Cher Not Commercial (Full Album) Unreleased in Stores

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not.com.mercial is the twenty fourth album by American singer-actress Cher, released November 8, 2000. The album was released exclusively through Cher.com and Artist Direct, although there it eventually received a limited CD release. The album follows Cher's largest commercial hit Believe.The majority of not.com.mercial was written by Cher in 1994 when she retreated to France. The song "Born With the Hunger" was written by Eikhardt, and "Classified 1A" is a newly-remixed version of her 1970 Sonny Bono-penned song. The folk/rock-themed album with some slow ballads was proposed to Warner UK when Cher signed with the company in early 1995. Rob Dickins, head of Warner, reportedly turned down the project as being "not commercial".

In 1999, Cher decided it was time to release the record as an exclusive for fans through her website and Artist Direct. Though no singles were released, the song "Born With the Hunger" has been featured on the international version of The Very Best of Cher.

None of the songs has ever been sung live and little information is known about the album itself, although Cher's liner notes explains a lot. The song "(The Fall) Kurt's Blues", co-written with Pat MacDonald of Timbuk3 and Bruce Roberts, is her tribute to rock singer Kurt Cobain, who committed suicide in 1994.

Track listingNo. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Still" Cher, Bruce Roberts, Bob Thiele 6:15
2. "Sisters of Mercy" Cher, Pat MacDonald, Roberts 5:01
3. "Runnin'" Cher, MacDonald, Roberts 3:56
4. "Born With the Hunger" Shirley Eikhard 4:05
5. "(The Fall) Kurt's Blues" Cher, MacDonald, Roberts 5:17
6. "With or Without You" Cher 3:45
7. "Fit to Fly" Cher, Doug Millett, Kevin Savigar 3:53
8. "Disaster Cake" Cher, MacDonald, Roberts 3:25
9. "Our Lady of San Francisco" Cher, Michael Garvin, Rich Wayland 2:15
10. "Classified 1A" Sonny Bono 2:55

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Длительность: 40:57
Комментарии: 56

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Автор T SR ( назад)
Powerful voice!

Автор Zhang Li ( назад)
this is another album makes me cry

Автор shaun jesko ( назад)
my half sister gave me this as a gift but now the disc has gone mony is not a objuect

Автор Alex Bouffard ( назад)
1. Still Cher, Bruce Roberts, Bob Thiele 0:00
2. With or Without You Cher 6:15
3. (The Fall) Kurt's Blues Cher, MacDonald, Roberts 10:00
4. Classified 1A Sonny Bono 15:18
5. Runnin' Cher, MacDonald, Roberts 18:14
6. Born With the Hunger Shirley Eikhard 22:10
7. Fit to Fly Cher, Doug Millett, Kevin Savigar 26:12
8. Sisters of Mercy Cher, Pat MacDonald, Roberts 30:06
9. Disaster Cake Cher, MacDonald, Roberts 35:08
10. Our Lady of San Francisco Cher, Michael Garvin, Rich Wayland 38:34

Автор Fab inou ( назад)
please can you put access songs by songs in the description ? would be a great Xmas gift.
Okay about the album is the very best cher album, she has to do only albums of this quality in futur years !

Автор Nouf Mohammad ( назад)
i love the first song i still love you

Автор Callum Craig ( назад)
She swears in one of the last songs. Now that's definitely not.com.ercial

Автор jani heikkinen ( назад)
cher not commercial

Автор bahamutskingdom ( назад)
I discovered this album through Youtube as well. I knew nothing of this album, It's a Mans World, or Living Proof....don't ask how I missed them lol. I know every other album.
Bottom line, each of those albums are now in my CD case along with all others from Cher (1987 CD title) to Closer to the Truth. Though she has awesome awesome songs before my time, I think her best of the best was from Cher to now. The rock and dance years.

If you have not listened to them, and you love this album, definitely try Cher, Heart of Stone, and Love Hurts. All are on Youtube. And then hit Believe, Living Proof and Closer to the Truth.

An amazing talent from before my time to now. (1978 here :D )

Автор Bill C ( назад)
The song Still is, in my opinion, one of the best songs she's ever recorded.

Автор Zachary Servidone ( назад)
cher.com has the cd

Автор James-Kent Jacobs ( назад)
Wow - Cher you're amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Mariah Wright ( назад)
love this album cher is the shit

Автор Mariah Wright ( назад)
love this album cher is the shit

Автор Andrew Srivanlop ( назад)
Beautiful album.

Автор AlinaMalinaBJB ( назад)
Thank you for upload!!! I went to Cher's concert last night, had a great  time, wanted to hear more Cher. This is  a great album!!! Bummer, it costs $50 to buy from Amazon.

Автор Labradorite Dorée ( назад)
Beautiful +++

Автор Lewis Ulmer Breland III ( назад)
Cher...this is WONDERFUL material!  Release it properly, please!

Автор 1914emma ( назад)
Amazon has the CD but it is very expensive, even used. I love this work of Cher's.

Автор Xenwing ( назад)
I need to find with CD, I love the songs in it.

Автор EstrellaPerdida ( назад)
Omg.. what a fantastic opening song.. Brilliant.

Автор Halliwellsson ( назад)

Автор megacultureman ( назад)
very good songs

Автор rhymeandreasoning ( назад)
my personal opinion, the UK version of It's A Man's World is more enjoyable... :-)
in Montreal

Автор BlytheWorld1972 ( назад)
usa or uk version of its a mans work :P

Автор BlytheWorld1972 ( назад)
its simply 100% cher at her best her new album has some tracks like this dark and moody .

Автор Peter Pinson ( назад)

Автор AKnFS ( назад)
If you go to her website cher.com it can be purchased there

Автор Jarrett Koski ( назад)
Why is this not on iTunes ?

Автор germanari ( назад)
completely agree with you. I've just bought I'ts a man's world in itunes, and it's priceless!

Автор Alfredo Cordero ( назад)
This album its completly art... what beatiful, soft and blue voice, make me feel in a dream-

Автор rhymeandreasoning ( назад)
Another CHER must have cd ..this one is amazing.....I have this ..super love it.
And 'It's A Man's World' is also another must have.
in Montreal

Автор Fronkie Mc ( назад)
I'm argentino and I bought this album in Tower Records lol. Anyway, love cher!!

Автор Jarma ( назад)
because she didn't want it tainted by the business. the business IS as evil as any business, unfortunately.

Автор Jarma ( назад)
thank you. I spent an hour searching for with or without you. I saw this while it ended after i finally heard it hehehehe. I kind of found some respect for cher thru this record. She should express herself more.

Автор The Official Mykael Channel ( назад)
This is absolutely her best work ever. I purchased this CD the day it was released on Artist Direct. "Still" give me goosebumps every time I play it. If this CD had grooves, they would be worn out by now!

Автор Jackie N. ( назад)
Amazing album, wonder why it isn't very well known

Автор drowned062001 ( назад)
You can buy it on Bravado, shipping in February 2013

Автор ijsisglad ( назад)
This is the first time I hear this album and I must say it is a real gem! This should have been released! She sounds amazing and there is so much feeling in it! I especially love 'still'!

Автор jamesthemaniac ( назад)
I'm so happy to finally be able to hear this...but the poster doesn't know how time links work.

Автор irina1296 ( назад)
Very unique & personal album in Cher's career. Not to mention underrated

Автор Jennifer Droessler ( назад)
This is great i really love hearing this music from Cher, she sounds great, i wish this would have been put on the radio these are really great songs.

Автор debra mozeley ( назад)
I love this album. It's very good. she did a great job writing her own songs.

Автор Floraison000 ( назад)
She retreated in France in a Bordeaux's castle ! i would like to know where exactly i live there..

Автор claude michelle St.jacques ( назад)
thank u so much for this post Thomas I was unware of this album until i looked at my girls discography again looking for one of her tracks. what an incredible album how could Warner not release this it is a masterpiece I have never heard Cher like this before and think she should do alot more writing wow again thanks baby

Автор waldemar21 ( назад)
Thank you so much! First time listening to this album ;o)

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