Instructions On Polishing An Airstream

Detailed instructions on how to give your Airstream a mirror shine.

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Автор Mike G. ( назад)
Nice work. I'm over here in England hoping to import one, and with my
budget, I'll have to buff that sucker up for sure. Good system. Less fussy
than some of the other guys, but the result is as good.

Автор The Rear Facing Seat ( назад)
We bought the supplies you mentioned from Jestco and are so excited it
looks like it's working well (thanks for the video and info), but our
Spartan has little spots that aren't coming out. Do you have an email
address that I could send a picture to? Would you be willing to look at it
for us to see if you've encountered it and perhaps provide suggestions?
Thanks so much!

Автор Douglas Allstott ( назад)
I have some specific questions for you. I wonder if I can contact you by
email? Also, do you have a website? Thanks

Автор Jesse Hoots ( назад)
Hi... Just exactly is that stuff you finish with?? I ordered two bottles. .
Does it take the swirls out? Anything else I use to finish kills the shine.
And what would you suggest to protect the final shine? Thanks, Jesse

Автор jax brown ( назад)
this guys good, shows it can be done in 100 hours, not 250..

Автор Matt Baker ( назад)
Do you have any Airstreams for sale?

Автор Jacob Hagemann ( назад)
Hi DrAirstream. Great video. Thanks. I was wondering if you or someone you
know, would do this polish job on my 1979 Airstream Motorhome. (28ft)?

Автор DrAirstream ( назад)

I now teach trying the red bar first to save time. Sometimes it will do the
job...if there is an area that seems to not work, then go with a rougher
bar (gray). As far as the red bar, if the green bar gives the results you
are after, that would be fine also....you will finish with the cyclo
polisher/slightly cutting paste, or the non cutting type.

Good luck with your efforts, it is a very nasty job.

Best Regards,

Автор Annie workman ( назад)
Thanks for sharing your knowledge Dr. Airstream.... You're awesome!

One last question... If I may?

Before getting your input, we were experimenting with a green bar that we
already had. Trying it on a small area, it seemed to work better than the
Grey with quick results. With your experience, how do you feel about using
gray bar on rough spots first, and green bar to achieve the mirror look?
What is the difference between that and Jewers Rouge?

Greatest Appreciation,

Автор DrAirstream ( назад)
Greetings Annie,
Yes, the Jestco 2" 120 ply...as you use the wheel, the cotton become a
little wider. And yes to the bar material. The 50's trailers will polish up
even better than the one I used (85 model).

Best Regards,

Автор Annie workman ( назад)
Thanks for sharing your knowledge. It's greatly appreciatd

Автор Annie workman ( назад)
Hi Bill... Thanks for the informative video! Just a couple questions please.

Is the buffing wheel you use the Jestco 2" 120 ply? In your video, it looks

Also, our Airstream is a 1950's model that's exterior is in much worse
shape than the one that you use as an example in your video. Would the
process and bar material (grey, jewelrouge, etc) be the same?

Автор Chris Cowling ( назад)
I am having a hard time finding buffing pads that are thicker then 1/2 "
can you direct to a supplier? perhaps a link or the store you get them
from? Thank you! And great work

Автор DrAirstream ( назад)
Greetings Bill,
Makita 9227C, 6 inch wheel, 10A

Автор Bill Keller ( назад)
What type of variable grinders are you using?? 4, 5, or 6 inch? how many

Автор Marauding Dragon ( назад)
I see you taped up the areas you do not want to polish but what happens
when that polisher touches the tape? If I touch the tape with the polisher
it rips up the tape and sticks to the polisher and makes a mess out of
polishing. So how do you polish next to the area you have taped? and
around the lock and windows and all the little spots that are next to stuff
you don't want polished??

Автор Robert Bell ( назад)
Lots of dust. Breathing protection?

Автор roddraym ( назад)
Great video!!!! I have a '94 Sovereign, 21ft Airstream and some day I would
like to have it polished. The clear coat across the top edges has faded.
What post maintenance efforts are required once you've successfully
polished a trailer?

Автор James Catalano ( назад)
How do you control the rpms using a side grinder? Don't they just run wide
open at 8000 rpm +/-?

Автор DrAirstream ( назад)
Greetings Bobby, I am not sure what you mean by "Burn Marks". The photos of
trailers I have polished are posted on my web site, and they were taken in
direct sunlight. The speed of my grinder is 3000 rpm and I have not had the
aluminum turn blue that would indicate a hot aluminum burn....if that is
what you mean by "Burn Marks". Best Regards, Levon

Автор Dacia Mitchell ( назад)
Thank you so much for the information. I did make it to the jestco website
this afternoon as well, thank you for posting the link. Our trailer is 31'
so I think I'll wait until the weather is a little cooler to start this
project. It'll probably take me all winter! Best to you!

Автор DrAirstream ( назад)
Dacia, make sure there is clear coat on it....take some abrasive
(toothpaste) on a rag and rub an area...if it has black oxidation on the
rag...the clear coat is gone....rub some on the questioned painted grey
area and see what happens. Don't sand that area, use some mineral spirits
on a rag and rub that area and see if any grey paint comes off...if you
have an area in a place not noticeable that has paint....polish that area
and see what happens. Not sure what you have. Best Regards

Автор Dacia Mitchell ( назад)
also, our trailer looks like a previous owner spray painted grey over
certain areas. Should I be concerned by what's underneath, or just start
polishing? Thank you again!! 

Автор Dacia Mitchell ( назад)
Great video! You mentioned in the beginning that you start this process
after you have removed the clearcoat. What is your method for doing that?

Автор DrAirstream ( назад)
Chris, this is where I purchase my polishing supplies: Jestcoproducts 

Автор Chris Saunders ( назад)
This is awesome !! Love the video, I live in Canada and I bought a
airstream like trailer called a Travelux Made in Canada. Think it is from
the 70's or so, I'm getting ready to polish soon. I went out and got a side
grander like you have and watched the video a thousand times just need to
find the pads you have and the bars, what exactly are the pads and bars
called‽ know anywhere I could buy them. Well thanks a lot for the video !!

Автор DrAirstream ( назад)
This issue has happened to me on occasion. As you apply pressure with the
grinder/wheel, use less pressure on the area you are polishing on the final
pass. The cyclo does help remove the marks with each polishing, but will
take longer than you think it will. If the marks show up after this
approach, change to a new wheel and go over the area again, I use several
buffs (wheels) when polishing a trailer and have noticed that the
horizontal lines have become less frequent. Hope this helps. 

Автор 2006pete379 ( назад)
sometimes when polishing a large flat piece of aluminum i will get
horizontal lines left behind from the initial cutting stages that become
visible when the light hits it from a certain angle. does the cyclo
polisher help to remove these marks so that you have a true mirror finish?
this is just a problem i have been dealing with for some time and i would
appreciate your insight

Автор DrAirstream (1048 лет назад)
I use smaller buffing wheels (3 and 4 in.) and a small hand held drill. I
also use blue painters tape over molding so as not to effect it. It is
always best to remove any molding, lights (lens), and locks/clasps that are
easily removed.

Автор Justo Medina ( назад)
Great Video Thank you for making it. Do you have any recommendations for
getting the places next to the molding or the locks etc...

Автор Bigboy Slim ( назад)
Wow! I love your work.

Автор DrAirstream ( назад)
I don't have a shop and I don't polish for others so I don't have a set
price. My wife and I restore 1 or 2 trailers a year for ourselves. I have
heard of price ranges from $100 to $300 per foot....It is very hard work
and you earn every penny you charge....the better your work the more work
you will get. Good Luck with your venture. 

Автор grample1 ( назад)
The proof of the pudding is in the eating. I stand corrected. 

Автор DrAirstream ( назад)
My oldest grinder has been used for over six years, and the other similar
one has been in use for 3 yrs.....they have worked just fine for me. Thanks
for watching my video.

Автор grample1 ( назад)
your grinders are not powerful enough for the work you are doing. you can
hear them slowing down under the drag created by your mops. they will soon
burn out doing this kind of work.

Автор DrAirstream ( назад)
I purchased a variable side/grinder (900-3000) rpm on line. They can be
purchased at Harbor Freight and other places that sale tools. The main
reason not to go over 4000 rpm speed is that you may burn (scorch) the
metal...it turns blueish/brown, once that happens, it will never polish to
a mirror shine. At 3000 speed, I have tried to burn the metal, just to see
if I could.....I could not ...without a great deal of effort...so that's
why I recommend to stay at 3000.

Автор hermancando ( назад)
where did you find a 3000 rpm grinder i have fround only between 6000 and
11000 what will it hurt to go over 4000

Автор headacherack ( назад)
Looks great...However the mineral spirits I found to be too damaging to
skin and too expensive. So I have been using kerosene by far is much
cheaper and milder and stays wer much longer. I saw your rubber
atttachments which is what I use, Can't stand all that black oxidation, so
we gather rags where ever possible, mostly cotton and I polish with used
heavy pile towels to polish with on my cyclo.

Автор DrAirstream ( назад)
Greetings Acidstorm 1234, I am not famililar with Airway pads. I use an 9"/
2" think cotton buff on a 3000 rpm sidegrider. Best Regards, Levon

Автор acidstorm1234 ( назад)
hi there sir ! i do aluminum polishing for a living, i do mostly rims ,fuel
tanks and the big fuel tanks used to ship fuel by semi but i want to get
into doing airstreams. are you familiar with Airway pads ? have you ever
used them on a airstream ? what type of ppad are you using ?

Автор EricMHurt ( назад)
Good stuff. Thanks.

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