Aliens Killing Human Beings - A Very Rare, Yet Documented Case

In Case You Have Not Known Aliens Have Killed Us Humans Before, & This Is One Case In Brazil That Has Been Documented. All Thou For Some Reason Not Well Known.

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Автор Ernesto Armendariz ( назад)
I was once chased for miles by aliens . I finally stopped tired of running
I was paralyzed with fear. They looked hungry they took my tacos and coke.
I was pissed they were carne asada tacos.

Автор Bob Cobb ( назад)
So a guy with depression kills himself, but aliens really did it? Maybe
aliens killed all others who had depression and killed themselves. This
show is a joke when it says "UFO experts." So people think they can be an
expert about something that is UNIDENTIFIED? Good luck with that one.

Автор MrShelbyGTman ( назад)
Check this out:

Автор Lynn Alba ( назад)
Aliens are demons they will pretend they here to save humans it a Lie .We
American Indians always new this,read your bible and the bk of Enoch,Pray
to lord to save us in these very bad times,to all who read I pray u and
your family are blessed💖Peace and love to all,PlEEZE vote trump,,

Автор Clayton Weeks ( назад)
rip apart humans

Автор Robi Saric ( назад)
We the people killing everything that breathes, people systematically and
other beings with such cruelty that one can't comprehend. Time will come
that someone will take care of us - the cancer of this world

Автор MR. NOBODY ( назад)

Автор Mathieu Bishara ( назад)
evrything here is eal sach colares incidents

Автор Chris Saxton ( назад)
'aliens' really - daemonic beings - are killing people all the time.
children are bred for sacrifice. these deep underground bases are full of
humans for torture, for food. what about all the thousands of
children/people that 'go missing'....and alien abductions - not everyone is
returned.people are soul-scalped,an entity 'replaces' them in their bodies.

Автор Libby Rate ( назад)
Blimey.......my problems would be solved if aliens killed 9 out of 10
humans and enslaved the rest. Finally I'd get some peace. Where is
Apocalypto when you need him.

Автор Giridhari .P ( назад)
Wait a Minute....How do the aliens know their language ???? And if the
alien talk to him..How did he understood the language of that alien that
spoke into his ears....????

Автор Heidi K. ( назад)
aliens, ufos, ghosts et cetera are demons, always rebuke these entities in
the name of our Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST! Please watch L.a. Marzulli's
videos on the alien deception.

Автор tty j ( назад)
PS you be the judge !

Автор DH Dowi ( назад)
See False advertising - because it is accusation that cannot be verified

Автор daniel overwater ( назад)
*As a species, the human race is a complete and utter failure. We destroy
the planet that gives us life. We cannot keep from killing one another en
masse for very long. We allow many of our species to suffer and die from
"lack", every day*. The world needs a change and start with yourself.
Google *TruthContest read the Present*, it explains the big picture of
life, the nature of everything, it will change your view towards life and
overcome the power and pleasure seeking animal mind we are currently
prisoners from. It is the key to peace, harmony and true fulfilment.

Автор April Dedert ( назад)
dude get educated on witchcraft. It is a beautiful religion that has
nothing to do with evil. please pick up a book before you start running
your mouth.

Автор Coral wolfy ( назад)
hey, don't hate me,
but he could have just killed himself.

Автор ayy lmao ( назад)
ayyyy poor people

Автор Meadow505 ( назад)
Baby videos for little minds. So silly.

Автор Water Fall ( назад)
If the government knows they exist.. Then so must we..

But there is no need to fear aliens. We cannot judge an entire species of
gray aliens based on a small group of misfit gray aliens. It's like
humanity being judged based solely upon the Nazi's, KKK, or the Elite. Yes,
there are a few bad aliens out there, but the good ones far out number the
evil ones. But...

F*ck X-files. That show wants people to fear aliens. Humanity is much more
dangerous than aliens are.. And we're the ones with the ancient technology.
It's almost like cavemen throwing spears at an M1 Abrams Tank. If the
aliens wanted us dead, we wouldn't be having this friendly conversation.

Aliens and Christianity are not related. At all. Aliens are real, and
Christianity is a gigantic ponzi scheme. If you don't believe in aliens,
have no fear because your children and your grandchildren eventually will.

There are tens of trillions of planets in our Universe, not just one.

Our Universe is over 14 billion years old, not 6,500 years old. Light
travels about 300 million meters per second.. That means the galaxies you
see through a telescope are as they once appeared millions of years ago.

We all need to wake up and stop fearing hell, satan, god, and aliens.

Автор Meadow505 ( назад)
She could well be an alien...certainly ugly enough?

Автор the gator ( назад)
This alien told me we all must buy corn cob pipes when they take over. We
will all have to smoke pot and learn how to toke properly. After this we
will all be strapped together and made to chase beavers around the woods
and when we catch them,let them go again. We will be forced to ride large
land turtles to work and back,cars will be banned. We will be forced to
listen to rap crap all day at work and when we get home sing these songs to
our family while eating dinner. I tried to kick the alien but he beat me
like a junk yard dog. Ouch!

Автор Don Travis ( назад)
well the ones I know of don't recognize Jesus nor does it stop when you say
his name. these are not angels nor demonds . they are beings . nothing more
or less. they have an agenda which involves some people. not all people but
chosen ones. they do implants and these are to have something to do with
the future. no way to know till the time is right.

Автор David Anderson ( назад)
Witchcraft and Alien Craft Sightings are tied together. When ever covens or
practitioners of witchcraft perform their rituals, there are many UFO
sightings above the area it is happening. This is evil in nature. Calling
on the name of Jesus is the only way to stop these abductions and attacks.
This is the only thing that worked for me.

Автор Mystic Bardock LSSGSS ( назад)
if you have watched my sons show, you know what to do.

Автор Legendazf Betancohurt ( назад)
Aliens are demons? I doubt it. We're are demons.We kill for pleasure .

Автор Legendazf Betancohurt ( назад)
Aliens killing human beings? I doubt it.

Автор makaylagirl808 ( назад)

Автор Matthew Brink ( назад)

Автор Osmany Zambrana ( назад)
What all this information really is to me confution at best.
What i really do know is our Lord Joshua The Christ warnd us about it.
His existence and Power well documented.
We most remember that the government is not after our best interests.
You do the math and open your heart and mind to Our God.
But this I'm sure has to do with satan.
He was and is a liar that's his nature from the begining.
And is not it interesting that that is exactly what the government is doing
Lying to us?
Think about it!

Автор Dalester1979 ( назад)
The thing with suicide is that everyone wants to believe that their loved
one would NEVER take their own life. Who wants to think that someone they
care for would do such a thing. When my sister killed herself, she was the
last person I thought would EVER do such a thing. She had 3 beautiful kids,
a life, a career she worked SO HARD to get, but in the end she did just

Автор sprdave ( назад)
you idiots its fkn lazer beams from space station ha ha ha ha

Автор Joseph Anderson ( назад)
Government first priority is to cover up the situation, Government second
priority is to make sure those whom come forth are dis-accredited
regardless of your level education or success. Government third priority is
to silence individuals having experienced the encounters, each government
intervention & interaction leads to the demise of survivors.

Автор komoriaimi ( назад)
MÉndez, MÁrquez. It's not MenDEZ or MarQUEZ nor PeREZ or any of that. The
strong syllable is the first one.

Автор MELVIN THE HACKER ( назад)
well shit im in another document video

Автор mukrem Mustafoski ( назад)
yoman keel pepol ilien no havet I nid pruf stop liee messy

Автор TheJbo614 ( назад)

Автор ~Sir William Deustchendorfs Wife~ ( назад)
Go To: Hieroglyphs4real.wordpress.com - Huge Reward for person(s) who gets
this info. to Prince Charles of Wales! This is for REAL!!! Set For Life!!
Just Reach them with the Truth of Me!! & God Bless to You All!!!
I can see that there are honest attempts to understand Our Most
Ancient Family that not only created the Universe and the Living creatures
on it but They are the Fathers and Mothers of us all. They began raising
There children down here which grew into Humanity. They do NOT care about
Gold and have NEVER looked at US as anything less than their children. They
are still coming to us and are NOT being introduced to society because then
the governments that have been Using Them would have to share the
percentages of rights as well as distributions, and percentages AND there
will have to be a revision within the humanities not only within the
Histories but the Sciences and Religions and economic structures. I believe
that it will begin with the Darwin theory that states that people came from
apes. What "they" are not telling you is that theory is the basis of
slavery- who has blue eyes and blonde hair & fair complexion (are related
directly to Our Mothers and Fathers from Onboard) vs any coloration
otherwise makes them related to the monkey- and that is Leaving plenty of
room for modern governments to enslave humanity instead of embrace them as
Children of Heavenly Peoples.
Please go to: Hieroglyphs4real.wordpress.com - You will see I am
knowledgeable about the subject. They ARE HERE - They ARE Loving and
Brilliant and They are giving to Us and are being told "why should we repay
you"??- in return for Their dedicated Love for Their Children Humanity. Let
Us begin to Thank Them and Welcome Them properly- As Family and then Unite
our planets.
Heaven and Earth as One = Peace on Earth.
P.S.- I was told by 2 Leaders of this group the Truths of what is going on.
THE secret society that has dedicated themselves to using these wonderful
peoples for technologies and ALL of the Percentage rights that go with
them, and have told them that wherever The Good People from Onboard go to
"Connect" with Their children humanity; this group will make sadistic
dramas so that people will not know what to think. They have people
"earning" their way through medical school by mutilating cattle- they use
trucks with everything they need to pick-up cows and then drop them off
when done. I was even told that "they" have hired more midgets and dwarves
than was used in the Wizard of OZ... they dress-up like the Lil-Ones and do
things to others….

Автор Michaelangelodavidgabrieloraphael ( назад)
well theyre not doing a good enough job ... still too many bloddy monkey
bloods and males around .......

Автор Arkady Bogdanov ( назад)
The minimum estimate I've seen for how much advertising revenue you can get
from 1 million YouTube views is $1,000.

Are you getting income from posting these? If so, would you like to tell us
how much in total?

Автор Jason Stanger ( назад)
u.s. military experimenting with new technology they got from the aliens
back in the roswell days.....

Автор Brad Nichelson ( назад)
Worst. Comments. Ever.

Автор Tracey Cooke ( назад)
the unholy four (Bush Sr., Henry Kissinger, Donald Rumsfeld and Dick
Cheney). The unholy four are actually Draconians who took human
incarnations 26,000 years ago and are the four most visible Draco/human

Автор Darious Cyclusous ( назад)
Everyone, I wish everything was as black and white as it seems it is not,
fortunately things are rather simpler than that. If you are searching for
answers, or believe you have the answers however are not entirely sure, or
even feel you are completely sure, please consider this link to add to the
videos you have seen here on YouTube. I cannot recommend it enough. I can
only say that if I was unaware these videos, I would have wanted someone to
send me a message through the post to at least link me to the truth. So
that is what I am doing. I hope these will suffice for you all, good day to
you all.

Автор nsideufo ( назад)
Too bad a burn, a glowing light, a hypnosis induced interview, a barking
dog, tense muscles, red eyes, an unknown cause of death or a blurry picture
aren't proof.

Автор terrypussypower (877 лет назад)
Human beings are stupid.

Автор Dave Philbeck ( назад)
UFOs and aliens are nothing more than satanic beings. Be careful ...This
world is Satan's domain…we are only visiting…we are just passing through. .
We are To glorify God and to warn those with try to mess with demon
spirits. You had better be careful about what you do. Satan has his minions
in the air and below the earth..Satan is real and he has powers.. But He
that is in me is more powerful than he that is of this world. .

Автор utah55 ( назад)
Lmao @ 7:11 (7 min 11 sec) into the vidoe!! Hahaha that dentist lady aint
25 years old. If so, Shes one old ass 25 year old!! Hehe Therefore this
video is just a bunch of people with bullshit stories wanting to be filmed.

Автор KillerB1956 ( назад)
Yes, there are UFOs but they are not aliens. They are tetraploids...

The Pink Kush Theory explains this using science and overwhelming evidence.
The ancient megalithic structures were built by Ubaidians AKA Anunnaki AKA
Tall Whites. They are tetraploid humans and they are still with us today
but in hiding as they do not want their existence to be known. They built
Stonehenge, the Pyramids, Gobekli Tepe, Puma Punka, Malta, Crete, etc. They
are very advanced, gave us civilization (As Above, So Below) and some
technology. We keep finding giant skeletons of them and the governments
keep the public from knowing these facts as they do not want you to know
the truth. God, Satan and Lucifer were tetraploid giants, not gods. Do your
own research and you will figure it out for yourselves.

These giants want the New World Order implemented and want to control all
of us and enslave us as they did in the past. They have great weapons and
spacecraft but they cannot defeat us as we are far too numerous. We are
aware of several of their subterranean locations around the world and can
use nuclear weapons if necessary so we will not take their threats lightly.
The Pink Kush Theory is the only reasonable explanation for these facts but
most people will remain in denial as they would rather believe that aliens
can break the laws of physics by travelling at several times the speed of
light. Beware of these tetraploids as they are super intelligent, great
deceivers and were cannibalistic in the past (which got blamed on us
diploid humans). They were the ones that wanted all first born babies to be
sacrificed and did many horrid things.

Time to accept the truth or you will be doomed to enslavement by these
creatures. They now control your government through deceit and the
government believes them. You will not be able to prove me wrong because it
is the truth. This will be the biggest story of 2015.

Автор Tracey Cooke ( назад)
Matrix fans and they live fans...will love this video!!

Автор carolynan ( назад)
Alien bloodsuckers OMG

Автор Rey Hernandez ( назад)
We at FREE, the FREE, Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial
Encounters, are undertaking the first ever comprehensive ACADEMIC research
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Our research project will focus on individuals who have had any type of
“Contact” with an ET (a “Non-Human Intelligent Being”).

FREE was established with the insistence and guidance of Dr. Edgar
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No one has ever attempted this type of study on Experiencers before-- it
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also taught “Research Methodology” for over 40 years.

Other members of our research project committee are: Mary Rodwell, Whitley
Strieber, Barbara Lamb, Ralph Steiner, Kathleen Marden, Denise Stoner,
Giorgio Piacenza, Dr. Joe Lewels, Dr. Michael Melton, Chase Kloetzke,
Michael Lang, and several others. This is the cream of the crop when it
comes to “ET Contact Researchers”. Most of these individuals have worked
with “Experiences” for over 25 years.

The Objective from this study is for the first time to have comprehensive
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We expect to have an initial publication of our findings by Spring of 2016.
After the publication of this initial report, all of our data will be place
in the public domain in our FREE website, EXPERIENCER.CO, use by all
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Many individuals in our group have what they perceived to be both
“Positive” and “Negative” ET Contact Experiences. Many have perceived to
have had “Abductions”. Nevertheless, all of the Advisory Committee
members fully understand that the ET Contact Phenomena comes in “all
flavors and colors”-- some Experiencers perceive their experiences as
extremely positive while some as extremely negative, and so many in
between. FREE does not take any position regarding what might be the “ET
Agenda”. We might have our own personal individual hypothesis and beliefs,
but as an organization we stand neutral on the ET Agenda issue. The ET
Contact Phenomena is extremely complex and we agree with Einstein when he
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ANONYMITY: As a participant for our 2 surveys and formal interview, the
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Автор Kris Shaw ( назад)
I went to sleep during this. What happened?

Автор Bertharina Rina ( назад)
The dirty bunch of bastards runnung the pro-Bolsheviki show in Washinging
are not blacks. All major departments are using whites as fronts and stool
pidgions. Where ever you get a group of whites you will find squealers, or
informers. It’s just one rat on the other. I am a hog and all the so-called
rights that i have obtained are through blacks sticking togather. Working
for years in watching these pimps blabbing on each other, sycophants,
trying to get ahead. This is sickening. For this reason i take the name of
Hog. I would rather eat in a trough with my kind rather than associate with
skackers using so-called rights, when the blacks came out and denounced the
bastards in national government. America’s problem is Netanyahu’s killers
of Arabian women and children in the Gaza strip. Don’t fool your selves, he
would do the same to blacks if they lived in the Gaza strip. Thank God that
the blacks in America do not have to worry about those scoundrels that
murder, rape, loot and wipe out people who have been run out of their
homes. Our sick bastards in the state department puts up with gang as long
as women and whiskey lis loaded down upon all foreign ambassadors. Give one
a valise at large ladden down with torts in selling America out and he
would marry the devil and kiss any arse to top it off.

Автор Daniela Gontarski ( назад)
This is most real case in the world about ufo ever. Roswell 1947 is a joke
near this case!!

Автор Timmy Moelk ( назад)
God knows!!!

Автор M Chambers ( назад)
Yes, this is clear scientific proof that aliens really do exist.

Автор M Chambers ( назад)
This is all just a cover up for the fluorinated water.

Автор Miguel Feliciano ( назад)
So many creature,so many monsters,so many aliens, but humans are few

Автор UsagiVeg ( назад)
So you're saying it is wrong for a species to think they're superior to
others because of their higher intelligence and advance technologies, to
use them for their research or biological needs or simply for entertaining?

Автор br t ( назад)


Автор Rico Lucky ( назад)
I saw your post I think you will love this!

Автор Renee M ( назад)
An asteroid or meteor will hit the earth on September 24, 2015 - you have
been warned!!!

Автор Paulo Jácome ( назад)
i am brasilian its true i know this

Автор Ding Ding ( назад)
civa airport..check it out on google

Автор shevi04 ( назад)

Автор tim hale ( назад)

Автор Mojomo ( назад)


Автор white Lion ( назад)
I'm glad you guys are catching on....

Автор james Litsey ( назад)
Well, there's 44 minutes and 38 seconds of my life that I won't get back!

Автор Luka Kingg ( назад)
what i think that aliens are diferent from us but why would they kill us?
If we find them we are gonna kill them and other stuff we are stupid we
kill our selfs idk why are aliens demons? srsly u are stupiud

Автор Jeff Perla ( назад)
Forget Aliens, Just move to Canada and get sick the government system is
quietly killing many of its people off in the name of Debt reduction and
trying to hold the title of being the most fiscally responsible country in
the G8. Many people wait years for treatment and die and even get blocked
from getting treatment abroad. Shame on you Pathetic Canada. 

Автор Eric Kulp ( назад)
Fuck demons,more jesus.

Автор SFRyu ( назад)
not alien but zigzaw

Автор Ali KARAKUŞ ( назад)
Magnetism: Secret science of Humankind


Автор GanjaBear29 ( назад)
Crazy shit. No asshole is safe.

Автор Kenneth Surgent ( назад)
How can you hang yourself on your headboard? He was killed!

Автор Martin Sandoval ( назад)
Abortion clinics: humans are also killing human beings, NOT VERY RARE!!!
And yes Aliens are demons / fallen angels

Автор latterrain church ( назад)

Автор StylishBlaziken Playaah ( назад)
What if it was just a laser beam that got the guys leg

Автор smb123211 ( назад)
Mystery Science Theater 3000 - where are you when you're needed? These
absurd "recreations" voiced over by a guy trying not to burst out laughing
are so obviously pure theater it's hard to see anyone older than 5 taking
them seriously. Why in the hell would an incredibly advance alien race
travel trillions of miles to kill a man in Brazil???!!! It's the kind of
stuff once reserved for asylums and folks who thought they were
communicating with Marku from Vega telling us to stop our atomic testing.
This is Enquirer caliber: "ALIENS MADE DADDY CHOKE HIMSELF"

Автор Logurt downy ( назад)
7:14 is that big foot?!?!

Автор YASH UHA ( назад)
You can't handle truth : check this : Betty Eadie , Anne Horn, howard
Storm, 'it's not about Religion',(divide and rule hidden enemies
exposed).....'dragons exposed' T b Joshua ' 'Fractured Ribs Restored'
'Computer Games-SCOAN', 'She Doesn't Deserve To Be Happy','Anointing Water
Revival','DAY 1 - Revival in the USA',"I hate her!".

Автор Chad Lewis ( назад)
Greys gon abduct yo bitch n give her da D

Автор Zombiekiller ( назад)
Humans are also aliens👽

Автор DigitalMediaisFuture ( назад)
Probably on too much METH

Автор Stan Faryna ( назад)
Be cheerful. Strive to be happy. Avoid evil. Do good. Live long.

Desiderata: A Reading by Stan Faryna (@Faryna)

Автор Howard Fortyfive ( назад)
More BS.

Автор v8infinity8 ( назад)
Aliens are demons sent to deceive us! They can (and have) be rebuked in the
name of JESUS CHRIST. do your research before you hate on me:)

Автор maggiedon1 ( назад)
The military were armed with cameras - where are the photographs and video
footage? There is no proof that any Human died as the result of UFO
activity, however there is proof that hundreds of Humans die every day at
the hands of other fellow Humans

Автор Revelation 12 Ministries ( назад)
Hi Church / Fellow Believers - Please see my PP Slideshow on the
Genesis-Revelation Connection for amazing biblical insight; the SIGN OF
REVELATION 12 - Rapture is Imminent (as if you didn't know):

Pre-trib is 100% BIBLICAL TRUTH. If you can not see this in the
scriptures, you don' t know the Bible. You have to understand and know the
entire bible (OT & NT) to understand Revelation.

Rapture is Rev. 4:1 - BUT PLEASE TAKE NOTICE: The 70th Week doesn't start
until Rev. 11:3. Two witnesses prophecy 1,260 days during the 6th
Trumpet/2nd Woe. Read Revelation 9:13 through 11:14. The first 3.5 years
can not start until the 6th trumpet sounds.

Do not force Revelation 6-19 into the 70th Week but rather look for the
70th Week in Rev. 6-19.

There is 10 years between the rapture and 2nd coming. Trumpets to
Atonement, Psalms 90:10 will be fulfilled exactly as written. 1948+70 =
rapture (Rev. 12:1-6 gives us the sign); 1948+80 = 2nd Coming. The number
10 in the Bible always represent a period of trial or testing.

To all mid-trib, pre-wrath, post-trib believers:

Do we all agree the bride/body of Christ, the Church, was established at
Pentecost when the Holy Spirit was sent down? This was one of the 7 Feasts
in Lev. 23. Why is it so hard to see that the next feast in line is the
Feast of Trumpets which represents the rapture of the church when the Holy
Spirit and the Church will be taken out of the way. Read 1 Cor., the whole
book. Paul covers Passover, Unleavened Bread, Firstfruits, Trumpets.

Also, the 24 elders represent the church (OT 24 divisions of the levitical
priesthood, the Church is a royal priesthood). C'mon, let scripture
interpret scripture. Were we not just told 7 blessings to the overcomer of
the church age in Rev. 2-3? Do thrones, crowns, white raiment, Kings &
Priests unto God mean anything to anybody? Please read your Bible.

Who tells John not to weep in Rev. 5? One of the elders, because the
church has read Ch. 6 and knows Christ opens each seal - we know this
before John saw it/wrote it because we have the book. John was taken in
the spirit to a time when the Church had already been raptured - this is
still yet future but we have the book and can read and know ahead of time.
Same situation in Ch. 7, John doesn't recognize the multitude - this isn't
the church - the church was raptured at Rev. 4:1 or before.

email: eric@revelationshipministries.org

Автор ds ds ( назад)
aliens grabbed my goat and shes never been the same, no seriously.

Автор Daniel Vargo ( назад)
Just think of them as powerful friends helping out ! People are scared of
wolves and lions but both those animals are extremely intelligent and
vicious if made angry but also very friendly if loved!;)😊

Автор rochavarrias ( назад)

"Although the Earth has undergone a long history of extraterrestrial
visitation, the current situation is that the People of Earth are now
suffering the effects of a global extraterrestrial intervention into human
affairs. This intervention employs a strategy of deception, manipulation,
and exploitation, the goal of which is control over humanity, which will
result in the loss of human freedom and self-determination. It is now the
sacred right and duty of the People of Earth to oppose, resist, and repel
this extraterrestrial intervention, to declare and defend our sovereignty,
our freedom, and our independence from all extraterrestrial forces."
The Allies of Humanity Briefings are a communication from several races
beyond our borders who have been monitoring the INTERVENTION happening in
our world at this time. They are here to alert us and to educate us. See
for yourself.

Автор R.D CATOE (702 года назад)

Автор ouivalerie ( назад)
They are all hiding, all of it covert activity means they don't want you to
know but it's impossible people don't find some things out but it is a
secret because if people knew about them for sure, they would want to know
more and more and more…and find out we are all governed by secrecy it's
them against us, they control the gov so much the military and NASA
pretends like it's has rockets that matter and works with them as a
complete frame up on people, military pretends like it's got an
investigation going on but it's not, they already know at the top. We are
trapped her as energy slaves, they can drain the majority of your energy
just like a baby in a playpen has to share his energy for mom to pick him
up. It's perfectly obvious there's more going on that meets the eye in
this world and something, not nothing happens when you die and you came
from somewhere. While your here they increasingly want gmo food, dead
packaged food, chemicals, chemtrails and radiation keeping people as sick
as they possibly can, making them focus on their health issues and eating,
eyeballs, sensual pleasures in order to keep them out of the 6th sense and
into the 5 senses.

Автор Chapongir Bashram ( назад)
Really, mankind is a spoon being pushed into ice cream at the bottom of a
soda and Aliens are using straws with a bendy bit to steal the cola.

Автор Destiny Jones ( назад)

Автор br t ( назад)
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