Ken Tasker almost kills ref, brawls

Tasker gets knocked into next week, then goes crazy, leaving a ref on the ice

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Автор Ben Theredonethat ( назад)
The refs stepped in too fast. You've got to let them tire each other out
before you step in.

Автор Parker Brice ( назад)
Must have been a good chirp

Автор WPGaming ( назад)
You would think a police officer #InTheTunnel would come out on the ice to
prevent any assault

Автор Terry Hollas ( назад)
they start at 100,000

Автор kayper54 ( назад)
So.... do hockey officials get paid well?

Автор Tax me I'm Canadian ( назад)
I love hockey. That was priceless.

Автор rottenpancakes ( назад)
Now I know how wars are started.

Автор PRINCESSLOL1112 ( назад)
Skating over a hand doesn't kill u, it hurts u and u probably need to go to
the hospital but, it doesn't kill u

Автор Rozhodčí ( назад)
ÚROKY HAJZL SKURVENEJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!§

Автор 300096586 ( назад)
He never said it wasn't..

Автор Kartracer6 ( назад)
First time watching hockey??

Автор eyestungdustnblind ( назад)
these refs earn their income, the hard way .......

Автор Ion McKinney ( назад)
NHL Game Over!!!!!

Автор sports981 ( назад)
stfu this is a part of hockey

Автор TheGhostofGramyBoy99 ( назад)
Moron much?

Автор NowKillYourself (1412 года назад)
Well, it only looked like one guy really wanted to go. The other guy had
enough. A "good official" knows when to step in and usually at this level
(NHL, AHL and ECHL) the zebras have been governing (breaking up when the
time is right) dozens, if not, hundreds of fights. Their job is to protect
the players. They can't stand there while one player gets beat on, they've
got to get in there and stop it. Tasker was raging. The refs did the right
thing. Tasker is a punk with no class or honor.

Автор nevertweet015 ( назад)
if the guy still wants to fight THAT bad a good official will step back
untell they are done

Автор planetofthescums ( назад)
You can go read the official rules for hockey. It will be faster for you.
They have a search option.

Автор tyrkispeber ( назад)
if fights are the only reason why you watch hockey you shouldn't watch
hockey at all...

Автор urmom13mom ( назад)

Автор Rush Jet ( назад)
Please, tell me more about how cool and tough you are on the internet.

Автор FlailingMace ( назад)
at least he *glasses on* was already on thin ice.

Автор NowKillYourself ( назад)
This is ridiculous. How can you be THAT pissed to just keep going at
someone? Over what? The guy is acting like his opponent murdered his
fucking family or something. For Christ's sake, control yourself. When the
zebras come in, the fight is over. Doesn't matter who you are or who you're
fighting, you have respect for the officials. They're just doing their job
and you've got to be an out-of-control asshole, which results in the ref
getting injured. Stupid. Have some class.

Автор iflyjellybean97 (259 лет назад)
Fuckin' Right!

Автор Dazarinos ( назад)
hes talking more sense than you they cant stop that many people from
fighting so they are going to need more to help them.

Автор Jordan Peters ( назад)
fuck you, you big ass pussy. Thats why people go to watch games lol.

Автор lasloacosta ( назад)
does anyone know the extent of tasker's punishment. i would assume 2, 5, 10
and a game, and most likely additional suspension. well he would if i was
the commish.

Автор h4ckb0x7 ( назад)
The ref has his arm and wrist around the left arm of the player. When the
player leans in to punch the other player the arm of the ref gets
sandwiched between pads. It probably hurt like hell.

Автор stb1979 ( назад)
I don't understand grown up men getting so pissed that they start fighting
like little kids. If that is sports and what sports is about, then I rather
go without!

Автор jim joya ( назад)
I dont know etither i think he probably got punched LOL really hard

Автор conservativlysound ( назад)
They mention the possibility that his hand was run over by a skate...
resulting in a cut open hand. It may be that or it might have been a
dislocation or break.

Автор BlueBlazer89 ( назад)
looked like when the player went for that punch his body bent the refs left
arm, maybe broke it

Автор Kiaya Gray (828 лет назад)
It looks like when tasker goes in for a punch he pins the Refs arm back and
either dislocates his elbow or he breaks his for arm

Автор Zerdy (1265 лет назад)
i think that when the guy punched, his knee hit referees face or something.

Автор Bret L ( назад)
Don't get me wrong i love hockey fights im a stereotypical hockey player
but theres no reason to fight the ref cuz you just got you're shit wrecked

Автор TuntematonSika ( назад)
mmm... let me get back to you on that ;D

Автор George Simms ( назад)
YES they are. hint no equipment

Автор George Simms ( назад)

Автор George Simms ( назад)
they where already on the ice they had to break it up.

Автор Kniklas90 (1757 лет назад)
For some reasons soccer players are always bitches

Автор Cliff Foley ( назад)
the referee pulled a soccer move and faked getting hurt more then he really

Автор TuntematonSika ( назад)
for some odd reason ice hockey players are always the ones that get

Автор Tony McLean ( назад)
It's called a "linesman" kid.

Автор tohtorigyro ( назад)
maybe a knee to the ribs?

Автор MrJuha82 ( назад)

Автор MrWuldntulike2kno ( назад)
i... love.... hockey

Автор Kyle Twood ( назад)
That ref better stop being a bitch if hes going to work in the hockey

Автор sht dpuck ( назад)
It doesn't matter if you do or not.

Автор Man of Iron (270 лет назад)
Think i care.

Автор sht dpuck ( назад)
Some people are born with the @ssh0le gene. Your meaningless comment proves
this theory. There should be a state with cement walls where people like
you are required to live with each other your whole lives.

Автор yannick sarnow ( назад)
vol hevtig

Автор Man of Iron ( назад)
Pussy ass REF

Автор yourgonnalosekid1 ( назад)
Or when someone takes a run at a star player will set it off to so. I've
seen fights happen before a game even starts. during the warm up skates

Автор Mike Gourdin ( назад)
Usually a "real" hockey fight happens because one team is loosing pretty
bad, or one team is getting away with penalties and dirty play. It's a slow
build so that in the end the fight usually starts over something fairly
minor, but then all that frustration comes out. It's better than watching
basketball players lose their minds because someone brushed up against them
when they were taking a shot, imho.

Автор peanutbutterbummer ( назад)
First thought was Lino took a dive! but it looks like a player from the
opposing team takes a swing and it hits the linos helmet. Defo seems like
something hit his helmet. Couldn't have been tasker, never heard of another
being KO'd by a chest

Автор railroadlover ( назад)
When they are STILL trying to get at each other-why not let them so no one
gets hurt but themselves?

Автор musingmike88 ( назад)
Being a ref in the NHL is without a doubt the most difficult job of all ref
positions. lol

Автор foch41 ( назад)
the ref flopped

Автор OfficialH2 ( назад)
@Clockwork399 yeah but the fight was done tasked would have got his head
smashed into the ice if the refs let it go on don't u think

Автор Clockwork399 ( назад)
Its the refs fault. They wanted to go, let 'em go already. Get out of the
way and jump in when they're on the ground

Автор Tyler Wilkinson ( назад)
i was hoping to see the ref get drilled in the face

Автор Sean Grace (701 год назад)
LOL thats wat he gets

Автор Father Herb (782 года назад)
refs a bitch, he got hit with the shoulder

Автор Jem eni ( назад)
all I see is ass and ice.

Автор Hooters941 ( назад)

Автор Rush Jet ( назад)
I love hockey, hell I even love hockey fights. But this... I can't stand it
when there is no control and all of a sudden it's a huge melee consisting
of 20+ grown men with no end in sight... I think this is why they bring the
police in to watch the games now days lol.

Автор PaToTo ( назад)
Ref played dead until they were gone.

Автор amysticfigure ( назад)
@GCRGenesis O yeah right on man, he's still a pussy

Автор GCR R ( назад)
@TheTal3nt3dOne23 You're an idiot. The referee with the ARM BANDS' job is
to figure out who gets penalties. Hence why he stands back and writes down
who did what. You can't have them all breaking up fights.

Автор DJ Darwin ( назад)
@howlinlevi2 i agree

Автор Bevsy ( назад)
GOON's inspiration

Автор indianacanada ( назад)
@TheTal3nt3dOne23 there is no third ref dummy. Its two linesmen and a ref,
maybe two refs. It is the lineman's job to break up fights. Its the Ref's
job to call penalties.

Автор amysticfigure ( назад)
this is ridiculous, first of all the 3rd ref is a pussy, and these players
should be banned

Автор hoffmanhoffman1675 ( назад)
bring in the police arrest them for assult. fine them and then suspend

Автор mccarthy155 ( назад)
ken tasker, fucking relax... your career went nowhere anyway

Автор Leonid Kasatonov ( назад)
@howlinlevi2 no, your not a hockey player so dont comment bout what u dont

rest in peace you motherfucker

Автор Huck Finn ( назад)
Tasker is an idiot... On top of it, he lost the fight. What a moron

Автор Jase Wilson ( назад)
the ref was winning

Автор Meekmanvideo ( назад)
@AdamandBrennan Good catch on the discloated arm! I thought he got tagged.
After the fact I'm sure the ref wished he got punched.

Автор Dr Fill ( назад)
@Matertron94 He is supposed to do that. The referee stands back and takes
penalties while the linesman break up fights.

Автор Dr Fill ( назад)
@Stuntasshole @vancouvercanucks321 I am pretty sure that his arm was
blocking Tasker's, then when Tasker through a punch it bent back the refs
arm all the way, dislocating it. I am about 95 % sure.

Автор Stuntasshole (537 лет назад)
I didnt see the ref get hit? Faking like a soccer player.

Автор Rick Pultz ( назад)
Ken Tasker's from Wheeling but the ref got Nailed

Автор j ( назад)
I dont know who Ken Tasker is and I really do not care, what i gained from
this video is that he can't take a beating and he ain't no tough guy

Автор Matertron94 ( назад)
i like how the official just stands there and lets his linesman do all the

Автор garryicebergson1 ( назад)
I think the real question is , how many games did this Tasker guy get ,
does anybody know

Автор mitch herrmann ( назад)
Broken hand at most *almost killed*? lol

Автор vancouvercanucks321 ( назад)
I dont get what happened to ref? someone tell me lol

Автор Stompulator44 ( назад)
What a joke, no wonder this sport will never take off in the US. You can
compare it to Roller Derby

Автор thekosh10 ( назад)
holy shit you can hear the ref scream at 0:41 :o the player pulled his
whole arm backwards when he was going in for more punches.

Автор CullTheLivingFlower ( назад)
Wtf was #4 in white trying to acomplish at 0:45? He sees an opposing player
pulling his own teammate off so he thinks 'I better get in there'...? Talk
about making a bad situation worse.

Автор 1erWCente00 ( назад)
what a idiot!!

Автор Kenny & Kast ( назад)
to be honest im pretty sure the ref got his arm or wrist broken in the
scuffle, if you look right where he rolled on to the ground his arm got
twisted right up

Автор DFJShragie ( назад)
they should kick that dipshit out of the league, u dont fuck with a ref
like that. that guy needs therapy.

Автор 1shaggy24 ( назад)
Poor ref :(

Автор MrMikespec ( назад)
fuckin meatheads

Автор SOADfan4ever1 ( назад)
ok seriously. how did the reff get knocked out? i must be missing

Автор SOLIDSNAKEXXX360 ( назад)
so they wanted to go again, NHL refs would have just let go and got out of
the way

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