A Minecraft Refrigerator (that works!)

update: December 2013 / "608K views" Thanks again :)
Server: 1moreblock.com

How to make a working refrigerator in minecraft? With this little trick :)
(works in 1.7 stable as well)

You will need: ...
Two iron blocks (42), a button (77) and a dispenser (23). And some food items to place in the dispenser ;) Yes - cookies ARE allowed.

Put two iron blocks on top of each other, put the button at the bottom, take the block under the bottom iron block out, put the dispenser there. Fill the dispenser, and close the block in front of the fridge. Press the button, voila, food comes out.

"can i join ur serv?", " Sure!

update: January 2012
"You can't save these changes to this video because it has received too many views. "
So, can't trim it. Just start watching from 2 minutes in or something.

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Автор RazerAge ( назад)
Put iron door, (button at the side) so it will be more realistic

Автор Annie Johnson ( назад)
Oh my god thanks you so frickin much!

Автор Zombifier 888 ( назад)
Hey thanks! I appreciate it!

Автор PappyLuv ( назад)
Just curious, but not a criticism. After watching many videos of different
people explaining how to do this or that, it always takes them forever to
actually show the viewer how to build the thing they're teaching? Everyone
wants to build a floor or a room or go into detail of how to find the items
needed to make the item....but the goal of the video is simply to show how
to make the item? So why not just build it on the grass and dispense with
all the other crap?

Автор I'm a Fangirl ( назад)
its hard I'm a newbie in minecraft so idk how to get those blocks is there
a easier way?

Автор Minergold Tigergreen ( назад)
You are awesome !
Where's the ''best ever'' button

Автор Sherwin Okhowat ( назад)
Works but......it's floor food😜lol

Автор Jordan bellerive ( назад)
thanks for helping me making a working refrigerator. Great job thanks....

Автор jacob abbey ( назад)
I made it for my friend it helped c=

Автор Adventure Foxy ( назад)

Автор Andrew Vice ( назад)

Автор QUAKE495 ( назад)
This was made in 1.6 Beta. WAY before Command Blocks were invented, or even
a thought, for that matter.

Автор matte matik ( назад)
u are awesome

Автор Cal Miller ( назад)
do we care? (The answer is no, Leah.)

Автор Cal Miller ( назад)
shut up

Автор Maali Padro ( назад)

Автор JH L ( назад)

Автор Imani Younger ( назад)
nice, thanks for the tutorial. any way you can add a door or something? or
like an updated version of this? i was just wondering, but if you dont then
i can use this just fine uwu~

Автор Ali Zayat ( назад)

Автор Onionsan ( назад)
One more thing 'A COOKIE!!!'

Автор Floris Fiedeldij Dop ( назад)
No need for name calling. But thank you for the support.

Автор Floris Fiedeldij Dop ( назад)
You can't do that on most multiplayer servers.

Автор Benton Raymer ( назад)
i like but use command blocks

Автор MrSentia ( назад)
damn straight shorty.

Автор Misdre ( назад)
Not sure how your age means you can't play a video game. I even know a 63
year old woman that plays mario kart wii. Anyone can play video games.
Don't discriminate guys

Автор JSGaming ( назад)
Stop been faggots he awesome to watch

Автор Evan Pritchett ( назад)

Автор Madi Hafner ( назад)
SOME PEOPLE R SOOO MEAN IN THE COMMENTS. BTW get a life all you haters and
minecraft is made for everyone to enjoy so SHUT UP

Автор Emma loves Sheep ( назад)
nederlands? :P

Автор Mackenzie Walthall ( назад)
thank you for the tutorial

Автор Floris Fiedeldij Dop ( назад)
You're just fantastic. Keep it up.

Автор Floris Fiedeldij Dop ( назад)
You can't read, because in the version this video was made you could stack
tools, etc. Nothing was duped.

Автор Floris Fiedeldij Dop ( назад)
Whatever excites you :p

Автор Floris Fiedeldij Dop ( назад)
That's your contribution to life? You're amazing.

Автор Michael Adams ( назад)

Автор Gianna F. ( назад)
Jermol shelton you never play minecraft

Автор Yogi _Beast ( назад)
if you call people noobs then no one will like you NOOB

Автор Ethan Bohannon ( назад)
stfu. if u think it sucked keep it to urself.

Автор zlacker proffesional ( назад)
it's called an "iron block" u stupid

Автор Isaac Last ( назад)
Well you didn't show use anything.

Автор Krisz haver ( назад)
thats nice thanks :D

Автор jose ( назад)

Автор Darcy C ( назад)
helps a lot! thank you, and the typing thing is wayyy cool

Автор blocbreaker 2004 ( назад)
diamond block of a block of quates or and iron block

Автор blocbreaker 2004 ( назад)
yeah you noob he made an awesome thing i would have never thought of that

Автор Taco Lover12 ( назад)
Its called Block Of Iron :/

Автор tapsy nyor ( назад)
pig skin

Автор maristrugby2011 ( назад)
you noob

Автор iitommo ( назад)
Your a noob its called IRON!!!!

Автор Chara ( назад)
Y u have no hunger bar?!

Автор Shadowec in a Potato ( назад)
wow you really know some commands do you work for Mojang :)

Автор Justin Martinez ( назад)
It's quartz

Автор King Curling ( назад)

Автор Draven James Miller-Clark ( назад)

Автор Georgie Thigs ( назад)
Iron block

Автор Ivano ( назад)
you have a dutch accent

Автор Chelsea Lacorde ( назад)
Lol u noob Its callled Iron Block! :o

Автор explosivediarheaman ( назад)

Автор billy linburg ( назад)
ur an old man playing minecraft. saddd

Автор Ed Howell ( назад)

Автор Rd Mañebog ( назад)
Block of Iron

Автор Maegan Flinchum ( назад)

Автор Maegan Flinchum ( назад)

Автор TheSpongebob828 ( назад)
The white wool is called iron block

Автор GeometryDash KilRoY86 ( назад)
The block is an iron block

Автор Jorge el cholo ( назад)
iron block ya noob

Автор mercyfiya ( назад)
You can make a fridge by placing one iron block then put a dispencer on the
iron block then place an iron door in front of it after that you place an
iron block then placing another on top of the iron block next to the fridge
and place a button next to the dispencer and it opens the iron door while
shooting out food. =[] ------button goes here [][] [] is iron block =

Автор Jordan McNeill (Frodo Baggins) ( назад)

Автор NeonSpirit123 ( назад)
im going to show this to my friend that has minecraft then mes gonna
download minecraft!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Isaac Boughton ( назад)
well you cant play minecraft because we can clearly see you have duplicated

Автор LIZZYTHECARROT plays MC ( назад)
thanks now it can give me free food xD

Автор LIZZYTHECARROT plays MC ( назад)
That is an Iron Block :)

Автор matthew toomey ( назад)

Автор Jayden Rose ( назад)
The whole time I could only hear his heavy breathing,,,

Автор OnyxHawk Topaz ( назад)
Well he got owned

Автор realitycrash ( назад)
it could be better, but its a cool idea

Автор TooWavySwiR ( назад)
stop making that nosie

Автор Luuul's Piano ( назад)
Iron block

Автор Muhaimin Akmal ( назад)
block of iron i guess

Автор Adam Robbins Rc Hobby ( назад)
next time have the house made

Автор kassidyand haleymixup ( назад)
if your pretending why is it the floor and walls???

Автор Dreadfow1 ( назад)
well, you sertainly don't play minecraft.. -.-

Автор Jermol shelton ( назад)
what the heck is that white block called?!

Автор Floris Fiedeldij Dop ( назад)
This was made before the stable version of Minecraft, you noob.

Автор Micael Araújo ( назад)

Автор Mr.VanillaMinecraft ( назад)
video sucked :(

Автор Kajan Bulic ( назад)
One more thing: a cookieeee

Автор ShadowRebirth ( назад)
nice refrigerator, u reminded me to build one in my minecraft game. i am
sick of going into chests and digging out the food, since now my mouse is
going a little crazy sometimes.

Автор Klavier Gavin ( назад)
are you dutch by any chance?

Автор Andrew Hutton ( назад)
did you really have to make the house lol

Автор marko Gamer ( назад)
this is lame you can have food in your inventory and that is a refrigerator

Автор Hans Robijn ( назад)
your fridge has no door

Автор Abdelhamyd Dawoud ( назад)
hey i made one two

Автор ichhsan ( назад)
Cool I subscribe

Автор natetheguitarkid ( назад)
fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck cool fridge ;)

Автор Mark Cabucos ( назад)

Автор Mark Cabucos ( назад)

Автор IsaiahVsMc ( назад)
thanks and there's a mod for this but thanks

Автор Daily Jess ( назад)
worked thanks

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