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Автор Jumpy Switznitz (16 дней)
This case is compelling and mysterious, to be sure. There is one
overwhelming, common conclusion that one can draw from cases such as this:
as long as government is involved, as long as there is a buck to be made,
as long as someone, somewhere wants his 15 minutes of fame, etc...we will
never get to the bottom of these cases. Citizens' groups or independent,
non-profit-funded scientific research organizations dedicated to fact-based
evidence without conjecture, innuendo, hyperbole, or misinterpretation of
the data must be formed to garner the knowledge of what is really going on
here. If we can't do that, it will remain as mythology, as the ET
connection does to this day.

Автор Kelline Pickett (2 месяца)
What bothers me most is that we're still talking about UFOs and Aliens as
if we're still trying to substantiate their existence. I stood under a UFO,
I felt it, I saw it, I experienced the sensations that come with standing
under an intelligently designed craft that isn't of this world, they
exist!!! I'm one in millions of people who have seen a UFO and only one of
the few this past 20 years who couldn't film it. So many people have got it
on camera and we're STILL putting that through intense scrutiny, trying to
prove that it's a fraud rather than simply looking at a good quality shot
of a UFO and realizing that they're real, they're here, they've been here,
and they're going to keep coming. We share this planet with more than the
animals. Isn't it time that we start reporting on the events for what they
are instead of adding all those repetitive questions that we keep asking, *"but
was it a UFO he saw?"*, *"...but what was it in the skies that night?"*, *"was
it a man made craft, or something never seen before in the skies over his
town?"* You know what I mean? We keep adding the questions but we already
have the answers. People have been telling each other the answers for years
and years.

Автор Antonio Braye (3 месяца)
I was just thinking the same thing....why don't aliens fuck with black
people? Are they (black people) really Gods. I looked at a lot of old
religious paintings from around the world and everybody from the Hindus,
Buddhist, Christians, Muslims, Egyptian, ect....all have or had a black
god. Maybe this needs some looking into. If you come across any info on
black people coming in contact to ETs please let me know.

Автор Moo01100 (1 месяц)
The more Brazil eats beefmeats the more stupid the population becomes. A
population gripped by fear and panic and heavily affected by nefarious UFO
activities - with alien insectoid occupants, observing the lower primate
humanoid's jungle-clearing programs and sinister beefmeat industries. Any
credible Brazilian or Mexican UFO study should in fact be a detailed study
of those countries' beefmeatery. That's where the real story will be found.

Автор yagamijase (1 месяц)
Wounded by the lights! (like Blind by the light) LoLz

Автор ieatroches95 (2 месяца)
I want to Believe. I want to Leave.

Автор brick top (3 месяца)
Exotic Expectations?

Автор Chiefly Chieftain (2 месяца)
There is no way the lady at 07:14 is 25 years old unless the "lights" aged
her considerably.

Автор allison cooper (3 месяца)
why don't black people ever see these things? lol.. just saying

Автор Moo01100 (1 месяц)
Brazil and Mexico seem to attract a lot of UFO reports because they have so
many beef feedlots in their jungles. The aliens see them as simple
brainless and primitive beings who are myopically and ignorantly clearing
great tracts of rainforest to make way for their grizzly and unnecessary
beef stations. The alien watches the mindless land clearing activities and
the strange brutal processes of earthly beefmeat production. The aliens
then burn these peasants with lasers to mark them as observed and highly

Автор ieatroches95 (2 месяца)
I want to believe. I know a lot of you dismiss all the UFO claims and keep
saying how fake they are.. Heck they might be fake! There might not be
aliens or UFO's, I mean specially in the times we live in now there should
be at least a few cases documented with all the technology and recording
devices. But there are non.

But the universe is so BIG! It's very close minded of us not to expect
other life forms, sure they might not be intelligent; which seems like what
we always think they are. But it's just fun and nice to think that
somewhere out there, there are other beings. Thinking, living, breathing...
Open your mind a little..

Автор TheGamer'sAdventure (3 дня)
those aliens may come in peace... if the are aliens..., they could have
just checking our DNA and blood to experiment our blood... they can come in
peace... if we can just communicate with them...

Автор Moo01100 (1 месяц)
Our Insect Alien Overlords have a sinister agenda to enslave the human
population. They see humans as a low-yield but abundant protein rich
bio-mass that is easy to liquify into an enzymed beef-juice to feed the
invading insect aliens in their glorious silver flying saucers. They see us
as little more than slow, unimportant and low-intelligence meat-patties. In
much the same way as we see the cow in an Amazon jungle feeding lot.

Автор SoldierSaint91 (4 месяца)
I have seen nigger, nigga, and negro too many times in these comments,
which makes no sense considering it's an alien documentary. 

Автор Sadegh Hartfield (1 месяц)
Hey i would pimp a grey put her on track make daddys money

Автор Nicholas Williamson (1 месяц)
I can not really vouch for the "extra terrestrial" scenario vs man made,
or, otherwise terrestrial craft/object(s). I can however say that I too
have witnessed just a small set of strange events, one of which, was a huge
triangular craft. The craft was just hovering above tree level, I am just
taking a rough guess here, I was all of about 7 when I withnessed this. It
didn't make a sound, nothin gat all. I ran and called after my older
sistor, they were walking just ahead of me, we would sometimes meet my
grandmother as she returned and walked down our street, she was riding the
city bus from work. Anyway, in just the few seconds, maybe 5 - 10 seconds
at most, the craft had totally vanished, no trace, no sign, and most
strange, no wind and no sound... totally SILENT.

Автор Soapy Chan (1 месяц)
+ieatroches95 HOW DID U NOT POOP

Автор Aaron Tye (4 месяца)
Red green yellow lights.... rasta aliens ' )

Автор marktimmer2212 (3 месяца)
She had a heartattack, the story has been pulled out of proportion, as can
be expected,
Captain Hollanda explains it all in his interview, thats why he was
So do the dead captain a favor, and listen to his story.

Автор fedespasser1 (1 месяц)
If these alien footages that are being spammed into youtube werent ALL so
pathetic quality, perhaps someone, might even believe it. In the world of
"everyone" has a 12 megapixel camera, NO ONE can produce some even remotely
clear??? All clear footages are so obvious hoaxes and fakes that its
hilarious - they are just as ridiculious as Irans attempt at convincing the
world they build a cloakable fighter jet....

Автор Gwhiz Ctheworld (2 месяца)
MURDER ! by Filthy thug governments who think their intelligent enough
to fool the people .... they will find they have already lost. 

Автор iKickYourLunch (5 месяцев)
damn the actor for that doctor bitch be fine as fuck

Автор Adam Faith (4 месяца)
Yep. .... murdered by an alien. That's gotta be it.

Автор rhonda j (1 месяц)
Under the cloak of darkness planet Earth is being attacked, burned, killed,
livestock attacks, etc. This is no way to be a good intergalactic neighbor.

Автор Robert Shaw (2 месяца)
I wish a space craft would land in my backyard because I won't hesitate or
stand there like these other eyewitness morons that run off and tell wild
stories without evidence to back up there claims, because as soon as the
Alien steps out of his craft BAM! dead as a door nail sniper shot to the
grey alien head. Then I would pick up the phone and contact a Alien UFO
Researcher and tell them I have actual honest proof, but if the men in
black show up first then they will meet the bullet before they say anything

Автор freedbylove (5 месяцев)
Gotta love it when Catholics imitate atheitards and fall back on the, "Uh,
diz wuh no scienctific, uh, like, yeah, uh, it gotta be like uh, scientific
to be uh, like, uh, believable." Yeah so throw out Catholicism then. Idiot
hypocrites. Stop molesting kids you morons, and stop killing people you
idiot atheists. Stupid evil morons.

Автор G.Y. Land (5 месяцев)
Strange, I worked years and years onsite during nights at observatories and
places I never had ever any encounters with any aliens or have I ever seen
any UFO's. I would have had the best chances. No luck. Maybe, I am too
clever. ;)

Автор Samuel Allan (1 месяц)
This is exactly like the island that occupies ufo

Автор Peter Williams (5 месяцев)
errrr 25 ,,,,no way hosai 

Автор William Sly (2 месяца)
I suffer from a type of schizophrenic depression, even I have never had an
interest in suicide. It is probable that such thing can occur, but it
remains both in theory and an overlooked issue.

Автор Cyber Frankenstein (2 месяца)
There just what our white women.

Автор adviertehoy777 (3 месяца)
IF,tou don't know JESUS for what he is, and figths these things YOU
ARE DOME finish, destroy, the are demons!! evil spirits. whit great
power.over humans.

Автор ben woodman (3 месяца)
I think they are taking dns to grow clones to eat. that way digesting our
dna would build an immunity to our diseases. that would explain why America
is letting them do it. and of course, how do you stop a head ache, you
digest pannadol.....just a theory.

Автор matt pritchett (1 месяц)
could it be extrmly small solar flares entering atmosphere almost compltly
dispersing but hitting th skin and crating burns, radiation burn

Автор Emmanuel Lescouflair (4 месяца)
They should have removed the object that was inside Captain Hollanda's arm
to investigate this alien technology.

Автор Marvelous Light (1 месяц)
WHY these pieces of shit don't visit any countries like india ?? why
haven't I seen any alien till now ? Can it be because I am not on drugs and
any other intoxication ?? you westerners are drug addicts so u see things

Автор James Ingram (2 месяца)
Barney hill was black. He and his wife Betty were victims of an abduction.

Автор james stanford (3 месяца)
It does something to you...you feel violated after it happens, confused and
afraid..even though we had pistols in the forest that night, we felt

Автор Chris Row (2 месяца)
I'll never understand, how people can think, all of the time, that these
entities are here for harming us. I mean, seriously, I nearly never have
heard thoughts like "They evolved so far, maybe they overcame evilness in a
way, we cannot imagine or how we describe it at the moment". That guy said
while be hugged and squeezed, the visitor told him to stay calm, because he
wasn't about to expect any harm We are projecting our own behaviour into
those beings, because if we would be able to "conquer" other planets at the
moment, we would want to own them and start a war. It is our history, which
is blinding us for the possibilities, that they may have other reasons for
visiting us, than to rule and kill us... I'm so full of hope, that if there
finally will be contact to high evolved species, there will be an evolution
of our consciousness, despite our paranoia and fearfullness... 

Автор William Jennings (3 месяца)
Why are bizarre mysterious incidents most likely reported out of rural
parts of the world that are inhabited by low income people?

The answer could be that people in those environments are more isolated and
disenfranchised, so when any of them become witnesses to strange events
they are less likely to be believed and have less money to hire

It’s the same reason that people in those circumstances are picked on more
by all forms of predators and tyrants.

If someone asks “Why would anyone go to so much effort and expense and use
so much time just to mess with someone like you?” The answer is “Because I
have fewer resources to fight back with.”

Nobody wants to pick on a rich guy since the rich guy is more capable of
defending himself, and a rich guy is only likely to be come a target if the
predator has no alternative.

There are plenty of poor folks available, so why mess with a hardened

They picked a remote rural Brazilian island to pick on.

Wild stories have been known to come out of the hills of Appalachia and
from the rural South and the deserts and from The Third World. It isn’t
likely to happen in Bel Air or Beverly Hills.

Автор Emmy Solokha (3 месяца)
i dont think aliens are real :P

Автор EThybrid (4 месяца)
It seems to me that some type of clandestine agencies were conducting
experiments on the people. People were made to believe it was aliens when
it wasn't. 

Автор PROFcunt (5 месяцев)
28:59 "Right now, I am retard"

Dat accent

Автор Antonio Bermudez (3 месяца)

Автор Cassai Cassie (2 месяца)

Автор superconcerta3 (5 месяцев)
The U.S. government killed him

Автор saturn cronus (1 месяц)
For more details on this case people should read "UFO Danger Zone", a book
written by Bob Pratt

Автор eddie escalan (4 месяца)
what's Paula deen talking about Aliens!!

Автор themultiplayer1 (4 месяца)
Aliens are so cool!!! I want to meet them badly.

Автор N.R Dewi Nurmayani (1 год)
In Case You Have Not Known Aliens Have Killed Us Humans Before, & This Is
One Case In Brazil That Has Been Documented. All Thou For Some Reason Not
Well Known.

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