Jackie Evancho - AGT - Sept. 7, 2010: "Pie Jesu"

In this performance on America's Got Talent, ten-year-old Jackie Evancho flawlessly sings Andrew Lloyd Webber's arrangement of "Pie Jesu" and "Agnus Dei". What an absolutely angelic voice!


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Длительность: 2:20
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Автор Deborah Hogan ( назад)
God has blessed her with the voice of an angel.

Автор Barbara 53 ( назад)
A small glimpse of Heaven! Thank you, Jackie! =)

Автор Fluffy ducky ( назад)
listen to pie jesu made by andrew Lloyd hmm they sound pretty familier.
don't they FAKE

Автор Ayli Anvaripour ( назад)
Why do so many people say that she will ruin her voice??? How do you know
she is not using proper technique ????

Автор PandaProductions ( назад)

Автор abcd abcd (1637 лет назад)
very beautiful ! in so many ways

Автор bugnutsrunnels ( назад)
when it comes to the perfect singing voice, Jackie is the real thing.

Автор 1martuska ( назад)
Voice of an angel .

Автор R. Gold ( назад)
Placido Domingo just released a version of this song *with Jackie singing
on it* as well. It's on his album "My Christmas" and you can also download
the *Pie Jesu* track if that's what you are interested in.

Автор stephanie baker ( назад)
Videoarchievman I think your an idiot for thinking it's not her

Автор zigman froid ( назад)
video I really think that that stupid brain of yours just cant comprehend
music, you just cant get it can you, not gonna try to prove it to you just
gonna let you go on being the retarded ignorant idiot that you are.

Автор Doris Church ( назад)
a voice from heaven ! sings from the heart ! God blessed you Jackie

Автор zigman froid ( назад)
OH YEAH , before I forget videoarchiveman ,,, she has sang side by side
with sarah , in reality were not the stupid ones , and in this case nor are
we the ignorant ones.

Автор zigman froid ( назад)
hey videoarchiveman Im glad to see that jesus does exsist , and yes that is
her voice, I have seen her live , if her voice wasn't real she would have
never been invited to go sing in the white house, or on the many TV shows
she has been on, this is nothing short of as miracle , oh wait your jesus
you already know that.

Автор Ronald Arias ( назад)
she makes me want to have a baby girl

Автор videoarchiveman (1841 год назад)
if that's her, I'm Jesus Christ. Probably Sarah Brightman.Are you people
that stupid to think that a little girl could sound like that? give me a

Автор A Nø̈rd ( назад)
Is it requiem?

Автор Tigreblanco066 ( назад)
The angelical Jackie Evancho for forever!

Автор WeabeMusic ( назад)
Always makes me shed a tear I just can't help it!!

Автор Philip Li ( назад)
This makes me want to upgrade my speakers

Автор Patrick Hagerty ( назад)

Автор CheradanineZakalwe ( назад)
This was my first exposure to Jackie Evancho - a recommendation on an
Hayley Westenra version of this (superb, too).
Almost didn't bother as most such recommendations turn out to be a severe

So glad I did. Was absolutely staggered at Jackie's singing. To miss this
would have been a disaster.

Frequently return to this (and all her songs) and it never gets old.She is
so blessed to have such a wonderful talent, along with an equally wonderful

Автор 09999abc ( назад)
Why do people know more about Britney Spears than singers like Jackie???

Автор Alvin Suba ( назад)
1:00-1:04 you can actually visualize the image formed by the spotlight.. OMG

Автор Chibi Prussia ( назад)

Автор phillies4100 ( назад)
Thumbs up if ya cried!!!

Автор Ben Li ( назад)
How old was she? Unbelievable voice. Just like angel.

Автор De Wett Visser ( назад)

Автор 365cumoniwnt2leyu ( назад)
Did anyone else felt tears running down their cheeks for no reason?!

Автор Lambok Sianturi ( назад)
Superb and splendid. Beautiful voice.

Автор sactiger ( назад)
Flawless. As one can see, the audience was transfixed... and so was I.

Автор Antonia Petkova ( назад)
i actually LOVE her voice.. compared to the most accomplished sopranos out
there right now... i Loooooove her interpretation , her voice, it could be
my favorite version. Be well, Jackie :).

Автор Katie Lembo ( назад)
She just did a song with Peter Hollens and if it's even possible for her to
get more amazing she did

Автор Theresa Kessler ( назад)
She is not fake...I went to see her in Buffalo NY a few yrs ago near
Christmas time. She was amazing!!! It was the best birthday and
anniversary present I ever got...tickets to go see her live!!!

Автор mrmizer69 ( назад)
It is hard to believe AGT failed to send her through on her own after three
tries trying to get on the show. It had to take a Youtube post to get het
on, shame on you AGT.

Автор ChantaeYbarra ( назад)
What a beautiful God given voice!

Автор Ricky Sikes ( назад)
It isn't abuse at all. Jacke has stated many, many times that her mother
asked her if she wanted to inter contests and she said she did. She had a
lovely voice while very young and has practiced a lot. The more you use
your vocal cords the thicker they become and the more mature they sound.

Автор john smith (1660 лет назад)
Just lovely, I think ALW deserves better credit here too. This is not an
arrangement, it is a setting, the music is ALW's.
Saint Saens said Faure's setting was the 'one' but I don't think that is
the case anymore. And i'm no fan of ALW

Автор Tonia Bassue ( назад)
the last time I watched this I cried she has a talented voice

Автор Merp Derp ( назад)
She has the voice of an angel

Автор stopDabs ( назад)
How about It cheter?

Автор Yanett Martínez Londoño (1344 года назад)

Автор veron lee ( назад)
you should go to the voice

Автор abigail baker ( назад)
sorry that was not very nice.

Автор abigail baker ( назад)
Don won shut up. she's not fake. she has an outstanding voice

Автор bparno ( назад)
pint sized perfection.

Автор Mike Mast ( назад)
Simply beautiful!

Автор Danishaka DHL06 ( назад)

Автор peter williams ( назад)
the sweetest one of gods most blessed angles

Автор Heno Kezinchyan ( назад)

Автор Kodster89 ( назад)
I have that dewet I sang the ether part 9 boy

Автор James Daly ( назад)
Beautiful voice. Hope someone saves her from her parents. She's rushing the

Автор felicidamia123 ( назад)
Just as the life of Jackie goes , with all the love that transmits, she
could perfectly be the first person to be canonized without is dead.

rhetorically speaking

Автор Kimberly Fitzgerald ( назад)

Автор sebulban ( назад)
This is THE version of Pie Jesu. At least what i've heard. No one tops this

Автор rewtnode ( назад)
why is she pushed to sound like an adult woman? It's not a child's voice. I
know she may love to sound this way, I guess because of all the approval,
but somehow this is child abuse. 

Автор OutlawsShadow ( назад)
We are singing this in choir and I love it.

Автор Aldiggy2000 ( назад)
1:40 , she stops time 

Автор iManuel ( назад)
The Voice of angel

Автор WADE BROWN ( назад)
gave me a headache

Автор tbabyBEAUTY ( назад)
please view my cover of this song on my page its called amazing cover of
pie jesu thanks :)

Автор 24yrukdesigner ( назад)
.. This actually just got rid of a headache I had. Amazing voice OO
Healing powers ^^

Автор Judy Rademacher ( назад)
This is what angels sound like

Автор Linda Ball ( назад)
My all time favorite as well. I frequently visit this performance, always
melts my heart. Did get to see her in concert over the Holidays, at age 13,
she remains awesome.

Автор Jonathan Comer ( назад)
Still the best performance on AGT ever.

Автор Alexa Givens ( назад)
i can sing opera but not as high i am almost there i taught myself at the
age 7-8 i am not telling a lie it is true

Автор Lilly Schacher ( назад)
Merry Christmas Jackie Evancho

Автор Eddie CJ ( назад)
She is entrancing

Автор 365cumoniwnt2leyu ( назад)
This is the moment that this girl stole my heart, made me cry, left me with
my jaw on the floor, felt Gods love thru her, and I never been happier....
God bless you Jackie.

Автор Miroslav Golemac ( назад)
djevohčica s vakim glasom može samo od boga biti poslana

Автор Ir. Sonia Oliveira ( назад)
Que talento!

Автор Nin Feyth ( назад)
Ummmm... not if you do it right. I started singing at age 5 and I'm almost

Автор A Pin ( назад)
Jackie is a rare one. She is blessed with that beautiful voice!

Автор MrMixor ( назад)
Very good. Best version is from Sissel. The finest soprano alive.

Автор memully ( назад)
And I think you have missed my point.

Автор memully ( назад)

Автор Admiral John ( назад)
... you totally missed the point of Keldemption's comment. :P

Автор maarlena13 ( назад)
omg xD

Автор memully ( назад)
And you're upset by that? Or did it upset your imaginary friend? It is a
beautiful song and beautifully sang. I don't believe in Jesus and it
doesn't bother me.

Автор mario monari ( назад)
que voz tiene !!!!! maravilloso extraordinario nunca escuche de una nena de
diez años semejante voz

Автор Fu Lian Doble ( назад)
She knows what she's doing. David foster would have stopped her if it was a
danger! World famous musician....

Автор Rucira O ( назад)
Beautiful girl with a beautiful voice!!

Автор mochi ( назад)
Because she might destroy her voice prematurely!!! :(

Автор memully ( назад)
Blasphemy is a victimless crime. What a stupid comment.

Автор Fu Lian Doble ( назад)
Dvid Foster would have known if she had. He's a world famous musician

Автор Fu Lian Doble ( назад)
Hey,whats wrong with that?????

Автор Fu Lian Doble ( назад)
She had a softer voice in her cd Prelude to a Dream,buts it's matured more.

Автор cere tomer ( назад)
Did you ever consider that it's just her natural voice. I believe she has
sounded like that since she started singing. I think that was at age eight.

Автор mochi ( назад)
Fair but she's trying to sing using an operatic style.......

Автор cere tomer ( назад)
That's not opera. That's an Aria. And she doesn't profess to be an opera
singer nor does she want to be an opera singer.

Автор mochi ( назад)
She sounds like me when I try to sing opera inaccurately. annnd that's how
I knew she didn't know how to use her voice.

Автор cere tomer ( назад)
You mean like Beverly Sills, Julie Andrews or countless other famous and
exceptional singers who started singing at this age or younger. Please,
post your Doctorate Degree so we can believe you.

Автор punkchic911 ( назад)
You can only sing operatically like that for so long. She will fry her
voice. She should not be singing this repertoire so young, it is not
vocally healthy, so the only thing she will be blowing out of the water is
her career when she develops nodes.

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