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Автор Đan Trâm Nguyễn (1 год)
excuse me! Who can help me translate this clip in English sup..... I need
it for my homework... help me, please!

Автор Reaktori (3 года)
maybe they dont want to make contact with us because we are such a hostile
and violent race?

Автор Jason Jacob (2 года)
We may not be alone but if there is intelligent life out it's likely that
it's too far away for us ever to make contact.

Автор Jason Jacob (2 года)
The universe doesn't really care one way or the other if life is common or
rare so it's a stupid phrase.

Автор Chad Hertz (2 года)
I like what the guy said at the beggining, why do we humansa have such a
conections to a night sky? i really really do not believe that we are
alone,i wonder how many lifes there are in universe

Автор CJ Veilleux (4 года)
@Melexonitrate Don't be narrow minded thats bad for the human race, with
the amount of stars out there the chances of us being alone are beyond
astronomical. Also long distance space travel is not out of the question,
those scientists who say we can break light speed need to get ove einstien
and move on. Light speed is possible. So is wormhole technology, we just
haven't dsicovered it yet. Because of this we doubt ourselves. Which is bad
for the human race.

Автор poodtang1 (3 года)
Sometimes scientists assume too much Aliens. they use radio signals they
might not wan't to talk to us mayby to them we are a dangerous species,
that should be quarantined we are too primitive try asking your dog what
time it is, you get the point

Автор mossmusic (3 года)
Awesome, thanks for the upload!

Автор madalert (4 года)
They probably laugh at us with the technology were using

Автор OrgonVpH7 (2 года)
Each living organism is suffering a perceptual illusion related to the
cosmos induced by oxydation/reduction. You cannot escape it and you can't
explain it objectively. Don't try to understand the illusive oneness if you
don't know how to read the hard reality of the duality of yourself.

Автор magicman69ful (3 года)
Why would anyone want to watch these videos in 240p.The quality is shit and
just not worth it and most of them can be found on other sites in better
quality,even 720p.I will not check back on this channel ever again.

Автор Haley J (3 года)
the sun is a star, and there are a million stars out there. the odds are
theres another planet that just so happens to be close enough to another
star to support life. I mean. it makes sense right?

Автор MrMiogio (3 года)
@1acroyear1 I totally agree with you! :)

Автор garygnu01 (4 года)
@00Gr1mm00 Maybe some aliens don't have emotions at all (pity or remorse)
only instinct for their own self preservation and they would regard us as
simply a source of food as TAIN029 suggests. We just don't know. Is being
civilized a product of intelligence.... you wouldn't know it by the way
humans act.

Автор TheBoozeInMe (2 года)
History also shows that being submissive and peaceful can be a stronger
trait than being aggressive and having the potential to wipe not only
yourself out, but the other civilisation. This is one of the possible
reasons for the great filter.

Автор TheUnswatableMidge (4 года)
Lets be real, the human race and every trace of our existance will
disappear eventually and no thing will ever know we existed.

Автор christopher bombardier (3 года)
we did get radio waves ..i watch discover channel

Автор CJ Veilleux (4 года)
@Melexonitrate They will however find other ways of creating wormholes.
Black holes are too dangerous to use for it, I never said they'd destroy a
star to do it either. They'll create artificial wormholes, that suck you to
another part of universe instantly, no explosions of stars. Either that or
they'll make engines that can fly atleast the speed of light, and possibly
faster if we can find a way.

Автор Hamadi Chaouari (2 года)
why do you look for life so far from earth.if you looked 21million
kilometers far from earth you find life .

Автор sasuke21153 (3 года)

Автор J o n a t h a n (4 года)
but the big question's this if we sending out signals into space and aliens
could pick them up why haven't we received alien signals back on earth.
unless we the most advanced and maybe we are the first, with our great
power comes great responsibility.

Автор Emre Yorgancioglu (3 года)
Exactly my statement was a little exaggerated.I hope i live to the day That
the discovery of extraterrestrial life will be confirmed. Its really
fascinating stuff, and many would agree.

Автор garygnu01 (4 года)
@00Gr1mm00 I guess that's the point. Why try contacting them at all.
Curiosity killed the humans :)

Автор Bert Macklin (2 года)
is 240p alone in the universe of this video?

Автор Dslater417 (4 года)
what a waste of our money and time.

Автор RealNationz (3 года)
Alright, you can experiment and try to find some life up there, but in the
codes, please don ot tell where we live, maybe they will coem and kill us?
Never set us humans on risk.

Автор David Hogan (3 года)
how can anyone laugh and dismiss life out there ? its just stupid I mean
the amount of galaxies with trillions stars which hold billions of solar
systems I mean its stupid to think we are they only intelligent life here
in the universe , and I think if intelligent life came to earth I think
they would be machines or robots not humanoid or little green men, well
maybe humanoid.

Автор dilwich123 (3 года)
There are billions of planets with life on - intelligent life? well thats
another story ;)

Автор clivehope1966 (4 года)
there are billions of stars and billions of planets, even though we never
seen them, it would be stupid to think we are alone, thats just

Автор jake board (3 года)
@matt1523 please for the love of god tell me that was a joke......

Автор skillsz0rs (3 года)
@Dslater417 stop trying to start flame wars, we all know you have a
attention lack.

Автор PJ Gameboy (3 года)
the universe is teaming with organic life. we wont know about it due to the
sheer vast space between stars and planetery systems and galaxies. and what
intelligent life there is out there wont know about us. the universe is
just to big and our capabilitys are far to limited. we can only dream.

Автор jvtillinfinity (4 года)
I think we should just be thankful that we exist the way we are and nothing

Автор Miss HG (3 года)
What are you on about, of course there are others out there! how IGNORANT
of us to think we are the only ones.

Автор CJ Veilleux (4 года)
@Melexonitrate I'm sure we will one day, pending we don't blow ourselves to
shit. Though it won't be in our lifetime, unless an advanced race came and
taught us, which is highly unlikely.

Автор Thirty ought Six (4 года)
@Melexonitrate we cant be alone, there are billions of stars in our galaxy,
and trillions of galaxies in our universe, to say that we are alone is
foolish in my opinion

Автор ZXR (2 года)
When people try to be brainy in the comments lol, when you are just copying
and pasting.

Автор pqvimana (3 года)
@1acroyear1 @1acroyear1 Because it's cool!!!! Aliens & stuff!!!!

Автор Johns (2 года)
when people are expecting a 'new earth like planet to sustain life' they
didn't contemplate that maybe life can exist without the conditions that we
have. We need sun, oxygen and other elements but, there is a chance that
other life form can exist without them. Or maybe we are just one in
billions of universe. They are different universe or multiverse.

Автор SteveSabbai (4 года)
...Earth is jus a giant ant farm for bored aliens. there is a giant alien
up there with a magnifying glass saying "which one should we burn this
time?"...this also explains spontaneous combustion :P

Автор Beau Smit (3 года)
@Dslater417 no one in our country is starving...

Автор Dslater417 (3 года)
@skillsz0rs Are you seriously saying that wars only start because of
religion? That has to be the funniest thing I have read all day... thanks
for the laugh.

Автор monstanator (2 года)
A quote which a completely agree with, is from the movie 'Contact' "If it
is just us, seems like an awful waste of space'

Автор carlstrand87 (2 года)
God does not exist. We are not special.

Автор JaS A.L. (4 года)
@DrakullKrauser lol grow up kid.. I know you enjoy trying to insult people
on the internet. You're not the only one, there are many like you. It's
because you feel lonely and have noone to talk to. Go out and made some
friends. Insulting people on the internet is the lowest form of
entertainment. Not going to reply to you kid. You need some growing up to
do. Have a good day.

Автор HEROENGI (3 года)
if only they made it l8r , then we would have 90% solid proof of life

Автор CJ Veilleux (4 года)
@JabberCT Finding other humans is very unlikely, and if we do, there's some
creationism going on. I'm sure we'll find intelligent life, but they wont
look just like us, they'll come in all shapes and sizes, look at earth,
were not the only intelligent species here. Dolphins, whales, monkeys,
beavers, hell even mice are smart(i gotta crazy story bout one of them!) so
we'll probably find intellgient life.

Автор daeymz (4 года)
does anyone know what the soundtrack is at the beginning?

Автор mfirebird3000 (4 года)
mmm Maritan women... wonder what theyll look like...

Автор Andrew Estes (3 года)
@co0lkid98 they wouldn't be clasafied as "humans" because of the fact there
not from our time of evalution. But i do belive that there is another form
of ETs out there somewhere asking the same qustion.

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