Chest Stand Tutorial

Rachel shows you a few stretching exercises to help you get you chest stand.

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Автор Kayla Reed ( назад)
When I try to do it I cant breathe because the way im bending my back

Автор Savana Tardieu ( назад)
I couldn't hear you

Автор Maddie. Moo ( назад)
this help alot with my chest stands but I'm still working on it 😓

Автор kpop lolzz ( назад)
I practice every day but i can't do it..idk what's the problem...😡

Автор Kaylene Nicole ( назад)
I need to practice everyday but this helped me thanks😊😊😊😊

Автор Msp Forever ( назад)
αи∂ ι fιиαℓℓу gσт 6 мιиυтєѕ σf вα¢к ραιи

Автор Msp Forever ( назад)
тнιѕ тσσк мє 2 уєαяѕ тσ ∂σ

Автор Ryan Buaya ( назад)

Автор Amelia Heywood ( назад)
She sounds so little in 2015

Автор ForteenFlexibleGymnasts ( назад)
Never turn your head it could brake a bone 

Автор Tessa Hendriks ( назад)
i can do it but i cant hold it really long i only can hold it for about 2
any tips?

Автор DIYS Channel ( назад)

Автор sarabi l ( назад)
Thank you for this video. But this hurts my girl parts at the top. What can
i do to prevent that. 

Автор Christiana Cave ( назад)
This took me a week to learn thanks

Автор Ag Sparkles ( назад)
My chin hurts when I do this so I can't stay in it very long😭 any tips😁

Автор Ellie Gray ( назад)
Thanks it really helps xx

Автор Noelle Allen ( назад)
I got it in 3 minutes!!! Thank you!!!

Автор Billie Rae Benjamin ( назад)
What did you drink?

Автор Shanice Yu ( назад)
But then I did a chest stand to a summersault my neck still kind of herts

Автор Shanice Yu ( назад)
Thanks Rachel I know how to do it now and plz give me a shout out

Автор Paola Acosta ( назад)
Thanx, when I tried to do the chest stand (after I had fully warmed up) i
heard a rip and it was not my Leo and I also hurt my chin...but thank you I
learned to not to try anything that has to do with "contortion" or else
you're going to end up at the hospital...love your videos by the way. :)

Автор Lisa Nguyen ( назад)
I can do a chest stand but not hold it for a long time or I will roll over
and that hurts a lot - Ana

Автор Juliette lovessinging ( назад)
very cool rachel :)

Автор WoFan ( назад)
You R adorable

Автор Jordanny Espinal ( назад)

Автор MusicGurl82 #epic ( назад)
you can't take a joke?

Автор eve paul ( назад)
what is the potion and how to make it

Автор Belle Spracklin ( назад)
Doesnt really hurt. :/ I can do it.. EASY!

Автор Belle Spracklin ( назад)

Автор JWave12 ( назад)
I can do this!! hold my rings!!

Автор billy lim kien sing ( назад)
hi rachel how old r u now?

Автор lisa stroud ( назад)
try make legs straight lol

Автор Katrina C ( назад)
I can do it but I can only hold it for about 5 or 7 seconds because I can't

Автор Sammy Lugo ( назад)
What if you have massive boobs?

Автор Anastasia Crater ( назад)
How do u do that...?? Tell me pls!!

Автор Anastasia Crater ( назад)
How..? I try no matter what and i still caint put my legs up

Автор Anastasia Crater ( назад)
Caint do it!!!

Автор Nequillie ( назад)

Автор NOUR EL AMANI Dellal ( назад)
i can do it i am a gymnast to and i love chest stand that's so awssome

Автор Chelsea Ryan ( назад)
i have boobs but i can do one if your fast enough you can get over your
boobs quick enough for it not to hurt to much and you can do it on like
your collar bones and chin :)

Автор Candyrock ( назад)

Автор audreyrrico ( назад)

Автор cynthia landis ( назад)
I can do it on my back.

Автор jojobeautyx ( назад)
i rolled on my neck for this omg.

Автор jadaaj123 ( назад)
wow u just let ur feeling out.... who cares oh wait no one watch other
tutorials kk

Автор Maddy Belmont ( назад)
Does anyone else have problems breathing when in a chest stand? I'm
flexible enough to do it, but I feel like its REALLY hard to breathe when
in it.

Автор amayachoify ( назад)
the struggle >_< i feel you~

Автор ravenova170astak ( назад)
I'm getting close but I can only hold my chest stand for a couple seconds

Автор Lucy Flates ( назад)
What the heck i have bewbies!!!!!

Автор Jessie Burkhalter ( назад)
Attempted to do this. Felt like my boobs were being steamrolled. Might
forget about trying gymnastics.

Автор Mary Paulino ( назад)
um your kidding me right your kidding me a pisition youre going to get

Автор Cenat Phon ( назад)
i have boobs to and i can do it lol

Автор jfluter ( назад)
I've found that if I tighten them, I don't get anywhere! Of course, it's
probably much harder to learn as an adult, and having a long torso doesn't
make it easier.

Автор Kelcie Love ( назад)

Автор Takia Hicks ( назад)
i got boobs and i can steal dp this

Автор Kayla marie ( назад)
Tries this; rolls into table. Maybe gymnastics isn't for me..

Автор Kayla marie ( назад)
It hurts if you have boobs lol

Автор SuperCookie1104 ( назад)
I like the potion

Автор Mariana Segal ( назад)
U can't it happens to everyone me to

Автор Celine Perez ( назад)
After I do this it gives me a headache does anybody know how to control it
or is it just me

Автор MsKhason ( назад)
where do you get the potion??? JK

Автор Kat Gordon ( назад)
this helped me a lot

Автор Rachel Slater ( назад)
How do you do a chest stand

Автор kat dani ( назад)

Автор Eileen Moyo ( назад)
she's all like "or drink a magical potion that will make you be able to do
a chest stand!" i'm all like lol

Автор Kelly Zoe ( назад)
she mean it hurts

Автор Anna pearl ( назад)
I practiced and could get pretty far, but I couldn't hold it. But if you
tighten up your stomach and butt, it will hold you up longer.

Автор Lucie Todd ( назад)
Awesome dude xxx im a gymnast too xx

Автор mentallycolorful ( назад)
How do u hold it???

Автор taildfox1 ( назад)
Potion huh?..Seems like drugs!! <0<

Автор yingdiskette ( назад)
She's not a doctor. Go see one!

Автор salmayahi ( назад)
sometimes when im doing my chest stand i can hear my neck popping. is it

Автор Frazzled Curly ( назад)
can i borrow some of that potion...

Автор Rachel Capaldi ( назад)
Um the potion thing was no help whatsoever.

Автор HannahKayleeForever ( назад)
Great video! But was the potion thing called for?

Автор Evelyn Salas Avila ( назад)
and in those days... x_x

Автор Shelley Hamilton ( назад)
I do. Still easy.

Автор tala aladdin ( назад)
thanks that was a help

Автор SevenGreatKids0 ( назад)
I'm a new gym person click on me to see my video and email at
lilycat109@gmail.com to join

Автор katie slone ( назад)
my neck huurts and my chin

Автор DiamondGurl800 ( назад)
My boobs hurt

Автор Missy Scarlett ( назад)
It was a joke, she said magic 'potion'

Автор Missy Scarlett ( назад)
Its the same but be careful of your chin whilst balancing, it digs in and
hurts on hard floor

Автор Missy Scarlett ( назад)
theres a reason it has SEVENgymnasticgirls not EIGHT :)

Автор Missy Scarlett ( назад)
Answer: Acrobatic/Rhythmic it could be used in rhythmic but most commonly
used in Acro.

Автор MultiChantal22 ( назад)
This hurts my back ...

Автор MultiChantal22 ( назад)
How to hold the chest stand?

Автор Valeria Rendon ( назад)
......I guess that makes two of us

Автор tgarrbrown ( назад)
I hate to say it.....it's gross, but I gotta admitt, some of you are right.
The pain is HELL if you try this and you have boobs. Also, just saying. 0.0

Автор angelina calinski ( назад)
It's hard because she had her hand wrong

Автор Franix103 ( назад)
owwwww my back hurts

Автор caitlyn turner ( назад)
Tried that and it's very painfully!!!!

Автор Hope Sunshinez ( назад)
Potion called water lol

Автор Stephanie Gyasi ( назад)
U think it's easy but it's not it's like so hard and painful

Автор Safiya Bakari ( назад)
Rachel I r 1 of my faves u could b in the Olympics

Автор LoisOliviaa ( назад)
Omg I have this problem-.- I got my Mum to help me by grabbing my legs and
pulling them over and it felt like I was steam-rolling them :(

Автор karen wing ( назад)
yah where do ya get it

Автор Amanda Miller ( назад)
Thanks that really helped

Автор 28glitter ( назад)
acrobatic and btw rachael doesnt reply

Автор Sonia Bitter ( назад)
Hi reachel i have a cuestion whit you:this typef gymnastic
is,rhyhthmic,acrobatic or artistic¿.

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