Juju on that Beat! (Classical Edition)

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Просмотров: 7005973
Длительность: 6:17
Комментарии: 56429

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Автор Tristen Fournier ( назад)
U turned the rubix cube rec. backwards

Автор Abigail Yi ( назад)
I'm pretty sure I saw Sean while Ryan was singing

Автор jazzy chang ( назад)
ryan your closet is 2 or 3 times bigger than mine and has at least 3thimes more cloths

Автор Charles Sandel ( назад)
Dear RyanCan you do a dubstep with your friends with farts?

Автор Anonymous Potato ( назад)
He did the cube in reverse

Автор Yam Hakoun ( назад)
Dear Ryan,
Can you make a rap about hate comments and roast yourself???

Автор Gh0stly ( назад)
those DBZ character impressions are actually pretty good

Автор Mechduke88 ( назад)
dear ryan can you watch a episode of simpsons?

Автор Ellie O Hanlon ( назад)
dear Ryan can u do a backflip off of a roof (actually uhh don't u might die)

Автор dance cru'z ( назад)
dear Ryan can you do emoji faces plsssss

Автор dance cru'z ( назад)
dear Ryan can you challenge with your friends Dan the man

Автор dance cru'z ( назад)
dear Ryan can do a challenge of dance

Автор dance cru'z ( назад)
dear Ryan can you do bottle flip challenge

Автор padmanabh menon ( назад)
wow!!!!! the impressions were lit!!!!!!

Автор Jasper Pascoe ( назад)
Can you do a dubstep music video

Автор Jasper Pascoe ( назад)
Is the illuminati really confirmed

Автор Jasper Pascoe ( назад)
Dear Ryan do you even lift bruh

Автор Jasper Pascoe ( назад)
Dear ryan do a barrel roll

Автор VerdantAlarm3 ( назад)
Am I the only one who thinks Ryan looks like markplier in this video.

Автор Alejandro Amaya ( назад)
I like the bread

Автор Gamer Expert Games ( назад)
Ryan u can sing beutfulie....not(that was supposed to be a joke)...u r a great youtuber i love ur vids keep on doing what u do...i love u as a youtuber

Автор Jose Alvarado ( назад)
Dear ryan
can you do nothing

Автор Zomb 555 ( назад)
Dear ryan can you do monopoly in real life pls do this

Автор Revati Prema ( назад)
I like ur beard

Автор Skills Elder ( назад)
how do u do rhe singing thing

Автор CreeperGamer141 ( назад)
Dear Ryan can you Do a war

Автор PK_wolfy gamer ( назад)
Dear ryan, can u do fairy tail main charecter voices ik thats a challenge cus u cant do them

Автор Elite Gamers ( назад)
Dear Ryan
Can u go skydiving

Автор RAP ON! ( назад)
good job

Автор just DIY ( назад)
Dear ryan
can you slap every single of your friends ??!

Автор Sarah Hao ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can u play PAC man, in real life?

Автор HOMBOR AG ( назад)
Dear ryan can you do push-ups while singing a song

Автор Charlton Lee ( назад)
michael jackson?

Автор Bluey Blaze - Roblox,Vlogs,And More! ( назад)
.....American Revolution And Colonial Times Got More Shitty

Автор DarkOokami100 ( назад)
does anyone know that song? I mean classic song.

Автор Shabbal Abbas ( назад)

Автор par1s cool ( назад)
please teach me to solve it !!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Arjun Robben ( назад)
Dear Ryan,
Please get a haircut...
"troll face"

Автор Satoshi Zoldyck ( назад)
Dear Ryan
do you feel scared while watching a horror movie at NIGHT

Автор Alessandra Potter Hufflepuff ( назад)
You saying we should not wear the school uniform?

Автор Dylan Caster ( назад)
Juju on that beat is not rap

Автор Sitti Sofiah ( назад)
The Juju oN That beat is The best

Автор burp manny ( назад)
reversed at the rubic cubes

Автор Charles Cutelooper ( назад)
Dear Ryan : can you twerk ???

Автор - Droid-J7 - ( назад)
i liked de beard...😰

Автор FURIOUS PANDA ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can you solve a rubiks cube with one hand

Dear Ryan create your own kind of dab

Автор Maria Pawuła ( назад)
Dear Ryan,
can you say "Chrząszcz brzmi w trzcinie w Szczebrzeszynie?"

Автор Immature Eunika ( назад)

Автор Nikita ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can you wiggle?

Автор Hayley Fearz MSP ( назад)
Dear Ryan, Go around your house and shout "I AM A POTATO ACCEPT IT"

Автор Hayley Fearz MSP ( назад)
Why do you look like Ryan from Unsolved in buzzfeed blue

Автор Kaur Amy ( назад)
sing hahahahahah

Автор Kaur Amy ( назад)

Автор TheKid Gamer ( назад)
Dear Ryan can u rink bleach

Автор Harry Sally ( назад)
Dear Ryan
Please make another skitzo epidode!! Like if u agree

Автор Anand Patel ( назад)
shave yr hair

Автор Alfredo Moreno ( назад)

Автор pusheen lover ( назад)
Dear Ryan
can you sing malay song titled"Hang Pi Mana".

Автор Anime Is Bae ( назад)
Omfg those dbz impressions were *amazing* especially master Roshi👌👏👏👏👏👏👌

Автор TheAgron Master ( назад)
Dear Ryan Can You Dear Ryan?

Автор gabe b ( назад)
Is this vanoss's main channel?

Автор Ender Michael ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can you create a dance video with your own dance moves?

Автор Mujtaba Hadi ( назад)
The frieza impression sounds like bibiti

Автор Jia Hui L. ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can you make a what I eat in a day ? 😄

Автор Jamzzz B ( назад)
Dear ryan can you make a flying ring trickshot video

Автор Simon Thg ( назад)
The song had me rolling for a good 5 minutes 😂😂😂😂😂

Автор Ryan Schaefer ( назад)
Dear Ryan
Can you please make another skitzo

Автор Ryan Schaefer ( назад)
Dear Ryan
How did you predict that Beyoncé was getting pregnant (you lemonade video)
I'm Dutch sorry for bad English.

Автор iiAwesomeLord ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can you prentend you are a kid in college

Автор Audrey Schmidt ( назад)
coppélia: act 1 no. 1 valse moderato

Автор Nicktime ( назад)
Nice unsolved rubix cube

Автор Tee_mills ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can you and Regina make a music video ?

Автор Ryan Tan ( назад)
Can you do football trickshots

Автор Viji Rajeev ( назад)
dear ryan make a rap about wome (no offending got it)

Автор Pranavharshu Krupanand ( назад)
dear Ryan can u dance for Not Today by BTS👍

Автор novideos.corp ( назад)
but what if i love my pubic moustache that ive never shaved, also its been pubic for 5 years

Автор Zafhran Mikhail ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can you show me how to be a killer?

Автор shrey B ( назад)
"oh vagina , can i have some of your hair " 2:03😂😂😂

Автор Tiarnan's Tekkerz ( назад)
I don't know why people hate on Ryan's beard. I like it actually no I love it

Автор Navroop Johnson ( назад)
Dear Ryan,can u teach us how you make us laugh all the time👍

Автор Ķąňä Ťäťě ( назад)
Those impressions are amazing

Автор Lynx 23723 ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can you do Naruto impression please

Автор Burito million ( назад)
I think the most disappointing thing about this video is that Juju On Beat isn't available on SoundCloud

Автор An Nguyen ( назад)
Dear Ryan

Can you make a dog with bricks

Автор Kaito Kid ( назад)
Dear Ryan.
Can you make a very creepy video?

Автор Alexandra Vander Maaten ( назад)
Dear Ryan
Could you and RHPC please learn a bangtang boys dance

Автор MR B.O.I ( назад)
At 5:20 his beard disappears

Автор Lynx 23723 ( назад)
i love how when the boys said "your ugly" they looked ugly because they made a face but that girls did not make a face

Автор Sketching Who ( назад)
I've done a ballet variation to that classical music and that isn't how you play a cello lmao

Автор Kawaii Cutie ( назад)
Why is Ryan such a good person

Автор Reuben Stanley ( назад)

Автор Reuben Stanley ( назад)

Автор Hobo trashcan ( назад)
I love you Ryan!!!

Автор ava bryden ( назад)
Dear Ryan,
can you do a "Hamilton an American musical ." Parody💖💖

Автор Sashay Wright ( назад)
omg!!! absolutely the best! juju on that beat classical. lol

Автор Yellow Jackets ( назад)
Can you take an ice bath

Автор Myriam Dezfuli Vlogs ( назад)
dear Ryan

Can you make a movie with explosions and fire![ and make it exactly like a movie]

Автор HEER ME TALK ( назад)
you offended me

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