Top 10 - Upcoming games 2017

While the mysterious voice over lady is still enjoying her well deserved holiday break here is our Top 10 Best Upcoming Games of 2017!

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10 - Tekken 7 - Early 2017 - XBO / PS4 / PC
Pre-order PS4 - https://goo.gl/rVfRHu
Pre-order Xbox One - https://goo.gl/582Fvi

If you think last year was good for fighting games, then you should be REALLY excited about this year. Because 2017 will be the year of Tekken 7. After a very successful run in the Japanese arcades, the newest game in the Tekken franchise is finally coming to European and American consoles.

09 - South Park: The Fractured But Whole - Q1 2017 - XBO / PS4 / PC
Pre-order Exclusive Steel book edition PS4 - https://goo.gl/7UAHNz
Buy 3 Figurines Pack - https://goo.gl/egFB32
Pre-order Xbox One Gold Edition - https://goo.gl/vqdgNl

One day after The Stick of Truth, the kids of South Park are up for a new adventure. South Park: The Fractured But Whole is all about superheroes, and of course Cartman, Kyle, Kenny and the New Kid are making fun of everything that’s related to Marvel and DC Comics.

08 - Red Dead Redemption 2 - 2017 - XBO PC PS4
Pre-Order PS4 - https://goo.gl/zIccQR

We are really excited about Red Dead Redemption 2, but quite frankly we don’t know much about the open world action game yet. Is it a prequel? Is it about John Marston’s gang? Do we play as one or multiple characters? These are some of the many question we still have.

07. Prey - 2017 - PC PS4 XBO
Pre-order PS4 - https://goo.gl/eGyOry
Pre-order Xbox One - https://goo.gl/gMnU53

Over the last couple of years we have seen plenty of shooters with interesting game mechanics. Ranging from the portal gun in Portal, the diabolical tentacles in The Darkness to the super powers of Emily in Dishonored 2. Prey is likely to continue that idea as you are a human with alien powers fighting against the Typhon alien race.

06. God of War - 2017 - PS4
Pre-order PS4 - https://goo.gl/Tso90a

The God of War series has a special place in our hearts. Even though the series is over a decade old, its gameplay and graphics are still top notch. With the upcoming God of War game we are getting a new take on the series. Kratos is now a dad who needs to teach his son how to fight like a warrior.

05. Crackdown - Q4 2017 - XBO Scorpio
Pre-order Xbox One - https://goo.gl/PDWBWh

The first Crackdown was amazing, while the second one was a bit of a letdown. But we are still very excited about the third game in the series that’s coming out by the end of the year. Crackdown is an open world action game that allows you to literally destroy the entire city.

04. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard - Jan 24th - PS4 XBO PC
Pre-order PS4 - https://goo.gl/1nfo10

The series that made horror games popular is finally going back to its survival horror roots. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is all about atmosphere and pure horror. For the first time the Resident Evil series is using a first person perspective, which will intensify the scares.

03 - Horizon Zero Dawn - Feb 28th - PS4
Pre-order Collector’s Edition - https://goo.gl/5hHCZ2

Horizon Zero Dawn is the only new franchise mentioned on this list, but boy does this game look good. This open world action role playing game is made by the creators of Killzone which you can tell by the amazing looking graphics.

02 - Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild - 2017 - Wii U / Switch
Pre-order Wii U version - https://goo.gl/NEUYJz
Twilight Princess HD Wii U incl Wolf Link Amiibo - https://goo.gl/DtLZLQ

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the first true open world Zelda game. Playing as Link you get to travel to every location in the world at any given moment. Discovery, exploration and adventure are the three main ingredients in every Zelda game and this one is no different.

Honorable mentions: Persona 5, Uncharted: Lost Legacy, For Honor, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, Ghost Recon Wildlands, Nier Automata

01 - Mass Effect Andromeda - Early 2017 - XBO PS4 PC
Pre-order PS4 - https://goo.gl/Gz3Uef
Pre-order Xbox One Digital Super Deluxe - https://goo.gl/QSjYpi

It’s been awhile since we played Mass Effect 3 and were disappointed by its ending. But as a whole the Mass Effect series is very dear to us. No wonder we, and many of you, are super hyped for Mass Effect Andromeda.

And this is only a segment of the games that will be released this year. If you got excited about one of the games in this video, check out the description for a pre-order link, and be sure to subscribe to our channel for more gaming related videos!

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Автор Gors Dream ( назад)
I see a catgirl I click, I get it upfront and leave soon after.

Автор WRRYYY ( назад)
I'm a simple man. I see tits in the thumbnail I click like.

Автор SlobBOB Gaming ( назад)
GTA 6 where the fuck is that...its coming guys

Автор capnfoo ( назад)
Since when was Battlefield a yearly series??

Автор kassu kappe ( назад)
No one gives a shit about Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy?

Автор ElMariachi ( назад)
There are still arcades in Japan?

Автор Demo ( назад)
Breathe of the wild...just wow. Too bad Nintendo Consoles have sucked ass for a while now.

Автор Jonathan Laig ( назад)
Dead island 2 you forgot that its July release date and state of Decay 2 that's one of the games that will be released with the new xbox scorpio. This year is zombie games year though another one that just got released January The walking dead game season 3.

Автор ExsosLp ( назад)
And what is with FF 7 ?

Автор DarkSinner ( назад)
btw for honor is trash

Автор turdmonkey56 ( назад)
So all great games, then number 1 is pure garbage..
I won't even pirate Mass Effect Andromeda, It's not even worth the GB/s

Автор Crates Driver ( назад)
All I'm waiting for is State of Decay 2

Автор Urzaban ( назад)
Plot Twist Resident Evil 7 isn't the first RE game in First person!!!!! Unfortunately Resident evil Survivor takes that cake. -_-

Автор Anthony Schlessman ( назад)
what about Tales of Berseria, oh wait never mind it's not AAA and the focus is on the story, not graphics (the way it should be) so no one cares about it

Автор JustAnotherUndertaleFan ( назад)

Автор R P Bird ( назад)
"The Mass Effect world is very dear to us." No, it isn't, not after ME3. The franchise is terminal poison for me now.

Автор Sanjeev KCK ( назад)
Tell me please: who the actual fuck is paying to play side scrolling fighting games anymore?

Автор Infam0us Ph0enix - TEKKEN 7 ( назад)
Hiiiii Luckyyyyy Chloe xD

Автор leirgauk ( назад)
Torment: Tides Of Numenera? It's out next thuesday...

Автор Jeff Jeffersen ( назад)
Why do so many people think Mass Effect Andromeda will fail? Because of EA? EA don't make the god damn game they just publish it! Look at Dragon Age Inquisition for example, that was amazing!!

Автор Jeff Jeffersen ( назад)
I'm so glad that God of War is based on Norse Mythology this time around!

Автор Jeff Jeffersen ( назад)
Not too excited about Prey tbh.

Автор Jeff Jeffersen ( назад)
I think it's safe to say that Red Dead Redemption 2 is a prequel.

Автор Braydon Jones ( назад)
I didn't watch this all through CBA but please say injustice 2 was on here

Автор GENeral ( назад)
Uhm... where's Outlast II?

Автор FoxyRaven-TV ( назад)
Nr 2 should suck big time and you need to be a fan boy to enjoy the wankings of this game.

Автор DaemosDaen ( назад)
I get the feeling that Crackdown will end up on the most disappointing games list next year.

Автор Patrick Mahan ( назад)
While I dont agree with the list, 2017 is definitely the year for gamers. So many big games coming out this year unlike last year.

Автор Zetto Vii ( назад)
The moment when you are more interested in the honorable mentions, than the actual list.

Автор Elglef doobles ( назад)
South park and zelda cant come soon enough frankly

Автор CuddlyRyuu ( назад)
Persona 5 and NieR are in my top 3 along the new Mass effect.

Автор Bambon ( назад)
why is for honor only an honorable mention?

Автор Bryan Norton ( назад)
Tekken sucks

Автор Agent Church ( назад)
No love for Sea Of Thieves?

Автор Cyconzo ( назад)
No injustice 2?

Автор Ben Goza ( назад)
I think people who pronounce "the" as "da" shouldn't be doing professional voiceovers, but that's just my opinion.

Автор Arrghroth ( назад)
Out of this list I am only thrilled for
(shared) #1 Zelda
(shared) #1 Mass Effect
#3 Nier Automata
and possibly
Horizon Zero Dawn but I need to see more of this game

Автор Josh ( назад)

Автор Matt Daigneault ( назад)
don't forget DIRT 4 this June!

Автор Grant Johnson ( назад)
Where is Outlast 2?

Автор Voidcore YT ( назад)
Dropzone is a good one i think

Автор Wumbo Stew ( назад)
Destiny 2

Автор I FUCK You You FUCK Me ( назад)
Battlefield a yearly game ... fuck off.

Автор Benjamin Meyer G ( назад)
yes...mass affect, can't wait for that one

Автор Luke Stephens ( назад)
tekken 7 is still not on consoles yet? i played it at a japanse arcade in 2015

Автор Michal Sokolowski ( назад)
Damn! :(
Nothing cool. I am gonna focus on my girlfriend and making money. :D
None of these games is worth my attention.

Автор Elgoog ( назад)
No Shenmue 3? What are you guys smoking?

Автор GR Gaming ( назад)
What about ghost recon wildlands

Автор King ( назад)
shit list 😒

Автор MrSmudge13 ( назад)

Автор Dragostorm ( назад)
how is Persona 5 only an honorable mention....

Автор Titans of War ( назад)
Zoom u are retarded no ark survival evolved no wild lands

Автор Marko BlackBaron German ( назад)

Автор _Hobbies_ ( назад)
I'm pretty sure that in Red dead redemption you play as the son

Автор JJ Garvey Rodriguez ( назад)
who else thinks #1 is just Destiny and Halo combined but it's 3rd person

Автор Mcbeastda1 ( назад)
What about the last of us 2

Автор Miki Miki ( назад)
Why you didnt put Days gone ?

Автор murilo murailo ( назад)

Автор Michal Kucerak ( назад)
A lot of retard console games of only 1 is realy interesting and 2 are worth of mentioning...... ad you say top 2017 games?

Автор Sonarico97 ( назад)
"The legend of zelda is the first true open world Zelda game." Well ok lets just forget The Legend of Zelda, ToZ a Link to the past, ToZ A Link between Worlds.

Автор SansTheDunker ( назад)
i just got a 2 minute ad that i couldn't skip wtf youtube

Автор Lazy bastards Inc. ( назад)
How halo wars 2 wasn't on this list is beyond me. Cannot wait for that this next week

Автор ActxJ ( назад)
uhhmm wha about Final Fantasy 7? Is it not confirmed?

Автор Isaac Parrondo ( назад)
He forgot Spider-Man 2017

Автор Cookies Need Love ( назад)
Not a single interesting, innovative or new game. All sequels with just new story or graphic. Or redesing like Tekken

Автор Dilated Beholder ( назад)
I for one am not all psyched for Mass Effect Andromeda after that God-awful conclusion to ME:3

Автор Achievement Unlocked:Went Full Retar d ( назад)
If the new God of War wasn't a God of War series game then the upcoming game would have me waiting. But no. I won't wait for another survival-style game that shits on my childhood. This needs to stop. Ever since Tomb Raider (Survival) came out they started remaking games to survival. Don't get me wrong, the gameplay seems nice and the graphics are awesome, but GoW were hack and slash games , not survival ones.

Автор Stephen Stine ( назад)
i wonder if Yoshimistu will be in Tekken 7

Автор TheAteam ( назад)
Yay Zelda, somebody finally mentions Nintendo in anything.

Автор Kiriko 霧故 ( назад)
Waiting for the English version of Persona 5 ><

Автор Mattias Djärv ( назад)
People still care about Persona? I have this sneaking suspiscion that Andromeda is just gonna sweep that game under the rug.

Автор I love gas ( назад)
how the hell do you put red dead at 8?

Автор Joseph Font ( назад)
resident evil has used first person before though?

Автор Alex Dark ( назад)
just hopin' that the manimals glitch will stay in red dead redemption!

Автор The Lone Wolf ( назад)
What? No honorable mention for the Friday the 13th survival horror game?

Автор lokasocba ( назад)
I would have taken away Crackdown from the list and put Persona 5 instead of leaving it as an Honorable Mention.

Автор HeadHunter 549 ( назад)
Really no mention of NI-oh

Автор NoctLightCloud ( назад)
I'd love to see Tekken 7 and Dissidia PS4 in 2017☆

Автор TheCoper COper ( назад)
Guess what? Not a single mechanically complex game. I wonder why...

Автор cobaltzero1 ( назад)
the fractured but whole > The Fractured butthole. they literally made a joke of the censors ( and their ass pain from previous title)

Автор Spire Spire ( назад)
what about outlast 2

Автор MD.ABDUL HANNAN ( назад)
Nice games....Visite my channel for the information of new upcoming games..... thanks everyone

Автор Боби Даниелов ( назад)

Автор Creations Maxo ( назад)
Small correction, God of War 4 is now planned to be released in early 2018.
Shops were already notified they won't receive any of the game before Dec. 29, 2017.

Автор Dc watcher ( назад)
Battlefield isn't a yearly game franchise

Автор Rishaad Jooma ( назад)
guys youll forget the main game,INJUSTICE 2

Автор NIGHTFALCON ( назад)
battlefield is not a yearly release they take time on their game and doesn't it out like cod.

Автор yo granddaddy ( назад)
so there not going to mention injustice 2

Автор TheDLTC ( назад)
South Park is the only game from that list I plan to get..

Автор SaintNyco ( назад)
Zelda Botw is the most anticipated game i think. because it was delayed 3 times or maybe 4? well... time to play mass effect and see why people are so excited about it

Автор Forkify ( назад)
My top 5

5. Spider-Man PS4
4. Red Dead Redemption 2
3. Detroit Become Human
2. Crackdown 3
1. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Автор duhsasjekirom666 ( назад)
Wooooooo!!! Nioh?????? NO Nioh????????????

Автор Tristan Veerbeek ( назад)
You should check out the new upcoming game: D.R.O.N.E.
The youtube channel is: D.R.O.N.E the game

Автор franco volpi ( назад)
outlast 2

Автор TheOmagio ( назад)
shit i forgot about mass effect lol

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