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Автор Jake Barrett (2 месяца)
Amazing... from the very first chord the swing was just immaculate. Nice
backing tracks too.

Автор Jonathan Gasser (1 месяц)
Beautiful, very enjoyable to listen to. And affordable prices too! Very
rare indeed.

Автор Fatma Dridi Ben Aissa (3 месяца)
Very good music!

Автор abz124816 (5 месяцев)
Very Nice licks

Автор David Viger jr (10 месяцев)
Doug...Magnificent. I want to transcribe a number of great ideas applied
to this classically wonderful tune that you have so beautifully portrayed
in this jazz rendering. Thanks!!

Автор Martin Rätz Jr. (1 год)
That's really one of the very best Jazz lessons I found on YouTube. Thank

Автор David Lindsey (1 год)
I continue to be amazed by your playing. Everyone--buy the DVD: great!
Way worth the money and then some. 

Автор uomochepensa (1 год)

Автор antonio mastro (11 месяцев)
a me piace moltissimo questo pezzo

Автор Roger Dadd (1 год)
Great stuff thanks for sharing this

Автор morenaso1 (1 год)
How is this a lesson? It's not instruction

Автор Vince V (1 год)
Just a random (only slightly related) thought. Did you ever notice that
September feels like an autumn month and December feels more like a winter
month, but actually there is more autumn in December than there is in
September. hmmmm deep thoughts :-)

Автор Vincent K (1 год)
No comments: just thousands of thanks....

Автор Jose Colon (4 года)
This is just genius! I love the changes. Wow! I can listen to this all day!
Great chops! Thanks

Автор young adz (4 года)
this is way to complicated for a lesson

Автор Albert Ahlf (5 лет)
Great playing! I love this song very clever improvisation! Your videos are
so professional to!

Автор Hildebrunn (1 год)
Wonderful ! My eyes are full of stars ! *_*

Автор mic270469 (4 года)
youtube would not allow the trading on its site

Автор gdaymatemusic (2 года)
Wow.. great to play drums along to as well!

Автор juanchogonzalez (1 год)

Автор 2xlbu4u (4 года)
@RobotsEatPeople111 Notice how the left and right hands sound like 2
seperate people playing? That's the hard part,.hand independance. Start
with just the left hand and play it using only his three note voicings
(usually 3rd 7th 9th or some other alt note) . Do this until you don't even
have to think about it. Then for the right, straight melody, no improv. If
you can lock in time with both hands going at this point you have arrived
and are ready to start improv. Hope this helps

Автор Tony Amicangelo (2 года)
Brilliant... Thank you so much. This is such a huge help!

Автор izzy1234able (5 лет)
Fantastic - thanks so much for making this video. Extremely helpful.

Автор jazz2511 (2 года)
You misunderstand what has happened in making this video. The piano solo
was totally improvised. The bass and drums were certainly 'premade' but the
piano was not 'learned by heart' as you say. Using software, the
transcription was made later from the midi file which was recorded in real
time as I played it. Doug

Автор Joaquin Reis (2 года)

Автор Sean Thrasher (2 года)
dude thanks for this, and I like the comments that you added in the video.
MIDI with life!

Автор SIRONEDRAGON . (5 лет)

Автор totibruno (5 лет)
Eccezionale.........è bello avere la visione di ciò che avviene sulla
tasiera sotto le tue abili mani....

Автор yuehchopin (5 лет)

Автор ssss501ssss (3 года)
thank you! Where is this score available?Please teach it!!!!

Автор humorisIife (2 года)
I could have sworn I tried that...but yep...it worked. Thanks.

Автор Jambodhi (3 года)
Fantastic playing and videos. Thanks!

Автор Skyblueginger (5 лет)
Excellent. Great ideas and shapes and superbness in abundance.

Автор René Piccolin (2 года)
Top Lernvideo und hervorragende Qualität !

Автор munkeepilot (5 лет)
I'll probably never be able to play this well, although it's my dream. Of
course, being able to see what you're playing as you're playing it lends a
whole new dimension to learning! At least I can pretend it's easy. I've
been playing for 25 years, so I KNOW how hard this really is to
do--especially the improvising and comping!! Well done...

Автор balsaplane (5 лет)
That would be painful to play. Im gonna try tho :D

Автор johnny102marvin (2 года)
Excellent video for advanced piano players

Автор jazz2511 (4 года)
@skatewithripstik it is available free on my website

Автор Chris Marx (5 лет)
Thats so great! Very inspirational and I immediately had lots of new ideas
to take through all the keys and practice! I love the comments you place on
many of the runs explaining a little bit about them. SO HELPFUL!

Автор arckanon13 (3 года)
damn my feet can't stop tapping from the rhythm wonderful work

Автор jazzflutist (2 года)
Band In The Box will do it.

Автор Njul (5 лет)
Wow I love the Tag ending! So clever! Wonderful!

Автор Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard (4 года)
Dough: Thank you very much for your music and your kindness sharing the
learning material. I've used your song in a screencast to illustrate two of
my own free programs for Linux. Regards, Pedro

Автор EoN604 (5 лет)
Superb! thank you :)

Автор Dondakon (4 года)
i jizzed my pants...

Автор Triad Power TV (5 лет)
I second that!

Автор MozartJunior22 (3 года)
Nice ideas, but you lose your point really quickly... it turns into some
kind of "Nora the Piano Cat"

Автор young adz (4 года)
@2xlbu4u yeah i can its just like the keys n such wich i find hard. thanks
alot though

Автор stephanlord (5 лет)

Автор FabinhoPirado (2 года)
Nice. What is that software?

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