Pipunu Malaka (Sinhala Music)

Donno da singer

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Автор Dishan Liyanage ( назад)
maga toto rade neth dahas wasa matakada ape Neth kata kala

Автор Thiline F. Kurukulasuriya ( назад)
කවුරුද ඔබ මා
ඉන්නේ කොතැනා
නොම විමසා පෙම ඉගිමැරුවා
සොදුරු වසන්තෙක මොහොතක සුවපා
වෙන්වුවා අප සුසුම් දරා ....... මතකයේ ඇදෙනා පෙර රූ චායා
හමුවේදෝ යලි සිත් සනසා
ඔබේ නමටයි මා පාරමී පුරනා
ඇසේවිදෝ මේ ගී මාලා . පිපුණු මලක හැඩ දෑස සලා
සිතුම් විහග කැල වසග කළා
මගතොට රැදී නෙත් දහක් වසා
මතකද ....අප ...නෙත් කතාකලා....

Автор Pradeep Madushanka ( назад)
පෙර හැම දින අප වෙන වන විට ඔබ යන දෙස මා බලාසිටියෙමි...නමුත් එක් දිනක් මායන
දෙස නුඹ බලා උන්නා......එදා අපේ අවසන් දිනයයි. මට දැන් මතකත් නෑ........

Автор Asanga Asanga ( назад)
වෙන් ඌවා අප සුසුම් දරා,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Автор BladeRunner ( назад)
Shalitha Abeywickrama

Автор Prasanga Perera ( назад)
stink bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор huda anoma ( назад)
mathakada apa neath katha kala

Автор mitidurage nimal ( назад)
niyamai paueeee

Автор samith rasanga ( назад)
I love this song

Автор Kasun Kumara ( назад)
One of the most beautiful songs with one of the worst visual. Its killing
the song :(

Автор A.M.Pramida Nishadini ( назад)
This song is very beautiful and very wonderful. I like this song sing.
Attractive visual.

Автор Ravi Diasabeygunawardena ( назад)
Fabulous Songs.

Автор LOOLHI5 ( назад)

Автор Hasthi1 ( назад)
Great song by Shalitha Abeywickrama.

Автор Nuwan Algama ( назад)
nice song.

Автор Hiran Karandeniya ( назад)
"සොඳුරු වසන්තෙක, මොහොතක සුව පා... වෙන් වූවා අප සුසුම් දරා..."

Автор Chandra Weerasinghe ( назад)
nice meaningful one.

Автор Shyamali Jayasekara (1529 лет назад)
Nice song...I really like this. 

Автор Sanjaya Ekanayake (1172 года назад)
@rasikaj Same feelings here bro. Miss u

Автор Gayan Rajapaksha ( назад)
when we were 15 there was a thing called '' Mano Gahanawa'' Mano gahanawa =
thinking of someone you love... ( i hope no one do this anymore.... :( )
must have a background music.... this song were on the top of the charts
for us, seriously we didn't had sms, fb, or anthing just songs and our
imaginary.... thanks to 80's and 90's people still smile..... Damn ..... I
missed those days.......

Автор costankp ( назад)
my lovely experiance 

Автор ajith ruwanpura ( назад)

Автор tashititu ( назад)
very nice song....... i like it

Автор Shyamantha Bandara ( назад)
Singer is Shalitha ABEYWICKRAMA. Very nice visuals in Kandy

Автор supul123 ( назад)
SHOP LIFTING 0:42 & 0:52 LOL...

Автор laksha1987 ( назад)
singer is shalitha abeywickrama 

Автор bigbangclub ( назад)
ti leei?? pipwnei ton malaka???? lol

Автор OrfaG4 ( назад)
e ton malaka...

Автор lance202520 ( назад)
Beautiful Song indeed...and for the record this song is as good as any SPB
or any yesudas song. Please don't bring your Tamil problem into music.

Автор Sachintha Wettasinghe ( назад)
very emotional song!!

Автор Aje Fender ( назад)
this was my Cloud9's favourite song...she told me dat jst a day b4 she flyd
2 canada...she dnt even remember me now...but still i dnt miss a second in
my mind w' out missing her!! tnks buddy!! I lov dis song..it reminds me her

Автор kuberan peranandan ( назад)
eh yo u ass hole stf up the person should be able to listen to wat ever
they like im tamil nd im listen dont understand but i did want to knw but
now i dont care ur an asshole fagot sooo go fuck ur self im tamil nigga u
probably going to say some bull about that , nd plus all i knw is that this
song about love nd thats it so fu partheocean u fagg

Автор Lennyk. waduge ( назад)
Beautiful song thanks for uploading . if you can upload this song too.
Thanks Bro. sulage welila api pasal giyakalaye

Автор Lennyk. waduge ( назад)
Beautiful song thanks for uploading. i like this song too. sulage welila 

Автор Tanuja Nilakshi K K ( назад)
@shan0143 my hometown is kandy too and this reminds me of my school
days.Nice song

Автор StopWarIndustry ( назад)
If English OK for you why it bothers that Tamil's from Sri Lanka are
enjoying this. C'mon be logical. Stop racism. A beautiful song from SL 2 be
enjoyed by all SL ppl. Stop degrading SL with racism and foolish comments.
In unity is power. Read about how Julia Child pretending to be a
Chef...spied in SL and now the country is rampant with Israeli spies
looking for Rocket Launch sites in SL. STOP selling SL ppl soul & life 2
Israel for Dollars - Unite Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim, Christian & ALL.

Автор Asela Ravin Attanagoda ( назад)
This is a exellent video I really enjoyed that.great.Thanks

Автор rohan11567 ( назад)
One of the best songs ever.

Автор Aruna ( назад)
tamils are gud for nothing useless people country less people their gud for
cheating only

Автор Nyctophiliac C ( назад)
why are u using tamil word

Автор BROWN1925 ( назад)
Beautiful song by Shalitha Abewikrama.

Автор Hasitha Ganepola ( назад)
I love this song

Автор Rana Rahman ( назад)
খুব ভাল হয়েছে.

Автор Prathiba Yapa ( назад)
shalitha abewikrama

Автор mydarlinglana ( назад)
i still love listening to this songgggg hehe its pretty

Автор Kevin “mdk” cruz ( назад)
ةشيات ابح عفسي اثخهس هففىؤ حخث ىلاى هفين تباةؤ تلا بتثب بثبيبشثب تلثفقفهةو
تلتلهثس تقني

Автор Kevin “mdk” cruz ( назад)
ஸோலஹகோ ்ோஸகல்ோ கஹீஹஜஜஹ

Автор Kevin “mdk” cruz ( назад)
මතකද අප ෙනත් කථාකලා....?

Автор Ishara Ranatunga ( назад)
Love this song!

Автор Baz Abbasi ( назад)
i am from afghanistan i like it

Автор fairytail ( назад)
මතකද අප ෙනත් කථාකලා....?

Автор mydarlinglana ( назад)
ohki see you later-skater

Автор mydarlinglana ( назад)
um o_k as long as you dont drip the blood on my carpet and what does canada
have to do with this...and what type of food is this that you are eating?
dog and people?

Автор mydarlinglana (1548 лет назад)
a. the girl in the video is beautiful b. the guy is handsome c. Sri Lanka
is a beautiful island country d. from an outsider looking on, i hope that
soon all of you can come together and learn how to llive together because
over here I happen to have friends who are both tamil and sinhalese and we
are all able to get along and laugh. watching people (who are most likely
adults) argue/ degrade the girl and each other is disgraceful and shameful
on your end. peace and love is my prayer

Автор mydarlinglana (1742 года назад)
for someone who repeatedly says they don't like Sinhalese people and
whatnot...you sure take a lot of time out of your day to keep responding to
this music video.

Автор Indishe Senanayake ( назад)
Love this song...

Автор robo_man ( назад)
you have put a Donkey comment!

Автор robo_man ( назад)
Don't spoil our country name and youtube by posting stupid comments in
broken english.........

Автор Ishara Ranatunga ( назад)
One of the best songs ever heard..... love this song!

Автор Pra The Ocean ( назад)
do u have a prob with sinhalese. come face to face. don't listen to sinhala
music if u don't understand it. sinhalese listen and listen all music over
the world and they can enjoy it. some tamil jackass don't even know music
is the global language even they have good music..probably thay r having
that b'coz of India..if not no f****ing culture or heritage to own them to
talkabout. u can live with sinhalese in peacfully but u can't f***ed them
ever not in past not in future.

Автор Pra The Ocean ( назад)
this is not 4 real good tamil people who r living in sri lanka and thinking
this is their country too and the all the sri lankan their brothers and
sisters.believe me I have somany tamil friends like that in sri
lanka...these fat naggets who living out of sri lanka and doesn't know even
who r their parents.pshyco. living in bloodshed dreams.they always want 2
see blood..i'm sorry 4 u..

Автор Chaminda Seneviratne ( назад)
One of the best songs ever heard, well done Shalitha Abeywickrama

Автор Amal Peiris ( назад)
ahh! very nice song good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор DAZZ 8160 ( назад)
"MATHAKAYE RENDENA PERA ROO CHAAYA hamu wedo yali neth sanasa" all those
memories........ MY GOD!!!!! I'm not surprised lots of people identify with
this song.

Автор schum100 ( назад)
what hell this you talking abt. if you dont understand don't listen. Who
are the people listen to tamil craps. this man's (unfortuanately I don't
know the name of this singer)vocal and music of the song are far better
than tamil craps.

Автор damitha wirasinghe ( назад)
really nice************

Автор buddhika216 ( назад)

Автор Ishara Ranatunga ( назад)
Its all coming back to me now.... such a touching song!

Автор chubbaboi ( назад)
I Like this song very much.

Автор rasika jayakody ( назад)
this video makes me almost cry.. KANDY.. i wanna be there again. i wanna
see her again..just for a one second

Автор rasika jayakody ( назад)
hehehe.. see.. so we can make a group neda? :) :)

Автор rasika jayakody (128 лет назад)
y? u also have the same experience?

Автор rasika jayakody ( назад)
what to do?? that's what u call "destiny"..

Автор rasika jayakody ( назад)
kandy... hmmmmmmmm..the place where i found my love.. sweet but sad
memories. :(

Автор Hashini Bulath ( назад)
Such a lovely n emmotional song i ever hurd! Keep reminding sweet memories
of ma lif...

Автор wsprasan ( назад)
Such a lovely song!!!

Автор losho236 ( назад)
I loved this song eversince I first heard it nearly 20 years ago.

Автор shan0143 ( назад)
thanks bro....

Автор Yasith Nanayakkara ( назад)
Singer is Shalitha Abeywickrama & music by himself, lyrics by Vipula
Dharmapriya Jayasekara thanks for the clip , this is Kandy .......my
hometown....love it...

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