banned commercial

banned commercial

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Автор A27 Blaze ( назад)
What language is this.

Автор Alek Dawg ( назад)
Best condom commercial ever!

Автор Fun+ ( назад)

Автор Zeke Malcolm ( назад)
he didn't kidnap him, the commercial's point was to say kids are annoying a
lot and the guy could have prevented having the kid if he used condoms.

Автор Natpapassorn Poosombat ( назад)

Автор BinkieMcFartnuggets ( назад)
I'll bet he regrets kidnapping that little bastard!

Автор PKMN4EVER ( назад)
My daddy would've fucked his foot all the way up my ass if I pulled this

Автор VirtueVirus0 ( назад)

Автор adrianloveslucius ( назад)

Автор adrianloveslucius ( назад)
The only birth control anyone ever needs!

Автор Carl Kuo ( назад)
haha so true

Автор Prince Noah ( назад)
It was banned in America because Americans get butthurt for being educated.

Автор diazdante ( назад)
Wateva happened 2 da art of da belt?

Автор Hayley Woodward ( назад)
What country is this from?

Автор BigCigarBender ( назад)

Автор PrincessZaria1772 ( назад)
I don't have kids, but I know what they're like because I was once one! And
everyone else was too, except for the weirdos who were born teens or adults.

Автор Dr Shandwich ( назад)
That was fucking hilarious!!!!

Автор Nicole Holmes ( назад)
Mhm. I would've let him run around like it was ok and then when he got nice
and tired, take him home and wear his little ass out. Not abuse, just

Автор Tré Productions ( назад)
spare the rod spoil the child he aint bout to be spoiled

Автор CJPrime931 ( назад)
And get arrested for child abuse? Great idea. *sarcasm*

Автор CJPrime931 ( назад)
You do realise you wer a child once, right? Unless you didn't have a
childhood which would be a REAL shame.

Автор ironmaidyn ( назад)
My kids only get treats if they behave well in the store! Never let them
win! It doesn't take long for them to learn! :D

Автор Tré Productions ( назад)
i would beat the crap outta him

Автор 울지마 바버야 ( назад)
and that's why I hate kids.

Автор Megan10Stout ( назад)
I'd leave him in the store! Or never take him shopping again..

Автор Steve HA ( назад)

Автор PiggyPie390 ( назад)
theres something i would do ha

Автор mikeandamina ( назад)
I would've slapped him .-.

Автор Gliches507 ( назад)
i did but it broke

Автор Catlyn Mashburn ( назад)

Автор pturnbough ( назад)
That is why I don't want to be around my grandkids.

Автор blackmale90 ( назад)
whoever came up with this advert should be shot

Автор TheCoolDawg8879 ( назад)
The kid looks and sounds like a monkey

Автор Alix Androvna ( назад)
I'm glad this got banned. O__O

Автор Uncrazamatic . ( назад)
If I saw your kid doing this I would smack you in the mouth!

Автор Frenchy ( назад)
@NDBNTZ he would know what he did WAS wrong, but not why. i didn't say
spanking is torture, i was talking about actual torture as in a legal

Автор NDBNTZ ( назад)
@happykilmore94 yea OK i'm sure if he pulled him to the side and hit him,
im sure he would think mmmm why'd you hit me? ....im sure it wasn't 'cause
i just threw the Worst temper tantrum in the fucking world. you sir are an
idiot spanking is not torture, thats hyperbolic. im sure that a one year
old that wont stop touching something will know exactly what your trying to
tell them... kids will do what they want when they want unless you enforce
what you want

Автор musicsavage ( назад)
Use condoms or do anal.

Автор Frenchy ( назад)
@GrinningGoku so torture as a form of punishment is acceptable i suppose?
if you hit a child, how are they to know what they did was wrong? they
won't, you need WORDS to help them realise what they did was wrong.

Автор GrinningGoku ( назад)
@happykilmore94 There's violence, and there's discipline. IMHO, there's
nothing wrong with a good old fashioned spanking. Speaking of which, this
kid could use several. Spanking a kid isn't the only way to discipline
them, but this child needs some "shock and awe" on his butt.

Автор Frenchy ( назад)
i feel sorry for all these people with inept parents saying how their
parents would beat them if they did something like that :( makes me hate
dumb people who need violence to solve problems even more

Автор thejoebuck86 ( назад)
If that were my kid, I'd put my penis in his asshole.

Автор Tré Productions ( назад)
my dad would whip his ass in the store

Автор tyler ( назад)
if i ever did that my dad wood #1 give me that look that says if you dont
stop your tantrum i will. then #2 if i didnt stop i figue im 15 yrs old and
5 ft 10in my dad is 6ft 3in and his hands are twice the size of my ass so
if i did that when i was 5 he wont take that crap and smak me so hard my
teeth wood spin in the opposite derection my hed was spinning

Автор The Merry Wolf ( назад)
My mother would have busted my ass if I EVER did that in public.

Автор lolab ( назад)

Автор spanked84 ( назад)
gets need to get beat

Автор scoffel13 ( назад)
@sirjames0902 oui

Автор khalied ibn al walied ( назад)
I would fucking slap the shit out of his pants if it was my kid!

Автор No Good Usernames Left ( назад)
wahhhhhhhhh! jamalo bum-ba! JAMALO BUM-BAAAAA!!!!!!! JAAAMMAALLOO
AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! *use condoms*

Автор dick cheney ( назад)
is this in french?

Автор c668442 ( назад)
Agghhh I want those sweeties gahhhhh

Автор beernpizzalover ( назад)
Is that Peter Horton as the Dad?

Автор John Douglas ( назад)

Автор PJohnnyJX ( назад)
Its funny to watch a brat to roll over all around screaming. But it gets
annoying when the dad or mom doesn't do shit about it. Use condoms people.
You don't want to end up like this guy here!

Автор ExesAndOwes ( назад)
I would smack that kid with something hard and sand papery.....

Автор itasaku88 ( назад)
if that was my kid id slap the shit out of him!

Автор rws34real ( назад)
I would be like shut the fuck up and drag him by his hair and whoop his ass
really bad

Автор DisneyBlackJet ( назад)
The dad looks like he's one of the Bee Gees.

Автор shifter399 ( назад)
At first I was like why would it be banned for this but then. "use condoms"
came up and I was like ooooooooooo shitttt

Автор SailorXOdesSa ( назад)
@Aelita8788 what? oO'

Автор Dunphy6000 ( назад)
0:26 Steve Coogan?

Автор SailorXOdesSa ( назад)
why was it banned?

Автор deinteil23 ( назад)

Автор Rye Austin ( назад)
he should of just opened the sweets & forced them down the little fuckers

Автор Luke Pell ( назад)
step 1: dont have sex step 2: if step 2 fails, run like fuck step 3: buy
tape to secure the child shuts the fuck up! step 4: crack open a beer, sit
back, and watch tv.

Автор Mswordx23 ( назад)

Автор sedorexox ( назад)

Автор schwarzfalk ( назад)
he could still use the condom - over the little brat's head :|

Автор sk8erboy709 ( назад)
Dont be a fool wrap your tool Maybe the most important rhyme in life

Автор TheStickKid ( назад)
This is fucking hilarious Period

Автор peter garbat ( назад)
that boy needz a good hiding i tell you, gettin his own way all the time!!!

Автор joshua rodriguez ( назад)
i would kill him

Автор Reyjonh ( назад)
No way thats the funniest thing ever

Автор The Timtai Podcast ( назад)
If I pulled that off when I was a kid, I wouldn't be here right now...

Автор walterscott380 ( назад)
is there a english one?

Автор Thomas Magee ( назад)
Here's an alternative to condoms... A ROPE AND A CHAIR!!!! OR MORNING

Автор TheGervarod ( назад)
pounch the kid in the face and chuck him in the car and then drive off in a

Автор Anal Annihilation ( назад)
Advert aint banned.

Автор JackyDaRippa ( назад)

Автор RickdiculousLi ( назад)
I..I thought it was a candy commercial... Condoms...

Автор Moe Meepo ( назад)
Wat a spolied bitch! Lmfao!!

Автор jaidenbaumber ( назад)
@odesti if i did that my dad WOULD BREAK MY FCKING NECK!!!!

Автор PKMN4EVER ( назад)
@UmberNoxtrum If I pulled this shit when I was a kid, my parents would've
stripped my butt bare and beat the shit out of me!!!!

Автор Fell Man ( назад)
@MsSkullkid09 It was candy.

Автор Fell Man ( назад)
@Dudethatstrippin He could have sent that kid to an orphanage (I think) if
he couldn't take care of him.

Автор DinamoBucuresti1948 ( назад)
=))) cool commercial u get the message :D

Автор Debes Debora ( назад)
@peasterling7 o.0'?

Автор DecoyDamsel ( назад)
They need to switch to commercials like these in America. Seriously.
Somebody get the balls to do it.

Автор boredandalive ( назад)
that convinced me to use condoms :D

Автор Swat440 ( назад)
@SodaPopElectric so fkin true ;D

Автор Swat440 ( назад)
funny.. shoud not be banned..

Автор MsSkullkid09 ( назад)

Автор Kevin Scienceman ( назад)
O I was like condoms? For what and now I get it

Автор Twan Oei ( назад)
I have seeing this one on tv LOL

Автор J4CKB0I ( назад)
@xxxmichaelking youre sayin the correct word is candies

Автор J4CKB0I ( назад)
@xxxmichaelking its sweets not candy

Автор sprinklerox1989 ( назад)
ahahahaha Holy Poop :P Tantrum!

Автор usedtobeemo ( назад)
@UmberNoxtrum for ever

Автор letmelivemylife2008 ( назад)
Whoever made this commercial is a genius.

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