"Let It Go" Rap Song! (Dear Ryan)

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Просмотров: 9323541
Длительность: 7:8
Комментарии: 107811

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Автор hasher Almazrooie ( назад)
Ryan can u do the andy's coming chalange

Автор Muneeb SAEED ( назад)
Dear Ryan , Can you dance like PSY in gangnam style?

Автор Karen ( назад)
Buncha Buncha Buncha Shit XDDD

Автор Dope ghoster ( назад)
dear Ryan can you eat five pizzas in two minutes

Автор POPULARM MOS ( назад)
Dear Ryan can you make a rap song based on your IGNORED song

Автор Gamezianz ( назад)

Автор Chelsea Huynh ( назад)
Look at his face in 5:17 lol

Автор Wolfboy1103 Wolf ( назад)
reenact a tron legacy scene

Автор Wolfboy1103 Wolf ( назад)
Do a dabing rap

Автор Chantal Bell ( назад)
Your Elsa n Anna rap was sooo cool me n my friend actually learnt it 😂

Автор Trent Warren ( назад)
Dear Ryan, say dude 1000 times throughout you next Dear Ryan video

Автор Jean young Lee ( назад)
Dear Ryan can you get Marley to pee on your face

Автор fredricka craig ( назад)
That is sooooo true

Автор TheAwesome GamerCrew ( назад)
The second one was wayyyyyy better

Автор dance forever ( назад)
¥£₩ ££¥₩

Автор Josh Fogarty ( назад)
Dear ryan, can you tell me why people say infinity is not a number sure the
number mite be unknown but it's still a number

Автор IkillU Gaming ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can you make the lion king 4?

Автор Linere Unda ( назад)
you know that is not how you say sentenes in japanese

Автор Esteban Urgiles ( назад)
who asked can you kill marley

Автор Jelle Kok ( назад)
#DearRyan Can you recreate Inception???!!!!

Автор JungleTreetops ( назад)
Your video.

Автор Karla Carrillo ( назад)
hey Ryan I really love your videos and I was wondering if you where Korean
and p.s you always make me laugh 💕

Автор Maria Martinez ( назад)

Автор EX destroyer ( назад)
dear Ryan jump off your roof and land on cardboard

Автор Jahsi Friday ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can you turn Disney's, Do you wanna build a snowman, into a rap
song? Please please!

Автор CR1M5ONKN1GHT5 ( назад)
I watched maytrix when I was 7

Автор Adis Sabancevic ( назад)

Автор Novia Angelica L ( назад)
Dear ryan how many cans of whip cream can you eat in a minute

Автор bilal k ( назад)
dear ryan could u tell part by putting 2 finger on your lips

Автор Kauther Alhakimi ( назад)
Dear rayan can you do a backflip on a bike

Автор RYANROXS200 XD ( назад)

Автор da cool galz ( назад)
hey Ryan can you poop while singing?

Автор chee chiang woo ( назад)
Dear Ryan can you "360" no scope?

Автор Anna H ( назад)
Why do we park in driveways and drive in parkways?

Автор Random•Stuff “RaNdOm” ( назад)
#DearRyan | Can you Skype Shane Dawson or call him?

Автор Llewelyn Soccerboy ( назад)

Автор John Perez ( назад)
can u make a rap song about your dog

Автор CJ and Stuff ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can you try to cap a bottle flip?

Автор ZasherTube ( назад)
Dear Ryan can you smoke smarty's?

Автор Andrea's Vlogs ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can you do a split?

Автор Jack fruit Man ( назад)
Dear Ryan , a zombie apocalypse movie trailer with you in it!!!

Автор Stella Vlaketic jeremic ( назад)
dear Ryan can you dan 10 Times 😊

Автор Mohamed Anas ( назад)

Автор Jasmine Carcamo ( назад)
Dear Ryan are you flexible?

Автор GlueChristmasBoi Animates ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can you say uvuvwevwevwe onyetwevwevwe ubegubwem osas? :D

Автор Ayushmaan Yadav ( назад)
i was his 2,000 like! like this comment!

Автор Rhonda Williams ( назад)
kiss your dad

Автор Melissa Rosales ( назад)
#dearryan can you do a hairstyle on Marley

Автор Jake Peter ( назад)
Can you do a flip off a hover board

Автор Josie Cheung ( назад)
Am I the only one think of Percy Jackson wen I hear he said ADHD ?

Автор Neelimaa Singh ( назад)
Dear,Ryan can you change the song see you again into a rap style

Автор Rahul Nair ( назад)
dear ryan can you make a rap by mixing one song each of one direction and
other song of maroon 5

Автор HILARIO GUZMAN ( назад)
why is pm and AM a difference and what do they stand for?

Автор jboiii123 Udell ( назад)
oh yeah why is the money sign a s with a line in it

Автор jboiii123 Udell ( назад)
hey ryan i dar u to do the catscratch challenge and sub to fear fable

Автор Aydanator161 21 ( назад)
Dear Ryan, sing Denzel curry while flipping water bottles

Автор Aydanator161 21 ( назад)
dear Ryan, sing Denzel curry ultimate while flipping a water bottle

Автор Abel Venegas ( назад)
dear ryan can you stand on the hover bord for 20 minits

Автор Poro King ( назад)
And can you make more

Автор Poro King ( назад)
Wow I Ike the rap

Автор Chriziah Rhey ( назад)
DEAR ryan can you lick your butt

Автор Mrs. Hunts Class ( назад)
can you brush your teeth with toilet water and dish soap?

Автор Fangirl Llamacorn ( назад)
My friend, who actually looks a little like Ryan Higa, knows all the lyrics
to the Let it Go rap😂

Автор Grace hall ( назад)
kiss your girlfriends BUTT

Автор Emile Abeysuriya ( назад)
Can you swer at yor bast frend in the room pooo

Автор Marlifa Bro ( назад)
Ryan bro could you please cry once I mean seriously without using onion
although whatever is your opinion

Автор HAVOIC You Tuber ( назад)
dear Ryan can you read my comment and put it in your next video plz

Автор Lowella Hernandez ( назад)
Dear Ryan can you do a backflip 5x?

Автор TT pineapple ( назад)
Dear Ryan can u be a unicorn an sing the song they see me rolling the

Автор Jaylah Scott ( назад)
why do you have a Elsa wig and dress

Автор Briana Stahn ( назад)
dear ryan roll arond in snow only shorts on

Автор Callie ( назад)
Dear Ryan have a nice day

Автор William Howell ( назад)
do a video about the luckiest or unluckiest person

Автор Trydies World ( назад)

Автор Whitmire TV ( назад)
Dear Ryan: Can you eat a Ghost Pepper?

Автор Liban Awad ( назад)
dear Ryan kiss someone that is your friend

Автор MikeNarsis ( назад)
when you said "sentences" in Japanese,it sounded like "poutsa" which means
dick (in greek language)

Автор Ryjax 27 ( назад)
Dog step

Автор Teratoideye 712 ( назад)

Автор Sarah Severn ( назад)
I love the dog and I love the let it go rap

Автор MrAman0701 ( назад)
Marley at the end... 😅😅😅😅

Автор Periii Winkle ( назад)
Damn Ryan

Автор A TeeVee ( назад)
Dear Ryan, Can you do any accents?

Автор JaceyDaPanda ( назад)
Dear Ryan Can you stay at a place for 24 hours CANT BE YOUR HOME.

Автор Yrgen somar ( назад)
dear Ryan can you do five back flips in one minute

Автор amina subba ( назад)
Hey Ryan can you twerk?

Автор Tomaspikfunnylol Pompanoiliopd ( назад)

Автор Aaryan Dhakal ( назад)
dear ryan do fish feel thirsty

Автор Urmila Modak ( назад)
dear ryan can you sing or dance to a indian song plz......... 😇😇

Автор PicanteLight ( назад)

Автор Nordic Gaming ( назад)
dear ryan can u go outside and scream "IM A SEXY PANCAKE"

Автор shauraya shrivastava ( назад)
can you speak like Vader without any technical enhancement

Автор Lamborghini Max (Maxwhitesocks) ( назад)
Dear ryan...
Buy a Lamborghini Aventador

Автор Faisal Joumma ( назад)
That was pretty sick

Автор Marty Mcmarty ( назад)
Derricks dab

Автор Don't Ask ( назад)
did anyone get the *three point four one seconds* thing?

ugh, i feel like a nerd.....

Автор giecile lee ( назад)
it sounds like punch ya

Автор Peypey BRACEY ( назад)
do a back fip

Автор Krazy Steel ( назад)
Lyrics:Aye yo anna lemme show you how to keep the ice rolling when you're
doing that thing over there homie aye aye aye aye aye aye aye let it go
cause i got a feeling like i can't hold it back anymore anymore anymore
turn away slam a door i don't care what they gonna say cus the cold never
bothered me anyway way snow flurries through the air and to the ground
globe I'm making frozen fractals all around uhh anna did you really think
you'd get the crown on cus I'm the only queen up in this town every time i
blow a hater gonna get it then it gonna snow then i quit it then i let it
go and then i gotta show dat any little kid wanna get it gotta bring cuts
it doesn't matter what i say so long i spit it

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