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Просмотров: 25167057
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Автор mitidurage nimal (2 месяца)
niyamai paueeee

Автор samith rasanga (2 месяца)
I love this song

Автор Kasun Kumara (8 месяцев)
One of the most beautiful songs with one of the worst visual. Its killing
the song :(

Автор A.M.Pramida Nishadini (10 месяцев)
This song is very beautiful and very wonderful. I like this song sing.
Attractive visual.

Автор Ravi Diasabeygunawardena (1 год)
Fabulous Songs.

Автор Viraj De Silva (1 год)
so gut

Автор Deshani Fernando (1 год)

Автор look4ishara (6 лет)
Love this song!

Автор mydarlinglana (6 лет)
um o_k as long as you dont drip the blood on my carpet and what does canada
have to do with this...and what type of food is this that you are eating?
dog and people?

Автор systemcj (5 лет)
One of my all-time favorites.

Автор Aje Fender (4 года)
this was my Cloud9's favourite song...she told me dat jst a day b4 she flyd
2 canada...she dnt even remember me now...but still i dnt miss a second in
my mind w' out missing her!! tnks buddy!! I lov dis song..it reminds me her

Автор PrOuDsInHaLaGiRl (6 лет)
boa oiiida wieso schreim do fuck tamils eina... oiiida tzzzz vallah...

Автор Hiran Karandeniya (2 года)
"සොඳුරු වසන්තෙක, මොහොතක සුව පා... වෙන් වූවා අප සුසුම් දරා..."

Автор Rana Rahman (6 лет)
খুব ভাল হয়েছে.

Автор OrfaG4 (4 года)
e ton malaka...

Автор Chandra Weerasinghe (2 года)
nice meaningful one.

Автор mydarlinglana (6 лет)
i still love listening to this songgggg hehe its pretty

Автор anurangi2004 (6 лет)
I love this song....so touching...

Автор Hasitha Ganepola (5 лет)
I love this song

Автор mydarlinglana (6 лет)
ohki see you later-skater

Автор Shyamali Jayasekara (2 года)
Nice song...I really like this.

Автор ConceptNursery (7 лет)
Kandy...One of the most beautiful towns i have ever seen.

Автор lance202520 (4 года)
Beautiful Song indeed...and for the record this song is as good as any SPB
or any yesudas song. Please don't bring your Tamil problem into music.

Автор costankp (3 года)
my lovely experiance

Автор e9d970 (4 года)
malaka is from the greece people not from indahous

Автор Amal Peiris (6 лет)
ahh! very nice song good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Sachintha Wettasinghe (4 года)
very emotional song!!

Автор rasika jayakody (7 лет)
kandy... hmmmmmmmm..the place where i found my love.. sweet but sad
memories. :(

Автор chubbaboi (6 лет)
I Like this song very much.

Автор Lennyk. waduge (4 года)
Beautiful song thanks for uploading . if you can upload this song too.
Thanks Bro. sulage welila api pasal giyakalaye

Автор LOOLHI5 (1 год)

Автор Hasthi1 (1 год)
Great song by Shalitha Abeywickrama.

Автор Indishe Senanayake (6 лет)
Love this song...

Автор laksha1987 (4 года)
singer is shalitha abeywickrama

Автор look4ishara (6 лет)
Its all coming back to me now.... such a touching song!

Автор Bahroz A (6 лет)
i am from afghanistan i like it

Автор wsprasan (7 лет)
Such a lovely song!!!

Автор robo_man (6 лет)
you have put a Donkey comment!

Автор Kevin cruz (6 лет)
මතකද අප ෙනත් කථාකලා....?

Автор IshakNicky (6 лет)
Hello this z not a dictation exam & no need to have a degry to post any
comments. You were rite, if it z a grammar checking exam. I f u cant
undstnd anythng jst leave it. Dont fuss urself.

Автор ajith ruwanpura (3 года)

Автор Lennyk. waduge (4 года)
Beautiful song thanks for uploading. i like this song too. sulage welila

Автор Asela Ravin Attanagoda (5 лет)
This is a exellent video I really enjoyed that.great.Thanks

Автор StopWarIndustry (5 лет)
If English OK for you why it bothers that Tamil's from Sri Lanka are
enjoying this. C'mon be logical. Stop racism. A beautiful song from SL 2 be
enjoyed by all SL ppl. Stop degrading SL with racism and foolish comments.
In unity is power. Read about how Julia Child pretending to be a
Chef...spied in SL and now the country is rampant with Israeli spies
looking for Rocket Launch sites in SL. STOP selling SL ppl soul & life 2
Israel for Dollars - Unite Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim, Christian & ALL.

Автор samanpura0314 (6 лет)
see you later alligator.

Автор Kevin cruz (6 лет)
ةشيات ابح عفسي اثخهس هففىؤ حخث ىلاى هفين تباةؤ تلا بتثب بثبيبشثب تلثفقفهةو
تلتلهثس تقني

Автор Gayan Rajapaksha (2 года)
when we were 15 there was a thing called '' Mano Gahanawa'' Mano gahanawa =
thinking of someone you love... ( i hope no one do this anymore.... :( )
must have a background music.... this song were on the top of the charts
for us, seriously we didn't had sms, fb, or anthing just songs and our
imaginary.... thanks to 80's and 90's people still smile..... Damn ..... I
missed those days.......

Автор schum100 (6 лет)
what hell this you talking abt. if you dont understand don't listen. Who
are the people listen to tamil craps. this man's (unfortuanately I don't
know the name of this singer)vocal and music of the song are far better
than tamil craps.

Автор harshanidemel (5 лет)
harima lassanai. meaningful song.

Автор buddhika216 (6 лет)

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