FL Studio 10 - How To Record - 3 Record Modes

Dan-D Shows us how to record in all 3 modes. Automation, Score, Audio.

Check it out !

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Автор C_Sharp ( назад)
why is recording so difficult. U had all those options to use in settings,
but i have only 2. so i cant choos asio because it isnt there. it is quite

Автор S. W. ( назад)
Which plugin do you use to get the guitar riff. It really ROCKS.

Автор Chloe K ( назад)
Those little green bars won't come up on mine! I can't record anything for
some reason.

Автор Johannes Minge ( назад)
Nice tutourial, thank you, bro :)

Автор AlireZa Salek ( назад)
Dude......... the worst tutor Ever!!! Weldone (Y)

Автор Timo Salminen (639 лет назад)
where does the recordings go? and what form? doH!

Автор camilo villa ( назад)
Bro... When I record notes into the piano roll, in the fl studio, putting
Record and after they show me many options, like automation,score, audio
and I put "Everything"...and after, i record notes with my computer
keyboard or with my midi keyboard, and after I record all the notes I want,
I deselect the option record, the symbol, and I play the notes I've
recorded into the piano roll, and them sounds more faster than I've
recorded them... please help me pleaseeee!!!!!!

I use fl studio 10

*facebook : Jésus Camilo Chito Villa
*twitter: www.twitter.com/TeezyOGBeatz
*Hotmail: gsus97@hotmail.es

Автор João Lima (Groove Oficial) (1092 года назад)
Why I can't hear the instrumental while I'm recording? I really do all of
these things but when I'm about to record I can't listen the beat to sing

Автор The Effect - Music ( назад)
u say how record no how make beats... wtf

Автор The Effect - Music ( назад)
Very nice men .. where save ur fucking record ? -.-

Автор Tanmoy Roy ( назад)
excuse me...but is there a way where we can record both automation & score
and vocals(audio) at the same time....cause i want to sing and play my
piano at the same time and record the whole session also at the same
time........if so, please put up a tutorial for that...i m using Fl studio
11 producer edition......thnx in advance

Автор Kevin Anderson ( назад)
When i record my bass guitar, the metronome gets recorded along with any
other sound that's playing. i know you have to change something with the
master mixer, but i dont know what to do exactly. Somebody help??

Автор Kenny Mark ( назад)
what vst did u use 4ur acoustic guitars

Автор XAK Flamingo ( назад)
is there a way to have your piano roll set up to play a slide exactly when
you hit a key? instead of trying to play a tune and then have to click them

Автор John Silver ( назад)
I wonder how I could record what I play on a synth. But I don't have a
sound card. Do you know how?

Автор John Silver ( назад)
So can you save to a mp3 file from the first 2 ways you recorded? I didn't
see that.

Автор Erik Lindqvist ( назад)
quick question: if i want to record an automation clip in the playlist and
i don't use a controller, can i still turn the parameter with my mouse and
get same result? and in this case i want to use the "effector" in FL11
which has an X & Y axis. will i get 2 separate automation clips? other than
that thanks for the tutorial :)

Автор FATsnookie ( назад)
Thank u so fukin much. U dnt know how long ive been looking and stressing
on how to do record my midi, thanx im subing and liking

Автор Socksforhire ( назад)
How am I supposed to plug in my actual piano into it? all the tutorials are
for piano rolls or whatever. I have a real piano that I'm trying to record.

Автор Grawk Soliz ( назад)
i have a question. everytime i input something it doesnt record the way i
put it in. how do i fix that?

Автор DuVarius Vaughn ( назад)
how do u get those asio drivers?

Автор Michael Frost ( назад)
Thanks for the post...how do you edit the lenth of your score?

Автор Alistair Curtis ( назад)
How do you actually record stuff on your computer like record audio from a
game then edit the clip for some new sounds?

Автор K Mangundya ( назад)
Thanks a ton! I have just been extending the pattern to record longer for
the past week but now i have just tried your advice and it was worked. Much
love! Take care man.

Автор Nick Rogers ( назад)
This program is such a piece of shit I click score and it doesnt record my
bullshit to the damn pianoroll fuck Flstudio

Автор K Mangundya ( назад)
Help please. It seems i can only record the first bar. I can only record
for like 5 secs then it starts to play the sound i recorded while i still
want to record.. wtf?

Автор Ismail Mamirov ( назад)
good job man thanks

Автор george marazhs ( назад)

Автор Msed0323 ( назад)
can you not record with your mini keyboard?

Автор Romy Mack ( назад)
where to find the recorded music ???

Автор Reynaldo Peña ( назад)
I have those options when I try to record it won't

Автор ExtaSe ( назад)
How can i delete the recorded automation ??

Автор Akili Nebiu ( назад)
This helped alot! Thanks!

Автор Edward Garvin ( назад)
Ok im trying to record. . . guitar, a main vocal lead and a vocal harmonie.
. . all separate stems. . . so i record the guitar, then i want to hear the
guitar through my headfones while i record my vocals, and also how do i do
this while the metronome is on. . . because if i record the guitar while
the metronome is on the edison records the metronome also. . . HELP
PLEASE!!. . . . Im using an m- audio fast track audio interface btw

Автор Eddison Alexander ( назад)
When i record my midi notes are not what i played........somehow what i
press is not what is drawn in the piano roll...............can u

Автор David Pierson ( назад)
how do you get it not to loop around every line when you record

Автор iLLaKriss ( назад)

Автор Lazar823 ( назад)
Where do the saves goo???

Автор tooswag ayy ( назад)
What is that vst called?

Автор DaveAndPablo ( назад)
where do the saves go?

Автор DubsteqLV ( назад)
Where saves my song??

Автор wwwBroadcasts ( назад)
really helpful video though

Автор wwwBroadcasts ( назад)
heehee, the recording buddin.

Автор MusicMarketingTV ( назад)
@MrGunnaras Nope ! Dan-D as in Dan-Drama Singer / Producer from Toronto

Автор Gunnaras Grinkevicius ( назад)
dan-d as in DaanD house dj?

Автор Greyheaven ( назад)
When you played in score-mode, the guitar sound was very realistic! What
sound is that and how can I find it in FL? Thanks!

Автор SwedishTrick ( назад)
hey, i know how to reccord but i don't know where to go to listen what i
record. can someone helps me?

Автор Phunnypickle ( назад)
I NEED HELP PLEASE!! i am trying to record just one piano roll thing but it
plays my whole song in the background! how do i record just this one sound
in the piano roll without the whole song playing in the background? please
and thank you.

Автор MusicMarketingTV ( назад)
@GRUMPYHOMIE Check if you hear the beat with out pressing record... it
could be your soundcard. turn up the volume for the headphones. if you have
further problems email me at Daniel@MusicMarketing.ca Dan-D

Автор froman231 ( назад)
thanks man, this helped out ALOT!

Автор Fabián Martínez ( назад)

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