NightMare House: Remake Full Level Part 1

**I DO NOT own this mod!
Here are the creators http://nh2.wecreatestuff.com/ **
This is part 1 of the full level of the HL2 singeplayer mod, Nightmare House:REMAKE.

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Длительность: 9:0
Комментарии: 115

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Автор Edmundo Scott Kurosaki ( назад)
you´re welcome

Автор woOt5k ( назад)

Автор Edmundo Scott Kurosaki ( назад)
in 1945 he was in a mansion on the outskirts of the imperial city of
Pendragon, Britannia, a wealthy family was killed by unknown causes found
no existing tracks. in 1956 the mansion was put up for sale, the first and
only owners who managed to buy the mansion, paranormal activity reported in
masion, its new residents only lived there only three months. in 2017 a man
was going down the road has a car accident, found the abandoned mansion,
the nightmare begins now ......

Автор Lizette Gorospe ( назад)
. . . Are you retarded?

Автор Justin Castro ( назад)
@Waynester234 me dont like scary things D:

Автор Justin Castro ( назад)
damn now i can't sleep ...

Автор jasmin9754 ( назад)

Автор The Question ( назад)
what program do you used to record?

Автор Hotmusted ( назад)
@Waynester234 lol

Автор Percival Higgsburry ( назад)
@klojinum Who sent all these babies to float?

Автор klojinum ( назад)
'Floating baby doll is now online.'

Автор Michael Richard Mendes ( назад)
for those who want nightmare house 1 or the remake:the first is already in
the "nightmare house 2"installer!actually you can play it as the prologue
A.K.A the first stage!just have half-life 2 episode 2 and you can play
it!thumbs up for anybody wanting to get to play the game!

Автор Envalius ( назад)
would HL2: Deathmatch work for this mod?

Автор MachinimaZX ( назад)
Why would you want a remake when you can get original. DO you not need HL,
ep 2 or something?

Автор Dasit mane ( назад)
LOL at 8:48 you all like OHH SHITA ZOMBIE, oh wait it justa old person
*hits you* OHH SHIT IT IS!

Автор John Doe ( назад)
@woOt5000 as ice?

Автор OmgKellyTheGreat ( назад)
I'm pretty sure this is Nightmare House 2 >>

Автор markrjg ( назад)
@LittleGamerBoy1997 I was wondering HOW i downloaded it as i didnt know
what winRAR was at the time, if anything your the dumb one for replying to
a year old comment.

Автор Dreambeliever15 ( назад)
Bathroom zombie gets me everytime :(

Автор ImmaKlonoa ( назад)
@woOt5000 didnt you see the zombie at 8:47? Me neither :)

Автор dragan radisic ( назад)
I cant see any thing :( what is this boll shit

Автор michaelmu2 ( назад)
@Smokerguy123 no its emily

Автор 1odie2 ( назад)
When you walk it sounds like it's from HL1

Автор Jim ( назад)
Can some one help me.. It goes weapons_smg.1.wl or something like that and
then it dosnt work. whats wrong :l

Автор narutosgal1 ( назад)
thank you for making me shit my panties ~//////~

Автор siirrenn ( назад)
ur l8 at 8:47 by like 5 seconds

Автор Treneff ( назад)
-Wait, do you need to have the game for this to work?

Автор monkeynade126 ( назад)

Автор monkeynade126 ( назад)
if wondering about random light smash at begginning i found i light switch

Автор 1odie2 ( назад)
Zombie is no match for you... 8:21

Автор gokothegrate ( назад)
lol corpes in toliet lol

Автор meow12435 ( назад)
I got NH2 :3

Автор Only The Best 10 Minute Loops ( назад)
The way you play games infuriates me.

Автор Mister Blarg ( назад)
8:21 was smoooth.

Автор Wolfdemonmaster ( назад)
Nightmare House 2 = FINISHED!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

Автор Podorozhny ( назад)
there,s a nightmare house game!?!!?

Автор 733t13 ( назад)
@Smokerguy123 Except within the story, she's trying to HELP you. Look for
the reversed quotes here on Youtube, or the ending to see.

Автор fuzzywuzzy301 ( назад)

Автор thoraxethecop ( назад)
Fall through stairs. Receive gun. Now I know what to do if I'm ever in

Автор nkycarbon ( назад)
imagean how sacred the devolpers were making this.

Автор nkycarbon ( назад)
scary it is

Автор Dr. Mango ( назад)
lol your health was 69

Автор yeastori ( назад)
Now thats my kind of house

Автор Talvy ( назад)
I wish this would still work. :( Btw, the driver SUCKS when he droved into
a tree!

Автор Peacefulwarrior ( назад)
Wow alot of parts scared the shit at of me, awsome video i was gonna get
this mod but my graphics card does not support the flashlight so its even
more scary XD

Автор Talvy ( назад)
it's not working right now. It crashes while launching. :(

Автор Ocelot ( назад)
8:38 *shoots zombie in face* zombie: MY EYE!

Автор Hyroar ( назад)
Very very nice mod! Some very good scary moments and ideas! And inspiring!
=) thx 4 uploading!

Автор waterbuddy16 ( назад)
omg i think i just crapped my pants

Автор PZYiPsymon ( назад)
how come you keep taking all the pictures off the wall??

Автор putridpansy ( назад)
zombie at 5:30 scared shit out of me

Автор jjboy157 ( назад)
@markrjg I think when he says you're cool, he means you are a full fledged
retard who can't follow basic instructions.

Автор ThunderBulge Sledge ( назад)
i got it but for Gmod.

Автор Some Polish-Hungarian Guy ( назад)
i think this level is on Synergy for HL2 but idk but Syn_Takeover reminds
me of Half life 1

Автор woOt5k ( назад)

Автор markrjg ( назад)
@ woOt5000 I know i am

Автор woOt5k ( назад)
You're cool :3

Автор markrjg ( назад)
@ woOt5000 Forget it fag

Автор woOt5k ( назад)
Look in the description. Thats there site, I'm sure you can download what
you want from there.

Автор markrjg ( назад)
@ woOt5000 i know that you idiot i wanted to know where to download the rar

Автор woOt5k ( назад)

Автор markrjg ( назад)
Where do i acctually download it to in my pc

Автор ytf8tf8 ( назад)
4:22 lol moment

Автор Crix Lee ( назад)
T.T i cant start this mod i dont know why

Автор Loch Ness ( назад)
i liek to Typo :D :3 " I WANTZ BANANA! :3 "

Автор woOt5k (1724 года назад)
It scared me ;~;

Автор woOt5k (1742 года назад)
Even though it looks like you had a seizure trying to spell that, thanks
for helping me. I wish more people would read the description more often.

Автор Loch Ness ( назад)
read fcking description before commenting " WHER DO AI GET THIS "

Автор brodyrocks712 ( назад)
PUSSYS,i admit,the game is awesome,but when its hl2 version of F.E.A.R,its
not as scary

Автор brodyrocks712 ( назад)
How do you download or buy this???

Автор Aff01000001 ( назад)
You have to keep in mind that it's made to look like a haunted house! Would
suck to fire a gun at etherial beings!

Автор abrylde ( назад)
can you plz tell me how i get the mod?

Автор meow12435 ( назад)

Автор Kevin McLean ( назад)
'Twas eating some hot chicken noodle soup watchin' this. It was in my
mouth, me enjoying the soup very much, and then it was gone on my keyboard
during this.

Автор SGTKamikaze ( назад)
the girl is looking like alma 0.o

Автор whataboutredlorry ( назад)
Woah... that was pretty awesome. Would like more zombie though :)

Автор Smokerguy123 (855 лет назад)
I have a good story for this. You were being chased by a Combine APC in
your car, and suddently they left off when you got near the mansion. You
then crash into a tree, and find your car out of gas. You go to the
mansion, and your lives worst nightmare begins... I was bored. This map
scares the living crap outta me, and that girl is Almas(The girl from
F.E.A.R.)Source clone;)

Автор ShippoFoxDemons Areku ( назад)
Dude im watching this all in the dark and it flips me the fuck out xD I
wanna play it! =D

Автор Elston Jimenez Diaz ( назад)

Автор Jacket ( назад)
Jesus went there on spring break

Автор kingdemon815 ( назад)
You said it. its always warm, great food, and a never ending supply of
lava, who wouldnt like it?

Автор werf23 ( назад)
its not alma....its her best friend kristy

Автор muninen ( назад)
they should remake the sounds... then it would be awesome!

Автор adislavchev ( назад)
Strange but for me it doesnt install it shows my rar files and it shows me
to find them but it never does hmhmmh

Автор Morty H ( назад)
Lol Alma from FEAR at 6:49

Автор Jacket ( назад)
Hell isnt scary! Its a wonderful place!

Автор woOt5k ( назад)
Sorry, only my new videos are in HD. Check them out!

Автор Henry Price ( назад)
make it in hd

Автор woOt5k ( назад)
There are links in the description, maybe you should read it more often.

Автор Kaon ( назад)
Where did u get nightmare house remake? I want to play it.

Автор woOt5k ( назад)
Lol, I didn't think it was scary. Just the noises are all that scares me.

Автор DaViDpEE12 ( назад)
can't wait to get gmod

Автор JeffLeong1993 (1389 лет назад)
you can,if you put this map in garry's mod.

Автор skateboard52 ( назад)
i meant toilet lol

Автор skateboard52 ( назад)
look at 4:34, the guy is on toinlet :P

Автор Lars Hvidsten ( назад)
F.E.A.R is more scary. u shuld try it!

Автор Monkey D ( назад)
i will never play this game

Автор Monkey D ( назад)

Автор atroz123456789 ( назад)
at 6:52 F.E.A.R

Автор HagieHagson ( назад)
I also hate the pictures in this modd. Good movie.

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