1/5 Are We Alone In The Universe?

For fifty years, the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence has been scanning the galaxy for a message from an alien civilisation. So far to no avail, but a recent breakthrough suggests they may one day succeed.
Horizon joins the planet hunters who've discovered a new world called Gliese 581 c. It is the most Earth-like planet yet found around another star and may have habitats capable of supporting life. NASA too hopes to find fifty more Earth-like planets by the end of the decade, all of which dramatically increases the chance that alien life has begun elsewhere in the galaxy.

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Автор Đan Trâm Nguyễn ( назад)
excuse me! Who can help me translate this clip in English sup..... I need
it for my homework... help me, please!

Автор brian critchley ( назад)
Weird that some us humans can believe in religion but start talking about
UFOs or life beyond our planet and they smile and back away, to even
imagine we are the only life is bizarre, the bible is wrong, prove me wrong
and I will get down on my hands & knees and pray.

Автор bishopsonniertv ( назад)
For someone to say there is no god, it's crazy. But to also think that 90%
of humanity will go to a "hell" is also crazy.

Автор Raluuf ( назад)
yes He does, look around you. Mountains, beautifal animals, how our human
body works. Do you realy think that a big boom or something created this
all ?

Автор SummerTime3825 ( назад)
The mathmatical reason is that we are not alone, think about it. Humanity
most of the time can not be trusted but in the right hands imagine if we
created new time travel, a faster one almost impossible to think about.
Imagine if we can travel beyond our universe into another one, their has to
be some form of life

Автор SuperY0tube ( назад)
of course there is a god

Автор carlstrand87 ( назад)
God does not exist. We are not special.

Автор Gabriel Klopp ( назад)
This could be dangerous, what if unknown life forms that are hostile got
our signals and tried to kill us all? What if they had technology way
beyond nuclear fusion or way plasma fusion energy, what would we do?

Автор ricky rozay ( назад)
of course we aint alone.. There's a God and a heaven up there somewhere..

Автор GumpyGuy ( назад)
when people are expecting a 'new earth like planet to sustain life' they
didn't contemplate that maybe life can exist without the conditions that we
have. We need sun, oxygen and other elements but, there is a chance that
other life form can exist without them. Or maybe we are just one in
billions of universe. They are different universe or multiverse.

Автор w1ll1a3 ( назад)
I think we should be careful with what we are sending out In space.. What
if another planet with life got this signals and were millions of years
ahead with technology? They could extinct us easily and we don't have any

Автор Bert Macklin ( назад)
is 240p alone in the universe of this video?

Автор BERNARDO ZUNIGA ( назад)
Sounds a little weird but dont noe wat to do

Автор white walker (368 лет назад)
if humans are alone .. wat a waste of space

Автор EternalLovngMelody ( назад)
Of course we're not alone in the universe! There are billions and billions
of galaxies out there, so who can really say that we are the only
intelligent beings? Besides, people don't really think about how other
planets and their possible native inhabitants work. Just because there is a
planet that WE can't live on, doesn't mean that nothing can live on it.

Автор Michael K ( назад)
You really shouldnt say that scientists are now convinced...its a
possibility yes, but far from a fact.

Автор Techno888 ( назад)
Of course we are not alone how can people be so ignorant!

Автор 666MikeRochip ( назад)
Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, 3:33.. the ability to communicate with celestial

Автор 666MikeRochip ( назад)
We are not alone in universe....paraphysical transmogrifications...they
look like stars and behave intelligently...forms of plasma unknown to

Автор Neueregel ( назад)
prophets belong to the garbage bin. Science is the new way for truth.

Автор Neueregel ( назад)

Автор Hamadi Chaouari ( назад)
why do you look for life so far from earth.if you looked 21million
kilometers far from earth you find life .

Автор ZXR ( назад)
When people try to be brainy in the comments lol, when you are just copying
and pasting.

Автор OrgonVpH7 ( назад)
Each living organism is suffering a perceptual illusion related to the
cosmos induced by oxydation/reduction. You cannot escape it and you can't
explain it objectively. Don't try to understand the illusive oneness if you
don't know how to read the hard reality of the duality of yourself.

Автор Will Fairweather ( назад)
Look on the bright side, if there are no intelligent lifeforms in our
galaxy then there is nothing to challenge our eventual space colonisation.

Автор astralseeker (1682 года назад)
not "scientists", but "some scientists". and, scientists are the new
preachers of a new temporary religion called science, based on materialism,
rationalism & intellect. scientists do not own any truth, no more than any
prophet does ...

Автор davenetdog ( назад)
To save time...the answer is YES. Now go do something else worthwhile.

Автор customsguitars ( назад)
i believe that there are another life forms out there.i mean fuck the
universe is so big of course there would be.even a a planet that we can
live....actually i want to have a spaceship that can travel in the speed of
light(hahahah) so we humans can explore the motherfuckin universe!!!

Автор AstralBliss ( назад)
Imo, If we are alone in the universe it would be a bit depressing. It would
imply that the universe has evolved into self aware beings (you and I), and
that we are forever at the cusp of innovation, philosophy, science,
experience. That no greater understanding exists beyond our own. The human
mind, in my eyes, is very limited. I often feel trapped on this planet.
Romanticizing of the day when we are met by a higher life form that would
free us from our flawed ideologies of what it is to live.

Автор Bob Dole ( назад)
Spoiler: in the end they find no aliens

Автор Jason Jacob ( назад)
The universe doesn't really care one way or the other if life is common or
rare so it's a stupid phrase.

Автор Jason Jacob ( назад)
We may not be alone but if there is intelligent life out it's likely that
it's too far away for us ever to make contact.

Автор Chad Hertz ( назад)
I like what the guy said at the beggining, why do we humansa have such a
conections to a night sky? i really really do not believe that we are
alone,i wonder how many lifes there are in universe

Автор monstanator ( назад)
A quote which a completely agree with, is from the movie 'Contact' "If it
is just us, seems like an awful waste of space'

Автор TheBoozeInMe ( назад)
History also shows that being submissive and peaceful can be a stronger
trait than being aggressive and having the potential to wipe not only
yourself out, but the other civilisation. This is one of the possible
reasons for the great filter.

Автор Neshuah1 ( назад)
if we are NOT alone, we might find out pretty "soon". but if we ARE alone,
we might never be sure.

Автор Blackheart ( назад)

Автор Rockin' Voice Overs ( назад)
There is also a theory that there is somewhere beyond the universe and it
is called the multiverse. Scientists are now convinced that the universe is
one of a countless number of universes constantly exploding into existance.
Do the math... Are we really alone????

Автор TheMrfrootyloops ( назад)
I would like to say that it's near impossible we are alone, and why does
everyone say they would be more advanced? Can't we be the advanced ones,
it's impossible to know for sure. Also with the time that has gone on the
world has gotten better and less cruel so if they have super fancy stuff
they will probably be better then us morally. So shut up, you little pussy.
And stop fearing aliens so much.

Автор Miss HG ( назад)
What are you on about, of course there are others out there! how IGNORANT
of us to think we are the only ones.

Автор PJ Gameboy ( назад)
the universe is teaming with organic life. we wont know about it due to the
sheer vast space between stars and planetery systems and galaxies. and what
intelligent life there is out there wont know about us. the universe is
just to big and our capabilitys are far to limited. we can only dream.

Автор Andrew Estes ( назад)
It is almost imposable to say we are alone in the universe. Look how we
were made, from stars. There are billions and billions of stars out there
all it takes is the right elements and some luck and boom life.

Автор Andrew Estes ( назад)
I see where your going here but id like to point out that it is imposable
for "humans to excist on any other planet, we evalved from the diffrent
matter that was left behind from when our sun was being born. There could
be a specis out there similer to us but not us.

Автор NoBiggie ( назад)
but have u ever thought where universe came from ? I just started to think
about it and I am like WTF....

Автор Emre Yorgancioglu ( назад)
Exactly my statement was a little exaggerated.I hope i live to the day That
the discovery of extraterrestrial life will be confirmed. Its really
fascinating stuff, and many would agree.

Автор JazzyKat2009 ( назад)
I think you are correct. If they are highly intelligent and enlightened,
then they would overcome hostility and violence that is so prevalent on

Автор Laina NotWalker (279 лет назад)
it's highly unintelligent to prove there is no other intelligent species
out there...

Автор Reaktori ( назад)
maybe they dont want to make contact with us because we are such a hostile
and violent race?

Автор Shiny Unigan ( назад)
there is life out there yes but I think we should stay here unless we want
to fuck it up like we did earth

Автор imthejman85 ( назад)
Intelligent life has always been the exception and not the rule. Don't
believe me, look around Earth and compare the "intelligent" people from the
masses. I've met some people that made ROCKS look intelligent.......

Автор C4M3R0NFOFOG4RN3R ( назад)
i agree with some people if we do start a war we wont have a chance they
have billions years of technological things or maybe they call it something

Автор Luis Daniel Mesa Velasquez ( назад)
@mysteakhouse Taking an anthropic POV, make this thought experiment: Pick
the most intelligent life form on earth (your pick), and then ask yourself
this: "How many times have I tried to actively communicate with said life
form?". How about this, we're listening and they're listening, but nobody
is sending messages or my favorite: We went from telegraph to radio to
fiber optics in less than 100 years, why would they (being so much more
technologically advanced) still use radio?

Автор matt1523 ( назад)
@jakeboi987 twas a joke, twas a joke indeed

Автор jake board ( назад)
@matt1523 pun intended.

Автор jake board ( назад)
@matt1523 please for the love of god tell me that was a joke......

Автор matt1523 ( назад)
no way is there life anywhere else, i mean the bible states that we are the
only ones and of course that book is 100% true, it was written by God

Автор wkdw1ll1ams ( назад)
@Emeriican i would not die in that way, i wouldnt go down without a fight.
anyway, it wouldnt come that govermants are likely to just fire nukes.

Автор mossmusic ( назад)
Awesome, thanks for the upload!

Автор boogiecat55 ( назад)
horizon make the tv licence worth paying

Автор dripdropdrippin ( назад)
for all we know they have visited us 'made contact' but they wouldnt tell
us cause it would cause mass hysteria... well for instance most religions
would just fall apart cause this would just prove that all they believed in
was a lie in which i believe myself that all religions are a lie, and they
are the sole reason with what is wrong in the world today!

Автор Malikot911 ( назад)
I wonder if more than 1 planets in one solar sysmtem and they travel back
and forth from 1 planet to the other planet..... if our planet is still
young and we've accomplished so much and imagine a civilazation that is
millions of years ahead of us...

Автор poodtang1 ( назад)
Sometimes scientists assume too much Aliens. they use radio signals they
might not wan't to talk to us mayby to them we are a dangerous species,
that should be quarantined we are too primitive try asking your dog what
time it is, you get the point

Автор UnknownFromHeaven ( назад)
the answer of this questions has its response in the first signal received
by S.E.T.I, a strong signal named by them at that moment "WOW" search the
wow signal and listen...

Автор Andrew Estes ( назад)
@co0lkid98 they wouldn't be clasafied as "humans" because of the fact there
not from our time of evalution. But i do belive that there is another form
of ETs out there somewhere asking the same qustion.

Автор HEROENGI ( назад)
if only they made it l8r , then we would have 90% solid proof of life

Автор Haley J ( назад)
the sun is a star, and there are a million stars out there. the odds are
theres another planet that just so happens to be close enough to another
star to support life. I mean. it makes sense right?

Автор Dano X ( назад)
@co0lkid98 that would be more unlikely than life

Автор masteruploader1998 ( назад)
big bang formed us... cells mixed..... in one huge planet! than that planet
cracked and part of it is earth.. so it mean's that there are other
earthlings on some other planet with a different culture.. but almost same
evolution because the factores and products found one the other planet (
let's call it earth number 2 ) are almost the same because they were (
they= both planets ) stuck together! only there humane evolution might have
made new elements..so they might be more advanced than use!

Автор RealNationz ( назад)
Alright, you can experiment and try to find some life up there, but in the
codes, please don ot tell where we live, maybe they will coem and kill us?
Never set us humans on risk.

Автор magicman69ful ( назад)
Why would anyone want to watch these videos in 240p.The quality is shit and
just not worth it and most of them can be found on other sites in better
quality,even 720p.I will not check back on this channel ever again.

Автор Craic-Dealer ( назад)
how can anyone laugh and dismiss life out there ? its just stupid I mean
the amount of galaxies with trillions stars which hold billions of solar
systems I mean its stupid to think we are they only intelligent life here
in the universe , and I think if intelligent life came to earth I think
they would be machines or robots not humanoid or little green men, well
maybe humanoid.

Автор FUTURE15THEFIRST ( назад)
think about it so many other planets out there and we are alone you gotta
be kidding me sooner or later we will find proof that we arent alone there
has to be some other type of existence

Автор 345everything ( назад)
Good video

Автор christopher bombardier ( назад)
we did get radio waves ..i watch discover channel

Автор Belenor ( назад)
Dont forget that the universe is a very vast place...

Автор Deviousperson ( назад)
Anyone knows the musical piece in the background? I heard it somewhere

Автор hotvampire1992 ( назад)
@ThamesOrIsis :-so how does war and aliens tie up??????

Автор MrMiogio ( назад)
@1acroyear1 I totally agree with you! :)

Автор pqvimana ( назад)
@1acroyear1 @1acroyear1 Because it's cool!!!! Aliens & stuff!!!!

Автор 1acroyear1 ( назад)
We have problems right here on earth. Who really gives a fuck if there's
life on other planets (of course there is, it just doesn't impact us at all
right now)? It's a shame all that brain power and all those billions of
dollars is being wasted to gather knowledge with so little practical use.

Автор King David Hector ( назад)
@hope11ification Is there life beyond Earth? That's the second most
important/significant question ever concieved by the human mind. We have
enough time to scout about our pale blue dot. The vastness of the universe
is far more compelling than exploring a comparably minute puddle of water
(Oceans) compared to exploring/observing the immense phenomenon of the
cosmos. What's more rewarding and revolutionary? Finding another deep water
squid or finding E.T?

Автор toisver ( назад)
Humanity rocks!!

Автор CARP SPUDPICKER ( назад)
the mighty cock

Автор abledbody . ( назад)
@co0lkid98 starwars much?

Автор dilwich123 ( назад)
There are billions of planets with life on - intelligent life? well thats
another story ;)

Автор ThamesOrIsis ( назад)
Of course vvârs aren't started because of reIigi0n, they're started for
ec0nomic (=p0vver) reasons. ReIigi0n is only used by those in p0vver to
justify vvâr to the masses (i.e., the sheeple who believe that, because
they belong to a certain reIigi0n, they are the ch00sen 0nes!).

Автор Josiffrank ( назад)
what it is amazing how small minted we humans are? If we like music or
watching crap coming out of the tv,untill you don't know what is what or
blow each other to pieces in pointless wars,other civilisations got to be
the same? YES FAT CHANCE they probably already found us, THEY JUST DON'T
WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH US.any of smart intelligent scientist ever wonder?

Автор Beau Smit ( назад)
@Dslater417 no one in our country is starving...

Автор Dslater417 ( назад)
@skillsz0rs Are you seriously saying that wars only start because of
religion? That has to be the funniest thing I have read all day... thanks
for the laugh.

Автор skillsz0rs ( назад)
@Dslater417 Oh well, science kills the essention of wars: religion. There
is more dollars pumped into war than any other thing.

Автор Dslater417 ( назад)
@skillsz0rs When I hear the billions of dollars spent on the space program
and I also see thousands of people in our own country go hungry, I do think
yes this is a waste of our money.

Автор skillsz0rs ( назад)
@Dslater417 stop trying to start flame wars, we all know you have a
attention lack.

Автор Dslater417 ( назад)
what a waste of our money and time.

Автор M1K3YIsNumba1 ( назад)
@co0lkid98 That's just what we need more crazy ass humans!

Автор daeymz ( назад)
does anyone know what the soundtrack is at the beginning?

Автор madalert ( назад)
They probably laugh at us with the technology were using

Автор jimenezjamz ( назад)
@conza410 yes agree 100 percent but instead of Universe we will start in
our own galaxy.. Yet the question "are we alone in the universe" is the
wrong question to ask.. i would ask.. How many alien races are watching us
right now!?

Автор Marshall Husvar ( назад)
@wizardbane sci-fi can get pritty far off. On mass effect that game, theres
a species of aliens that are amonia based. They need suits to survive
everywhere basicaly.

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