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Автор BlazedGun (11 месяцев)
What language is this.

Автор Fun+ (1 год)

Автор Alek Dawg (1 год)
Best condom commercial ever!

Автор Thomas Magee (4 года)
Here's an alternative to condoms... A ROPE AND A CHAIR!!!! OR MORNING

Автор PiggyPie390 (3 года)
theres something i would do ha

Автор John Pinkerton (5 лет)
those french people make good condom commercials

Автор Bill Marden (5 лет)
Yeah,funny but is 5 mins worth a lifetime of having to deal with that? Use
raincoats,it's worth it....

Автор peehere (5 лет)
this makes too much sence... it must be destroyed....

Автор J4CKB0I (4 года)
@xxxmichaelking youre sayin the correct word is candies

Автор Megan10Stout (3 года)
I'd leave him in the store! Or never take him shopping again..

Автор Kelsey Jensen (5 лет)
sometimes its ok to hit kids.

Автор Strelok (5 лет)

Автор 누파 박 (3 года)
and that's why I hate kids.

Автор Rye Austin (4 года)
he should of just opened the sweets & forced them down the little fuckers

Автор Tré Productions (3 года)
i would beat the crap outta him

Автор Muhammad Haq (5 лет)
fuck!!!! that's amazing

Автор Tré Productions (3 года)
spare the rod spoil the child he aint bout to be spoiled

Автор mdeonx16 (5 лет)
I wanna smack that kid.

Автор dick cheney (4 года)
is this in french?

Автор Nicole Holmes (3 года)
Mhm. I would've let him run around like it was ok and then when he got nice
and tired, take him home and wear his little ass out. Not abuse, just

Автор adrianloveslucius (2 года)
The only birth control anyone ever needs!

Автор iminthecomments (2 года)

Автор Twan Oei (4 года)
I have seeing this one on tv LOL

Автор zool201975 (5 лет)
lol i guess its banned bij some religious group who rather sees gods
creations (mongrols like that) walk around then some birthcontrol. imho a
very effective one i think more parents had their moments lol

Автор Prince Noah (2 года)
It was banned in America because Americans get butthurt for being educated.

Автор RickdiculousLi (4 года)
I..I thought it was a candy commercial... Condoms...

Автор MadameShippo! (5 лет)

Автор Arthas Dela Cruz (5 лет)
i thought this is decent at first but its fucking funny haha

Автор PrincessZaria1772 (2 года)
I don't have kids, but I know what they're like because I was once one! And
everyone else was too, except for the weirdos who were born teens or adults.

Автор jaidenbaumber (4 года)
@odesti if i did that my dad WOULD BREAK MY FCKING NECK!!!!

Автор Reyjonh (4 года)
No way thats the funniest thing ever

Автор just4comments123 (5 лет)

Автор sprinklerox1989 (4 года)
ahahahaha Holy Poop :P Tantrum!

Автор scoffel13 (4 года)
@sirjames0902 oui

Автор metalwreck450 . (5 лет)
OMG this is the best commercial ever! No joke!

Автор Devvy (4 года)
Advert aint banned.

Автор CJPrime931 (3 года)
You do realise you wer a child once, right? Unless you didn't have a
childhood which would be a REAL shame.

Автор msJimiBadu (4 года)

Автор saraboox (5 лет)
this is hilarious :)

Автор waffleless (5 лет)
We had a commercial like this in Denmark.

Автор lifterforlife1983 (5 лет)
That should be aired for every teen during sex ed lmfao

Автор beernpizzalover (4 года)
Is that Peter Horton as the Dad?

Автор khalied ibn al walied (4 года)
I would fucking slap the shit out of his pants if it was my kid!

Автор Hayley Woodward (2 года)
What country is this from?

Автор PKMN4EVER (4 года)
@UmberNoxtrum If I pulled this shit when I was a kid, my parents would've
stripped my butt bare and beat the shit out of me!!!!

Автор CanadiaNecro1 (5 лет)
Best condom ad ever.

Автор SailorXOdesSa (4 года)
why was it banned?

Автор sk8erboy709 (4 года)
Dont be a fool wrap your tool Maybe the most important rhyme in life

Автор letmelivemylife2008 (4 года)
Whoever made this commercial is a genius.

Автор boredandalive (4 года)
that convinced me to use condoms :D

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