hailmarys , 1for td and the last for the win ,lucky. Git ti get red if Garrett

Автор ColeMasterCG ( назад)
Packers only won because of two amazing catches

Автор Deper Ultimate ( назад)
when the packer caught the ball near the sideline both feet weren't on the floor

Автор Michael Holmes ( назад)
Great thing about being a Cowboys fan is that the whole country cares about your fate. Keep watching America😉

Автор Dick Canga ( назад)
I want the this year Super Bowl like this and go to over time tied

Автор I Need Rock N Roll Mutha Fuckas ( назад)
Bryan o connor it will come and when it does you will post comments no longer can't wait till that day

Автор NICHOLAS MARTIN ( назад)
As Cowboys Fan, I'm bandwagons is Over I just want to stop Next Season will be ready.

Автор Maria A Avila ( назад)

Автор Jacob Ledesma ( назад)
So many people bet on this match they got to cocky cowboys were gonna win but no

Автор Gabriel Espinoza ( назад)
I hope the falcons avenge the cowboys

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