'Autumn Leaves' Jazz piano Lesson (HD and Widescreen Version)

This has been one of my most watched instructional videos - and as Youtube has upgraded the quality of the videos, I have recast the original version in HD so that it is much clearer. I also have gone over the transcription, and corrected some of the errors there. The video can be downloaded (free) from my website. A printable copy of this upgraded transcription and the backing track can be purchased for $1.20. It is also on my DVD ($35 for over 300 transcriptions and over 20 hours of instructional videos) - go to http://www.bushgrafts.com ... for details.

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Автор slava tsimma ( назад)
Thank you very much

Автор Don V Nielsen ( назад)

Автор Luis Lopez ( назад)
muy bueno
ese es el piano de yamaha :)

Автор Robert Keller ( назад)
Very nice. Is the BIAB file available (for slow-down, etc.)?

Автор John Kain ( назад)
I am impressed with your awesome videos on here. Be proud!

Автор John Kain ( назад)
could you send me the pdf sheet music? how much is it?

Автор ray0991 ( назад)
What softeware did you use to make the video?

Mr. Mckenzie what does those numbers in brackets over the notes mean?

Автор Sound Galaxy ( назад)
Dear Mr. Mckenzie!

I like your videos very much,
and I think these tools (MIDI keyboard, sheet music)
are very great help for all of us!

Could you please tell me what program are you using for making these
beautiful sheet music AND playing it back SYNCED with your MIDI-piano

I've been searching for a program like this for so long time, but no
success yet. :(

Thank you for your help,
and have a nice day!
~ Sound Galaxy

Автор Giacomo Marano (30 лет назад)

Автор CommonAtheist ( назад)
Usually the theme is stated first without improvisation, why didja go
straight to improv?

Автор Jonathan Gasser ( назад)
Beautiful, very enjoyable to listen to. And affordable prices too! Very
rare indeed.

Автор Jake Barrett ( назад)
Amazing... from the very first chord the swing was just immaculate. Nice
backing tracks too.

Автор Fatma Dridi Ben Aissa ( назад)
Very good music!

Автор abz124816 (1737 лет назад)
Very Nice licks

Автор David Viger jr ( назад)
Doug...Magnificent. I want to transcribe a number of great ideas applied
to this classically wonderful tune that you have so beautifully portrayed
in this jazz rendering. Thanks!!

Автор antonio mastro ( назад)
a me piace moltissimo questo pezzo

Автор David Lindsey ( назад)
I continue to be amazed by your playing. Everyone--buy the DVD: great!
Way worth the money and then some. 

Автор morenaso1 ( назад)
How is this a lesson? It's not instruction

Автор Ramon LeBlanc Harts ( назад)
Excellent jazz piano tutorials. It will take a lot of practice only God
knows but I'am grateful to improve my jazz piano playing vocabulary.

Автор Martin Rätz Jr. ( назад)
That's really one of the very best Jazz lessons I found on YouTube. Thank

Автор Roger Dadd ( назад)
Great stuff thanks for sharing this

Автор Vincent K ( назад)
No comments: just thousands of thanks....

Автор juanchogonzalez ( назад)

Автор Hildebrunn ( назад)
Wonderful ! My eyes are full of stars ! *_* 

Автор Hermann Otto ( назад)
The B natural in bar 16 I mean

Автор Hermann Otto ( назад)
Brilliant but I don't understand the B natural in Bar 10 over Gm

Автор Maxwell W ( назад)
I feel love hearing this song.

Автор Joaquin Reis ( назад)

Автор Jimmy Lee Gaming ( назад)
Dear Doug, Can you please do a video of "The shadow of your smile" P.S- The
younger generation. 

Автор Jabari Reynolds Music ( назад)
Jivin cats be trippin'

Автор Robert ( назад)
Wow.. great to play drums along to as well! 

Автор jazz2511 ( назад)
You misunderstand what has happened in making this video. The piano solo
was totally improvised. The bass and drums were certainly 'premade' but the
piano was not 'learned by heart' as you say. Using software, the
transcription was made later from the midi file which was recorded in real
time as I played it. Doug

Автор Nicoló Antonini ( назад)
But jazz... and music sheets... wtf? Jazz is improvisation! Not a premade
song that you've learned by heart by a sheet

Автор Ramon LeBlanc Harts ( назад)
Thank you for the transcription! I'm copying the notation and practicing on
keyboard too.

Автор ArchT ( назад)
Great song!!! I'm gonna use this for my schools Jazz Band audition!!!

Автор Tony Amicangelo ( назад)
Brilliant... Thank you so much. This is such a huge help!

Автор johnny102marvin ( назад)
Excellent video for advanced piano players

Автор humorisIife ( назад)
I could have sworn I tried that...but yep...it worked. Thanks.

Автор Sean Thrasher ( назад)
dude thanks for this, and I like the comments that you added in the video.
MIDI with life!

Автор jazz2511 ( назад)
Right click on the midi file you wish to download and choose 'Save target
as ..' Doug 

Автор humorisIife ( назад)
Thanks for the post. Is it possible to download the MIDI file so I can play
it on my device? I went to your website and it automatically started
playing on windows player. I didn't see a way to download the MIDI file and
save it. Thanks.

Автор René Piccolin ( назад)
Top Lernvideo und hervorragende Qualität !

Автор jazzflutist ( назад)
Band In The Box will do it.

Автор FabinhoPirado ( назад)
Nice. What is that software? 

Автор BleedingLlama ( назад)
I've listened to this on my iPod and computer a combined total of 1,212
times. So, I've spent 6,060 minutes listening to this. So, over 100 hours.
Thank you for that.

Автор jamesedwardtheobald ( назад)
it is horribly kind of you to provide those fabulous midi files for free. i
don't think i've ever heard such realistic sounding MIDI performances. i
just realized i've never played midi files on this old laptop i use! sounds
like a real band! thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and playing
with us! 

Автор Jambodhi ( назад)
Fantastic playing and videos. Thanks! 

Автор arckanon13 ( назад)
damn my feet can't stop tapping from the rhythm wonderful work

Автор MozartJunior22 ( назад)
Nice ideas, but you lose your point really quickly... it turns into some
kind of "Nora the Piano Cat"

Автор jazz2511 ( назад)
@MrJulian1995123 See the address in the song information below the video

Автор James Harrison ( назад)
@jamez123123 Bar 3 Sorry!

Автор James Harrison ( назад)
I have to confess, I stole one of your 'licks' in a jazz gig I did the
other day... the thing you do in the second bar! ;-) - Very nice. Thanks!!!

Автор ssss501ssss ( назад)
thank you! Where is this score available?Please teach it!!!!

Автор Nathan Potter ( назад)
this is incredible, keep it up 

Автор Jose Colon (1573 года назад)
Yeah, I would love to buy this version just to learn it and play it at
home. Probably the best version I've heard of Autumn Leaves.

Автор Jose Colon ( назад)
This is just genius! I love the changes. Wow! I can listen to this all day!
Great chops! Thanks

Автор Ruthie Shaw ( назад)
Wonderful! where can I find the sheet music for this plz.

Автор mic270469 ( назад)
youtube would not allow the trading on its site

Автор Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard ( назад)
Dough: Thank you very much for your music and your kindness sharing the
learning material. I've used your song in a screencast to illustrate two of
my own free programs for Linux. Regards, Pedro

Автор nick maris ( назад)
Dear Mr. Mckenzie where can I find the recordings of your beautiful music
on CD?

Автор jazz2511 ( назад)
@skatewithripstik it is available free on my website

Автор lacrymosa85 ( назад)
I want to buy your DVD but I don't speak Latin...any chance you have an
English version of your website for those who don't speak dead languages??

Автор Ghanaru Tranggono ( назад)
@bandcandy11 dont hesitate to do this. even if im 15, im able to do this,
though i cant do the same like this. 

Автор Kevin Park ( назад)
hey is your dvd still available? or will it be possible for me to just get
the sheets for this? thanks for your help mate

Автор young adz ( назад)
@2xlbu4u yeah i can its just like the keys n such wich i find hard. thanks
alot though

Автор young adz ( назад)
this is way to complicated for a lesson

Автор Dondakon ( назад)
i jizzed my pants...

Автор svartdahl ( назад)
Like your concept! Bill Evans- ish... how is this recorded? 

Автор German Pedraza ( назад)
@cocovi what is it that you don't get? the notes are F sharp(major third),
C(dominant seventh) and E flat (b9) the root can be usually omitted if you
have a bass line

Автор marok1935 ( назад)
Anyone know any good Jazz 'real' type book with both bass & treble clef
like in the sheet music presented here?

Автор SIRONEDRAGON ( назад)

Автор stephanlord ( назад)

Автор Chris Marx ( назад)
Thats so great! Very inspirational and I immediately had lots of new ideas
to take through all the keys and practice! I love the comments you place on
many of the runs explaining a little bit about them. SO HELPFUL!

Автор munkeepilot ( назад)
I'll probably never be able to play this well, although it's my dream. Of
course, being able to see what you're playing as you're playing it lends a
whole new dimension to learning! At least I can pretend it's easy. I've
been playing for 25 years, so I KNOW how hard this really is to
do--especially the improvising and comping!! Well done...

Автор totibruno (1171 год назад)
Eccezionale.........è bello avere la visione di ciò che avviene sulla
tasiera sotto le tue abili mani....

Автор EoN604 ( назад)
Superb! thank you :)

Автор Sami Kawas ( назад)
Great performance and teaching tool... Can you tell me how you get the
colorful keyboard in your MIDI file?

Автор Njul ( назад)
Wow I love the Tag ending! So clever! Wonderful!

Автор ArchieWW ( назад)
This is SO amazing - I love it. Greetings from Scotland!

Автор jazz2511 ( назад)
The key signature was a mistake! The final chord in the song is Gm (the
relative minor of BbMajor having the same key signature of 2 flats). The
chord that begins with is the ii chord in Bb Major - in fact the Cm7 to F7
is a Bb major thing - following the cycle of diatonic 5ths

Автор jazz2511 ( назад)
G (Em) is the usual female key, and quite likely was the key of the
original published sheet music. Most play it in Bb (Gm) - it is almost
always in jazz fake books in this key. The key signature in the above
should be 2 flats (Gm) - a mistake that I didn't notice until someone
pointed it out. Doug

Автор Lot2learn ( назад)
Great re-release. The upgraded graphics are terrific, as is the playing.

Автор Skyblueginger ( назад)
Excellent. Great ideas and shapes and superbness in abundance.

Автор mihmus ( назад)
Piano sound so expressive!!! P250 is perfect instrument. And playing simply

Автор Albert Ahlf ( назад)
Great playing! I love this song very clever improvisation! Your videos are
so professional to!

Автор Chris Spencer (619 лет назад)
Dude! You are sick!

Автор BLEURfangers ( назад)
Beautiful! Cheers

Автор mindbodylightsound10 ( назад)
Lots of tasty ideas here. Very clever.

Автор AlSween ( назад)

Автор Dadee3 ( назад)
Second comment.

Автор yuehchopin ( назад)

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