What's Education For?

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Автор Compartilhando Ideias & Conhecimentos ( назад)
Very good, if you can meet my channel

Автор Ren G ( назад)
Most of my teachers are not qualified to teach the lessons they are

Автор 최가은 ( назад)
Thanks for giving a good idea!

Автор Dr. Eric Krömeier ( назад)
This type of education is sort of what is taught at my church. Kindness,
relationships, coping with anxiety...

Автор Violaceous Phantasmagorical ( назад)

Автор emily bronheart ( назад)
That would be simply ideal choice of education for future improvement!

Автор David Mcdonald ( назад)
Great video! If you want to read more about problems with the current
education structure in Canada, make sure to check out this article from The
Global Millennial:

Автор Tigerlily ( назад)
Hi, thanks for a great video! Would it be possible to post the transcript?
Thanks :-)

Автор Cletus Bulach ( назад)
How to address these 6 causes for the problems in our schools can be found
in these two new publications: "School Culture and Climate vis a vis
Student Learning" and "Enhancing School Culture and Climate." Both are "how
to" books that use a common sense. There is no cost to improve schools, no
new curriculum, and little resistance from teachers. The biggest change is
that a process is used to get students correct their own and each others
behavior which effectively adds 30 days of instruction to the school year.
Teachers do not have to stop teaching to correct student misbehavior
because they correct their own behavior.

Автор Cletus Bulach ( назад)
The problem with our schools is a lack of motivation by students and in
some cases teachers. This lack of motivation is caused by six factors: 1) A
poor school culture and climate that creates a poor learning and teaching
environment 2) time lost in the instructional process because teachers have
to stop teaching to discipline student misbehavior. 3) students and
teachers five basic needs are not being met because of that culture. These
needs are survival (fear of bullying), happiness, control, caring, and
purpose. 4) overuse of the four controlling forms of power and underuse of
the five freeing forms of power. This causes resistance and reduces
motivation. 5) lack of involvement of parents and the community. 6) A lack
of openness and trust between administrators, teachers, and students is at
the base of a school's culture and climate problems. This lack of openness
and trust creates a dysfunctional environment.

Автор Mysterious Mystery ( назад)
even my teacher said exams are pointless

Автор asmighty 004 ( назад)
my parents dont remember algebraic and maths formulas or the difficult
symbols of chemistry they read in school coz they dont need it. Then whyre
we forced to memorize all of them if only you want to be a scientist or
doctor and not in our life we need to live as adults. whats the point of
learning all of them if you are going to forget them after the exam. whats
the point of school if we arent gonna learn sth important for our life???

Автор Haron Ashag ( назад)
thanks for this great job

Автор Hyper Nova ( назад)
so why isn't this a thing

Автор Tom Lahr ( назад)
What about history? Literature? Grammar? Social Studies? Politics? Writing?

Автор Daniel M ( назад)
I'll tell you what's crazy. Having a timer on an exam session. It's not a

Автор Katerina Zissouli ( назад)
Great video! Thanks for sharing!

Автор zerox medox ( назад)
i like how at the end of the video you said that no one wanted this on
purpose, it just happened.... If you said that 50 years before, i would
even agree with you, but now its just obvious that financial elite is
responsible for not only flawed education on conceptual level but also for
media (propaganda, entertainment which is turning attention from important
things). Educational system is just there to integrate you into this flawed
capitalism framework. And generation after generation... we are here,
without intelectual elite, only educated one which is useless because its
generaly based on dogmatic thinking, unable to change anything. And funny
thing is even if someone managed to speak to wider public about this they
would just laugh cause they are indoctrinated in a very specific way to
support the status quo...

Автор ashish sharma ( назад)
Amazing. thankyou# 😊

Автор Dots Grey ( назад)
It's a production line with a product that doesn't function.

Economics, so that we understand the operating systems that dominate our
Politics, so that we are no longer illiterate electorates.
Psychology, so that we understand ourselves and those around us.
Cooking, so that we eat properly.

These are fundamental to the human experience and yet I learnt nothing of
these in schools and instead taught myself. It's truly saddening how much I
know of these subjects compared to many family/colleagues/etc, despite
actually knowing very little.

Автор Haannibal777 ( назад)
Given that science and economics are the cornerstone of modern society, it
is strange that science is given the proper due respect in schools but not
economics. When I grew up some schools do not even teach economics.
Personal finance and economics should be taught in schools along with
physics and chemistry.

Автор Lamia Siddiqui ( назад)
I feel like the education system is creating robots, not well-educated
human beings. Many students are only obsessed with getting good marks
rather than actually learning and processing the material for long-term
use. Everyone just forgets what they learn after Finals

Автор emiiee cx ( назад)
I hate this education system. It's awful.

Автор Gentel Noober ( назад)
needs more science

Автор Dedra Cannon ( назад)
amazing video

Автор EmperorZelos ( назад)
Teaching math for economics is to denigrade the usefullness of mathematics.

Автор Erin Ocelot ( назад)
0:00 - 0:04 nope, i dont.

Автор Adonan the stoic ( назад)
I believe education is about learning how to grab your dreams by the hand
and kiss them passionately. I'm getting my education so I can better
understand how our universe works and (hopefully) shake the very foundation
of physics some day.

Автор Anish Chhabra ( назад)
excellent video...

Автор Erick Huerta ( назад)
This could be a revolution.

Автор Mina Isfahani ( назад)
it was awesome! Thanks

Автор Ethan General ( назад)
Im pretty sure most teachers have huge egos who would oppose to this....

Автор Babar Tahir ( назад)
Some of this is interesting & yes we can always have a better education
system. But for the most part, this vid is very vague "feel good" rhetoric.
I didn't like school very much, but you can & do learn most of the stuff in
school that this vid says you should be learning in school.

Автор Dee 12j ( назад)
in my own opnion i think school is pretty nessesary but what they teach is
another thing, reading, tech, hand writing, spelling, health, and math
should be the main teachings! but alot of parents are unaware what teachers
are really teaching them, for example: history, social studies, and draft
writing, is not really something that is nessesary to be taught because
there is no perpose for the need to learn it, why i say that is because
everyone goes from school to work aka: jobs! unless they are determined to
learn it for there dream job there really is no need to teach them what
does not need to be taught! english is also another thing that should not
be taught unless you dont know your english well but its pointless teaching
english to kids that already know how to speak it, kids dont get to have a
say to what they want to learn because parents or teachers think they are
too young to know what they want to be taught! dont mean not to menstion
but if they are learning something that they do not want to learn will most
probably be just something the parents or teachers think they should learn
because it may come in handy later in life but doesnt, why because
everybody goes from school to jobs!! or they end up with kids no job and no
life, education is supposed to propare you for the future, but the only
future is a job, no one tells kids that but im not really sure why.

Автор Victor Eremita ( назад)

Автор willyouwright ( назад)
can anybody who did not like this please comment. id like to hear your

Автор Ayesha Noor ( назад)
there is no Education
it is only a race
rich people Win
and Poor People lose..
Today's Education is not about learning it's just about Showing good
percentage that's all

Автор Mr Ubanity ( назад)
This is pretty similar to the stuff I learned at school

Автор The Enlightener101 ( назад)
Other than the capitalism subject, all the subjects that were suggested are
already being addressed in Catholic Schools.

Автор Admiral Ackbar ( назад)
i love it

Автор החלל הזן את ( назад)
Education is about gaining enough points to aquire documented acreditation
and forwarding it to employers.

Автор Charles Jennings Channel ( назад)
....forgets Sociology. . . Social construction of human life anyone?

The shape of the system - primary / secondary / university is also an issue
not only what is taught.

Автор jacques yon ( назад)
I'd love to learn more about life and work at school. Instead, they just
throw us a pile of useless websites, mummified in red tape. Then again, I
suppose that's pretty close to adult life...

Автор Matthew Bissonnette ( назад)
Perhaps if new technologies could be devised that would drastically cut
down on parent's utilities costs then one parent could refrain from work
and the state would not have to be babysitter; then children could be
educated much more effectively through interactive software and virtual
classrooms. Such a method would save tax payers a lot of money.

Автор Britt P. ( назад)
Wow very well put. Great video. More than 300 dislikes? Most likely the
dislikes are from all those people profiting from dumb students who have no
concept of what life is really like...

Автор 8o7wer Endie ( назад)
School is not a place for smart people, morty

Автор KarKar MuddaPuckar ( назад)
the whole point of school is to pass exams. nothing else. Anyone who tries
to tell me and the rest of the students in my school otherwise I call
bullshit. We all know that at the end of the day it's all about the
results. It doesn't matter if you've trained 1 year or 20, it doesn't
matter if you studied one month or one year, if you can provide the results
people want then things will be easier to come by i.e. a job. That's not to
say your results will give you a ticket on the path to an easier life, it's
more like a higher chance than anything else. The first years of education
is important, learning how to read and write etc.. After primary school
it's useless. From then on it's not longer about how you could use your
abilities to get a job but rather just passing a test. I can't do shot
because my parents would butcher me for saying this, and my school would
just send me to an hour detention/not give a shit.

Автор Infinite Airline Alliance ( назад)

Автор ben taylor ( назад)
this needs more views

Автор dex H ( назад)
We are living in a ridiculous society. We all know that there's something
wrong with our education and 99.9% of people hate this entire system and
know something needs to change. But instead we do nothing and keep feeding
politicians. Since money has appeared, our lives have turned into a joke.
This entire life is a joke and everyone is a clown in the human society

Автор Dave Knight ( назад)
I was thinking about it then it hit me, a majority to the points you made
are a parents responsibility to teach their child, I would be better for
parents to take serious parenting classes, since its like these generation
of parents luck the parenting skills of the previous.

Автор Md Haroon Ahmed Khan ( назад)
The only purpose of education these days is to narrow down the selection
for getting a good job. Helping us in life? pfft

Автор Art'uro TM ( назад)
*That whistle from Ed Ed N Eddy.

Автор IndVR ( назад)
MAKE A "The School of Life" channel FOR KIDS! :D

Автор JF R ( назад)
Yes please. I want this!

Автор JD Marasigan ( назад)
It would make them overthink and hate themselves right after if they fail
at life when it's been taught in school for years, which they shouldn't be
because everyone else fails whether they know too much or not- it's a
matter of priorities and their individual purpose.

Автор JD Marasigan ( назад)
I think that is just fair for schools to teach sciences, math and history
rather than teaching them about life because if not taught about the
former, they won't ever know that information. Science would be trashed and
it shouldn't be or else it would leave us ignorant. Learning about life is
subjective and the best way so is experience. Basically focusing on
learning about life in school at young ages would disrupt the natural flow
because it still wouldn't make so much sense. It is better for schools to
inject in us as children in our streams of unconsciousness in learning
about life because it would be more effective in building who we are.

Автор Mr Mister ( назад)
I am also a teacher at university but have taught is schools. A key issue
is that there is excellent work being done in research in education and
developmental psychology, but it is not being cascaded into schools.
Important examples are that progress towards completion of tasks should be
praised rather than seemingly innateintelligence. Or than a diversity of
play activities would benefit children more than favouring one. Or the
importance of adult engagement in children's activities. Children are being
forced down an academic route that prepares them less well for life than
what came before. There are useful academic skills, such as critical
thinking, reflection, constructing an argument showing progression, but
these are not the preserve of universities and school teachers have trouble
sorting the wheat from the chaff, they often have little knowledge of or
experience what is actually happening and, as a society, we are often
praising the actions in schools in Scandinavia, which is based on research
being conducted in the UK but not employed. The structure of lessons is
another problem not mentioned. The standard PGCE does not focus enough on
how to structure a lesson. The overall aims may be made clear, but each
individual stage must link together in a clear chain which refers back and
forth to what has been done and how it will connect with future work and
how it can be applicable to the individual. Too often, students are forced
to make huge intellectual or creative jumps that no adult ever could, or
can't identify how they can use what they have just learned. There may be a
sense that the lesson is going nowhere as the sense of progression has been
lost, or they may forget what they were doing at the start. All of this a
very important, but above all, the education system is hopelessly
underfunded, there are not enough teachers, who are overworked and
underpaid. Both the classes and the schools are usually over-sized and have
become institutions in which children are lost rather than thriving
communities that form the core of the wider community. They learn to being
objects in a machine rather than human beings.

Автор SPC Productions ( назад)
nobody gives one m8

Автор Heather Toomey ( назад)
I disagreed about specifically teaching about capitalism and yourself,
until you proposed that schools also teach elements of good character and
self-control, because I worried that teaching only the former two would
inadvertently teach students that they are the center of the world and that
money is the measure to success. However, I think that, as long as good
character is not simply a minor part of the curriculum, it may be able to
make up for that. But students must also be educated in developing
throughout adulthood. Teaching capitalism may put students in the mindset
that their career must be one where they are at the top of the business
food chain, and thus they may not be prepared to take on a temporary
auxiliary job or to pursue artisan-ship, both of which are critical to
human prosperity. This is not a problem, however, if students are required
to get an auxiliary or artisan job as part of the curriculum and are taught
how to set goals with small steps.
I think that, in addition to teaching money management and providing a
means for self-exploration, education should aid in developing critical,
independent thought, provide students with a thorough knowledge of their
resources and potential courses of action, teach students how to develop a
plan for gradual personal development, and teach to understand the
importance of further learning. Thus they are taught to teach themselves. I
don't think most of the teaching about yourself should be taught in the
traditional way. Doing so would suggest that somebody else already knows
all the answers, and so its focus on self-discovery would neglect the ideas
of self-invention.
I wonder: how would teachers in such a system as you suggested motivate
people to pursue life-long formal education? At some point employers must
be satisfied with their employees' level of education, or else require or
otherwise incline their workers to regularly attend Life School, but how
could you convince the employers to demand it? People have not needed
further education to be effective money-makers before. Students, also, may
dislike the idea of life-long education, simply because they want to, at
some point in life, consider themselves qualified to stray off on their own
paths. And why not, they may wonder, spend the time that could be spent on
class to pursue personal goals instead? And what should be done regarding
repeating curriculum in Life School? If material is never repeated, then
new students will never hear what old students have, but if curriculum is
regularly repeated, then people won't have any reason to keep going.
Thank you for the video. It was thought-provoking.

Автор kenny adam ( назад)
Education system aren't well aware with the real achievement of the student
The will that comes from them, the will to be capable is the most important
things on this world
Education must overcome the real problem from the child and not running
from it
When teacher, parents and other people don't acknowledge them, who else?

Автор Emma Leonas ( назад)
they dont want us to be too intelligent.

Автор Josh Townsend (FreeSol) ( назад)
+theschooloflife what are some short term steps people can take in lieu of
the impossible task of complete overnight transformation. I agree that
there are great holes in our aged education system, and even that the
things discussed on your channel are worthwhile topics of study in the
institution of learning, but it cannot be implemented immediately, so what
intermediate steps can be taken in that direction?

Автор Chris Read ( назад)
No education specialist thinks exams are a good idea yet they're
ubiquitous. Blew my mind when I found that out.

Автор JapanJohnny2012 ( назад)
As someone who's a teacher, who feels quite damaged by the 'education' that
was dished out to me in Manchester's schools (they're run by belligerent
ghouls, apparently), I have developed a (roughly) 70/30 dislike of
teachers, both as educators and people that persists to this very day. Far
too many of them whinge and moan like they're only standing against the
man, for the benefit of the kids, when they're in it for themselves and
their fat pension, primarily. Also, far too much emphasis is spent telling
the kids what to learn, and much more should be spent on how to learn - a
subtle but humungously important point, that's never really been addressed.

Автор M Ali ( назад)
Teachers should be professional that is why I think online education is a
better alternative not only for one country but for whole world. This way
people who live in poor countries can have excellent quality of education.

Автор M Ali ( назад)
I am sorry to say this and do not want to hurt teachers. But in my personal
experience most (98%) of teacher are lost themselves and failure in their
lives. They do not have any ability to mentor anyone. I went to school,
College and university and
score (3.758 CGPA in university Computer Science) and found out that
teacher and Education System does not have the ability to help students in
their personal or Career Life.

Автор Blaze Badass ( назад)
Why do I learn so much pointless shit in school?

I learn a lot of stuff I will never use in my life in every subject.

Maths: Algebra

English: Poetry + Shakespeare

Art: Just what is the point in teaching me this

Music: See above

Drama: Pointless the same as Art and Music and very embarrassing if your a
bad actor like me

Geography: Most of Geography there is a chance I might use but why the fuck
do I need to learn about how rivers and mountains were former over millions
of years and shit?

Religious Education: God doesn't exist (My opinion) so why do we have to
learn about it? Why can't we just believe what we believe?

History: Gotta admit I enjoy history but when will I ever use knowledge of
something that happened 500 years ago in my life?

Science: 90% I would say is actually very useful to know

Computer Studies/ICT/Computing: Probaly the most important subject but for
some reason it's not a core subject like maths, science and english....

Автор magickittenz ( назад)
Thank you for making this video!

Автор Kien Nguyen ( назад)
Good luck finding teachers who are qualified for this.

Автор NaMe Lucast ( назад)
I'm 22., and shamefully I'm still searching for my ideal career. 

Автор Why Watch ( назад)
Hey there! Awesome video!! I'm a new youtube for education! I was wondering
if you had any pointers or advice for my channel so I can get a good
foundation set! Thanks!!

Автор Tidbit ( назад)
Although the points made in this video are valid; they do leap over the
critical need for children to be given a decent core curriculum! Math,
English, History, Philosophy, and the Sciences. More and more I keep
hearing a lot of new age bull**** from everyone involved in determining the
curriculum. The fact is that learning is difficult and this makes it not
very fun. :( FOR CHILDREN! But we as adults must make the decision to put
them through a properly rigorous education in the core subjects; this is
the only way that every child can be equipped for life when they leave

For Example, in western Canada there was a yahoo on the radio the other
day, he was a father and would like to see his son taught computer
programming in school. Now this sounds very reasonable as Computer Sciences
have played a leading role recently; but what wasn't said was what would be
removed from the curriculum to make room for this. First off, I took Q
Basic in High school, then I took Visual Basic, and neither of these
readied me for C++, html, or the rest of the newer programming languages.
If you want people to be working in their early 20's then you should teach
them Math and Science and the core subjects so that when they go to college
they can quickly acquire a skill (like learning to program in a current
computer language) and in a few short years go out into the real world and
begin working. In other words there are skills and subjects that are fluid,
they shift and change as the world changes (architecture for instance)and
then there are imperial facts, facts about nature, evolution, chemistry,
physics, how to pronounce an R sound, the english language(fluid only over
a very long time), the facts of what happened when, and the moral lessons
we can learn from history. It is also important to teach kids about being a
good person, and having a good work ethic; and furthermore, about life
skills like having a budget, how to care for an infant, how to cook, etc. .
. which should be taught to all children. But wasting time in grade 9 on
auto mechanics is just that, a waste of time! If someone is interested in
that field then they can go to college and study it, but in high school we
need to teach them about Western philosophy, human rights, and why Hitler
was bad and democracy and capitalism are very good.

Furthermore, this nonsense about trying to ask children who have
assimilated very little knowledge, and have very little life experience
what they would like to do when they grow up is just plain wrong, they have
no reference to answer you, all it does is inflate their ego and fills them
with self importance. Past generations never had a confidence crisis, so
why is every educator now so concerned with flattering these children's
egos. The video talks about a focus on the subconscious, this is
ridiculous, you are simply projecting your messed up emotional state onto
children who are just fine. No one psychoanalyzed me or any other child for
the past couple centuries, and we all turned out fine; except those who had
major reasons to be messed up, and they wouldn't have been spared anything
with a silly, unthought-out, new-age, psycho-babel, nonsense of an
education that is proposed in this video.

Education is like a house, the foundation must be laid first, then the
walls, and then the roof, and LASTLY the fancy finials and finishes that
give it originality.

You wouldn't purchase a new fridge for your yet to be built house; because
by the time your house is finished there will be better ones on the market.
And so with children we should built a very strong foundation first and
then add to it.

Автор Jimmy Lo ( назад)
No offense to the teachers, but to teach life, teachers should know the
definition of life before teaching it to others.
Most of the people, never mind teachers alone, even the kids parents dont
really know what they should focus on or how to guide their children.

More over, examination should be conducted in a way so that pupils grow and
learn together instead of competing against one another. On top of that,
most kids don't really focus or choose what their amplitude test results
tell them, instead most of them follow what their parents want them to do.

If everyone or every educational system allows failure until someone
becomes a responsible adult and allow them to choose what they really want
to do, I believe the society may receive better professionalism and better
work ethics in most fields of work.

Автор Fuarian ( назад)
Just how would this transition be?

Автор jay fawn ( назад)
I hope every SOL videos have a text that I can read to help though my

Автор Rachael Lefler ( назад)
There just isn't time to do this and fit into the federal demands on
education for math, science, reading, and writing skills. I think it can be
incorporated into the way real academic subjects are taught, or it could be
a voluntary afterschool class for kids who are having problems in a certain
area (like kids who want a workshop on self-identity or to sit in a group
and discuss anxiety-calming techniques). You can't really "grade" students
on things like how well they defined kindness, so it doesn't have a place
in test-based academics, which is the problem with all of our federal level
education standards in the U.S. But it would be nice to have a kind of
"relational psychology" thing for older students. Especially important I
think would be to teach children not just sex ed in the sense of teaching
them about the prevention of STDs and unwanted pregnancy (which IS
important), but that could also teach them about love, romance, marriage,
and how to know if their feelings are genuine, based on cultural
expectations, or simply the product of manipulation or hormones. Teenagers
being able to talk about their feelings freely in a safe, perhaps even
anonymous, environment might be a good idea.

I'm not sure the macroeconomics thing is a good idea, because for me it was
just depressing because there are a lot of things that are beyond the scope
of any one person's abilities to change. Learning about depressing things
too much too early might just make kids anxious, depressed, and averse to
school. Instead of focusing on the big problems facing the world, students
should focus on what they CAN do to help in their own small way, by helping
their communities and becoming thoughtful, caring volunteers. Teaching a
seven year old about sweat shops, over fishing, industrial pollution,
deforestation, or meat packing plants is probably not going to do very much
for her psychological well-being. But, taking that seven year old to an old
folk's home and letting her play her violin for them, seeing that she has
the power to make people happy with a thing she practiced and worked at,
that will do wonders for it. Maybe in high school it would be good to talk
about capitalism and global problems, when the students are more mature. I
don't really think it needs to be a thing you push into every grade level

Автор Rubens Aebi ( назад)
I love you guys and the problems you approach, thank you so much for that

Автор Grace Eltoft ( назад)
The sad thing is, this starkly contrasts what's laid out to build a rich
country in one of this channel's other videos.

Автор shazia noreen ( назад)
natural child project ever heard of it its against most schools its been
scientifcly proven that what it is aiming for is how children should learn.

Автор Lredfloss1 ( назад)
I wholeheartedly agree with this. I wish that when I was in school that
there were classes that taught things like how mortgages work and what your
consumer rights are as well as vocational classes which are becoming
popular nowadays to help you find out earlier on where your talents lie and
what you enjoy. I spent my entire teen years and beyond feeling depressed
and lost which could have been helped with a decent curriculum and kind
guidance that was terribly lacking in my school. The main problem seemed to
be the inability to treat the students as individuals

Автор Book Reader ( назад)
This is appalling. Education has nothing to do with this. Learn capitalism?
Ideological tosh, no dangerous ideological tosh.

Education is about teaching children to love learning, not preparing them
for life. Your years in school should furnish you with a thirst to find out
about and engage with the world. It should teach you to ask questions about
philosophy, art, science, technology, politics, history, law, music,
ethics, environment, sociology... a thousand different areas of knowledge
and understanding so that the child that emerges into adulthood is equipped
with a desire, ability and opportunity to explore what they are capable of
in the world.

It is down to the capitalists to train people for employment, they must
pick up the tab and provide training, apprenticeship, security of
employment and continuity of career progress. This comes AFTER education,
it is NOT part of it. At the moment we allow business to ignore its social
responsibility and expect schools to produce worker drones. Business has no
business being in schools, making a profit is not a life skill it is an

Автор almostRyanMacleod ( назад)
I learn more from this channel than I do in school...

Автор mazarrugh ( назад)
Wow, this describes everything that my education wasn't

Автор Henry Gill ( назад)
Well to be honest people the only reason anyone would watch this is because
the education system is or has failed them which in my case it truly has
but it has given me one thing the drive to escape

Автор Zach flakerton ( назад)
School is about selecting who is best comfortably numb

Автор Nathan Daeche-Green ( назад)
Schooling for failed parenting? I would have generally hated a system like
this and think many others will too. Enough students hate PE never mind Zen
and relaxation. I just think this ideology is something that can not be
taught and must be discovered through experience - we could talk about
progressive education for example. You simply can't provide lesson after
lesson that benefits every single student to their own personal being and
it would be a non teacher that would propose something like this video
into practice as yes it looks good on paper. I do believe as a society we
lack in providing this form of education but it should not be a replacement
to the education system we have. Academic subject knowledge opened my mind
to possibilities and deeper thinking and develop me to my goals. I don't
think this method would have had the same effect.

Автор David Kaplita ( назад)
Only so many hours in a day. What should we drop to teach this new form of
education? BTW they have these courses in college. It's called "An easy A"
and "A career that doesn't pay".

Автор WindRider ( назад)
Eduction is created to make more job for useless people not for educating

Автор Mariyan Mihalev ( назад)
Excellent video!

Автор kokoshi ( назад)
Message me back when The School of Life opens so I can attend!

Автор WeekzGod ( назад)
SJWs need this video.

Автор Falco ( назад)
not everybody needs education since we can stop the auto-learn process some
can learn more on there own than force-inject knowledge into mass
population btw humans are no more than destroyers of each other also
wild-life and we cant (for some reason) live in space and get over here to
harvest minerals (not including plants unless ...) besides whats the point
living here to be turned into slave/disposable workforce . If that makes
sence that is

Автор Anonymous Rise Up ( назад)
This is what it's for: http://pastebin.com/4EK3xFaH

Автор yael delacruz ( назад)
As a student I I'm surprised about this is true not for me I'm a average
student with a RSI 858 for 7th grade I'm not glad with my score and I
improved and for a kid I can relate to this as I'm called for insults but
usually it about technology or just the manner of the person

Автор Oday Baddar ( назад)
Actually this is a very horrible idea. Schools are already brainwashing our
children with lies about knowledge. Now we wanna brainwash them with lies
about life? Please, leave those kids alone!

Автор Adam Nash ( назад)
And where exactly do the parents come into all of this? Are they just to
punch out the kids and expect the schools raise them?

Автор Pseudo Nym ( назад)
Most of the opinions I'm reading down here have some degree of validity,
but a number of you are treating the matter as though every approach to
constructing a curriculum has to be mutually exclusive with every other
approach. We can experiment with multiple ideas, you know. And you need to
give people room to think and contribute, otherwise nobody will listen to
you, and when everybody does that it means no one listens and nothing is

Автор Jack Stubbs ( назад)
I am strongly against the idea that capitalism's use of mathematics should
replace pure maths. Maths is one of the few subjects which has been
uninfluenced by modern conventions/opinions and is a truly great
preparation for a persons ability to think logically. If anything I would
argue that people should be aware of the mechanism of capitalism but that
it is also not the only method or solution (not that there is necessarily a
problem to be solved).

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