RotateParts in SketchUp (How 2)

A quick SketchUp tutorial on how to find and rotate the parts in sketchup
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For more information please visit us at http://www.phlatforum.com register and log to open access to tons of free plans and ideas :) We add videos...
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3D to the Real World http://www.phlatforum.com OpenBuilds Part Store http://www.openbuildspartstore.com
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CNC Foam Cutting Machine Construction
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http://www.tutorialcad.com/curso-sketchup.html Curso SketchUp Completo! Aprenda Projetar Maquetes de um Jeito Rápido e Fácil... Você acha...


Автор kram242 (5 лет)
Your welcome, I know its not really much but it is a problem a lot of
people including myself are having when just learning SketchUp for the
first time. Mark

Автор kapitanC (5 лет)
thanx 4 sharing

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