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Автор phillies4100 (2 месяца)
Thumbs up if ya cried!!!

Автор Ben Li (3 месяца)
How old was she? Unbelievable voice. Just like angel.

Автор 09999abc (2 месяца)
Why do people know more about Britney Spears than singers like Jackie???

Автор 365cumoniwnt2leyu (4 месяца)
Did anyone else felt tears running down their cheeks for no reason?!

Автор sactiger (4 месяца)
Flawless. As one can see, the audience was transfixed... and so was I.

Автор Alvin Suba (2 месяца)
1:00-1:04 you can actually visualize the image formed by the spotlight.. OMG

Автор Chibi Prussia (2 месяца)

Автор De Wett Visser (3 месяца)

Автор CheradanineZakalwe (17 дней)
This was my first exposure to Jackie Evancho - a recommendation on an
Hayley Westenra version of this (superb, too).
Almost didn't bother as most such recommendations turn out to be a severe

So glad I did. Was absolutely staggered at Jackie's singing. To miss this
would have been a disaster.

Frequently return to this (and all her songs) and it never gets old.She is
so blessed to have such a wonderful talent, along with an equally wonderful

Автор Lambok Sianturi (4 месяца)
Superb and splendid. Beautiful voice.

Автор Dragana J (4 месяца)
Little Divaa!!! Angel <3 :)

Автор Doreen Jenkins (2 месяца)
Good morning, Beth. This is 10 year old Jackie Evancho. Enjoy

Автор Antonia Petkova (4 месяца)
i actually LOVE her voice.. compared to the most accomplished sopranos out
there right now... i Loooooove her interpretation , her voice, it could be
my favorite version. Be well, Jackie :).

Автор Katie Lembo (5 месяцев)
She just did a song with Peter Hollens and if it's even possible for her to
get more amazing she did

Автор Ricky Sikes (6 месяцев)
It isn't abuse at all. Jacke has stated many, many times that her mother
asked her if she wanted to inter contests and she said she did. She had a
lovely voice while very young and has practiced a lot. The more you use
your vocal cords the thicker they become and the more mature they sound.

Автор Theresa Kessler (6 месяцев)
She is not fake...I went to see her in Buffalo NY a few yrs ago near
Christmas time. She was amazing!!! It was the best birthday and
anniversary present I ever got...tickets to go see her live!!!

Автор Tom Matthews (8 месяцев)
Fuck you haters she has an amazing voice so STFU :)

Автор Tonia Bassue (7 месяцев)
the last time I watched this I cried she has a talented voice

Автор john smith (7 месяцев)
Just lovely, I think ALW deserves better credit here too. This is not an
arrangement, it is a setting, the music is ALW's.
Saint Saens said Faure's setting was the 'one' but I don't think that is
the case anymore. And i'm no fan of ALW

Автор stopDabs (7 месяцев)
How about It cheter?

Автор rewtnode (1 год)
why is she pushed to sound like an adult woman? It's not a child's voice. I
know she may love to sound this way, I guess because of all the approval,
but somehow this is child abuse. 

Автор Carlos Mesa Flórez (9 месяцев)

Автор Yanett Martínez Londoño (7 месяцев)

Автор abigail baker (8 месяцев)
Don won shut up. she's not fake. she has an outstanding voice

Автор Kimberly Fitzgerald (1 год)

Автор Eddie CJ (1 год)
She is entrancing

Автор Mike Mast (9 месяцев)
Simply beautiful!

Автор Tris Baker (8 месяцев)

Автор mrmizer69 (6 месяцев)
It is hard to believe AGT failed to send her through on her own after three
tries trying to get on the show. It had to take a Youtube post to get het
on, shame on you AGT.

Автор 24yrukdesigner (1 год)
.. This actually just got rid of a headache I had. Amazing voice OO
Healing powers ^^

Автор Heno Kezinchyan (11 месяцев)

Автор Merp Derp (7 месяцев)
She has the voice of an angel

Автор Linda Ball (1 год)
My all time favorite as well. I frequently visit this performance, always
melts my heart. Did get to see her in concert over the Holidays, at age 13,
she remains awesome.

Автор ChantaeYbarra (6 месяцев)
What a beautiful God given voice!

Автор Kody Holdershaw (11 месяцев)
I have that dewet I sang the ether part 9 boy

Автор Nutthawut Yatarakat (1 год)
The Voice of angel

Автор peter williams (11 месяцев)
the sweetest one of gods most blessed angles

Автор OutlawsShadow (1 год)
We are singing this in choir and I love it.

Автор Lilly Schacher (1 год)
Merry Christmas Jackie Evancho

Автор Gemma Vidales R. (1 год)

Автор Aldiggy2000 (1 год)
1:40 , she stops time 

Автор Vanuzia Carneiro (1 год)

Автор veron lee (8 месяцев)
you should go to the voice

Автор Judy Rademacher (1 год)
This is what angels sound like

Автор James Daly (1 год)
Beautiful voice. Hope someone saves her from her parents. She's rushing the

Автор WADE BROWN (1 год)
gave me a headache

Автор Jonathan Comer (1 год)
Still the best performance on AGT ever.

Автор abigail baker (8 месяцев)
sorry that was not very nice.

Автор tbabyBEAUTY (1 год)
please view my cover of this song on my page its called amazing cover of
pie jesu thanks :)

Автор bparno (9 месяцев)
pint sized perfection.

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