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Автор Gregory Johnson ( назад)
Jail, dumb ass.

Автор Mehdi Bosta ( назад)
When you go to work wasted af

Автор FailGag ( назад)
They did let him fly and they fire him!

Автор ogracer ( назад)
you should see their bus drivers! xD

Автор Lisa Feisthome ( назад)
Thanks God they caught before piloting the plane!

Автор Yudhi Teguh ( назад)
He's not drunk he's been tested as the result he's not drunk. He was just
tired. This 'breaking news' is fake.

Автор Shawn Mahoney ( назад)
looks fake and staged

Автор Harun Riwa ( назад)
Welcome to Indonesia Party Island hahaha

Автор Mike D ( назад)
lol damn

Автор Sam Es ( назад)
The same thing also happened in Alberta Canada today

Автор Sam Es ( назад)
How the fuck did he even get to that security point with all the shit he
had when he was such a fumbling mess!? Like he drops fucking everything in
the most spectacular fashion over and over...his response time kicking in
after someone else has already picked up the items. Security really doesn't
seem concerned

Автор HDwalrus ( назад)
oh garsh

Автор jimmy keys ( назад)
Yes drive the plane sir

Автор Mike Litoris ( назад)
Thanks trump

Автор SERVO DESTROYER ( назад)
Security theater working well.

Автор Be Be ( назад)
Exactly why I don't fly anymore!

Автор lemon juice ( назад)
For those of you who thought that he made it to the plane and fly the
plane, he didn't. The pessengers relized that he was drunk so they
protested before the plane took off

Автор Jeff The Ripper ( назад)
thats why they have autopilot

Автор themrjones ( назад)
wol=waste of life. lol

Автор MusicIsLegal ( назад)
This is why most of Asian flight companies are not allowed to fly in the
Western world... for safety reasons just like this...

Автор Eccentric Detectorist's ( назад)
God I wanna punch Michael Bolton square in the nuts!

Автор Nevena ( назад)
lol, dont like 50% of pilots fly half drunk always? i thought that was a

Автор samueljosess ( назад)
why do I see another malaysia airlines 370 is coming

Автор Adi Sharif ( назад)
dont drink and drive oh shit I mean fly!

Автор World Wolf ( назад)
Stupid alcoholic, give them an inch and they take a mile..

Автор C Williams ( назад)

Автор Skankhunt42 ( назад)
the funniest part is that he got all the way into the cockpit and started
making announcements until someone thought hmmm maybe we shouldn't trust
him with our lives

Автор Chantey Mann ( назад)
i wanna fly when he is copilot... get up everybody lets do the Wave and

Автор Mike D ( назад)
cannabis should be legal. 2017 and some people are still afraid of a plant.

Автор Ricky Potts ( назад)
I saw a stat yesterday that at least 1 commercial airline pilot is arrested
every year for being intoxicated. Crazy.

Автор mbm13213 ( назад)
I wouldn't care if my pilot was drunk.
Ain't nothing to run into
up there anyhow.

Автор Scribe13 ( назад)
That's why weed should replace alcohol as the acceptable inebriant

Автор Adel ( назад)
dude where is the "I'm the captain now" guy when you need him 😂

Автор William daBill wjh ( назад)
this is funny, this should be on trending, this is #19 on trending with
over 450,000 views...#18 on trending has 150,000 views

Автор James Love ( назад)
If this guy can fly while this intoxicated... then I am sure we can let
anyone fly.

Автор John Doe ( назад)
There is no verse in the Holy Qur'an that actually forbids Moslems from
drinking alcohol. Moslem should just show up for prayers with a clear
un-buzzed mind. Piloting an airplane is not bowing to the direction of
Mecca and praying. ☪☪☪☪☪☪☪☪☪☪☪

Автор Yosef Vanak ( назад)
Hello, is it you're looking for the truth? Who is Hussein? Investigate
happy new year

Автор AnorexicPandas ( назад)
I don't want to have to pay to die

Автор NicktoriousB IG ( назад)
this is gonna be how my 3rd time in a self driving car will go

Автор Matias Alvarez ( назад)
alguien me explica?

Автор 27 time BJJ World Champion ( назад)
it's lit

Автор Matrix Jones ( назад)
And they still let him go! Now we know what happened to malaysia flight
370! Sad

Автор sadman sakib ( назад)
Prepare for a bumpy ride!

Автор venty lestari ( назад)
I feel so embarrassing, be professional

Автор Adhi N ( назад)
Fckin well done, this is on trending.. The pilot name is tekad purna, in
case any of you wondering.. Theres also vid in cockpit where he got in
quarrel with the copilot and stewardess.. Im indonesian and so upset for
the mess, i always use this airline (citylink) not knowing how
unprofessional the pilot(s -who knows) are

Автор awsomewild ( назад)
My mans is about to fly the plane in the Bermuda Triangle

Автор 1 million subscribers with only 1 video. ( назад)

Автор Illogic Math ( назад)
I'll not fly on any Indonesian plane. Period

Автор Weston Vlogs ( назад)
I think we have found Mariah Carey

Автор Greg Lyris ( назад)
OK, so the incompetent security guards let him go, ... and it was the
passengers who noticed there was something wrong?! The co-pilot? the rest
of the staff in the airplane? They were OK flying with a drunk captain?

Автор FilthyCasual ( назад)
What a mouth full "Checks in in indonesia"

Автор Giuliano Altamirano ( назад)
alguien me explica?

Автор PunkNDisorderlyGamer ( назад)
Indonesian checks-in in Indonesian Inn.

Автор L Jones ( назад)
Shiii this dude was lit like a Christmas tree.

Автор thomas tarter ( назад)
His last day on the job

Автор Abz Zay ( назад)
What's really troubling is not the drunk pilot but the sober workers that
did not stop him. Just Crazy

Автор Pazar - Diversion y musho Pivipi ( назад)
Alguien que entienda y traduzca esta verga?

Автор Alexwazhere ( назад)

Автор Anthony Ciccariello ( назад)
what was that guy thinking.

Автор RPD1175 ( назад)
He had a good New Years

Автор N8te dawg94 ( назад)
Flying a plane can't be that hard if he's doing it regularly wasted af 😂
they practically fly them selfs 🙉

Автор Zaki Geyan ( назад)
alangkah lucunya negeri ini

Автор Youngbull reactions ( назад)
if you say the name of this video at a fast pace it sounds like your
stuttering the word indonesia😂

Автор iPadTube777 ( назад)
Om telolet om

Автор 007 BOND ( назад)
watch this hold my beer!✈✈✈✈✈✈✈✈✈✈✈✈✈✈✈✈✈✈

Автор Craig Tucker ( назад)
Give him a break he's just celebrating new years. Just give him a little
cocaine and he'll perk right up.

Автор Derp Tastic ( назад)
Indonesian people where you at?
(Gw di rumah)

Автор Derp Tastic ( назад)
Oh no. This is really embarrassing for Indonesia. What if Jokowi finds out.

Автор Phillip Ellis ( назад)
This is why I will likely never get on a plane. It isnt just the fear of
being stuck in a box soaring at 500+ mph midair... You never know who your
pilot might be.

Автор VeenuSB ( назад)
At least he wasn't late for work. LOL!

Автор Luis Hernandez ( назад)
Basically high five, you can come through.

Автор Harry Plinkett ( назад)
As if Asians aren't already bad enough at driving shit. Can you fucking
imagine a drunk one?

Автор Shannon Mcnally ( назад)
no fucking way wow and they didnt arrest him

Автор ilham ryandee ( назад)
welcome to indonesia guys <3

Автор Justin Golemba ( назад)
no wonder their planes go missing

Автор N/A Productions ( назад)
this was uploaded last year and it is just trending now?? I feel like it
was a couple days ago that's weird!!!

Автор Macie Nicholas ( назад)
What a fucking idiot

Автор Bari M.N. ( назад)
dari om telolet om ke pilot mabuk, from on telolet om to drunk pilot.

Автор Dinan Rangga Maulana ( назад)
Gila sampai masuk trending..

Mencoreng nama baik Indonesia nih..

Автор Ho Lee Fuk ( назад)
"bro, imma gonna land this shit real quick"

Автор 李健熊 ( назад)
maybe,helped him fly is AI

Автор ucuz12 ( назад)
he got fired

Автор Mable Yatts ( назад)
I betcha air plane simulator gamers are more sober than these real pilots.

Автор 2011leoc ( назад)
Ladies and gentlemen we will be flying at 75 feet at 600 mph! If anyone
would like a cocktail the beverage cart will be in the cockpit! Enjoy the

Автор jhun allan ( назад)
No wonder all their planes are crushing down 😡😡😡😡

Автор Danny Anderson ( назад)
All aboard!!

Автор KHALDUN ALQAISI خلدون ع. ع. القيسي ( назад)
He is Indonesian?

Автор Tommy D ( назад)
hell yeah. now he just needs some powder.

Автор PrinceJamesI ( назад)
Its REAL......its real.

Автор Mulinaster ( назад)
Are we certain that he doesn't have a mental disability? Quite a few out
there that would cause him to fumble around with personal items like this
but actually be able to fly or drive very very well.

Автор xcoolchickalertx xcoolchickalertx ( назад)
I don't know why people think this is funny. A lot of people die because of
Alcohol abuse/ drink and driving (drink and flying)? Those guards should be
fired too if they didn't notify their superiors.

Автор HowToCompute101 ( назад)
Security was dispatched after her most likely, the camera just doesn't show
it. The security guards can't abandon their post.

Автор minhhai kim ( назад)
Did the plane alright?

Автор Elder Trolls ( назад)
the Russians hacked his drink and got him drunk

Автор Daniel Yeh ( назад)
shut him down permanently

Автор You En ( назад)
The fukk did he even get into the cockpit and buckle up?

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