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Автор Karl Dahlberg (8 месяцев)
"I once went to a fight and a hockeygame broke out"

Автор Nodrog225 (6 месяцев)
The refs stepped in too fast. You've got to let them tire each other out
before you step in.

Автор Elvexa (1 год)
Fighting isn't fucking hockey. Go join UFC. 

Автор Ethan Willam (7 месяцев)
wawawawawawawawawawawawywtwawwawawaawata WTF

Автор Frank Sappie (7 месяцев)
What a asshole.

Автор LudicFallacies (1 год)
Ken Tasker didn't even hit the ref. I think the ref's left arm was broken
or his hand stepped on with a skate.

Автор Steve C (1 год)
some one needs to kill some of these ref's.

Автор Andrew Forrest (1 год)
kills ref my ass he cut his fucking hand

Автор Sa Ka (1 год)
I love hockey!!!!! Best sport in the world!!! 

Автор Derek Bowles (1 год)
That ref was so close to dying omg

Автор Kartracer6 (1 год)
is it true he was suspended 2 years for this?

Автор davycrocket (1 год)
Was that a soccer referee ??

Автор Danny Smith (1 год)
Best sport ever!

Автор The Main Event Man (1 год)
Ref didnt get touched hahah baby back bitch

Автор David Strudwick (1 год)
Hockey is a friendly sport...

Автор Lottoungen (1 год)
This is not hockey, this is murder attempt

Автор jakob cuhra (1 год)
Your just a queer madafakka

Автор Austin McElwain (1 год)
Your stupid hockey and baseball are the best

Автор zac Schiffman (1 год)
almost killed him like cut his hand

Автор MA Hockey (1 год)
Referees don't wear those giant gloves, or many pads at all.

Автор Frosteygamer (1 год)
Screw that player

Автор Sean Clinch (1 год)
I don't see how the ref was nearly killed?

Or how he was directly responsible?

Jesus, if you don't like fighting in hockey, don't watch it.

The first ever organised game of indoor hockey was stopped due to a brawl
between the teams playing and the local figure skating team.

It always has been and always will be a part of the sport. Would you watch
it if the big open ice checks were banned? Probably not. The violence and
the speed are what makes hockey great.

Go watch baseball if you don't like seeing guys have a straightener

Автор gerry1888 (1 год)
almost kills a ref? LOL this is a joke

Автор Jonathan Churcher (1 год)
Why do referees break up fights? Why not just let them fight?

Автор MalnourishedGoat (1 год)
Old time hockey!

Автор Survival Boy (1 год)
ass grab at 1:11

Автор Brantley Battram (1 год)
Shut the fuck up

Автор Alex Fecteau (1 год)
Leo the lion,have u heard of Clint malarcuk,of Richard Zednik ?look them up
.hold onto you're lunch

Автор vincent cappello (1 год)
there is no room for this in hockey

Автор jakob cuhra (1 год)
You cant type my name is jakob cuhra*

Damn you suck

Автор ratkiller1 (1 год)
ahhhh this is why we love hockey!

Автор Jason Ratchford (1 год)
i think he popped a rib?

Автор xXspitfireXx2303 (1 год)
Wtf happend O.o

Автор Paperman4000 (1 год)
They need new boards

Автор jakob cuhra (1 год)
F**k you degedegebede

Автор D Dawg (1 год)
Its not soccer its football mate because we actually use our FEET to kick a
BALL and not throw hey arnolds head around. It may be called football if
you call your hands feet and your feet hands but i wouldnt know about that

Автор toni No (1 год)

Автор optimusbee214 (1 год)
What is the purpose to the fighting in ice hockey? I don't quite understand
why they fight.

Автор Stephanie Schwartz (1 год)
I don't understand the title? Ken never hit the linesman. He reached over
him, never hit him????????

Автор BobDawg173 (1 год)
Lol Wheeling Nailers

Автор Cedericoco Santorini (1 год)
What you people talking about a cut of the hand? Looks more like a twisted
wrist to me...

Автор Tommy M (1 год)
I like how the official stands back and watches the lineman do all the work

Автор Olivia Blazak (1 год)

Автор Musicrecords10 (1 год)
Ken Tasker is a pussy... they both got knocked to the ground so the fight
should have been over but his retarded ass kept going

Автор notmine4268 (1 год)
Dumb ash should of let them fight !

Автор nohabs15 (1 год)
AH, he is a linesman

Автор TheFeeez21 (1 год)
this is what happens when people are too dumb to play sports they have to
resort to hockey.. and since hockey is stupid they have to allow fighting
to get people like me to watch... actually playing hockey is fun.. its just
the goons that play are.. well goons

Автор tosimias (1 год)
yeah r.i.p hand

Автор MrTirien (1 год)
That some fights happen that's okay, but not when entire teams fight.

Автор javelin1010 (1 год)
Sorry he got hurt but the refs jumped in way too eatly.

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