Each liter of gasoline increased 5-10km driving distance



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Автор hotpapayasalad ( назад)
the last plug is a pre-ignition hazard. KNOCK KNOCK ....oh shit who's
there? its Ms. Piston and Mr. Rod

Автор MASTER MECHANIC Felipe ( назад)
from my experience 10 years as a mechanic NGK is the best spark plug, i
wouldnt use bosch plugs not even on a lawn mower they are trash

Автор slowpadle ( назад)
So how much spark do you really need ??? I switched to Pulstar Pluse plugs
in my Harley V-Twin picked up 4 miles to the gallon and it has better
throttle response and starts much faster.. 30.00 bucks and I am very happy
with them.

Автор NJGABY15 ( назад)
I put the splitfires on my 88 mustang gt and notice more power than the
stock pugs and never had a problem with them.

Автор walter white ( назад)
@wafrederick Your main problem was the Chrysler

Автор fUjiMaNia ( назад)
I say NGK and Denso, everything else is a "LOL" situation

Автор Ru Mc ( назад)

Wow that's what I call a no miss no brainer ..nothing in the way of that
electric chair

Автор Lilmiddwest ( назад)
What about nology plugs cuz I love there nology spark plugs best wires

Автор 4everlakers24 ( назад)
E3 are terrible plugs they last 20k and shit the bed learn from my mistake
stick to bosch or NGK

Автор Snow Flake ( назад)
Bosch are garbage anyways..

Автор rose white ( назад)
curious fact: back in 1966 I bought an Ariel Square Four motorbike which
would not start after being under a pile of carpets for a couple of years.
It had some Jet Igniter plugs in...I put some ordinary Champions in and it
started straight up...I put the Igniters back and they were dead. Curious. 

Автор Kenny Chang ( назад)

Автор Kenny Chang ( назад)

Автор Memew Utu ( назад)
Where can i order the VTA 3D? 

Автор FEETLE ( назад)
So blue flame kernel will just into those holes and on top looks like the
ground electrode could be a hotspot sorry ill past on this one

Автор Vincent Van gogh ( назад)
so which is better for mileage? ngk,bosch or champion?

Автор kostashst ( назад)
hallo i want to buy vta sparks and sparks plugs for my yamaha t max 500
2012 any information please!?? 

Автор TheManistheshit (1953 года назад)
look up pulse plugs then try to go to the e3's. remember electricity will
take the 1 shortest rout

Автор mikeakaspike ( назад)
these tests on here don't mean shit, what we need are dyno results.

Автор ChrisyLuxembourg ( назад)
Thanks for the testing, nice video, but the ignition changes under
pressure... For myself, I don't need a spark plug, I drive an EV. 

Автор ARLeslie ( назад)
hey, next time could you use new plugs perhaps? I might feel better about
your "un-biased" testing

Автор bmwrp8 (619 лет назад)
is that pubic hair i see LOL 

Автор Haritha Blaze ( назад)
@Limou551 For your information, spark plugs do increase the power, high
performance plus ignite the full mixture, full burn = more power and
increase fuel economy. 

Автор Kenny Chang ( назад)
@Lilmiddwest Welcome to compare various brands of spark plugs for testing!:
D e-mail:vta.com@gmail.com

Автор Lilmiddwest ( назад)
Need to try E3 and nology plugs

Автор wafrederick ( назад)
There is one place I put Bosch plugs,right in the garbage can where they
belong.I see more problems with them.Last one was a 1998 Chrysler minivan
with a 3.3,had a missfire and found out why.It was the Bosch plugs some
yoyo installed.Installed Champions the the missfire was gone.The Bosch
plugs caused the missfire

Автор v0rt3x86 ( назад)
Anyone can make a pretty spark.. that doesn't mean it'd work any better in
the engine. In fact, I'm curious as to where the mixture is supposed to get
in there to burn.. the little holes? lol. How about some dyno runs?

Автор CrysMM ( назад)

Автор Kenny Chang ( назад)
to:cadzillals6 VTA 3D SPARK PLUG face greater pressure to the higher
ignition conditions! Rapid expansion of gas production rate is higher, the
higher engine output and efficiency!

Автор cadzillals6 ( назад)
What does this show? Show required voltage and flame kernel under
compression with lean afr

Автор Kenny Chang ( назад)
to:afdhalatifftan92 Has Resistor Design All VTA 3D SPARK PLUG 

Автор Kenny Chang ( назад)
to:aikido8888 Welcome to operate this product, it has a multi-national

Автор Afdhal Atiff Tan Amin Husaini Tan ( назад)
Does it has resistor in it? 

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