Please Don´t Let Me Be Misunderstood- The Animals

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Автор derek diamond ( назад)
why the beatles intro (talking), then the animals playing with no intro,

Автор Kanarr Dickerson ( назад)
this is a Nina Simone cover she sent it originally and a year later after
she released it that animals covered it.

Автор donald trump ( назад)
yeah... yeah thats mee... i play the Bass for a very VERY long time,

Автор Dan Brenner ( назад)
You do know the host could have played Nixon in a heartbeat?

Автор Derrick Beltran ( назад)
Nah dude that's where you are completely wrong!! The middle easterners have
been coming to usa through the southern border posing as Latin Americans
and commiting crimes and infiltrating our systems and being corrupt. They
can print our money and not get in trouble. They literally have control of
money printing presses. Infiltration has been a major tactic since the
1900s. Sooner or later they will establish sharia law. Also the italian
mafia was never italian. They were iranians. They use infiltration in
europe as well. If you like spread the information.

Автор Heather Harper ( назад)
Hi, I'm Ringo and I play the drums...for the Beatles. Some confusion here.

Автор Samanta Rosembaun ( назад)
Magnifico, maravilhoos, lindo.

Автор buzz bang ( назад)
I'm- just a soul- who's intentions are good-.
Oh Lord, please don't let me be mis-understood.

Автор John Ghianni ( назад)
as for the guy next to me and then do it again

Автор John Ghianni ( назад)
do I need to say something we didn't fight for America Prince of Peace
before the dinosaurs I learned how to kill when I came home I wasn't old
enough to vote I wasn't old enough to go in the bar so you tell me what the
fuck is wrong with that picture

Автор irAte irishman ( назад)
mainstream music is a tool of the luciferian controllers.

Автор Stanisław Wójcik ( назад)
Sorry, but in Kill Bill it sounds better.

Автор Montery12 ( назад)
just as good as in studio, yeah

Автор RJ Foster ( назад)
Cage the Elephant could rock this song.

Автор Jay Lopez ( назад)
My favorite song from The Animals. They were fucking great!!!

Автор Lee Mcalister ( назад)
i'm Lee

Автор tekneli şahabettin üstündal muhteşem ses Ü ( назад)
what did they say at the beginning that start with "i am ringo..." .it is
so cute.sorry for my english

Автор khalifah1979723 ( назад)
this is the song that was playing when they killed Pie Face on American Me

Автор Chili FPV ( назад)
die not knew that there was an earlier Version of this song till now... wow

Автор Perizuli Lapidot ( назад)
Not to be that person, but *wow*, the frontman of this band is really
attractive lol

Автор Kathy Riley ( назад)

Автор greg parrish ( назад)
y is the Beatles on this

Автор roberta lenna ( назад)

Автор metre nom ( назад)
just another group of white ppl making a profit off of copying black ppls
blues genre

Автор Baltazar Borrego ( назад)
open your eyes vato!

Автор Dominique A Martin ( назад)
Chelsea baby

Автор michael krause ( назад)
the bassist looks like Stephen Fry

Автор Alexia Yeah ( назад)
I love this song.. from Greece .!

Автор Евгений C. ( назад)
The golden age of British classical music. Greetings from Russia

Автор Amadeu Dias ( назад)
Eu tinha estya idade....e amava este grupo...como o tempo passa.

Автор Gabriel Leija ( назад)
Donald trump on bass

Автор Teele Merilin Pennie ( назад)
lana's version is better

Автор Qween Logic ( назад)
love this

Автор Dom Quixote ( назад)
melhor musica ever ♥

Автор Cavalcante Deinha ( назад)
Os melhores da época!

Автор evaswirlz ( назад)
Cool cover.

Автор Redpilled Mulatto ( назад)
Where's the beginning with The Beatles from?

Автор Randy Herrera ( назад)
A young Trump as the bass player at 2:08

Автор Danny Stanhope ( назад)
Danny Stanhope...

Автор Jaime Gandara ( назад)
Thank you to the animals !!!!!for all your hard work and ther Unforgettable

Автор Jaime Gandara ( назад)

Автор jellyfishj1 ( назад)
they could sound soulful without having to sound black

Автор GEOFFBEYE 0077 ( назад)
Do not misunderstand me please!🎼🎵

Автор Matthew Smith ( назад)
wow, copied lana del rey.

Автор Paul Sop ( назад)
Eric Burdon = 1000000% amazing

Автор Ray ( назад)
back when they didn't need playback

Автор gerard leroux ( назад)
great !

ce genre de groupe ns manque !!!

Автор chel lynn ( назад)
"I'm just a soul whose intentions are good..oh lawd...please don't let me
be misunderstood."... My anthem.

Автор fernando ribeiro ( назад)
Muito the Animals éssa banda

Автор Tyrion Lannister ( назад)
The Animals, yeah! Gotta love the 60s baby!

Автор Jill Sweet ( назад)
I wish the world would come together thank you for sharing

Автор Azar Birdy (Lovelybird) ( назад)
A man in a suit could be also a badass rocker. What a perfect fact😈

Автор David Grant ( назад)
Another classic!

Автор Aika ( назад)

Автор Fah Q ( назад)
I seen him live in December 2016! still has killer vocal.

Автор Andrea Vlasis ( назад)
nothing like the 60's

Автор Julian Zurita ( назад)
Como olvidar cuando Donald Trump hacia los coros en The Animals

Автор Anny Sid ( назад)
Joder ni me acordaba gracias por recordarmelo.

Автор Alora ( назад)
Love his voice!!

Автор Malu Pezzin ( назад)

Автор David Ramirez ( назад)
Rock n Roll yea!!! saludos amantes de esto

Автор Joseph Velarde ( назад)
i'm here for lana del rey, and I think that this is Better

Автор Joseph Padron ( назад)
"Sometimes I play the fool."

Автор r Perce ( назад)
Rocks greatest singer?

Автор Tamika Kelly ( назад)
Love this song, I'm just 35 years old.

Автор Janny Almeida ( назад)
melhor cover que a Lana fez ❤

Автор Jay Dean ( назад)
Some dark shit. They were way before their time, and the only decent band
to come out of an otherwise atrocious decade for music. I'm sure most baby
boomers would disagree, but I'm a Gen-xer, so piss off.

Автор David Schlessinger ( назад)
rockin with suits

Автор Susan W ( назад)
I never realized that the voice(s) behind this song was a group of
fresh-faced young kids. whodathunk

Автор backdoor68 ( назад)
their songs are a little different than most of the groups in the early/mid
sixties in that they teeter on justifying or considering redemption from
being somewhat degenerate, being on the dark side - don't let me be
misunderstood, when i was young, it's my life. not even the rolling stones
songs were really like that

Автор Billy Celli ( назад)
First heard this from lil Wayne's misunderstood when i was younger.

Автор Mr Mumbles ( назад)
I don't really care for the intro from the Beatles other than that his
voice is incredible!

Автор Antonio Carlos ( назад)
A versão de Santa Esmeralda é melhor!

Автор sebastiana coroca ( назад)
nao entendi a voz dos beatles no comeco do video!?

Автор James Rogers ( назад)
pray and hope trump is on level

Автор julie miller ( назад)
Musical history, right there... so glad i was born in 58

Автор Jack Gralow ( назад)
Too Cool~

Автор Ana Hia ( назад)
what a voice, love it

Автор Sorrab Airam ( назад)
+A Girl Apart obrigada por compartilhar.

Автор Prince Awesome ( назад)
omg tgese dumbass shitty trump jokes are so sad any fucking white boy with
semi long hair thats blond they make the al so hilariois joke that hes
donald trump

Автор Francis Calderbank ( назад)
Does anybody else think the bloke playing the bass guitar has a look of
Donald Thrump?

Автор Mark Murphy ( назад)
Ed Sullivan looks like Dracula - how on earth did they get such an old guy
who seems like a total square to head up a pop show?

Автор The doors Brasil ( назад)
The Animals 😍😍😍💕💕💕

Автор Billy Ballard ( назад)
Always a sour pickle n.d.bunch. .60's didn't enlighten.he.a.lifelong.
loser. .goes.2 bible study 6.daze.a week.real boring chal

Автор Billy Ballard ( назад)
Woman's over rated. .day didn't have between Der legs men ignored them.yes
I'm.a sexist but real

Автор igal zfoni ( назад)
שיר יפה של האנמלס

Автор sejo tosant ( назад)
I wish I was there in 1965...

Автор susan heath ( назад)

Автор Tucker France ( назад)
0:41 what a smile XD

Автор jod125 ( назад)
Why are he Beatles at the start of the video?! The animals aren't the

Автор Widman fabios Gallardo ( назад)
mexicanos up up always
brownside chicanos Donald trump 👎👎👎👎👎

Автор Chrlie Smith ( назад)
Awesome. tunes

Автор eugene brodeur ( назад)
What's with the Beatles intro?

Автор Jersey strong97 ( назад)
love this song

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