Top 10 - Upcoming games 2017

While the mysterious voice over lady is still enjoying her well deserved holiday break here is our Top 10 Best Upcoming Games of 2017!

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10 - Tekken 7 - Early 2017 - XBO / PS4 / PC
Pre-order PS4 - https://goo.gl/rVfRHu
Pre-order Xbox One - https://goo.gl/582Fvi

If you think last year was good for fighting games, then you should be REALLY excited about this year. Because 2017 will be the year of Tekken 7. After a very successful run in the Japanese arcades, the newest game in the Tekken franchise is finally coming to European and American consoles.

09 - South Park: The Fractured But Whole - Q1 2017 - XBO / PS4 / PC
Pre-order Exclusive Steel book edition PS4 - https://goo.gl/7UAHNz
Buy 3 Figurines Pack - https://goo.gl/egFB32
Pre-order Xbox One Gold Edition - https://goo.gl/vqdgNl

One day after The Stick of Truth, the kids of South Park are up for a new adventure. South Park: The Fractured But Whole is all about superheroes, and of course Cartman, Kyle, Kenny and the New Kid are making fun of everything that’s related to Marvel and DC Comics.

08 - Red Dead Redemption 2 - 2017 - XBO PC PS4
Pre-Order PS4 - https://goo.gl/zIccQR

We are really excited about Red Dead Redemption 2, but quite frankly we don’t know much about the open world action game yet. Is it a prequel? Is it about John Marston’s gang? Do we play as one or multiple characters? These are some of the many question we still have.

07. Prey - 2017 - PC PS4 XBO
Pre-order PS4 - https://goo.gl/eGyOry
Pre-order Xbox One - https://goo.gl/gMnU53

Over the last couple of years we have seen plenty of shooters with interesting game mechanics. Ranging from the portal gun in Portal, the diabolical tentacles in The Darkness to the super powers of Emily in Dishonored 2. Prey is likely to continue that idea as you are a human with alien powers fighting against the Typhon alien race.

06. God of War - 2017 - PS4
Pre-order PS4 - https://goo.gl/Tso90a

The God of War series has a special place in our hearts. Even though the series is over a decade old, its gameplay and graphics are still top notch. With the upcoming God of War game we are getting a new take on the series. Kratos is now a dad who needs to teach his son how to fight like a warrior.

05. Crackdown - Q4 2017 - XBO Scorpio
Pre-order Xbox One - https://goo.gl/PDWBWh

The first Crackdown was amazing, while the second one was a bit of a letdown. But we are still very excited about the third game in the series that’s coming out by the end of the year. Crackdown is an open world action game that allows you to literally destroy the entire city.

04. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard - Jan 24th - PS4 XBO PC
Pre-order PS4 - https://goo.gl/1nfo10

The series that made horror games popular is finally going back to its survival horror roots. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is all about atmosphere and pure horror. For the first time the Resident Evil series is using a first person perspective, which will intensify the scares.

03 - Horizon Zero Dawn - Feb 28th - PS4
Pre-order Collector’s Edition - https://goo.gl/5hHCZ2

Horizon Zero Dawn is the only new franchise mentioned on this list, but boy does this game look good. This open world action role playing game is made by the creators of Killzone which you can tell by the amazing looking graphics.

02 - Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild - 2017 - Wii U / Switch
Pre-order Wii U version - https://goo.gl/NEUYJz
Twilight Princess HD Wii U incl Wolf Link Amiibo - https://goo.gl/DtLZLQ

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the first true open world Zelda game. Playing as Link you get to travel to every location in the world at any given moment. Discovery, exploration and adventure are the three main ingredients in every Zelda game and this one is no different.

Honorable mentions: Persona 5, Uncharted: Lost Legacy, For Honor, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, Ghost Recon Wildlands, Nier Automata

01 - Mass Effect Andromeda - Early 2017 - XBO PS4 PC
Pre-order PS4 - https://goo.gl/Gz3Uef
Pre-order Xbox One Digital Super Deluxe - https://goo.gl/QSjYpi

It’s been awhile since we played Mass Effect 3 and were disappointed by its ending. But as a whole the Mass Effect series is very dear to us. No wonder we, and many of you, are super hyped for Mass Effect Andromeda.

And this is only a segment of the games that will be released this year. If you got excited about one of the games in this video, check out the description for a pre-order link, and be sure to subscribe to our channel for more gaming related videos!

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Автор bender1043 ( назад)
No Nioh? 0/10

Автор Gary Weng ( назад)

Автор Emperor Palpatine ( назад)
All this games suck except recon wild lands

Автор Cthulhu Jones ( назад)
Horizon Zero Dawn just seems like 3 non-sequiturs to me.
Hope the game is good.

Dumb title.
Personally i'm looking forward to Leg Fish Walkabout.
Then again, i've always enjoyed a good shmup.

Автор TerdSmasher303 ( назад)
Horizon zero dawn is what happens when zoids get AI awareness hahaha.

Автор Cryothia ( назад)
What about Nioh?

Автор Doc Rosette ( назад)
Smokin some bad ass weed and playing the New Zelda. Sounds nice

Автор Tucher97 ( назад)
I wonder if prey will have a prop hunt multiplayer mode

Автор Benny “Black Hanekawa” Moonwalker ( назад)
this list is incomplete without yearly releases Battlefield or Call of
Duty. But I respect the criteria.

Автор Lily Rin ( назад)
where's the last of us 2?

Автор Firion316 ( назад)
Persona 5 cometh!

Автор John Schukei ( назад)
its just RE7, not RE7:Biohazard

Автор C.E.R.B.E.R.U.S ( назад)
Dawn of War III ;-;

Автор SushiCAT Lord ( назад)
I am pissed off at the upcoming Resident Evil game. It makes no sense. It's
doesn't seem to be connected to the others at all. I'm pretty sure that
it's not even in the same universe as all the other games. Not to mention
that they completely trashed all of the classic RE mechanics. My favorites
were 4, 5, and 6. I know a lot of people hated RE 6 (although I'm not sure
why) but I liked it. Not as much as 4 or 5 but it wasn't bad. ANYWAYS! It's
just something that I was not expecting. They could've just started a new
series or something NOT RUIN THE ONE THAT I LOVE! I haven't seen one Leon
or Chris or maybe even Barry and I HATE it. I was REALLY expecting a new
adventure for our well known zombie slayers but NOPE. WE GET ANOTHER
OUTLAST GAME! Are there EVEN zombies in this game? My life is a lie. Sorry
for the rant.

Автор Tayzor Azul ( назад)
Mass Effect will suck.
Its EA that has it, remember what EA did to other series Red Alert,
Tiberium saga, Dead Space.

Автор Spike O Pult ( назад)
You Forget
Sonic Mania
Tasty Planet: Back For Thirds
Universe Sandbox V3
Katamari Forever 3.0
Hotter Air Bloons
BTD5 New Update

Автор AtomicAquarius ( назад)
I'm most excited for Zelda!

Автор Rogie the Dino Boy ( назад)
what about ark survival evolved?

Автор PantsuGirl ( назад)
Im hoping on UT4 and Cyberpunk 2077.

Автор BLACKIESBOY ( назад)
I think "Fractured But Whole" is a WAY better joke/pun XD

Автор Andrew Jackson ( назад)
mass effect lol

Автор Last Boss ( назад)
Nier Automata, Horizon, Breath of the wild, Ni Oh, Yakuza 0, Kingdom
Hearts, Persona 5, Tales of Berseria, Torment.

Автор Robert Thor ( назад)
I really can't wait to play God of War on my xbox one! thank God the team
behind GoW smarten smartened up and ditch that whole play station exclusive

Автор Mark Jacobs ( назад)
RE 7 looks amazing o.o

Автор hey you ( назад)
re7 isn't the first re in first person

Автор Dominic Curley ( назад)
New Mass Effect!! Yes! Yes!! OMG Yes!!!!!!!!!!

Автор demonpride1975 ( назад)
and if you don't get to play as sheppard. no fucking thanks. i want to know
whats going on where they crash landed.

Автор Russ W ( назад)
no spiderman or days gone?

Автор martin smith ( назад)
am I the only one who went God of war mehh only played them once and that
was it as their was no reason to play again...

Автор Stanman From Stanland ( назад)
"First open world Zelda game". Umm... the original was open world

Автор mr broom broom ( назад)

Автор Daniel Koch ( назад)
Where is Kingdom Hearts III? :O

Автор Jo Al ( назад)
To those of you who excel at fight games, my hat goes off to you. They
always seem beyond me.

Автор Danny Bob ( назад)
whers the gta

Автор freddy fazbear ( назад)
Well thats gonna be a bad year without bethesda

Автор Alifian Fajar ( назад)
the mimic ability from prey reminds me of prop hunt mod from gmod lol

Автор Noble Gurdian ( назад)
whenever i see boobs i click it

Автор Tsuna Takahiro ( назад)
ummm? 2016 definitely was the worst year for gaming. don't lie to us _....

Автор ArkriteTheMad ( назад)
Ha ha ha ha
Mass Effect? Mass Effect is your number 1? Really?
Do you not remember the disaster that the last one was?

Автор gank yo gamer ( назад)
bully 2?

Автор Mammoth Game ( назад)
Horizon Zero Dawn is gunna fall flat on its ass i guarantee it

Автор Thomas The Dank Engine ( назад)
wait....when was The last of us part 2 coming out?

Автор gildas wantier ( назад)
The Mass effect trailer made want to barf. It's going be a sjw shitfest by
the looks of it pffft

Автор LoboMeiji ( назад)
This will not ne be the first fist person Resident Evil game

Автор Pigmachine ( назад)
That seriously were a weak list! A really weak one even. Only thing that
interest me at all have to be: 'Red Dead Redemption 2', but is it even
truly confirmed for the PC yet?

Автор Christopher Gunasingha ( назад)

Автор VoxGames ( назад)
Nioh seems fking cool

Автор Ditto, Master of Disguise ( назад)
God of War 4 will probably go the easy route in making Loki the main
villain, he is sort of the main villain of Norse Myth after all. But I
think they'll fuck up by making Hel a villain, Freya a sex object, and Odin
the final boss. Other boss battles will include Fenrir, even though he dies
during Ragnarok, Thor, even though he dies during Ragnarok, and Tyr, you
get the story.

Honestly, for people who love Norse myth the game will be crap.

I mean Cratos is an actual being from Greek myth who killed the Gods and
Goddesses, so...

Автор Ben Dewhurst ( назад)
Can't wait for the new mass effect

Автор Jack Nelson ( назад)
Anybody else excited for Sniper Elite 4 and Dead Island 2 this year, I hope
they can redeem Dead Island, ever since the disappointment that was Dead
Island: Riptide.

Автор BoomHeadSh0tZz ( назад)
still waiting for Left 4 dead 3.

Автор Winking 2004 ( назад)
Im going to say.... if crackdown and battlefield are all loved and
destroyable games.. that means will ther be a debate this year.....

Автор Aerial Ace ( назад)
lol wut no last of us 2?

Автор Commander Phantom ( назад)

Автор Reid McAllister ( назад)
6:35 Isn't that the hallway from PT?

Also where the hell is Scorn?

Автор King Brooklyn ( назад)
p5 prey horizon zero dawn breath of the wild are what I'm waiting for

Автор Kian Covey ( назад)
I tried to watch the video but the legend 27 keeps on kicking my butt....

Автор jeramahia123 ( назад)
Booo, no mysterious voice over lady!

Автор Species1571 ( назад)

Автор FearDW ( назад)
Dead Space 4 Confirmed

Автор AlterRektMLG ( назад)

Автор POOTISman0909 ( назад)
you haven't listed CROSSOUT >:(

Автор Crim Rui ( назад)
Not bad but... Nier and Persona only as honorable mentions? Nope.

Автор Lisa-Marie Bromley ( назад)
South park looks brill

Автор Onii-chan No Ecchi ! ( назад)
i just came here for the titties.

Автор Dark Knight ( назад)
80% of these games will be worthless, the trailers are all hype and no
delivery. Every year we find our self anticipating the release of these
games only to be disappointed. Its all about how they can milk the
consumers without delivering high quality games. The only game that will be
good are the following: horizon zero dawn, god of war and the legends of
Zelda and may be resident evil but I highly doubt it.

Автор Nayyab Mughal ( назад)
Who the fuck is gonna buy south Park game?
also red dead is the biggest and most hypes game coming this year not mass
effect as it hardly sold 4 million copies

Автор James Lawrence ( назад)
Dude you suck go fuck a dick

Автор Kyle Martin ( назад)
Great list looking forward to most of those games though one error, you
said resident evil 7 is the first, first person resident evil, it's not
widely known at least I don't know many people who have played it. But,
resident evil survivor for the ps1 was first person

Автор Felipe Valentin Muñoz Loaiza ( назад)
What about System shock remake? :(

Автор Jake Burma ( назад)
I'm not excited by any of those games.

Автор HappyFeetwombocombo ( назад)
What is this, where is Injustice 2? not even honorable mention

Автор Mia Meowzerz ( назад)
Berserk wasn't even an honorable mention, interesting......

Автор suood salem ( назад)
And they using dirty words to show the world how trashy they are

Автор suood salem ( назад)
Nothing interesting to me

Автор keab keab ( назад)
you forgot nioh :(

Автор OtakuDaiKun ( назад)
The only reason Kratos' son has Rage is because his dad's a violent

Автор HUGO F P S ( назад)
"2016 was a pretty great year for gaming" ???

Автор Tranz_festite ( назад)
Will crackdown 3 be pc?

Автор dannne88 ( назад)
10:40 did someone forget to animate here face during this scene

Автор Gizmos Monster ( назад)
Yooka Laylee > God of War

Автор Yasser Sora ( назад)
WTF ??? where is kingdom hearts 3 you lil sh** ??????

Автор Grumpy Catterman ( назад)
Mass Effect Andromeda looks terrible, how is that number 1?

Автор Daiemio ( назад)
Dawn of War 3 not being on the top 10 list.

These people are not even doing their jobs right.

Автор Into the Unknown ( назад)
Oh come on! You should´ve included For Honor and Kingdom Hearts 2.8: Final
Chapter Prologue

Автор Carlo Colvin ( назад)
Fractured but Whole I'm looking forward to, but honestly? The more they
push it back the less likely it seems this game will ever come out.

Автор aazzmmooddon ( назад)
were is injustice w

Автор Joe Black ( назад)
Most of the games listed here are console exclusives =_=

Автор Glus95 ( назад)
Persona 5 totally deserved a place in the top 10, not honourable mentions.
At least it got a shout-out I suppose...

Автор Temp Temp ( назад)
Just me or is this a purely Console list? I don't think I saw a single game
that actually also comes out for PC :P

Автор TheMordpheus ( назад)
You know what is not coming 2017 ?!? Scalebound *cries in corner*

Автор Bryan Suminski ( назад)
The first Legend of Zelda was the first open world Zelda game.

Автор Villian ( назад)
R.E. 7 sounds alot like outlast

Автор Kevin Iscool ( назад)
God loves you believe in jesus get paradise

Автор Alden Bunag ( назад)
My most anticipated games of 2017 so far are:

1. Zelda Breath of the Wild
2. Persona 5 (literally buying a PS4 Slim once this game comes out)
3. Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony
4. Super Mario "Switch" (I'm pretty sure it'll come out this year)
5. Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant King
6. Tales of Berseria
7. Nier: Automata
8. Tekken 7
9. Marvel vs Capcom Infinite
10. The Crash remakes

I'm curious about Mass Effect Andromeda but I'll have to see more before
investing my time/money into it since I've been turned off from AAA Western
games for over 3 years, but I did enjoy majority of the Mass Effect series.

Автор Leonardo Pina ( назад)
Nioh Man, where is Nioh???

Автор LordBritOne ( назад)
i try'd crackdown hated it then i gave crackdown 2 a chance even worse than
the first game....now in crackdown 3 theres multyplayer.......hold on i
hate multyplayer games this time i wont give this crappy game a chance ill
give it a pass and hope that they dont do a 4th one

Автор nlcolas16 ( назад)
where is scalebound?

Автор MrWarwounds ( назад)
what about injustice 2

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