Miracle at Golan Heights: True Story!

True story of a mysterious wind appearing suddenly to help some Israeli soldiers get through a field covered with land mines. What an AWESOME God we serve!

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Добавлено: 4 года
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Автор Peace Child (15 дней)
Israel is the apple of Gods Eye, and one day the stubborn Arab peoples will
bow before Him and know that HE , not Allah moon god, is the God of Israel
and the entire Christian world .Israel itself is a miracle, this one in
the video does not surprise me!

Автор Cindy Vida (3 дня)

Автор Kilmarnock Westies (10 часов)
Praise God!

Автор Were CrayCray (5 месяцев)
God help them

Автор tigris euphrates (2 года)
The Isreali propaganda machine at it again

Автор starscreamer47 (2 года)
If God can open the Red Sea and the Jordan river for the Israeli to cross
safely in biblical times, I see no reason why He can't do the same on a
couple of man made mines.

Автор blackshade9 (4 года)
Haha, that was cool. Nice vid. ^^

Автор hannahr77 (1 год)

Автор Gilbert Toglia (3 года)
Praise God Abba father creator of heaven and earth "I Am that I Am!!!!!!!!!
For ever he will rain he is the Alpha and the Omega,begining and the end of
all things.This and other amazing miracles is how he performs for he loves
the Jews as well as the Gentiles.

Автор Ben Nilsson (1 год)
I believe it! God has never forgotten his people! Thanks God! And all glory
to Him! This is touching.

Автор ezelsoornl (1 год)
And God will come to your rescue again if Iran or the Arab nations want to

Автор MySyriaFreedom (2 года)
اصلا لا يوجد اي الغام ،، لأن حافظ كان يحبكم كثيراً ,,,,ثانياً لو كانت القصة
حقيقية ،،، اتوقع ان روح حافظ المقبور جاءت و نفثت لكم الغبار ، كنوع من خدمة
ما بعد البيع

Автор ryan angel (10 месяцев)

Автор Praise Bethel (1 год)
The mighty one of Israel the great YAHWEH and our Lord God of Abraham Isaac
and Jacob....his is able to do all things to his people Israel.

Автор matsebah (2 года)
@MSR8MASR to answer your last question, He is the same God who will be
there at armagedon burning your ass.!

Автор Monkeymanndo (2 года)
@1Daphdong they got lucky...

Автор news4lifejrnlst (4 года)
I love this story!!! goosebumps

Автор superjhman (4 года)

Автор Dolores May (1 год)
Who is the idiot? This is someone's re-inactment.....did you think they had
a television crew out there?

Автор proengelsrael (2 года)

Автор Liam S (11 месяцев)
Our Hashem is the greatest! Fighting our fights.

Автор Mizpah61 (1 год)
I blame George W Bush for this!!

Автор TheGreenGrowl (1 год)
Without the Jews most of us would probably be worshiping some false god
name wiccan or something like that, I'm a christian and if the Jews
wouldn't have share the real God with the rest of the world, we could all
kiss heaven goodbye, ok to me God took my punishment on the cross, jews
dont see it this way but anyways, thank you great jewish people, this land
is your land and YHWH has UNCONDITIONALLY gave it to you and He will always
watch over His chosen people so this miracle doesnt surprise me

Автор David Barboza (2 года)
god is awesome

Автор Jonathan Williams (11 месяцев)

Автор sameerfr (1 год)
thanks for god and godss chosen people. we would be worshipping some false
god. Halleluiah

Автор matsebah (2 года)
wow! your kidding me praise the lord!

Автор emmanuel villafuerte (1 год)
it's really a miracle!! God's hand is clearly there to guide israeli
soldiers...Praise be to God!!

Автор Jake Jaidee (3 года)
I LOVE ISRAEL. Greetings from Indonesia

Автор proengelsrael (3 года)
ISRAEL, you are not alone, God bless Israel FOREVER ! Greetings from
Germany !

Автор MrBolas33 (3 года)
I am a practicing Catholic and I believe that the Jews are truly Gods
chosen people. God bless them.

Автор jose rivera (1 год)
Israel doesn't need God to conquer all Palestine they have 80+ nukes. God
work only with defenseless believers ..

Автор Oz White (2 года)
@27thlegion No such thing as luck!

Автор haaratz gobi (1 год)
This is just an other lie of the jews!!!

Автор cj492 (4 года)
Very cool!! With God all things are possible. Matthew 19:16

Автор IBKTB (3 года)
@katemyhearrt Amen! i'm happy and glad for these guys and for our nation

Автор Fresno Joe (1 год)

Автор Jose Mari Rey (2 года)
Israel is in gods favor .. gobless Israel ..

Автор Mahmood Ali (2 года)
@shellyb43 and u should pray alot, considering what's going on in the
Middle East these days ...u know there is some thing called the Middle
East, do not u ?

Автор m waggoner (3 года)
Love to Israel From Gruetli Laager Tennessee USA! Praying for you!

Автор El Seco (3 года)

Автор HadasahB (3 года)
Hashem etanu! - Yah is with us!

Автор Jonathan Williams (11 месяцев)
what movie is this from?

Автор IBKTB (3 года)
did it really happen????

Автор Bruce Hamby (4 года)
G-d bless you!

Автор VoxLesPaul (4 года)
Thank you for posting this video.

Автор ShahTama (1 год)
Islamic Muhammad was the master of all lies.

Автор cafgu1 (2 года)
@MSR8MASR well, GOD will answer all of your question...someday got

Автор bigfatskinee (4 года)
Awesome! Watching this was like reading a Bible story...and being reminded
that miracles still happen...to the Jew first, and also to the Gentile.

Автор Mahmood Ali (2 года)
how about this one: the Izzies said Egypt wont dare attacking the soviets
said Egypt would lose 30,000 men during the crossing only Egypt said it
will lose about 10,000 men during the crossing God said, Egypt will lose
less than 300 men during the crossing So let's be happy for those five
Israelis, and for around 10,000, 30,000 or even a million Egyptians as
Sadat was ready to lose, that god saved. BTW, where was ur god when Hitler
was burning the shit outta u ?

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