Juju on that Beat! (Classical Edition)

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Просмотров: 6365723
Длительность: 6:17
Комментарии: 53013

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Автор Ivy Xu (PurplePenguinSkater) ( назад)
Dear Ryan can you make a friendship bracelet

Автор Solangelo 4life ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can you make an illuminati trailer?

Автор Veronica Martinez ( назад)
You can't do a Rubik's cube u reversed it

Автор Candycurse™ ( назад)
nigahiga looks like a young markimoo.

Автор Gavin Liscio ( назад)
Dear Ryan, r u zesty?

Автор Joe Cool ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can you do a handstand and balance Marley on your feet?

Автор Zohra Virani ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can you do a prank on Paco?

Автор Nick Azmil ( назад)
Dear ryan, why no one likes Paco?

Автор OLD FIVESOLAS ( назад)
dear nyan... go to walmart and just scream at people

Автор Zoey Garfield ( назад)
dear ryan, can you a baseball trickshot video

Автор GameMaster 573 ( назад)
Dear Ryan can you do the I am stone challenge in minecraft

Автор Lord Games ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can you recreate a Fast and Furious scene in the most cringeful

Автор Ebis Robe ( назад)
Dear ryan, can you act like what a chair feels when being sat on?

Автор Julia Tatupu ( назад)
Thats Right ❤️

Автор Singsong Jiang ( назад)
Dear Ryan, plz make a real life version of happy wheels 😜

Автор Name Name ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can you say your name backwards then rap it

Автор Aidan George ( назад)
Dear Ryan,
Can you text someone using a cheese stick

Автор terri henderson ( назад)
Dear Ryan can u make inbreshing of your friends

Автор pianomusic ( назад)
dear ryan , can you do a video

Автор Liz Hickerson ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can you do Oreo trickshots

Автор Tadpole P06 ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can u knock on people's doors and punch then in the balls?

Автор Ana Radeska ( назад)
dear ryan can u pour a bucket of ketchup on top of u

Автор Rfluff101 ( назад)
Dear Ryan, Smash a laptop

Автор Ellie Murray ( назад)
dear ryan how many strawberry's can you fit in your mouth

Автор sara tomsky ( назад)
dear ryan can u do the mannequin challenge

Автор andy godinez ( назад)
is regina higa your sister

Автор Debbie Mejia ( назад)
Deer Ryan, you should do a make up tutorial

Автор andy godinez ( назад)
dear ryan can u make epic rap songs

Автор Basheer Green ( назад)
you ugly i dont know my daddy

Автор Godwin Pegarit ( назад)
Dear Ryan could you make a rap about yourself

Автор Maria Avelar Gutierrez ( назад)
Ryan's eyes creep me out

Автор Savana Phillip ( назад)
can u eat a banana filled with hot sauce or mustard??

Автор Evan TGVlogs ( назад)
5:14 look at his eyes

Автор s d ( назад)
dear Ryan can u do ur house tour!!

Автор Angel Javier Monje Casas ( назад)
Dear Ryan can you bottleflip inside a moving car?

Автор Aryan Gurusamy ( назад)
Dear Ryan, from a scale of 1-10, how much do u like your friends?

Автор pokerface lol ( назад)
who are you and what have you done to my Ryan.

Автор Jaseyla V ( назад)
DEAR RYAN can you react to kids react to you pllzzzzzzz

Автор Taekwondo Boss ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can you and RHPC do a free style dance.

Автор Matt Keel 2 ( назад)
did anyone else see that he spelt master yoshi instead of master roshi when
he had the picture of master roshi on screen?

Автор Sergeant Fancy ( назад)
What kind of fappers

Автор GameWubba Squad ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can you make a classical song into a rap song

Автор Jose Francisco ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can you make a 360 video

Автор hyunju lee ( назад)
Has Ryan ever pinned a comment

Автор HotCocowww ( назад)
I liked the beard

Автор kyla custis ( назад)
Dear Ryan, please act like a gymnast doing a floor routine

Автор Infinite_ Astro ( назад)
dear Ryan u should make a vid with ricegum

Автор GF WG ( назад)
Dear Ryan can you do thechubby bunny challenge while doing the try not
laugh challenge?

Автор Super Secret Stealth Soldier ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can you dye your hair?

Автор alexis flores ( назад)
he look like a reincarnation of bruce lee no offense just a thought

Автор Roboy Bofoi ( назад)
19 million boys!!!!!

Автор lonexion ( назад)
Dear Ryan: what do you think of the old movie "Ryan and Sean's not so
excellent adventure"

(Woo! Throwback)

Автор So Kawaii ( назад)
Can you dab ?

Автор Finn_McCul ( назад)
Dear Ryan can you sing the alphabet backwards while doing a hand stand

Автор Muhammad Ali Khan ( назад)

Автор duurdurandu ( назад)
Dear ryan, try to read my name out loud please :)

Автор Bella Thea ( назад)
*Read in a deep scary voice* Dear Ryan, Can you eat a slice of Bitter
Gourd. *Evil laughter*
You can do it!😂

Автор On The Wall ( назад)
Dear Ryan could you make a nature documentary with the craziest of songs in
the background???

Автор Awesome Glass ( назад)
Dear Ryan... ANSWER THIS QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Leonardo Apoliano Rego ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can you be the world champion in taking care of tamagotchi?

Автор evieramosi ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can you do a LEGEND OF THE BLUE SEA parody? its a Korean drama

Автор Drew Allen ( назад)
Dear Ryan can you react to teens react reacting to you

Автор and1 master ( назад)
Dear Ryan can you eat 5 burgers at a time

Автор Akansha Negi ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can you please have a water balloon fight with all of your

Автор Steve Shaji ( назад)
dear Ryan can you do a 1000 degree knife video...

Автор Alex Diaz ( назад)
Juju on that beat is not rap

Автор Heriz Bista ( назад)
Dear Ryan can you talk about something for Budhha. From Nepal

Автор Naomi Te Hira ( назад)
Dear Ryan Can u make a cool music song

Автор Squanatics ( назад)
Dear Ryan can you make a balloon fort?

Автор Emma Tan ( назад)
Dear ryan can you speak some thai word as much as you can.

Автор Emma Tan ( назад)
when he did the rubix cube he did it back word

Автор Little Galaxy Fox -MineCraft ( назад)
The Rubix Cube One Ryan Did It Backwards Cuz When U Get A Rubix Cube It
Come Completed

Автор Pratham Kumar ( назад)
#DearRyan.....can u please compose a rap song which can match the level of

Автор Gracey_ XD ( назад)
i watched ryan's vids when he didn't have a beard and mustache yet and when
i was 6 yrs old now i'm 8 yrs old LOL #NOBODYCARES

Автор Davud Zubayr ( назад)
Did Ryan just rewind himself unsolving a Rubik's cube?

Автор VIDEOTRENZ ( назад)
dear Ryan can you teach us how you do Regina and Hanateh

Автор da cool galz ( назад)
you know that's one fast method to shave a beard.... .. .but cool!

Автор Tristen Linders ( назад)
Dear Ryan, Can you do the BACKPACK CHALLENGE!

Автор Deepti Jotwani ( назад)
Dear Ryan can u do the try not to laugh challenge

Автор PenguinRockstar ( назад)
Rubix cube. It was a reserved vid of him messing up one

Автор jhay elcano ( назад)
dear ryan can you microwave marley

Автор reyhana bejdic ( назад)
dear Ryan,can you do one minute of bloopers please?

Автор Samira Jannat ( назад)
you rock, seriously!!

Автор Thesansgirl elite ( назад)
He is the voice actor of master yoshi

Автор Samira Jannat ( назад)
Dear Ryan,
Can you make a rap video of one of Sabrina carpenter's songs please?

Автор Hu Maggie ( назад)
Dear Ryan, are you a minion?

Автор Bardock ( назад)
Dear Ryan can you be an anime character and who would it be

Автор kci baker ( назад)
Not gonna lie Ryan but you actually sounded like some of the dbz characters

Автор PotatoGamer26 “Puccacho99” ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can you do a fart-a-thon (I'm weird)

Автор PotatoGamer26 “Puccacho99” ( назад)
Dear Ryan, dab

Автор Red Panda ( назад)
master yoshi is a perv😏

Автор Zenon Barnachea ( назад)
Dear Ryan, I just wanna ask a favor. My girlfriend Maria Carisse Lababo
would celebrate her birthday this upcoming January 22, 2017 on Sunday.
She's a die-hard fan of yours, we always watch your videos together and
gotta admit I enjoyed it a lot man, especially "How to be Ninja". Well, I
just wanna surprise my girlfriend by having her to watch a video of yours
that has a short message greeting on her birthday. I don't know if this
message would reach you but I hope it does.

Автор Dragon Gaming ( назад)
dear ryan how to be gangster 2.0

Автор Benjaminbilly Livengood ( назад)
when will he make another dear ryan?

Автор TricksGurl Soccer/SpeedStacks ( назад)
dear ryan can you do a pokemon acting?

Автор rean coyacot ( назад)
dear ryan , can u do a give away to all those Filipinos living in the

Автор Mandy Tran ( назад)

Автор Jinyoung's Dreams ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can you remake a video you have made long ago?

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